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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, watersport.

    Jennifer was lying at the beach enjoying the sun. It was 26th of December, Christmas, and at home in Germany it was chillingly cold and snowy. But here in Barbados it was a wonderfully hot summer's day. It was the first time Jennifer had escaped the winter at home. She felt all the better lying here under the warming sun of the Caribbean when she thought of home which was cold and uncomfortably wet.

    She had found a little bay which was completely away from all the tourists' routes, so here she could enjoy the sun without the need of clothes. She enjoyed being naked very much and this way she would get a nice suntan. Jennifer didn't like those crowded nudist beaches, so she preferred being alone here at her "private" beach.

    It was a beautiful beach of shiny white sand which was surrounded by palm trees and the water was azure blue, just perfect. It was like paradise. She hadn't took anybody with her on vacation; she was completely alone on that beach - with the exception of her Dalmatian Spark. She never traveled without him, he was her best friend. Spark was having a lot of fun here. He loved to swim in the water and there was a lot to discover for him here.

    Jennifer was daydreaming. It was obviously a very hot dream, because she began to caress her body gently. Her eyes were still closed and she moved her hands over her belly and to her beautifully firm breasts. She moved her fingers over her nipples, which were already fully stiffened. Again she moved her hands down on her body and over her hip then she parted her legs and started to caress the inner side of her thighs.

    A nice shiver was going through her body. She could feel that her pussy was getting wet now though she hadn't touched it yet. She moved her left hand up to her tits again while her right hand slowly found its way to her crotch. Another shiver went through her body when she finally touched the glistening lips of her pussy. She parted them a little and dipped a finger into the liquids of her pussy.

    Slowly Jennifer inserted her middle-finger halfway into her wet hole, took it out and put it into her mouth. The taste of her own pussy aroused her even more; she was very horny now, so she opened her legs a little more to allow both of her hands to stimulate her cunt. She penetrated her hole with her fingers and with the other hand she was rubbing her clit. She was doing all this very slowly and gently, her eyes were still closed. Jennifer was smiling of joy. She felt that an orgasm was slowly building up inside her lower body. More and more of those nice shivers spread from her pussy through her whole body.

    She really wanted to cum now so she increased the speed and the pressure of the stimulation. She now inserted three fingers into her moist hole to get to taste the lubricating fluids of her cunt once more. She came right after her tongue touched the tips of her fingers. The juices were pouring out of her fuckhole. And out of a different opening in her pussy another fluid was splashing out of her body. Jennifer was heavily pissing and the golden juice left her body without any pressure. She just let it leak out. This added a lot to the sensation of the orgasm.

    She hadn't stopped to rub her pussy while pissing so it sprayed on all her upper legs and her belly. It felt wonderful. The stream of pee seemed to be everlasting; she had filled her bladder as full as possible to get this sensation. Still pissing, she put the fingers she had pissed on into her mouth. Its taste was very subtle because she had drunk such a largw amount of water, but she liked it nevertheless.

    That very moment she felt something cold on her still spraying pussy. She quickly opened her eyes and looked down on her body. Obviously there was another one who liked the taste of her pee.

    "Oh Spark, my boy," she said to him. "I was dreaming about you, hehe."

    Apparently Spark had smelled the strong scents of her cunt and now he was fiercely licking it to swallow as much of the delicious piss as possible. Of course he didn't stop after the flow of piss had finally ceased. After all there were other tasty liquids inside the cunt of his mistress. He deeply inserted his tongue into Jennifer's pussy which caused her to produce more of those juices again. Another orgasm was on its way.

    It was always a pleasure for her to feel his tongue entering the depths of her vagina and retreating again. Obviously he enjoyed it as much as she did. It was amazing how good he had become in pushing his tongue in very deeply. With a loud moan she climaxed again. And again and again. After she had come thrice on Spark's tongue she couldn't bear it anymore.

    "Stop, stop, stop, Spark. You gotta stop. You're killing me, boy."

    She slid a hand over her pussy to block his way. With her other hand she gently pushed his head away from her pussy. He knew that he had to stop now and didn't refuse her. She closed her legs and sat up.

    "You're the best, Spark! I love you, boy!" she told him while stroking his shiny smooth fur. "Did you enjoy my pee? Yeeees, it's delicious, isn't it? But you know what? I'd like to get some myself! So do you need to pee? Can you piss for me?"

    These two last sentences were a signal for Spark; he knew that his mistress wanted him to piss on her face. And he could, so he pushed her with his head to get her laying down so he could give her what she wanted.

    "Yes, boy, you can! Great!" She laid down on her back again waiting for him to be ready to drench her in piss. "Yes boy, give it to me. All you got. Piss in my mouth!"

