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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, dogsex.

    Forgive me please, for I am not a professional writer. Here I am only trying to write down how I, a thirty-four year old black woman who stands 5 ft 7 inches tall with measurements of 34c-27-35 with a very professional job could ever possible get involved in such a thing as animal sex. Well I'm here to tell you that it can happen to anyone. If the time is right. So be very careful when you say you "won't do".

    If you like my story, why not let me know. There is another episode or two that I am just dying to tell somebody about.

    Introduction to Becoming my Dog's Bitch

    Finally, Friday morning was here. It had been a long and rather frustrating week. But now I was at last on my way home. Plans! What plans did I have for the weekend? Absolutely none. This weekend was for me and me alone. Dinner would, and was gonna be nothing but leftovers and sandwich's. My brother (whom I was now living with for a while) would just have to fend for himself. During the half hour commute home my mind drifted and suddenly I felt that all to familiar tingle in my nipples and deep in my pussy. Shit, I thought, I had not planned on going out at all this weekend. Let alone trying to find someone to fuck me silly. Oh well, what's that old saying people are always saying, "Let your fingers do the walking", in this case I guess it would be let your fingers do the fucking.

    As I entered the house, Rusty, my German Shepherd came running up too me for his usual pet of affection. Licking me wildly on the face I said to him, "Ahhh, my baby missed me did he? Well I'm home for the weekend now sweetie."

    I decided to feed him first, that way when done with him, my time would be my own. I could relax in a hot bubble bath, lie back and watch a movie on the tube, and just drift away while sipping on some nice cherry or something.

    I didn't realize it but I must have dozed off in the tub, because I was startled when I heard the doorbell ring. Shit, who the heck is that? I wasn't expecting anyone. As I hurriedly tried to get out of the tub and wrap my robe around me, I heard a car pull out of the drive. Damn, well they could have given me a minute, I thought. Oh, well what the heck.

    Pouring another glass of wine I went into the den and turned on the tube. Flicking through the channels I couldn't find a damn thing worth watching. All this money I pay the cable company and nothing is on. Now, what movie have I not seen for a while, I thought. Getting up and rambling through the cabinet I thought I would watch one of my old favorites. Bar Girls! Now that movie was wild. Only one stupid man in the whole fucking movie. But there were some hot bods on those luscious lesbians. As I was inserting the tape in the VCR, I noticed that someone had left one in the slot. There was no label on it so I pressed the play button to see what it was.

    "Holy shit!" I said aloud.

    There was this woman on the screen with her tongue so far up another woman's ass that I thought it would come out her mouth on the other end. Oh, Franky (my brother) must have been watching this or something, I thought. Well as long as it was already in, and I must admit, they were going at it wild, I might as well see what else happens.

    Settling down and curling up on the couch, I watched in amazement at the women on the screen. Yes they were porno actresses but this was not just an act. They really seemed to be getting off on each other. Oh my goodness I thought, look at her rim that ass. Just as I was thinking that, I felt my pussy contract and tingle. My robe, for some reason had now fallen open some and my hand seemed to involuntarily move to my breast. As I caressed and squeezed them my nipples ached for attention. Pinching them between thumb and forefinger I gasped at the sensation it gave me combined from being locked onto the screen of passion before me.

    Slipping out of my robe completely, I thought to myself, might as well. I knew I was faced with this on the drive home. Why not take care of myself now. Slipping down to the floor so I could raise my legs and rest my feet on the chair, I started to squeeze and pinch my nipples again. Slowly caressing my breast in circular motions I felt the heat began to rise deep down inside my now wet and juicy cunt. Shit I should have gotten my toys before I started. As my trusty fingers lightly touched my outer lips, I knew then that I didn't need any toys. My fingers were gonna do just fine!

    Slowly, wanting to make it last just a little while longer, I started to rub through my lips and down to my ass. Tingles shot through my body as I inserted a finger in my depths to test it's readiness. Damn, was my pussy wet, hot and needing more.......... I began that all to familiar dipping of my fingers in and out of my pussy as I continued to massage my tits. Trying desperately to raise my tits so that I could suck on them I extended my tongue 'till it almost hurt. One of these days I'm gonna be able to do that I thought. I returned my efforts to my pussy now. I Had almost forgotten about what was on the screen. I just knew that they were screaming like crazy. Lying back with my eyes now closed, I could feel my orgasm building down deep. I started thrusting my fingers faster into my soaking pussy now. First two, then three fingers. Shoving them in as deep as I could. Oh my god, I'm gonna come!

