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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, cybersex.

    Girl2: I'm here are you?

    Girl1: good...was getting worried..

    Girl2: you were on earlier

    Girl1: back on about 7:30

    Girl2: OK I see

    Girl1: what's going on?

    Girl2: not the peanutbutter

    Girl1: be right there...

    Girl2: OK

    Girl1: how big is your shep?

    Girl2: about 85 lbs

    Girl1: things nice and quiet?

    Girl2: they are

    Girl1: his name is champ, right?

    Girl2: yes

    Girl1: where is champ now?

    Girl2: here next to me on the floor

    Girl1: what kind of mood are you in?

    Girl2: hmmmmmm.... well very horny

    Girl1: what are you wearing?

    Girl2: sweat pants and shirt

    Girl1: what kind of chair are you sitting in?

    Girl1: still there?

    Girl2: yes we'red you go?

    Girl1: never left...just closed the room so I wouldn't be interrupted..

    Girl2: I see

    Girl1: what kind of chair are you sitting in?

    Girl2: swivel computer chair

    Girl2: no arms

    Girl1: can you strip down to your shirt?

    Girl2: OK hold panties?

    Girl1: no...just the shirt...keep the panties handy though...they are the "token"

    Girl2: huh??????

    Girl1: this is the start of champs training...if he tries anything without the offering or token, tell him "NO"

    Girl1: how wet are you?

    Girl2: very

    Girl2: waiting for this

    Girl1: get the crotch of the panties wet with your "scent" and offer them to end first..

    Girl1: notice his attention...tell me if he starts to lick them...

    Girl1: what is he doing?

    Girl2: OK .....let me rub it some

    Girl2: he's sniffing at them

    Girl2: little licks

    Girl1: licking yet?

    Girl1: use them to draw him to the source...then move them out of the way..

    Girl1: what's happening?

    Girl2: ohhhhhhhhhhhh god

    Girl2: ohhhhhhhhhhhh

    Girl1: never mind...

    Girl2: mmmmmmmmmm

    Girl2: his tongue is in me

    Girl1: he licking externally or probing deeper?

    Girl1: how deep?

    Girl2: ohhhhhhhhhhh

    Girl1: open wide for him...

    Girl2: yes

    Girl1: guess we don't need the bribe...

    Girl2: in my ass

    Girl2: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god

    Girl1: they like that deep is he?

    Girl2: yesssssssssssss

    Girl2: i feel it in me

    Girl1: pull his chin up to your labia.....roll forward to block your ass...

    Girl1: feel his cock and see if he is getting hard...

    Girl2: OK

    Girl2: too much

    Girl1: too much what?

    Girl2: very sensitive

    Girl1: you or champ?

    Girl2: me

    Girl1: you ok?

    Girl2: yes

    Girl1: where is he licking?

    Girl2: feels like electric shocks

    Girl2: my clit

    Girl1: reach down and see if he is getting hard...

    Girl2: hold on...........

    Girl2: yes its out

    Girl1: how deep did he get in your vagina with his tongue?

    Girl2: pinkish

    Girl1: slide your crotch out to the edge of the chair....

    Girl2: felt like it was all the way in me

    Girl2: ok

    Girl2: I'm swollen

    Girl1: put his front paws in the chair about your waist...keep your feet behind him as best you can...

    Girl1: you will use your heels to pull him to you or into you...

    Girl2: OK..... pull him up on me?

    Girl1: yes...put his front paws up in the chair about your waist..

    Girl2: he won't hurt me will he?

    Girl1: no....

    Girl2: he's humping

    Girl2: I'm scared

    Girl1: the only discomfort you might experience would be from the swelling of the knot...that will go down in about 5 minutes (or less)...

    Girl1: relax....

    Girl2: ok

    Girl1: how far is the tip of his cock from your labia?

    Girl2: he keeps humping the air

    Girl2: not but inches away

    Girl1: he's horny too

    Girl1: guide the tip just inside your lips...

    Girl2: now what???

    Girl1: how close is he?

    Girl2: ok

    Girl2: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Girl2: so fast

    Girl2: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Girl1: talk to me....what's happening?

    Girl1: try to keep your head...

    Girl2: hein mre

    Girl1: how deep?

    Girl2: yesssssss

    Girl1: how deep?

    Girl2: pumping me

    Girl1: how deep is he angel?

    Girl2: as far as he can

    Girl2: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Girl1: you will need to let me know when he begins to slow down...

    Girl2: can feel it so

    Girl2: yesssss on my clit

    Girl2: ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes

    Girl1: do you feel anything like a knot or swelling at the base of his cock?

