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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, teens.

    "I want you to think back. Try to remember the events of the night as best as you can. Visualize what you saw, and what happened. Put it into words.."

    The voice cut into her mind as she slowly places the events of that horrid night again flash brightly through her mind. She shakes her head slightly and whimpers out.

    "I... can't..." she cries, and continues as she takes raspy breaths. "It... he held me down.... he... raped me!"

    The voice again speaks out in a calm and soothing tone.

    "Easy... This will go away much sooner if you get this all out..."

    The young girl quickly opens her eyes and she lay there alone in the late-night darkness of her room. The conversation had merely been a dream, and a powerful enough of one to wake her up at...


    She shakes her head as she looks over to the nightstand, and the red numbered digital clock on top. She slowly lays back into the softness of the bed and curls up into her warmth of her blanket. She yawns quietly and says aloud, "3 am.... It's late..."

    A few sounds of boards creaking comes from a corner nearby, and a large pile of darkness slowly becomes alive with movement. Slowly a head shaped silhouette lifts and a glowing pair or eyes gently reflects what little light is in the room.


    The girl softly smiles as she hears this sound. She slowly sits up in the bed and pats her thigh.

    "Come here Cannon," she says quietly.

    She slowly swings her legs over the side of the bed and quickly slips her feet down into a pair of slippers nearby. As she removes the covers she is revealed to the almost pitch darkness. She wears nothing but a large t-shirt, and her smooth and very well framed body pulls itself to the bedside. The large creature in the corner slowly lifts and steps forward, and gently sets his big head right into the lap of the well sculpted young lady. Cannon is a large Great Dane, and weighs well over 150 lbs. His large muscular form is lean and definitely powerful. She slowly strokes through his headfur and gently smiles down to the gentle beast.

    "You're a good boy Cannon!"

    She smiles softly and rubs his ears gently between her fingertips, although Cannon's interest waivers slightly from the attention. He slowly pushes his head down under the shirt, and starts to sniff right into the slightly damp folds of his mistress' sex. The teenager blushes lightly to herself. She makes no attempt to push the canine away, but instead slowly slides back into the bed. She gently pats the bed beside her and whispers out,

    "Come on boy.."

    The dog waists no time in obeying her orders, and he quickly places one paw and then the next onto the bed. He finally pulls himself up and moves over beside her as she moves and positions herself. She lays down slowly, and places her head down onto a pillow. She slowly spreads her legs apart, and gently pushes the canines head to direct him toward the object of both her and his desires.

    "Go ahead boy..." she whispers softly as she shivers with anticipation. "eat me out.."

    The dane waists no time in doing just that. His large muzzle slowly lowers down to the tender folds of her moist sex, and he quickly offers one appraising lap. He slowly twists his body, and lays down right between his mistress' legs as he noses around her sex for a few moments. Finally the onslaught begins, and his tongue starts to lash out rhythmically against the females pout cunt lips.

    "Mmmm!" The girl murrs with pleasure and pushes her head down firmly against the pillows as the dogs tongue rapidly starts to embrace her needy cunt. She slowly lowers her hands down to the folds of her tight little pussy, and spreads the folds slowly apart to reveal the bright pink inner walls of her sex, and the hard and throbbing nub of her clit to the dogs attentions. Cannon quickly pushes his muzzle right against the opening to her sex and starts to dip his tongue deeply in and out of her. His long tongue runs roughly over her clit and deep into her cunt as he scoops out the wonderful flavor of her hot sex. His tail beats around rapidly and slowly his sheath fills with the thickness of his canine arousal. Slowly the bright pink tip of his dog cock protrudes from its furry encasement. His nose pushes firmly against her labia, and his tongue rapidly strikes deep into her clenching cunny walls.

    "Ooooh fuck... mmm gods Cannon.... ooooo oooo!" The girl pants steadily as the dog digs his tongue deeply into her clenching sex. She shivers with pleasure as that canine tongue drinks deeply of her musky pussy. She arches her back and starts to gently thrust her hips up toward the eager canine, and weakly grinds her shaven pussy right against his muzzle. Her hands reach on either side of her and grip firmly into the covers of her bed as she feels the heat of pleasure wrack through her body. She whimpers weakly and clamps her eyes shut as the relentless assault on her clitoris continues.

    "Gooood boy... ooooooo god.. good boy... mmmm fucking eat me.." She coos.

    The canine's attentions only grow stronger as his mistress urges him on. He tilts his head sideways slightly and starts to run his long tongue up into her depths over and over and over again. His ears slowly lay back against his head and he starts to hump his hips down weakly into the bedsheets. He whimpers softly as his cock throbs inside his sheath, yet he continues to steadily eat from the female's hot and now drooling cunt. The girl lowers her arms down and quickly grabs both of Cannon's ears in either hand. She whimpers deeply and grinds her cunt right against his muzzle in quick and shaky thrusts. She moans loudly, and cries out in pleasure. "OOooo! OOmm! NNgggh!!!"