    Jennifer didn't have to do anything to guide him. He knew exactly what to do; they had done this very often before. It was not easy to teach him doing that, but now he was a perfectly trained pissing dog. He positioned his rear above his mistress's face, lifted his leg like every male dog does when he's peeing and let go.

    She closed her eyes when the blast of canine urine hit her face. She had to adjust her position only a little to let the stream splash directly into her mouth. She was greedily swallowing it though it was so much that it ran over her cheeks, wetted her beautiful long black hair and seeped into the white sand of the beach. Spark very much liked to piss on Jennifer because he knew what would happen after that.

    After the stream had ceased, Jennifer sat up, grabbed the sheath of Spark's dick and pulled it back to reveal the tip of his dick. With two fingers she gently squeezed the last drops of piss out of it. The very last one remained at the glistening tip of the red doggy-cock. She raised her head, opened her lips and took the little drop of the delicious golden fluid with the tip of her tongue. She closed her eyes and took her tongue back into her mouth to enjoy the taste of this last drop.

    The glistening rod had already left its sheath almost completely. It was starting to gain volume now and Spark had started to pant.

    "Yes, my boy, now it's your time to receive some pleasure," Jennifer said and moved the tip of her tongue over the whole length of the part of his dick that had already left its sheath. But she was barely touching it which was obviously a big sensation for Spark, because that moment the knot left the sheath.

    "Not that I'm enjoying this less as you certainly do, "she added with a smile, though of course he couldn't see her face that moment nor really understand what she said. "Your piss was delicious, my boy, and now I also want your tasty sperm in my mouth."

    She licked along the hard shaft a few more times. Then she moved her tongue over the edge of the shaft, along it through his thin hair there until she reached his balls. One by one she took them into her mouth and played on them with her tongue. In the meantime she gently moved the tips of her fingers along his shaft the same way she had done before with her tongue.

    Then Jennifer grabbed Spark's cock behind the growing knot and kissed it right on the pisshole. She tightened her grip a bit and moved her tongue in circular motions over the dick's tip. The first drops of precum were trickling out of the pisshole, running over the tip of her tongue into her mouth. Then she closed her lips just over the small tip at the end of the dick and started to suck the precum out of it like a baby sucks on its nursing bottle.

    To increase the flow she started to literally milk the cock with her hand behind the knot. And of course it worked: the precum was not trickling anymore, but it started to squirt out of the little slit. She opened her lips a little more and sucked more of the cock into her mouth. She now felt the squirts of precum on her palate. Over the years Jennifer had improved her skills in milking and sucking Spark's dick to perfection. It is not easy to bring a dog to a real climax with manual and oral stimulation only.

    Usually only by letting him fuck you, a dog gets to shoot real sperm instead of precum only. She had to practice a lot, but now Jennifer was able to give him a real orgasm with her hand and mouth.

    Jennifer inserted the cock deeper into her mouth and out of it again. She was giving him a real deep-throat blowjob now. When Spark's dick was completely in her mouth, she even touched the front of the knot with her lips. It was still just precum that spurted into her mouth and down her throat, but the pressure was getting stronger.

    Faster and faster she was milking the base of his cock and more and more of the liquids poured into her mouth. With her other hand she caressed his balls now, she knew that he loved it very much. Spark was standing there without any big movements, only his pants got heavier and heavier. He had learned that it was best not to move, when his mistress was sucking his cock.

    Jennifer felt a shiver go through her dog and the next moment a giant load of hot sperm was splashing into her mouth. The first load was so big that some of it was oozing out past her lips. She had gulped down only just the first load when the second spurt shot into her mouth. Load after load poured into her mouth and she greedily swallowed it. Then she took the still squirting dick out of her mouth to let the sperm splash into her mouth from a distance. Jennifer loved to see the squirting dick of her lover. Some of it also sprayed on her face, but Jennifer didn't care, Spark would love to lick his semen from her face.

    Finally the sperm was only dribbling out of its hole and Jennifer raised her head again to catch the rest of it. On the tip of the cock her tongue met with Spark's tongue. Both of them licked the last drops off it. Jennifer took the cock back into her mouth again to suck the last remains out of it while Spark was cleaning her face. Then she finally released the cock to allow Spark's tongue to enter her mouth. She loved french-kissing her dog, because she loved him so much. Spark was lavishly licking her face and the inside of her mouth. With Spark's tongue still on her face, Jennifer sat up. He was wagging his tail.

    "Yes, my boy, that was great, wasn't it? I know, you liked it and I know how much you love me, boy. I love you, too," she said and stroked the fur on his head and body.

    When she got up on her feet, she added: "And thank you for that big tasty load of sperm. I hope you have left some for a little fuck later, my boy."

    She knew that she didn't have to be worried about that. After a little rest she would also get her cunt stuffed with dog meat today. After all, her pussy also needed a little rest after that heavy oral job Spark had given her before she had eaten him.

