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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality.

    Shirley was feeling quite lonely that Saturday evening. She had just gotten divorced from her rich husband the week before. As much as she hated him, she still fondly remembered their sex life. It was great! The problem is that he was always cheating on her and she just couldn't take it anymore. Hence, the divorce.

    Tonight, she needed someone - almost anyone - to relieve her yearnings for both intimacy and comfort. She received a large settlement from her Ex and had plenty of money. The thought occurred to her to contact an escort service. "This way, I could pay for a nice, hot muscular stud just like guys do for pretty hookers to do whatever they want!" she thought. So Shirley turned to the Yellow Pages and somewhat nervously began browsing through the escort ads.

    She hung up the first few times, too shy and afraid to speak. But finally she connected with one called "Classy Dates for Classy Ladies." She spoke with the nice man on the phone and he apologetically informed her that they were short-staffed that night, then asking her if he could give her a rain check for another time. Shirley asked the man if he were available, but he told her sadly, "no, I'm not a hot young stud - believe me, you wouldn't want a guy like me." The man on the phone, Joe, was old and physically ugly - but that's another story. As they talked, there was an incessant barking in the background. Shirley asked him if he had a guard dog with him. Joe replied that the dog, Bowser, was really more bark and no bite, just good company, that was all. He was obviously very fond of him. "Why's he barking so much?" asked Shirley. "Well, we've never had him neutered - just didn't have the heart to and he's just very horny now, kinda like some of the people who call us - no offense ma'am!!"

    "None taken," replied Shirley. Then suddenly Shirley had an idea. "Could I have Bowser for the night - I mean just to keep me company?"

    "Well, I've never been asked that before, people have mainly asked me why I can't shut him up. Well, I don't know."

    "Awww, c'mon, Joe. I'll pay you the going rate."

    "Well, okay, geez, if I didn't know better I'd think...."

    "That I was gonna sleep with him!!!?? No, I'm not that horny!!! I just want some nice puppy company. I remember how when I was little I had a nice doggy whom I loved so much."

    "I'll tell you what, Ma'am, you can have him free of charge tonight. Keep 'im as long as you want him. I'm sure you're a very nice lady and will treat him well."
    "You can bet that I will and, hey, I don't mind paying you. I'm a loaded old rich girl, you know."

    "Miss, I like you. No charge - hear me?"

    "Well, if you insist!! But I'll find a way to pay you back."

    Finally, Joe arrived with Bowser at Shirley's doorstep. They exchanged a few pleasantries and then, Shirley and Bowser were alone together. Bowser seemed a little scared. Maybe, he for all his size, was a shy little muffin, thought Shirley. Bowser sat in a corner with his chin on his paws looking at Shirley with both a puzzled and a pleading expression in his eyes. Shirley asked him: "Now, honey, what's that sad look all about? I wish I could read your mind. I wish you could tell me what you want." But he just stayed his ground and didn't move, still looking - oh, so sad!!

    Shirley then said to herself: "I know how to win him over and make him feel more comfortable - I'll feed him some leftover steak. I'm sure he'll like that!" Shirley then warmed it a little in the microwave and when it cooled down to just the right temp, brought it over to Bowser, petting him at the same time. His mouth began to water and all his resistance broke down. He devoured the steak in one swallow, so it seemed. After this, he licked Shirley's hand. Shirley leant down and hugged him and then kissed him squarely on his cold black nosey-poo. "Oh, he is so sweet!" she thought. "And he'll make such nice, cuddly company!!!"

    As time passed, Bowser and Shirley were finding each other, just like a couple who've been looking for each other all of their lives, but always just passing each other like ships in the night. Shirley just couldn't stop petting him and he couldn't stop whimpering with affection and from licking her. Shirley just felt so good tonight. She said to Bowser: "Oh, darling, I think I've finally found my one true love. I never believed in Love at First Sight before, but now I know it can happen because I've found you!!!" Everything just felt so intimate!! Shirley couldn't believe how close she felt - TO A COMMON CANINE!!!