    Girl2: not yet

    Girl2: mmmmmmmmmmmm

    Girl1: look may not be inside you...

    Girl1: see or feel anything?

    Girl2: it's not.......????

    Girl1: no problem...let me know when you see it or feel it...

    Girl2: can't get it in ....this position

    Girl1: what's that?

    Girl2: the knot ......

    Girl1: reach behind with your heels...pull him in...

    Girl2: mmmmmmmmmmm yesss

    Girl1: is he too long to get the knot inside you...

    Girl2: he's in me now

    Girl1: the knot?

    Girl2: oh yes

    Girl1: how is the temperature?

    Girl2: feel it stretching me

    Girl2: yes hot

    Girl1: is he slowing down yet?

    Girl2: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Girl1: when he comes there will be a lot of it....

    Girl2: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Girl1: is he coming yet?

    Girl2: meeeeee

    Girl1: how many times for you?

    Girl2: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Girl2: yesssssssssss

    Girl1: is he coming yet?

    Girl2: so wet................he's slowing down

    Girl1: use your feet to hold him in when he comes.....

    Girl2: all over me

    Girl1: did he come?

    Girl2: in me?????????/ />
    Girl1: he still inside?

    Girl2: yes

    Girl1: use your feet to hold him there...

    Girl2: ok

    Girl1: pet him...

    Girl2: ok

    Girl2: panting

    Girl1: talk softly to will take him a minute

    Girl1: is he stuck?

    Girl2: i guesss

    Girl1: the swelling will go down in a few minutes...

    Girl2: mmmmmmmmmmmm

    Girl1: you will feel him slip and then he will be out...

    Girl1: he will probably clean you very thoroughly after that...

    Girl2: ok .....can he do it again?

    Girl1: he still inside?

    Girl2: yes

    Girl1: any problems with the size of the knot?

    Girl2: no not at all ....little tightness

    Girl1: that's about the roughest part...

    Girl1: what time do you go in tomorrow?

    Girl2: how about from behind

    Girl2: school?

    Girl1: that's great too...

    Girl1: school or work....

    Girl2: how does that feel

    Girl2: 8:00am

    Girl1: similar to what you just he still inside you?

    Girl2: eastern

    Girl2: no he's out it's all over me

    Girl1: are you into anal penetration?

    Girl2: i've tried it......not a fan

    Girl1: do you get it much?

    Girl2: anal?

    Girl1: yes..

    Girl2: no not much......a few times

    Girl2: like to try different things

    Girl1: the tip of his cock makes anal penetration very will probably have a big problem with his size...

    Girl1: especially if you try to take the knot...

    Girl2: that may hurt

    Girl1: could be "incredible" pain...

    Girl2: how do i solve that problem?

    Girl1: what is champ doing now?

    Girl2: licking my legs

    Girl1: "stretching exercises...

    Girl2: say again????

    Girl1: put a little more peanut butter on your clit and up inside..

    Girl1: stretching your asshole...

    Girl2: ok

    Girl2: how ???

    Girl2: mmmmmmm

    Girl2: god that feels good

    Girl1: vibrator or dildo works best...

    Girl2: don't have one

    Girl2: anyother suggestions

    Girl1: if you do try to take him anally and he gets inside, when you feel the knot grasp around the base of his cock behind the knot...he will think he is in all the way and not try to go deeper.

    Girl1: not much pressure though...what kind of lubricant do you use?

    Girl2: ohhhhh i see that makes sense.....

    Girl2: ky jelly

    Girl1: that's fine..just don't use anything petroleum based...he will ingest it when he cleans both of you....not good for him..

    Girl2: what if i want the knot ?.......should i stretch before

    Girl1: you'd better...

    Girl2: what could i use?

    Girl1: hardest part is holding him in after he's cum...

    Girl2: why hold him in?

    Girl1: how big were you able to take that way?

    Girl1: till the swelling goes down...

    Girl2: 6 inch cock

    Girl1: how thick?

    Girl2: 2 inches i guess

    Girl1: what did you not like about it?

    Girl2: the pressure i felt inside

    Girl1: when he is through he will probably dismount... you will be ass to ass for a bit...

    Girl1: does he get frustrated when you put him on his back?

    Girl2: i see

    Girl2: yes

    Girl2: why?

    Girl1: some like to put their dogs on their backs...stimulate them til just getting hard...then swing a leg over and guide them in..

    Girl1: works for anal or vaginal...