    A nice swim in the cool water of the Caribbean Sea was exactly what she needed now and Spark was happy to follow her into the water. It was such a nice feeling to swim completely naked and she had a lot of fun with Spark in the water. And soon Jennifer got very hot again, but she had to be a little more patient, because she wanted Spark to be able to really fill her pussy with sperm.

    Finally they went back to the beach. She was very horny again but she also felt that she was also hungry. So she prepared a little picnic at the beach for Spark and herself. Jennifer had also brought a lot of water to drink and they needed it. You get very thirsty by doing "sports" under the hot sun of the Caribbean.

    "And a filled bladder is never wrong," Jennifer thought and couldn't resist to grin by that thought.

    She laid back and thought about the cold winter in Germany, which doubled her joy being here at the beach. She closed her eyes and relaxed.

    Suddenly she felt Spark's cold nose on her pussy again. She must have fallen asleep and obviously she had a very hot dream because her pussy was all wet again. And Spark had noticed that, of course, and apparently he also was very horny again. His dick was already out of the sheath. This time he wanted to fuck her and she desperately wanted him.

    "So you also had enough rest then, my boy?" Jennifer laughed because Spark's tongue was tickling her. "Now what do you say about a little fuck, hmm? - Oh I see, you're as horny as me! So come on, let's fuck!"

    Jennifer got up and led him to the little mound of sand she had made. She wanted him to enter her missionary style. She had built this mound to give herself some support to perform in that position. She lay down on her back, spread her legs and patted her pussy.

    "Come on, boy, it's time to insert your dick into my pussy!" she said smiling.

    Spark wouldn't have needed that encouragement. Before she had finished to say that, he was with her and pushed her legs apart. He immediately mounted her and put his front legs aside her body onto the piled up sand like he had done in the past few days. He didn't need any guidance, after only a few thrusts he stuffed the cunt of his mistress with his big red cock.

    Jennifer loudly moaned at the first poke. The pulsating hot piston was making its way deep into her wet hole. Then she felt it leaving her throbbing cunt again, only to be pushed in again even harder. Faster and faster Spark drove his cock into the hot pussy of his mistress, adding his precum to her already overflowing juices. Jennifer now screamed every time when Spark shoved his spraying dick into her pussy. She opened her eyes and saw into his face. His mouth was very close to hers.

    "Ahhh, come on, my boy... ouuuw! Kiss me! Ohhh fuck! Your dick feels sooo good in my pussy. Ahhhhh! Come ON! Lick my face and my mouth!" Saying this, she raised her head a little and licked over his snout.

    Immediately he returned that kiss and started to lick her tongue himself. Jennifer opened her mouth to let his tongue enter it. She felt such a deep love for him that moment. Each time his tongue was completely in her mouth she closed her lips about it to let it then slip out past them. Quickly she opened her mouth to let the rough and hot dog tongue in again. It felt a little like she was sucking his dick. She had to be careful with her teeth doing that because her whole body was shaking with every thrust of his cock. W

    hen she was cumming, she released his tongue out of her mouth and pushed her head back onto the mound and gasped heavily. It was such a powerful orgasm. Spark continued to lick her face while she was cumming. And still he was fucking her fiercely. She wrapped her legs around his waist to push him even deeper into her cunt. Even the swollen knot entered her hole now at each of his pokes. But it always popped out of it again because she had spread her legs so wide, that the entrance of her cunt was not very tight. She climaxed again before the first orgasm was really over. And then she came again and again. It was like a constant orgasm.

    Jennifer wasn't able to endure this very long, so she grabbed Spark's dick with her hand to prevent him from any more movements inside her pussy. He quickly understood and stopped his humps. Gently she pushed Spark away from her so the throbbing red dog cock was coming out of her pussy. He was still squirting his precum, which now sprayed all over her belly.

    "My pussy needs some rest now, my boy! But what about the other hole? You certainly want to go on, don't you? Okay, let's put your dick up my asshole," Jennifer said, still breathing heavily.

    She retreated her legs even further to open the way to her asshole and aimed the squirting dick to its entrance. With her other hand she tried to spread it a little, allowing his precum to enter her ass to work as a lubricant. After a few squirts she placed the tip of his cock at the hole and released it. Within a split second Spark plunged it into the tight hole.

    Even at the first blow the dog pushed his tool in as far as possible. Only the knot remained out of Jennifer's asshole. Because of the amount of lubricating precum, Spark was able to fuck her asshole as rapidly as her cunt. Soon Jennifer felt another orgasm building up in her body, but she also felt something else. She had to pee again.

    "I'm going to piss on your belly, when I cum, Spark," she told him. That wasn't something new for him, he wouldn't be surprised. The first few times when she was pissing while he was fucking her, he was startled and pulled his dick out of her, but after he got accustomed to it, it wasn't a problem anymore. Just the opposite, he seemed to enjoy it very much now.