    She gasps for air as the wonderfully flexible canine tongue tips the scales in her favor, and drives her lithe body right into a mind ripping orgasm. She feels her cunt clench up, and she can do nothing but hold onto her lover as he just laps and laps into her now sopping pussy. She gasps and throws herself back against the pillows as she cums, and cums hard under the dogs tentative tongue strokes, and finally slows her panting as her orgasm soon dies down. She lays there breathing heavily as she looks down to Cannon, who is now very slowly and delicately licking up the tangy taste of his owners hot cum. She slowly and shakily lowers a paw down to stroke right across his muzzle. She gently pants out, "Good boy Cannon... good boy..."

    The dog quickly nuzzles his head right up into her hand, and slowly starts to move forward over her. His paw slowly lowers and grips as best it can around her, and he starts to hump forward into the air while letting out a soft and needy whimper. As he thrusts inches of hard, veiny, and bright pink dog cock juts free of its furry sheathing. He sprays her inner thigh with a short splurt of his hot precum.

    The girl quickly blinks and shakes her head. She puts both paws on the dogs shoulders and pushes him back. "No! That's a bad boy" she scorns, and apparently wishes to let the dog just go without. She quickly moves her legs out from under the dog and slowly stands. The Dane quickly looks up to her with needy eyes and whimpers softly. She all but ignore the dog, and slowly shakes her head. She stretches out and yawns slightly, and blushes slightly as her cum seeps from her hot cunt. She slowly starts to make her way out the room, and Cannon quickly follows behind. As she moves down the hallway, she notices the wonders of the silence of her house. Parent's gone and all alone she thinks. How wonderful could this be? She steps onto the cold tiles of the floor and slowly clicks on the kitchen light. She is a young and quiet beautiful girl, no older than seventeen. Her slender body is well formed with her maturity. She leans back in a soft stretch, and her firm breasts extend from her t-shirt, and she shakes her head and lets her shoulder-length blonde hair flail around behind her. It's a wonder how the dog could possibly take no for an answer.

    She slowly lowers her arms from the stretch and quietly opens the door to the refrigerator. The light soon illuminates the kitchen as she leans over to glance through the food. The second she is bent over, again Cannon tries to take advantage. He jumps up swiftly and wraps both paws around her waist. His weight pushes her against the refrigerator as he starts to pull and hump up against her. His slender cock pushes free and slips an inch into her asshole for a split second. At that moment she pushes back and grabs both of the dogs paws. She pries him free and spins around, this time popping him in the muzzle as she growls out a scorn. "VERY bad boy!"

    Cannon quickly pulls his ears back and whimpers pathetically at the swat. He tucks his tail between his legs and trots slowly back into the bedroom. The girl shakes her head almost with disbelief, and goes back to browsing through the fridge. "Damn dog" she mutters. She reaches in quietly and pulls some milk out, before pouring a small glass for herself. She drinks it quickly and places it into the sink before silently making her way back down the hallway.

    She blinks slightly at the dark room as she makes her way in. She steps in slowly and starts to feel her way around a bit as she makes her way to the bed. Her toes quickly catch hold of something and she goes falling forward. She lands on her knees, and her belly and chest lay firmly against the bed. A light grunt is heard from the dog she just tripped over, and before she can do anything to pull herself up, the heavy weight of the Dane quickly pins her to the bed. "Oompf!" She grumbles, and starts to push herself up.. only to find herself pinned firmly between the male and the softness of her bed. The dogs paws quickly find her hips and hook on as he starts to hump firmly at her exposed sex. Her eyes quickly widen and she quickly grunts out in a forceful tone. "Cannon! Get off me! Right now mister!"

    The dog seems quite undeterred by the scornful words of his mistress. He has her right where he wants her, and is too horny to be dissuaded now. His hips jump back and forth quickly, and his long and thick cock bounces and hits right against her slender and firm rump. She puts both hands down on the bed and tries to push herself and then quickly freezes. Her eyes go wide as a purely feral growl start to emanate from her loveable dog's throat. A warning... She quickly starts running questions and comments through her mind. The biggest one... The simple fact that she is about to lose her virginity to the family pet, and become his bitch. Her thoughts are quickly cut short as the tip of the canine's thick shaft pierces the folds of her hot sex.

    Cannon quickly ensheaths every inch of his nine inch cock right to the hilt inside her hot virgin pussy. He grunts with pleasure as the tightness of her inner walls quickly clamp around the thickness of his shaft. Her eyes quickly widen and she lets out a scream of pain as her cherry is taken so brutally by a pet she once found so loving. She clamps her tight pussy up around Cannon's apparently endless cock in an attempt to perhaps force him out, but the tight clenching of her muscular cunt only pleases him more so. She whimpers and cries out. "Cannon! No!! Cannon!"

