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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality.

    Maxine is my name. Max for short. I'm in my late 20's and a widow.

    Although I can hardly be called short, since I'm 5'10" and about 140lbs. Pretty, even beautiful. I've got cropped Auburn hair and startling Green eyes. Chestwise: full 36C breasts that are nicely tapered, pointy almost, tipped with lovely brown nipples that love to be nipped and tugged. Going south from there, a washboard stomach, shaped from many tummy crunches, tapering around a 25" waist that flares gently into my 34" hips.

    But oh, my ass cheeks are a sight to behold. I rollerblade every other day, and the countless miles have built this luxurious arching curve into my butt.

    I love to wear those snug workout shorts that ride up in my crack.

    The grey, soft ones are the best, especially when I get a good sweat going, 'cause they turn dark in back and tantalize all the guys. I want to tell you about my dog. Kal. His full name is Kal Kan, because he loves his food bowl. He also loves me, and is very protective. Kal is a Yellow Lab, he's about 1 year old, and weighs in around 100lbs. Pretty large for a lab, but not extremely.

    I got him when he was only six weeks old. The runt of the litter.

    What happened was that I just gave birth to my daughter, and had been home for two weeks when my husband took the baby to the Doctor.

    Both Jack and Darcy were killed in a car accident. I was devastated.

    I really didn't know if I could go on. Worse yet, I had all these maternal instincts that were still unsatisfied. Not to mention my aching breasts, which were really full of milk. I had to pump them often, just to keep the pressure down. I didn't want them to dry up however, because I had an idea.

    Our neighbor's dog just had a litter at about the time I was in the hospital with Darcy. When I came home, I went over to see them.

    After a couple weeks, it became obvious that one puppy in particular was getting hind-tit. There were 10 puppies and the poor little guy just couldn't compete.

    So I brought him home. And nursed him.

    That was an adventure.

    The first time he took to my breasts and milk like a baby wolf.

    Hungry too. Problem was that he scratched me all up. So I got out an old bra, and cut out 1/2" holes for just tips of the nipples.

    That was extremely erotic, as my breasts were swollen with milk making the bra even tighter. This pushed my nipples way out, and even started to make them leaky as soon as I put it on.

    I nursed him whenever he was hungry, which was a lot at first. He slept with me in bed at night, and was careful not to make a mess.

    This I figured out how to control. I would keep a wet washcloth nearby and use it to wipe his little penis, just like a mother dog tongue would. He would then empty his bladder.

    The months passed by quickly, and it was amazing at how fast Kal was growing. He had quickly passed up his litter mates, of which the neighbors had kept two.

    They were very surprised when I brought him over to their house on his first birthday. He must have outweighed his brothers by 30 pounds, and was clearly taller. Shirley asked me what diet I had him on. I smiled, and said "Oh, the usual, puppy chow, and supplements".

    Little did they know what those supplements were. I still nursed Kal twice a day, although it was time to start weaning. I continued doing it because it felt sooo good. That's my story, up to today. Actually, this afternoon. I had gone 'blading, and was quite worn out by the time I got home. Walking into the house I heard Kal barking in the backyard, so I let him in. He was happy to see me, as usual, and was wagging his tail, with that big doggy grin on his face. "I'm going to shower, and then we can play catch, and work on your obedience training".

    With that, I peeled off my tube top, and shorts, tossing them in the laundry room, and headed off to the shower. I noticed as I was

    walking away that Kal had gone to sniff my shorts on the floor, but the thought left my mind. Ahhh, that hot water felt good. I reached my hand down and caressed my breasts. They were beginning to dry up, but I could still coax some milk out of them. I then reached lower and soaped up my crotch.

    Grabbing the razor, I took a couple quick swipes down my outer lips, keeping them smooth and shiny. I love shaving my pussy, and had kept it that way ever since I gave birth to Darcy.