    Still faster I moved them in and out of my depths. Stopping only long enough to pay special attention to my clit which was now throbbing and was sticking out from under its little hood like a miniature prick. Almost plucking it now, it responded in kind by almost sending me over the edge now.

    "YES!" I started to moan. "Hmmmmm, Nowwwwwww, yessssssss."


    Opening my eyes in extreme horror. I was in the brink of complete ecstasy when I felt something rake, brush, or was it lick across my feet. Not knowing what it was my body impulsively recoiled against the couch.

    "Rusty, what are you doing?"

    I don't know how long or when he had come into the room where I was, but there he was standing there, and licking at my feet. Shit, I thought. It was weird, sorta a tickling feeling but it did feel kinda good I guess. Now that I knew who or what had frightened me my eyes caught glimpse of the screen again. God they were still at it. My left hand was still clasping my breast and instinctively it started again to massage and caress my breast. Shit, thought Rusty had scarred me out of the mood. But there it was again. Almost right back where I had been interrupted at. I withdrew my foot from where rusty was and again started to stroke my pussy. OHHHHHHHHH shit, as I thrust my head backwards with my fingers more than busy now. This time I was damn sure gonna come....... Yesssssssssss..........

    Suddenly as I was more than close to the edge, rusty licked at me again. But this time he had moved up to my thighs. With the position I was sitting in, back against couch, knees drawn to my tits with legs wide apart, rusty was standing directly in front of me as he gingerly licked my thighs.

    "Rusty what on earth are you doing? Get outta here!" I said as I withdrew my hand from my pussy and raised them to him to shove him away. As I did this he raised his head and licked hungrily at my fingers. Rusty, Stop. But stop he didn't. Instead he took a step forward and started to lick my face. Something that is not so not unusual. But what was unusual was that he lowered his head and tongue to my breast and was licking my rock hard nipples. WOW, rusty what, why, how the heck. 'Oh My god,' I thought........

    In my mind I raised both my hands and placed them on each side of his head to push him away, but what I actually saw myself doing was to guide his head lower, lower across my stomach, my navel and finally.......

    "Sheeek!" I screamed, as Rusty's tongue finally darted across and with the very first swipe, went deep into the folds of my pussy. My ass immediately arched off the floor, my hands let go of his head as I scrambled to find support from the couch. Rusty was actually licking my pussy. NO! I was actually letting rusty lick my pussy. His tongue darted about so fast, so almost rough, and oh so damn fucking deep. I mean I had read of stuff like this but never in my deepest darkest dreams did I ever think I would be wanting rusty to NOT stop licking my pussy that I so willingly offered to him now. Reaching up to grab my tits again, now that both hands were free to do so, with the ever-lasting glory of Rusty's help. Oh my goodness, as rusty kept up what seemed to be a never ending tireless but delightful tongue bath. His tongue was licking from the very crack of my ass through the depths of my pussy and across my clit. Having to see some of what I was letting him do to me, I glanced down at that marvelous tongue performing what no other had ever done so wonderfully. Shit! Being in this position with the way he was now to the side of me sorta, I could see underneath him. His fucking cock was half way out of its sheath. Thinking to myself as I floated on air with Rusty as my tormentor, I though he was just licking me from canine love or something. Just being a dog. Not thinking that it was sexual to him. Rusty was getting turned on by me. Was it possible? Did he know what he was doing. No way I thought. I could now feel my orgasm building from deep down inside. I was being made to come by my dog. I couldn't fuckin' believe it.

    "Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Yessssssss Rusty. You gonna make me commmmmmmme. Yessssssssss Yesssssssssssssssss!"

    My juices flowed from me like never before. My god, had it been that long since I had cum. Was it rusty that was really having this affect on me. Maybe it was the act of taboo that was making me arch my hips further towards Rusty's insatiable thirst and hunger of my pussy. As my body trembled from my orgasm, and I lowered my ass back to rest on the floor I marveled how Rusty's tongue never left me. He was simple marvelous. He was fucking great. My attention drifted down and under rusty. My eyes widened in glory at what I saw. Rusty's cock was now fully exposed. It hung down from his sheath at least 7 inches. I could also see the fullness of his magnificent knot. Suddenly I felt my pussy tingle again and I amazed myself now at what I was thinking of. I wanted that damn cock inside me. I wanted my dog Rusty to fuck me. That did it.