    But then, Shirley started remembering something from her failed marriage, the adult magazines that her Ex kept hidden away - which she nonetheless found. "You can't hide anything from a woman," she mused. And Shirley recalled the unusual material he collected - some that dealt with the subject of bestiality. At the time, she was shocked, wondering how anyone could do something so perverted, so wicked, so taboo!!! "How disgusting!" she thought at the time. But then, a rude awakening followed. Shirley was feeling something tender like she had never felt before in her life - she was feeling both love and a strange, mesmerizing lust... For Bowser!!!

    Shirley agonized to herself: "Oh, my God, am I like the women in those magazines? I've never ever felt this way before!!" She began to cry a little at this point and Bowser, seeing this, had compassion for his new-found love and tenderly began licking up her tears (and there were a lot of them!). As Bowser licked her face, Shirley did not turn away. Instead something truly incredible happened. Perhaps forgetting that she was with a dog, Shirley responded as a woman would with a kind, caring man. She began kissing Bowser back - On His Lips!!! Unbelievably, Bowser responded with no prior instruction by kissing her lips back. Her soft pink lips were now grinding against his black lips and they were kissing exactly the way two lovesick teenagers do at a drive-in movie or a Lovers Lane. The love that flowed in this room was beyond anyone's wildest imagination and kissing sounds, soft and loud both, permeated the air. After some time, both were panting for breath and broke their fused lips apart. Next, Shirley and Bowser began soul kissing, savoring lengthily the taste of each other's saliva and the warm of each other's tongues intertwining and rubbing together. These, my friends, were perfect lovers in the making and in the "making out." This was a case if watching the submarine races between a pretty woman and a very special dog!!

    As the hours passed and the passionate smooching became exceedingly more intense, Shirley could no longer restrain herself. She wanted to give her body, fully and wholely, to Bowser. With trembling hands, she broke their thousandth mouth-to-mouth kiss of the night, and began stripping off all of her clothing. Bowser looked on, wide-eyed, almost in shock, as he saw a beautiful human woman's naked body for the first time ever in his life. He whimpered when she returned to him. When they resumed their next embrace, both bare naked as if new born, they looked firstly for a long time into each other's eyes. Both woman and dog knew - we are going an impossible step further with our love. Shall we do so and break all taboos and risk the wrath of God and the FBI? There was no need for further deliberation. Shirley and Bowser brought their mouths together and stuck their tongues down into each other's gullets, trying almost to reach their tongues into each other's stomachs, if possible. As they did so, they began positioning themselves. Bowser's chest to hers; her gorgeous tits to his chest, her belly to his belly (you see, their bodies were of equal length). Then, the unthinkable began slowly unfolding ....

    Shirley's warm, hot, moist, wet pussy ...
    Bowser's hard red strutting out cock ...
    He feeling her wetness
    She feeling the rigidity of his member
    He feeling her soft womanliness
    She feeling his powerful & proud manhood ...

    I cannot breathe, my friends ... is there a doctor in the house. Oooooooooohhhhhh, MY GOD!!!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Bowser's doggy penis is inside of Shirley's pussy - a sophisticated, fantastic Lady's pussy!!!! Oh, God, Help us All!!!! Help Us All!!!!

    "Bowser, I love you!!! My one and only Honey, take me - I'm yours...!!!!"

    It is difficult to conclude this story at this point, but I must. Why? For mere words cannot describe what follows. I do not mean to disappoint you, dear readers. But I am a humble person. What Bowser and Shirley have done and are doing together is best left to your imagination. But I will tell you this - they have done everything humanly and doggly possible together.

    You've heard of Romeo and Juliet!!! Hey, they've got nothing on Bowser and Shirley!!!

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    I love this story the kissing lots of kissing wow.

    Sep 1 2010 04:22
    Oh yes I love the french kissing!!!

    Jan 2 2013 03:50
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