    I choked back that thought however, and instead busied myself with the task at hand. My pussy got wet from the attention, and I suddenly felt achingly empty. It had been over a year and a half since I had intercourse. Too long, I thought. Still, nothing could compare to the feelings that Jack could give me. Or so I thought.. Turning off the shower I stepped out and toweled off. Looking down, I saw that the tub could really use a scrub, so I grabbed the cleaning pad and Comet, and got on my knees to wash it out. With the water running in the tub, and my head down I didn't hear Kal walk up. But WOW, did I feel it when this long wet tongue licked my pussy from front to back in one deep stroke. My head snapped around. I thought I was going to come instantly. It felt like a gush of pussy juice was released deep inside of me. Kal must of smelled, or tasted this too, as he began licking in earnest. Something inside of me wanted to make him stop immediately!

    But it felt waaaay too good to do that. I started making moaning sounds, and wriggling my hips, pressing back into his tongue. This seemed to spur him on even more. Bang!, I felt this rush that like to have lifted my scalp as I came with a shudder. My legs, weak from the workout started to tremble. I slowly got up. Horny as hell now, and wanting to do something kinky. This had only whet my appetite, and I wanted more. I grabbed a big beach towel, and walked to the bedroom. Kal's nose was now glued to my ass, continuing to lick. I spread out the towel on the floor and commanded "lay down". He did reluctantly, with a puzzled expression on his face. I kneeled down next to him and gently rolled him on his back, scratching his chest, and begin to move my hands lower.

    I hadn't really checked out his equipment too closely in the last month or two, but it was readily apparent that this had been growing too. I had noticed that his balls had been getting more pendulous lately, and so I grasped them gently and tugged, rolling them around in their velvety sack. Kal whined softly and I noticed the bulge forming at the base of his furry sheath enlarge. The tip of his pink penis was poking out, and gave a little squirt of watery fluid. Quickly I pulled the sheath back over his knot. Oooh this was exciting. I felt a fresh pulse of pussy juice wet my cunt lips.

    Reaching down between my legs I thrust three fingers up my cunt and scooped out some cream. I then slathered Kal's pink doggy cock with my juices. What had started out as a hot dog size thin shiny cock soon became engorged with blood, deepening in color to a pink-red.

    His knot was growing too, almost like a small plum. I slid my hand up and down his member a couple times, getting more squirts of pre-come out the pointed tip. Kal started hunching his hips, like he wanted to fuck my hand, but I just moved with him, not letting him stroke, 'cause I was the boss.

    At least for now. Leaning my head down I licked the end of his cock, which tasted salty and nutty somehow. It squirted again, some juice which leaked down my chin. Wow, this was really turning me on. I wanted to feel this cock grow in my mouth. It was still only about 4 or 5 inches long.

    I stuck my tongue out, licked it, and then took the whole thing in tonguing gently, sucking too, feeling the point touch the back of my throat. I bobbed my head up and down a couple times, grasping firmly at the base of his knot, which was just under my nose. I was rewarded with the feeling of pulsing enlargement of his cock. Levering my jaw open just a little more, I momentarily got his knot in, but thought that was too risky and started to back off. Just in time. Pulling his knot out of my mouth with a slurping pop I suddenly felt pressure at the back of my throat, and so I relaxed my larynx and gulped a little. Easing up, I felt what must be 9 inches of hot doggy cock slithering out of my throat and mouth. I looked in awe at it. God it was soo juicy, and hot. I went down for more and took most of it in. I pumped the base a few times and started to feel his hot come boiling up through the shaft. It hit the back of my throat like thick coconut syrup. I swallowed feverishly, trying to keep up with the flow, but the pulses continued, until I could feel my cheeks full of the stuff.

    Kal's hot doggy cum leaked past my lips and dribbled onto his throbbing knot. I grabbed it firmly around the base and clamped down, now sucking in earnest.

    This was incredible. I couldn't believe the quantity of fluid he was pouring out. Kal's knot pulsed larger, being held by my constricting hand. It was now almost the size of a tennis ball. I knew then that I had to have that hunk of dog meat up my pussy.