    The girl feels each inch of that rigid and rock hard dog cock tear into her virginal walls. She whines in pain as she considers how she pushed him back several times during the night. This was her payback. She lays beneath the dog and sobs loudly as the dog quickly starts to thrust his hip. As Cannon's hips pull back, he slides near all of his shaft right out of his bitch, just to pound it right back into her. His tongue slowly lolls out of his muzzle as pleasure whips through his loins, and the need to breed urges him on. The boiling seed deep within his balls itches for release, and the young girls cunt is what is going to give it. His paws dig in swiftly as he holds onto his bitch, and proceeds to pound her like the neighborhood dog-bitch might take it. His balls hit firmly against her shaven mound as he beats his long cock deeply inside of her.

    She whimpers and simply gives into the rape. She closes her eyes and feels every inch of that long hard dog cock slide in and out of her tightly clamping virginal cunt. Then something surprising happens. Her clit starts to come alive with a pleasure, and soon a begging need to be pleased. She opens her eyes as the dog rides her firmly, and she lets out a deep moan as his deep thrust quickly bring her into a world of pleasure. She starts to pant heavily, and that driving cock still pounds right into her silky depths. She gasps for air deeply, and grabs two handfuls of the bedsheets. She slowly realizes that not only does she want this dog to fuck her... but that she will be his bitch for a long time to continue. She starts to buck her hips back quickly to meet each on of the dog's thrusts, and whimpers as she starts to feel the thickness of his bulging knot start to rub against her labia, begging for entrance..

    Cannon's hips buck and thrust firmly against his bitch's, and as he feels his knot slowly start to grow... he slows his thrusts. It almost seems as though he is trying to prolong his orgasm! He thrust in slow but very deep thrusts into the girl's tight sex, and with each thrust a muffled whimper of pleasure emits from her half open mouth. Cannon slowly tightens his grip around her waist, and quickly lunges forward in one deep and powerful thrust. His half inflated knot quickly pushes its way right into the clenching depths of her hot and now quite soaked pussy. As he locks with her, his thrusting goes back to the violent and sharp thrusts of a true canine. His balls hit right against her well groomed cunt and make a loud slap every couple of seconds.

    The girl's eyes shoot open and the pleasure truly starts to build as she feels those slow thrusts pounding that long cock of her pets into her clenching sex. Her clit dances and twitches with need, and she lays under her pet on the brink of the most powerful orgasm in her life. She grips onto the bed as tightly as she can and starts to growl and grunt out encouragingly. "MMmm fuck me... ooo god Cannon... mmmfucccckkmmmee!" She pants heavily and moans with pleasure, then her eyes widen as she feels that deep hammering thrust hilt her dog inside of her. She feels the bulge of his knot quickly tie inside of her, yet it is quite late to try to prevent it. She squeezes down firmly on the thickness of his knot, and just whimpers as the huge bulb of flesh just sends her hurdling further down the road to orgasm. She clamps right around the base of his long shaft and moans louder and more needy. She is so close to cumming... and the dog is going to be the one to give her this powerful orgasm.

    Cannons hips pound furiously against hers. Back and forth, he quickly beats that knotted hunk of dog cock deeply inside of her. His eyes glaze over with lust as he soon feels that knot swelling larger and larger within his bitch... He closes his eyes and lets out a deep whimper of pleasure as the knot soon is too large to even allow him to move. His tongue hangs out and quickly his furry balls pull right up against his body. His cock spasms and soon a heavy surge of pent up canine cum starts to pulse its way up his thick shaft, and quickly splatters into the depths of her heated and clenching pussy. He lays against her panting heavily as spray after spray after spray of his heated dog cum just spurts into her depths, and held snuggly inside of her by the thickness of his rock-hard knot.

    The girl simply can't hold back. Her eyes clamp shut quickly as the rhythmic pounding just pushes that thick dog dick deeply into her now spasming cunt. She opens her mouth in an effort to voice something out, but only manages a deep moan of pleasure as she feels that thick knot lock with her. She gasps for air at the thick tightness, and then immediately sails into a crashing orgasm as she feels the hot spurts of seed pumping into her. She grips the bed and thrusts weekly back against the knotted cock, and whines as her sex soaks itself with her searing cum. She gasps and pants, trying to get a grip on the situation... the fact that she had just been well fucked and tied by her loveable pooch, and is now his bitch forever.

    The two laid like this for only a few short moments lost in their hot lovemaking. There silence was quickly broken by the a quick and bright flash light, and the sound of a camera reloading...

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    This is great! Wow! I wish I was the one with the camera! I would have taken a video!

    Jan 12 2008 12:13
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