    Girl2: that is a good way

    Girl1: do you like "giving" oral?

    Girl2: have to have strong legs

    Girl2: yes

    Girl1: yes....

    Girl1: dogs love it...tastes better than a humans....he is sensitive the teeth..

    Girl2: how many dogs do you have?

    Girl2: like to try that

    Girl1: you might want to try that while he is laying down...makes it harder for him to thrust towards your throat....2...shepherd and a heeler...

    Girl2: ever do more then one at a time?

    Girl1: one oral, one vaginal....

    Girl2: that must of been exciting

    Girl1: it's a "blast"

    Girl2: being ganged by dogs

    Girl1: any questions so far?

    Girl2: how long before he can go again

    Girl1: what's he doing now?

    Girl2: laying on the floor

    Girl1: what is the condition of his cock?

    Girl2: back in

    Girl1: maturbate him a little...see if he starts to get hard...

    Girl2: he's licking it

    Girl2: ok thanks for your help

    Girl1: see if he'll let you in there...

    Girl2: he trust me

    Girl1: yes....what's happening?

    Girl2: he's panting

    Girl1: he getting hard?

    Girl2: yes ......getting there

    Girl1: can you type and do it doggy style?

    Girl2: he's laying there i can't believe it

    Girl1: you going down on him?

    Girl2: have to move keyboard down

    Girl1: are you going down on him?

    Girl2: want him in me

    Girl1: what's happening?

    Girl2: he's hard now

    Girl1: is he on all fours?

    Girl2: yes

    Girl1: are you in the doggy position?

    Girl2: should i be ?

    Girl1: yes...

    Girl2: yes ok

    Girl1: you will probably need to guide him lower...

    Girl2: he's on my back

    Girl2: humping

    Girl1: has he found it yet?

    Girl2: no

    Girl2: hard to reach

    Girl1: guide him in...back into him if you need to...

    Girl2: keeps hitting my asshole

    Girl1: raise it up...

    Girl2: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Girl1: get down on you elbows...

    Girl1: he find it?

    Girl2: he's in

    Girl2: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Girl1: how deep angel?

    Girl2: paws are digging in me

    Girl2: owwwwwww

    Girl1: that's why i had you leave the shirt on the first time.....sorry...

    Girl2: he's ssoooooooooooooooooo deep

    Girl2: is your dog there

    Girl2: do him

    Girl1: he's at home....i'm still at the office..

    Girl2: ahhhhhhhhh

    Girl2: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssss

    Girl1: what's happening?

    Girl2: humping me

    Girl2: wish he was in my ass

    Girl1: feel the knot yet?

    Girl2: yes

    Girl1: is it inside you?

    Girl2: yes

    Girl1: how deep is the knot?

    Girl2: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Girl2: passed my lips

    Girl1: how many times have you cum tonight?

    Girl2: feel it on my clit

    Girl2: haven't kept count

    Girl2: mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Girl1: he coming yet?

    Girl2: still humping me

    Girl1: has he hit bottom?

    Girl2: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god

    Girl2: love it

    Girl1: think about it before you try to take him anally....

    Girl2: i will

    Girl2: i should do it now

    Girl2: feels so good

    Girl1: has he cum yet?

    Girl2: no can i get him to stop?

    Girl1: i wouldn't...

    Girl2: can i pull off of him?

    Girl1: unless you've got some lubricant handy...

    Girl2: right here

    Girl1: lube yourself good...

    Girl2: ok how do i get him off of me

    Girl1: did you get him to stop?

    Girl2: no

    Girl1: crawl out from under him...

    Girl2: ok

    Girl1: he off?

    Girl2: yes

    Girl1: you lubed yet?

    Girl2: trying to lick me

    Girl1: are you lubed?

    Girl2: hold on have to stretch it some

    Girl1: is he trying to mount?

    Girl2: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Girl1: what?

    Girl2: 2 fingers

    Girl2: 3

    Girl1: is he trying to mount?

    Girl2: let me get back on the floor

    Girl1: you will probably have to guide him in...

    Girl2: i will

    Girl2: he's on me

    Girl1: what's happening?

    Girl2: humping

    Girl2: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Girl2: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Girl1: guess he found it...

    Girl2: ohhhhhhhhhhhh

    Girl1: you ok?

    Girl2: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Girl2: yes

    Girl1: is he in your ass?

    Girl2: oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Girl2: yes

    Girl1: where is the knot?

    Girl2: so tight

    Girl1: where is the knot?

    Girl2: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Girl1: talk to me angel.....

    Girl1: hello......................................?

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