    Just the thought of it sent a shivery thrill down my spine. Looking down at my pussy, it was easy to see that I was more than ready. My thick inner lips were all pouty, and hanging down. My juices were flowing too. Right down my leg. Fuck. I have never been this wet before. What is this dog doing to me? Swinging a leg over him, with Kal still on his back, I eased rearward and placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of my cunt. Mmmm, this is going to be interesting. Smoothly, I dropped my hips and plunged the whole thing in right up to the knot. It felt exquisite. And hot. Hotter than a man's cock. Harder too. I wriggled back, and could feel the knot at the entrance to my pussy. It was too big to take in, so I just rubbed around on it and tweaked my aching clitty until the orgasm exploded through me. I fell forward, almost blacking out, and felt Kal licking my breasts.

    Damn, that felt great. I still wasn't satisfied though, but was disappointed to see that Kal's cock was shrinking. Maybe this is good, give him a little time to recharge. I got up and headed back into the bathroom to freshen up a little and brush my teeth. Not that I didn't mind the taste of dog cum, just not for a long time. Walking back in the bedroom, I could see that Kal was doing a good job on his own cleanup. Man, was I jealous of that tongue. Kal got up and started prancing around, the tip of his cock still poking out of his sheath. He was aroused as I was, probably because the room reeked of pussy, and sweat.

    I wanted it dogstyle. I used to love being fucked from behind. It always felt so animal with Jack. And now I had my opportunity. Sitting down on the floor, I called Kal over 'til he stood next to me. Reaching underneath his belly, I grabbed his knot and stroked a couple times. Right away I could feel it grow like a golf ball.

    Gingerly I grabbed the tip of his cock with two fingers and slid the sheath back over the knot where it stayed, trapped back by the pulsing lump. Kal started squirting pre-come again. Geez, this was impressive. It hadn't been five minutes, and he was ready to go again. I rolled over on all fours, an lowered my shoulders to the floor, beckoning him to mount me. He whined, and stood there, not quite knowing what to do. I'll fix that, I thought. I gradually crabbed sideways under his belly, grabbing a front paw in each hand. Now I was under him. Only problem was when I looked down, I could see his cock bobbing towards my belly button. Damn, it looked HUGE!. I wanted it in me. Now, I scooched forward a little, reached a hand back, and guided him into my sopping pussy. Wham! As soon Kal felt my hot cunt lips wrap around his dogmeat he took a step forward and buried it up to the hilt. I felt my inner lips stretch to accommodate his knot as it slipped in. He started thrusting with short sharp strokes. Rapid, like a jackhammer. Clamping down with my pussy muscles, I eagerly pressed my hips back into him sensing a growing fullness in my cunt. I knew what was happening. I was going to TIE. There was no going back now.

    Kal's strong front paws dug into my ribs where he was hanging on firmly. I could feel dog saliva on the back of my neck. It was almost dreamlike as the pounding in my cunt started growing. A twinge spread through me as I looked down at my full breasts swaying to the thrusts of this animal. I, was, going, to, cum.... My breathing was so fast that I began to get light headed. The pressure in my cunt was incredible. Kal must be fully swollen now. I looked down and saw my clit jutting out from under its hood. The shiny inner and outer labia were parted and bulbous, swollen beyond belief as they were being pressed out Kal's buried knot. Grabbing his balls, I tugged down, and felt them retract and jump in my hand. Suddenly I knew he was cumming. I could feel pulsing jets of hot jism fill my womb. Spurt, spurt, spurt spurt. It must have gone on for a minute or two. And then he just stopped moving. I touched my clit and came with a shudder, clamping down on his cock. We were going to be together for a while. I felt stuffed full. Kal swung a leg over my back. Instinct taking over once again, and turned around facing the other way. I was still firmly tied to his cock, that tennis ball sized knot was still tugging at me. After a while I could feel it going down, and he pulled out with a sucking slurp. Hot doggy cum spewed out of my cunt, running down both legs.

    I was satisfied. For now.

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    was this story true? very good and hot story love it thanks geo

    Jun 18 2006 20:10
    good story but to short make them longer

    Jun 24 2006 15:44
    Very sexy and hot... good show... write an other one... PLEASE !

    Dec 5 2009 17:45
    loved this story.

    Nov 14 2010 20:05
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