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How to Make Love to Felines

Disclaimer: The author assumes no responsibility for any action inspired by this guide. All information herein is supplied without liability.

I. Anatomy and mating behavior

Before learning how to have sex with felines, you should know what their atonomy is, and how they behave while mating.
The tomcat´s genitals are anatomically different from the human ones.

About three lines below his anus, there is his scrotum including his testicles, two pea-sized balls that produce the sperm.

Further five lines beneath them, you will find his sheath. Pull it back carefully with your thumb and your forefinger, and you will see his glans emerging.

His relaxed, one-inch-long penis lies inside his abdomen. Like male dogs, he has a penis bone to support his erectile tissue.

A specifically feline characteristic is his horn spines on his glans. They is his most erogenous zone, also functioning as barbs during copulation. As definite hormones cause these tiny spines, neutered toms lose them a while after castration.

When you stimulate his penis, it erects by twice its length to two inches and turns forward into its adequate mating position.

During his orgasm, several drops or four and a half minims of his thin semen squirt out of his penis.

The reproductive organs of a cat, though, are more similar to the human ones.

They consist of her two ovaries, her uterus and her vagina that is a half inch long and almost a full inch underneath her anus.

Three times a year, a cat gets in heat that leasts one week on the average, when her ovum moves thru one of her two fallopian tubes to be fertilized.

In this time, she behaves restlessly and highly attractive to all potent tomcats.

Both toms and cats are used to spraying their urine to mark their territoy that is either their hunting ground or your house. To humans, the tom´s urine smells far stronger than the cat´s one. This individual scent reveals a lot of information to other cats, for example, that a cat is in heat.

When a heaty cat encounters an everpotent tom, she presents him herself. After a rigid foreplay, the cat lies down straight so that the tom bends over her from behind, bites cautiously into her loose neck fur to hold fast as well as to protect himself from her possible resistance and inserts his penis into her vagina.

Once inside her, he begins shoving hornily, ejaculates, and not more than five seconds later, the tom withdraws. Thereby, his sharp spines rub against her sensitive vaginal walls and her g-spot; she hisses arousedly, snaps at him; he jumps away.

In safe distance, the tom sits down, starts licking himself; the cat rolls over and does the same; both recover trom their strenous mating.

Certainly, this might seem to be violence, but it is love, catlove.

II. Caressing a tomcat

Now you know enought to approach your tom. As I said, a fertile tomcat is always ready for an erotic caress.
You best sit down, put him on your lap and start stroking him with your open palms from his front to his backside. Your tom commences purring. One of your hands keeps on petting him tenderly whereas your other one slowly moves to his rear.

Begin exploring it, touch his solid nuts and his soft sheath, wait for his reaction: If he keeps calm, carry on, otherwise, let him in peace and try it later again.

Following, put your tranquil tomcat on the ground and lie down beside him. Fondling him further, you pull back his sheath so that his touchy penis appears. Purse your lips, enlcose it and start sucking.

As soon as his cock gets hard, you use your tongue to lick his rough, spiny glans till your tom reaches an excited orgasm. He gives you a load of his aromatic fluid and plenty of thankfulness.

III. Caressing a cat

Likewise, you caress your cat, but first of all, I must point out something many men have already asked me for: You cannot penetrate her with your penis cos a cat´s vagina is much too small for such things. Nonetheless, there are enough alternatives.
Maybe your cat will not be perceptive to you as she might be out of heat. Then she will reject your oventures by hissing, scratching or even biting you.

You will recognize her mind by her tail: a twitching tail means "Watch out!" a motionless one means "Go on!"

Once more, you commence with lying down next to your resting cat. Start petting her, graze her vulva and see how she responses: If she begins purring, you are allowed to make her feel better than ever before. You open your mouth, stretch out your tongue and lick her pussy.

She may relax so far that you are able to push the tip of your tongue into her smooth, wet vagina. Licking and sucking her off, you bring her to climax.

IV. Getting caressed by a feline

After a few times, when you trust in your feline, you should try to get caressed by it.
As a beginner, rub in your genitals with its favorite food it will lick off ardently.

Do not be afraid! After many years of experience with a couple of various felines, I ensure you none will hurt you by its teeth. Instead, it is so fond, and with its rough tongue, it will give you an unforgettable orgasm.

Eventually, you will do this without any aid.

No matter what you are going to do with your feline, remember it is a living creature like you. Be loving!

Have a joyful time with your lover!

Author: Unknown

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