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Ellen's Adventure

Acknowledgement: To Le Tigress, Robyn and Troll without whose encouragement and help I couldn't have written this story. Thank You.

Many centuries ago in the days of mid-evil England, there lived a young peasant girl named Ellen. She was the daughter of a widow who had lost her husband during the crusades. They raised sheep on their little farm, to sell for their wool and meat. This made for long days in the field, moving their sheep from pasture to pasture.

Their dog Bowzer, was a great help with these chores, herding and tending the flock. Protecting the sheep from predators was a long and rigorous job that needed to be done day and night.

As time went on Ellen blossomed into a lovely young lady. Her breasts had grown to about the size of oranges with puffy aureoles and thumb sized nipples, that when aroused stood out almost 3/4 of an inch. Her body had filled out nicely, a waist that some would call waspish and hips that flared out and down towards long tapering legs.

Ellen has become quite sexually active, ever since the day she was bathing in a near by stream. She had waded out as usual, taking care not to slip, and slowly eased her body into the cold spring fed stream. Her foot had slipped on a mossy rock and she was dumped instantly under the water. The fast immersing was a major shock to her system. She scrambled to shore for her blanket to warm herself up with and to rub some circulation into her limbs. While rubbing her breasts she noticed how hard her nipples had gotten was amazed at how long they poked out. As she moved the fabric across her nipples, she started to feel unusual sensations emanating from her breasts and a warming glow from within. Ellen continued on with the act of drying, but as she passed the blanket between her legs she got yet another surprise.

Looking down past the sparsely haired mound of her pussy she saw her clitoris peeking from under its hooded covering. A warmer feeling was beginning to grow in her crotch and as she repeatedly ran the blanket back and forth between her trembling thighs it increased until her whole body was flush from the stimulation. Ellen began to explore her body, rubbing and squeezing each breast with one hand while the other was busy below, on and around her cunt. She began to feel lightheaded and laid down on her blanket while she continued to explore these new and pleasurable feelings her body was giving her.

As her fingers probed the crevices of her pussy, she felt an opening and shoved a finger into it. She had only penetrated herself about two inches when she felt an obstruction, a barrier of skin that when poked sent sharp pains to her brain. Backing off a bit, Ellen continued on, finding all of her pleasure spots. Inserting a second and then a third finger she was beyond control of herself. Her body had taken over completely and was thrashing and pumping against her fingers with a mind of its own. As Ellen's orgasm came upon her she was pulling so hard on her nipple that it started to tear from her breast. The added pain put her over the edge as her orgasm completely engulfed her and she passed out with stars and lights flashing in her head.

As she started to become conscious, her mind was reliving the sensations from before, but then it all seemed to real. Opening her eyes she saw that Bowzer had come looking for her, and was busy licking her sex. Although the feeling was nice, Ellen pushed him away, saying, "Not now Bowzer." And with a smile on her face, thought, "This is something I'll have to try later."

The next day, when her mother was in town selling the wool from the last shearing, Ellen decided that it was time for her and Bowzer to become better acquainted.

They were out watching the flock as usual, when their prized ram started to mount a ewe. Ellen could see the ram's cock as he attempted to bury it between the ewe's nether cheeks. As the ram proceeded with the mating Ellen began to get very wet in her crotch, as the ewe was bleating and carrying on, while being stuffed by the large tool of the ram.

Ellen removed her bloomers and sat down on them, so that she could manipulated her fingers around her cunt, as her excitement increased. She also removed her tunic and skirt, so she'd have free access to her breasts and sensitive nipples. While the heat of her loins spread throughout her body she proceeded to squeeze and pull at her teats.

Bowzer, having picked up the scent of Ellen's arousal moved cautiously between her legs and gave a swipe of his tongue from her asshole through the crease and over Ellen's engorged clitoris. This startled Ellen and brought her attention back to what was happening in her crotch.

"Bowzer, you naughty dog, what are you doing there?" She asked as the sensations echoed throughout her young body. She reached down and grabbed the lips of her pussy and spread them to give greater access to Bowzer's tongue-lashing.

This old dog sure knew what he was doing, as this wasn't the first female of the human species to fall under his spell. He worked his tongue, as an artist uses his brush, a broad stroke here and a finesse stroke there. He had been taught well, by Ellen's mother Sara. Bowzer continued on the attack, digging his talented licker into his young mistress's overflowing gash. She was flowing like a river as her passion increased with each stroke of his tongue. Ellen's moans and gasp's were becoming louder and her panting increased as the arrival of her impending orgasm neared.

"Yes Bowzer, don't you dare stop now. Please, don't stop! More doggie, more! Uhhh, Uhhh, Owwwww!" Bowzer could feel the contractions beginning inside of the hot confines of her fragrant pussy. As the contractions began to intensify Bowzer removed his tongue and stuffed it up her ass, sending Ellen over the edge into the throws of ecstatic bliss. Her thighs clamped his head and pulled his nose into her scalding cavern as her cum squirted all over his snout.

"Yes Bowzer, yes, " she cried as she thrashed and shook. "Oh, good doggie, yes there, more", she panted as her orgasm continued to subside.

Author: Bowzer T. Dog

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