    I quickly pushed him away from my pussy and rolled over wiggling my ass right in his face. He wasted no time in again shoving his snout right in my ass and licking me again. Wow, this was even better than before. Now that I had had such a massive orgasm I thought I would just lie here with my arms and head resting on the couch while my ass was glued to Rusty's tongue. Just as I felt myself begin to moan from such a tongue bath I felt my back being almost crushed by about a 110 pound dog as he almost leaped onto my back. My god, he did know what to do. Rusty had just mounted me. I could feel something hot and somewhat slimy shoving against my leg, my buttock, then my leg again as he tried to enter me. Deciding that I should try and help him, I reached back between my legs and his, grasped his cock and pointed it at the entrance to my pussy. I still can't believe that I was the one to actually help him fuck me. With a tremendous thrust I felt him enter me with one swoop. My back arched as he withdrew and I steadied myself for him to poke me again. This time he sank into me even further. Damn, but was he large.

    He now started a rapid pace of stabbing me with his cock as I gasped for air and almost screamed from pure pleasure. I have had some nice cocks in my time but none have delivered their cock into me with such ferry. Rusty seemed to gain speed, rhythm, and a keen know-how of how I needed to be fucked as he continued. I could swear that I could feel him start to grow inside me as he continued his rapid thrusting. His hot breath was directly behind my head and blowing on my neck. This too was such a turn on. Wanting to feel his size with my hand I reached back to try and grab hold of his cock. Just as I touched him I felt him almost try and reposition himself as he gave a massive thrust that made me yell just as he gave out a loud yelp. Suddenly I knew what had just happened. Rusty's knot had just penetrated me. And it's size made me feel as if someone had just shoved a baseball into me. What a feeling. I was damn near about to pass out when I felt my pussy contract around this large knot inside my pussy walls. I was coming even harder than before. I thrash about under Rusty just as I would have under any hunk of a man. Maybe even better. I screamed aloud this time.

    "Rusty! My god you wonderful fucking dog. Give it to me please. Don't you dare stop now!"

    And he didn't. He somehow continued to fuck me until I felt myself calming down yet he was still pounding away. Then just as suddenly it was if I could feel him arch, and tense himself. He stopped dead still and I heard the dearest wine from him just as I felt like someone turned on a water faucet deep inside my pussy. He was coming in me. Oh my goodness I thought. Doggy cum was pouring into me like crazy. It felt extremely warm, not hot hot, but nicely warm, and it seemed he wouldn't stop. I could feel some start to trickle down my legs. Yet I could still feel him coming. How fucking much did he have? Instinctively I reached down and wiped some cum from my pussy that had escaped and brought my fingers to my mouth. Hmmmmm, not bad, not bad at all. A little stronger than most, yet tasty. Shit, I had just eaten dog cum. What the hell I thought, as I reached back for more. Ahhh Rusty, good boy as I turned my head slightly to face him. Good boy I said. Just then he started to lick my face and his tongue even licked across my own mouth. Surprisingly I didn't turn away, but instead I opened my mouth so he could let his tongue rake across the inside of my mouth as well.

    "OK, boy, get down," I said, trying to crawl from under him. As I moved, I felt him move with me. What the heck I thought. Oh no, I suddenly remembered! His knot. It was inside me and it was fully expanded. I was down here on the floor, cum dripping from my pussy, totally exhausted now, and I was locked to my dog with his cock deep inside me. Hmmmm, oh well, what the heck I thought. Might as well make the best of it. I lay my head down again on the couch, folded my arms under it, and closed my eyes. What a wonderful feeling it was to have just been fucked like crazy, to still have a totally fulfilled feeling inside me due to the knot, and not to have to listen to any bull shit afterwards, like, 'Do you love me honey?'

    I wonder if this was a one-time thing. Nope! 'cause here it is now, fours years later and I'm still fucking my dog. That's right. I now fuck him, he doesn't just fuck me!

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    Wow, I would loved to have been there to watch Rusty do his wonderful thing and start this new era with you. I am very happy that you finally published some things and wish to read more of your adventures with Rusty and who ever....I would love to tell you about Bosco, King and my beautiful wife Sonya. Maybe we could connect and talk about it. Hope to hear back.

    Aug 14 2006 20:31
    Wow, sometimes I wish I was a woman instead of a man. I would own 3 large male dogs. I wouldn't even mind cleaning up after them! I sure would not have them fixed but they would not be out breeding other dogs in the neighborhood, I would certainly give them enough that they would be 100% satisfied!!

    Jun 16 2007 11:49
    you write so well susan brown, well done, can we have more please. thank you.xxxx

    May 29 2010 13:52
    great story sounded like it really happened

    Mar 12 2013 23:09
    Not only a hot story, but you sound like one hot lady. I would love to know you as a friend!!!

    Jul 8 2013 18:22
    Trying to learn more about k9 sex
    Any one want to chat email me

    Apr 26 2017 16:15
    Love your story

    Apr 26 2017 16:16
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