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Big Feet, Big...

Sara was miserable, she was freezing inside of the thin little tent and had to piss like a racehorse. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore. Nature was calling big-time, and she had to answer. Sara unzipped the flap of her tent and stepped into the woods. She walked quite a distance from the tent, she thought it would be totally embarrassing if any of her friends saw her squatting right on their camp site.

Sara let out a little moan as her piss flowed freely out of her twat. She had to admit it, she was a little turned-on by the fact that she was taking a piss in the wide-open great outdoors. Sara slowly began rubbing her breasts. She pulled down the top half of her night-gown and let the night's gentle breeze caress her bare bosom. Her pussy was getting wet thinking about the fact that someone might be watching her, right now.

Just then, Sara heard a noise, a rustling in the bushes. Someone was there. Sara thought that it had to be her best friend, Cathy. She went over to the bushes to where she had heard the noise.

"Alright, games over Cathy. Come on out," she demanded. A figure emerged from the bushes, only it wasn't her friend. In fact, it wasn't even human. Sara stood there paralyzed with fear. In front of her stood a creature that looked like a man, only it was covered with long brown hair and was almost seven feet tall. Sara looked down and saw that the thing had two massive feet. As her eyes scanned upwards, she noticed that it had a massive cock as well. A little over a foot long, if her estimation was correct, and it wasn't even fully hard yet.

Sara began to back away slowly, when the creature grabbed her by the shoulders. Its strength was incredible. The creature threw Sara down on her stomach, pinned her there with one hand in the small of her back, then started sniffing her dripping wet pussy. His thick, coarse tongue instinctively commenced to lick and lap at her soft pink treasure. Just as Sara felt the beginning of an amazing climax, the tongue-massage stopped.

Sara tried to get-up slightly so she could see what was going on behind her, but the creature forcefully pushed her back to the ground. All at once, Sara felt the tremendous girth of the creature's cock in the entrance of her pussy. The head alone, barley fit through, but the massive organ just kept pushing itself and pushing itself until three inches of it was in. Sara screamed in pain, but the creature pushed his dick in deeper. Slowly it would come out, the violently back in! Four inches. Her pain manifested itself into ecstasy. Seven inches. Her whole body trembled with an explosive orgasm! She shouted to the heavens and her lithe little body collapsed, but the creature did not cease. Ten Inches! Oh God! Eleven. A second orgasm was building up.

With one final massive thrust, all twelve and a half inches of his member entered Sara's womb. She was sure that she was bleeding internally, but she really didn't give a fuck. It was wonderful. The creature's hot throbbing cock pumped harder and harder, faster and faster! She felt the giant gland tensing-up, and then it happened. The creature came with all the force and intensity of a fire hose. Streams of his cum were shooting against the inner-walls of her body and oozing out of her pussy. This caused her second orgasm to reach maximum intensity. She felt pleasure within every muscle in her body!

The creature pulled out, his cum now shooting all over Sara's ass and her back. She was covered. Large spurts even hit the back of her head, sticking in her hair. She was finally able to turn her head, and the creature's last wad hit her directly in the right eye. It burned, but she liked the feel of it. She got to her knees, leaned forward, and snatched the creature big limp dick. He got scared and wanted to run, but he had expelled all of his energy.

"This is my way of saying thanks!" Sara told the hairy animal as she began to softly lick the head of his dick. The creature let out a groan of pleasure. She ran her right hand up the big black shaft, as her left caressed his loosed hanging balls. She leaned down and took one of his balls in her mouth. It was about the size of a baseball, but Sara managed to wrap her lips around it. The creature obviously liked it, as he let out a few more groans. Sara closed her mouth on the testicle and gently tugged at his scrotum with her mouth. She could feel life coming back into the creature's shaft already. She let his nut fall out of her mouth and enclosed her lips around his monster cock.

Sara was able to take about three-fourths for the creature's dick in her mouth. The head hit the back of her throat, causing tears to form in her eyes, but she did not let that stop her. She still massaged the base of his dick with her right hand and squeezed his balls with her left as her lips ran up and down delicious meat. The balls in her left had tightened, and Sara prepared herself for the explosion.

The creature's hot, sticky cum filled her mouth, dripped out of her cheeks and down her chin. Sara kept her soft velvet mouth around the spewing fountain-head of cum, swallowing as much as she could. What seemed like gallons of cum were coating her tongue, the roof of her mouth and throat. Juices were flowing out of the sides of her mouth. When the behemoth of a cock was finished pumping, Sara greedily licked the creature's cock clean, then proceeded to lick the cum off of her chin. Sara then collapsed on the ground next to the spent creature. She wondered if this was all real, or only just a dream. She was too exhausted to think about it, so she closed her eyes and hoped that when she woke-up it would be in the arms of her beloved creature.

Author: William Sinner

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