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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality.

    We have a very large German Shepherd dog. Rex is a friendly dog and loves attention. I am a married 32-year-old bisexual woman. I must be over sexed or something because I always seem horny. Now you have an idea where this is leading, so if this idea offends you in any way please stop reading and get rid of it.

    Rex and I were in the living room one day and he was laying on the carpet licking himself you-know-where. I just watched, having seen him do that many times. Well, that day I got a little curious, and I happened to be more than a little horny. I wondered if he would enjoy a hand job. Most men do, so I thought he might also.

    I got down on the floor next to him and touched his cock. He seemed to enjoy it so I wrapped my fingers around it and stroked him a little. Soon his cock came out of its furry sheath and I watched as it grew and hardened in my hand. Doing this was really turning me on. It was so naughty and depraved even I couldn't believe I was doing it. But I was.

    He seemed a little sensitive when I would touch his bare cock but I didn't think much about it. The base of his cock swelled up into a large ball. I found out later that it is called a knot. I was fascinated by it and kept jacking him off. He was leaking precum just like men do when I have jacked them off. But then Rex got all fidgety and I got nervous and quit. But I was so turned on that I pulled down my pants, sat in my chair and masturbated while Rex watched. I made myself cum thinking what I had just done.

    I thought about the incident over and over in the next few days and decided to try it again. The idea really turned me on, so I decided to do it again. This time I put a bottle of hand lotion next to my chair. My husband loves it when I grease his cock up with hand lotion and stroke him. I thought maybe the dog would like it that way too.

    I stripped my pants and undies off and sat in my chair and called Rex over. He pushed his muzzle right in my crotch and started licking my pussy. Wow, what a feeling. I hadn't even thought about that. I let him do it a while, even sliding forward so he could lick my ass too. It felt great. I reached down and spread my pussy lips open for him. He licked away like he really enjoyed it.

    I felt myself getting wetter and wetter as he licked across my clit and up and down my slit. I knew then that I had discovered something fun. Forbidden and depraved, but fun. I let Rex lick me to an orgasm. I bit my lip to keep from crying out and scaring him as my orgasm swept over me.

    After I came back to earth I decided it was his turn. I leaned forward and reached under him. I found his cock already hard and half out of his furry sheath. Then I put a large amount of lotion in my hand and greased it all up. I reached under the dog with the other hand and played with his cock until it was all the way out. Then I reached under him with the slippery hand and wrapped my fingers around his big cock. I stroked him a few times, getting him all greased up.

    In just a few strokes he got into it and arched his back way up and started humping my hand. He obviously loved it. He was actually fucking my hand. Again I felt the big knot and played with that too. But mostly I just jacked his cock like I would a man's. He was really going at it, fucking my hand.

    I knew I wanted him to cum and it didn't take long for that to happen. He shot is cum all over my legs and feet. I thought it was great and so did he. After he came I just left him alone and masturbated myself to another orgasm.

    I did that off and on for the next few weeks. Every few days Rex and I would please each other that way. I jacked him off and he licked my pussy. Then I remembered how my husband had shown me dirty pictures on the computer. He got them from the newsgroups from the Internet. He said he could find any subject and look at pictures of it. We had looked at some really kinky stuff.

    In fact we actually tried some of it, but that is another story.

    I wondered if by chance there might be something concerning this far out kinky subject. Well it didn't take long to find it. There was more than one group on the subject of animal sex. I set the program to download the pictures and in a little while I went to look. I was shocked.

    The first thing I found out was that I wasn't the only one who did this. There were hundreds of pictures of women having sex with animals. Not just dogs but horses, donkeys, even snakes. Wow, what an eye opener. I also discovered that many of them were not just jacking off the animals but sucking them and even fucking them.

    Well I don't have a horse or a donkey, and I certainly wouldn't have a snake, but I did find lots of pictures of women having sex with dogs. I just had to masturbate while I looked at the pictures. (I told you I was oversexed)

    I made myself cum three times while looking at the pictures, while thinking about actually trying some of the things these other women were doing with their dogs. In many of the pictures I noticed the women had husbands or boyfriends helping them or joining in. That gave me another idea: how would my husband react to this. I wondered if he would go along with it or have me committed.

    He is pretty kinky and loves all kinds of sex but this might be to weird even for him. I decided to show him the pictures and note his reaction. But in the mean time I found other things I wanted to try with our dog.

    The first thing was to think about actually sucking his cock as the women in many of the pictures seemed to enjoy. That one took a lot of thought and reflection. Could I really do something like that? I just didn't know. Well one day I was sitting there alone and I just decided play with him again.

