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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, dog sex.

    I just got out of my bathtub, grabbed my quilt and here I sit, naked, snuggled up in my big chair. I can't believe what I did last night. I can't believe how I lost control of my mind and my body. What happened? How could I have done that? What kind of a woman would do what I did? A sick woman, that's who. Only a very sick woman.

    But even as I try to condemn myself for being so obscene, so uninhibited, I can't help but feel the familiar wetness between my legs, the warmth spreading...God, I wish I could make this stop.

    I can't help from remembering what happened, what I let happen, what in the end, I wanted to happen. And now, with the memories flashing through my recently warped mind, I can't help but want it now.

    Last night wasn't a normal night. My best friend informed me that my husband of 4 years has been having an affair with his secretary. I never suspected it, never even thought it possible. How stupid can one person be? And how did this stupid person handle the devastating news? I drove to the nearest pub to tie one on. And boy did I. Thank God, I had sense enough to come home before I was too drunk to see straight. Robert was out of town, undoubtedly with his secretary, so I couldn't call him for a ride, even if I wanted to.

    I made it home without hurting myself or anyone else, which was by pure luck. When I drove into my drive way, I almost hit the garbage can, then came even closer to hitting the side of the house. I can't believe how drunk I was.

    I keep trying to rationalize what happened last night, saying it was because of my level of intoxication, but deep down, I know differently. I know because of the heat I'm feeling in the pit of my stomach, because of the wetness between my legs. Oh, please....make this stop.....

    The next thing I remember I was trying my damnedest to unlock the front door, all the while hearing Goblin barking from inside. That's when I started laughing...laughing uncontrollably. Robert had never liked Goblin, he hated him as much as I loved him. To Robert he is a big ugly dog with no sense at all. To me he is a big, cuddly dog with a heart of gold. My companion, my friend. Now I really needed Goblin's love, something to hang on to.

    I finally got the door unlocked and stumbled in. Goblin was right there to greet me with his big dog kisses. I knelt down to give him big loves and tell him how much I loved him. It was as if he knew I needed him to be there for me. He was calm and reassuring, never jumping on me or barking. He just kept licking my face and hands, nuzzling me.

    Sadness overtook me and I stood and headed towards my bedroom, shedding my clothing as I walked. Goblin trailed behind me, wondering what was wrong with me, I'm sure.

    I was completely naked when I reached my bedroom. I stood in front of my full length mirror and looked at my body. Even now, I'm trying to understand what drove Robert away, but last night, it was more of a mystery that need solving right then.

    I ran my fingers through my hair while looking in the mirror. I have thick, mid-back length, red hair. It has a natural wave to it and I have been told it is very beautiful. Looking in the mirror last night, I had to admit that it is very lovely, indeed. I followed my gaze with my hands and reached my full breasts. Kneading them gently, I puzzled at how Robert could leave me for another woman. I'm not hard on the eyes and my body is pleasing to look at and to touch. I ran my hands down my flat stomach to the soft red pubic hair that covers my mound. I twisted my fingers in the soft tuft of hair, slowly forgetting Robert and his new girlfriend.

    I backed up till I felt the bed and sat down on it. Still looking in the mirror that was across from me, I spread my legs and looked. No, nothing wrong there. A beautiful spot, a warm inviting spot. I ran my fingers down my outer lips, barely touching myself, marveling at how naughty I felt, watching myself masturbate.

    Slowly I inserted my middle finger inside me. Passion and the need for release took over and I laid back on my bed with my rear end still at the edge. I raised my feet and put them on the edge of the bed, letting my knees fall apart. With one hand I kneaded my left breast and with the other, I fingered myself.

    I was very wet, making it easy for me to slide in another finger. I pinched my nipple and groaned. Taking my fingers from inside me, I slid them backwards, towards a tighter entrance, towards the place that makes me crazy.

    Running my slippery finger around my anal opening, I slowly dipped it inside. And that's when I felt it. That's when it all started. The worm of deviation, the seed of strangeness.

    I felt a soft warm sensation around my anal opening, around my finger that impaled me. I was startled, scared. I sat up abruptly and saw Goblin licking at my fingers. He looked at me, but didn't stop licking.

    Everything inside me screamed to put a stop to it, to push him away. But the feeling of his tongue on my finger that was then slowly moving in and out of my tight hole, was too much. I pushed my finger deeper, watching as Goblin's tongue wrapped around it every time it withdrew.

    I looked into the mirror and saw what I was doing, I saw Goblin's head moving slowly while I felt his tongue moving at great speed. Instead of disgusting me, it made me want it more.

    I can't believe I didn't stop him, that I let him continue. I wish I had pushed him away, yelled at him, made him leave, something....If I had done that, I wouldn't be wanting it now.

    I leaned back again and let my knees fall further apart, wondering what Goblin would do with more of me exposed. I felt his tongue lick over my outer lips, and up towards my clit. Then once again, but with more pressure, making his tongue lick between my inner lips and up onto my clit.

    I was going insane, squeezing my breasts with tremendous force, pulling on my nipples with my thumbs and forefingers. My juices were flowing heavily and Goblin was taking the opportunity to drink them. I felt his tongue slip in and out of my vaginal entrance. It was a feeling like no other. I wanted it, I needed it.

    With very shaky hands, I reached down and spread my lips, hoping he would continue his gentle assault on my soft woman hood. He did....he lapped at my juices with a greedy tongue.

    Lust and literal animal passion seized me. I got into the middle of my bed on hands and knees, calling Goblin up. When he jumped on the bed, I noticed his cock was hard and jutting out, red and glistening. The thought of letting him mount me hadn't occurred to me until that point and I was briefly appalled at the thought, but it didn't last long enough to stop Goblin's renewed interest in my exposed rear.