    "I hope you can give me some of your own piss again after you have filled my cunt with your sperm," she added and smiled at him.

    With every thrust of his dick, the swollen knot pounded at the entrance of Jennifer's asshole, but she wouldn't let him drive it in. She didn't even need her hand for that so she used both her hands to spread her pussylips. The moment she came she started to piss. Hot golden piss was squirting out of her tiny peehole.

    Spark felt the nice stream on his belly and slowed down his pace a bit. It was obvious that he enjoyed this very much. She could feel that he was shivering like he had a little orgasm, but he wasn't shooting his semen into her body yet. The piss was spraying over Spark's and Jennifer's belly and it was running down over her pussy and over the crack of her ass. It was such a sensational feeling. He had completely stopped now; his dick was halfway in her asshole. She wrapped her legs around his waist again and pushed him in.

    His warm belly was in direct contact with her pissing cunt now. She tried to lower the pressure to extend the duration of that moment. His dick was already shrinking in her ass because he didn't move it anymore. She was still pissing, when she felt something very hot inside her ass. It felt like Spark was cumming, but of course he wasn't. She realized that he was peeing inside her body. Apparently he was stimulated to do this by the warmth and moistness of her piss on his belly.

    He had never done this before, but it felt great. Soon it squeezed out of her asshole past his softening dick. Then she let his dick slip out of her asshole. She wanted to drink the rest of it, so she quickly turned around and took his dick in her mouth. She didn't want another single drop of it to disappear in the sand so she greedily swallowed it all.

    After she had squeezed the very last drop of it out of it, his dick was already growing in her mouth again. She grabbed it behind the knot and began to milk his dick another time. Soon she felt the taste of precum on her tongue and let the fully grown dick out of her mouth again.

    "Wow, that was great, my boy. We must do this again, but next time you pee into my pussy. You're such a good boy. - And now the final act."

    Jennifer turned around again, got on all fours, lowered her shoulders and turned her head to him.

    Let's fuck like doggies do, so you can also cum another time. I want to tie with you, my boy!" she said patting her back.

    The next moment he had plunged his dick into her cunt again which caused her to scream out of pleasure. He only needed a few strong thrusts to push his knot into her cunt. This time it didn't pop out again, it was stuck inside her. Slowly another orgasm was approaching. The muscles inside Jennifer's cunt were now massaging Spark's dick. She felt that Spark was also on the edge of his climax. She was rubbing her clit to intensify the contractions of her pelvic floor muscles. They were literarily milking Spark's dick now. More and more of his precum squirted out of the small hole on its tip.

    Then Jennifer climaxed and the very same moment she felt the hot load of dog semen flushing her pussy. Again her climax didn't seem to come to an end. Her contracting pussy didn't stop to massage Spark's dick and he was pumping more and more of his hot jizz into her body. His dick was still squirting, when he finally dismounted her and got into tying position, rear on rear. When the series of orgasms in Jennifer's body finally came to an end, she collapsed.

    Luckily under her belly there was the mound of sand she had used to support her missionary style fuck. She could lay down on her belly still in the right height to keep Spark's dick in her pussy without giving him any discomfort. She closed her eyes but she wasn't sleeping. She enjoyed every moment of the tie. She loved to have her lover's cock inside her cunt after they had a good fuck.

    Together with the enormous amount of sperm it was filling out her pussy completely. It was pulsating inside her hole and every beat of the hot meat was transferred to the sensitive skin inside her cunt. Jennifer could almost sense the blood flowing through Spark's big hard dick. It was the ultimate bond between two lovers, their bodies were like one.

    The tie with Spark usually lasted about 30 minutes. And so about half an hour later Spark's cock popped out of Jennifer's pussy and his sperm was gushing out of her hole. She turned around and let it flow over her hands. She took her hands to her mouth and licked the mixture of doggy sperm and pussy juice from it, but Spark also wanted it. With his snout he pushed away her hands and licked his sperm from her pussy.

    "Hey, that was a gift. That's mine now. Don't take it back!" she laughed. Of course she wasn't serious. Actually she enjoyed his tongue on her pussy after 30 minutes of rest. She laid back, opened her legs again and let him lick until she finally came for the last time. She even let a few squirts of piss out of her pussy, which were greedily swallowed by Spark. Then she closed her legs and hugged her lover.

    "I love you so much, my boy, do you know that?" He replied by licking her face. "Yes, you know; I see, hehe!"

    What a great idea to spent Christmas on Barbados, don't you think? ;)

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    MMMM Nice and exciting story... thanks a lot for that....

    Jul 19 2010 08:49
    That was the hotest story I have ever readI liked the mutual pissing thing that went on, but the french kissing drove me wild. I would give anything to witness an act like that. You can be assured I will read this story again!!!

    Mar 10 2012 07:15
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