    I laid on the floor naked and called the dog over. I let him lick me a little while and when I got really horny I pulled him over me. His cock was already out and half hard. I raised my head and licked his cock. It didn't taste bad or anything so I did it again. Then more and more. His cock got fully hard and fully exposed and I just went for it. I took it in my mouth and sucked softly on him. He acted nervous and it was really hard to hold him still but I was determined to do this.

    I kept on sucking on his cock and licking it and kissing it as I would do to a man. I wasn't even thinking about him cumming. I had forgotten about that. Well, he did. He flooded my mouth to over flowing. I hadn't realized how much cum he shoots. I was not ready to swallow a dogs cum, so I just let it fill my mouth and run out onto my face. He was actually fucking my mouth hard as he came in me. It was a little scary in a way but also it was very hot. It really turned me on to do that.

    After he had finished with me I let him go. I let his cum juice dribble out of my mouth and onto my tits. I rubbed it in as I stuck the fingers of my other hand into my sopping wet pussy. It took just a minute to start cumming hard.

    Over the next few days I looked at the pictures and read a few stories written about women loving dogs. I knew I wanted to experience the ultimate thrill, I wanted Rex to fuck me. I wanted his big cock inside my pussy. And I wanted him to shoot his cum in me. I looked at all the pictures again and downloaded even more. But without help it looked difficult.

    Then it dawned on me how to do it. I got two ace bandages from the medicine cabinet. I wrapped them around each of his front paws. I wrapped them up layer by layer, I didn't want him to accidentally scratch me. After all, how could I explain that. I took off all my clothes again and sat in my chair. I placed a towel under me to catch any leaking or dribbles. Then I used a massage oil to make my pussy all slippery and wet for easy penetration.

    I leaned back in the chair and called the dog over. I pulled his front paws up to my shoulders so he was standing on his hind legs. I reached between us and played with his cock with my oil covered fingers. Soon I had him all hard and exposed. He was ready to fuck. His hips were already humping at me and his cock was just seeking its place in me. I had to squirm around a little to line things up but soon I got the angles right and I felt his cock stabbing all around my pussy. I felt myself breathing hard in anticipation and pure heat. I wanted it bad.

    When his cock found my pussy it slid right in. All of it in one stroke. I felt the big knot of his cock slap against my pussy lips and clit. And then it was just wild fucking. He pumped into me hard, over and over. I couldn't believe the force and speed he could fuck. My pussy was clamped tight around his cock and I was enjoying it. I was having a great time being fucked by a dog. A large dog with a hard cock. I don't know how long it went on or how many times I came. I know it must have been a lot. I came over and over.

    No sooner would one climax start to subside when the next would hit me. It was almost as though I was cumming continuously. It was wonderful. I am wet now just from remembering it.

    After a while I was aware of him slowing down and I felt a moistness running down my slit to my ass. I realized that he had cum in me. I remembered how much he came when he shot in my mouth and that thought made me very hot. I knew I must be full of his cum juice. He got off me and wandered away. I just sat there very drained and very satisfied with the outcome of the encounter. What a thrill. His cum was leaking out of my pussy. If only my husband had been there to fuck me. Sloppy seconds after a dog. What a thought.

    I've been doing this now for a few months. I have jacked Rex off, sucked him, let him lick my pussy and ass, and fucked him silly. I have taken his cum juice all over me and inside my mouth and pussy. I tried getting him to fuck my ass doggy style but I will need another person to help with that. He did a great job of fucking my pussy doggy style though. Doggy style, just think, I will never look at that term again in the same way again. Doggy style has a new meaning now all it's own.

    I showed the pictures I had collected to my husband. I watched his reaction and I saw that he did get hard looking at them. We like to look at the pictures in just our undies so it was easy to see the big bulge that formed in his shorts while we looked. He didn't notice the big wet spot on mine. He didn't say much about the pictures other than they were very hot. But the next night I noticed he was looking at them again.

    One of these days I will have the nerve to ask him what he thinks about it. Then we will see what happens. I hope he likes the idea. I would love him to join in. In the mean time I will just keep enjoying the hot doggy sex I get every few days from Rex.

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    "I tried getting him to fuck my ass doggy style but I will need another person to help with that."

    If you really want someone to help, I will.

    Oct 31 2006 12:52
    Well, did you ever get it in the ass?

    Mar 2 2007 12:17
    Geeze... what a nice, Sexy and Hot story... well done... Miss

    Dec 1 2009 16:34
    Nice story I'm rock hard now

    Apr 24 2017 16:13
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