    He began licking again, trying to force his tongue into my tight hole. Reaching around, I spread my cheeks wide, in turn slightly opening myself anally, to Goblin's soft tongue. He was able to press his tongue into my ass, causing an orgasm that I'll not soon forget.

    During my orgasm, I felt Goblin jump onto my back, apparently trying to mount me. Fear and disgust grabbed a hold of me and wouldn't let go. I could feel his pointy cock jab at me, thankfully missing it's goal.

    I was able to reach around and push him off me. Goblin must have suspected he had gone too far. He went to the end of the bed and looked at me, just sitting there. I rolled over onto my back and covered my face with my hands, crying and recovering from the earth shaking orgasm I had just experienced.

    The bed shook as Goblin moved around. My legs were closed with my ankles crossed so I didn't think Goblin would be interested anymore, but to my surprise I felt his tongue running over my pubic mound, licking the drops of come that had accumulated there from being on my hands and knees. He was trying to force his tongue between my legs, and with each thrust of his tongue, my clit was brushed against.

    I couldn't help myself. I tried. God how I tried. I wanted him to go away, to leave me alone. But at the same time, I wanted his tongue on me, in me. I opened my eyes and saw how large his cock was and as if in some sort of hypnotic trance, I reached out and let my small hand circle his huge cock. He started to hump my hand, but stopped licking me. I didn't want that. Pleasing him wasn't my intent.

    I stopped stroking him and in turn, he started licking again, bringing me to another orgasm, stronger than the last, making me scream. I had to physically push his head away from my sensitive clit, the pain/pleasure mixture was too much for me.

    Ashamed and disgusted with myself, I walked Goblin to the door and let him outside into the fenced back yard. I went to the bathroom, still drunk and took a long bath, scrubbing very thoroughly, as if trying to scrub away every demented thought I had had that evening. Then went to bed, trying to forget what I had just done.

    I spent most of today in bed, completely ashamed of myself, but totally unable to keep the thoughts of Goblin out of my head. Every time I start to think about him, in a sexual manner, I cover my face with my hands and scream, trying to drive the thought of that hard cock impaling me, out of my mind. So far it hasn't worked. Nothing seems to work.

    I haven't let Goblin inside yet, afraid of what I might do, afraid of what I might let him do to me, damn it, afraid of what I want so desperately.

    While I've been snuggled here, remembering the life altering events of last night, I've been sliding my fingers in and out of my extremely wet hole. I think I'm going to let Goblin in. I think I'm going to let him help me with this wetness between my legs. I think I'm going to let Goblin continue to awaken my beast inside me.

    Wrapping my quilt around my naked body, I walk to the door. Opening it, I feel the cool night air against my face.

    "Heeeere, Goblin...............Come on boy........."

    Chapter 2

    Oh god, what am I doing?

    I grip the door knob as I see Goblin bounding towards the door, barking happily. That worm of deviation is holding on with a grip of steel and won't let go. I am no longer looking at my dog, my pet, with a normal persons eyes. I see him nearing the steps, leading to my naked body, clad in only a quilt and all I can think of is his seemingly unquenchable thirst for the taste of my juices.

    Everything has changed. Nothing is the same. One drunken depressed night has mutated me into this thing that I am now. That drunken night has taken me from a normal life with normal sexual needs and has brought me here to this desolate place. This place of ruination. After all, what good can come from this? How can letting my dog sexually please me, get me ahead in life?

    Here he is, nuzzling me, telling me he missed me by his little licks and dog whimpers. I bend my knees and squat in front of him, still holding my quilt tightly around my bare body and coo softly. I tell Goblin how much I love him, but how confused I am. How I want him near me, but the terror I feel when he is. I tell him how I love his kisses and want them now more than ever. Goblin answers my confessions with even more soft swipes of his tongue.

    God, Goblin. Don't you know what you're doing to me every time I feel your tongue on my skin? Don't you know how crazy it makes me? Of course you don't, you're a dog. I'm getting confused. What am I doing? What the hell am I doing?

    Leaving the door open, I walk back to my big chair and sit down. I drop the quilt corners and let it fall to my waist, exposing my breasts. Putting my head in my hands, I sob. I'm crying for the confusion, for the guilt. I'm crying because Robert traded me in and has put me in the position I find myself in now. But I'm also crying because I'm having a hard time initiating sex with my dog.

    Initiating sex with my dog? Yes. Admit it. Yes, I want to initiate some sort of sexual encounter with my dog. Right now, tonight, feeling the cool night air blow through the door, I want to feel Goblin's tongue on my sex again. I want to see his cock hard and wet. I'm shaking. Admitting it to myself really wasn't as hard as one might imagine. But the anticipation is slowly killing me.

    What do I do? How do I do it? Knowing I'm going to have premeditated sex with my dog is vaguely exciting, but ignorance has got me scared again. I know from my experiences last night that Goblin will try to mount me. And I will have that empty feeling deep within me and want it filled. So, the question of the evening is...Do I want his huge cock inside me? Easy answer. Yes. I want to feel him take me like I'm his bitch. But, am I comfortable enough to let him? Another easy one. No, not yet, anyway. do I fulfill my need and his also?

    Knowing exactly how to fulfill mine, I walk to my bedroom, not bothering with the quilt. I open my night stand drawer and withdraw my vibrating dildo. A present from Robert. Wouldn't he die if he knew what I was about to use it for. I'm still not sure how to please Goblin, or if I even want to. I'm shaking with the need that only my dog can fulfill now.

    I'm tainted. I'm spoiled. No man will ever want me again. But at this moment, holding my vibrator in my hand with my dog looking up at me, I don't care. All I want is to come. To come with the same intensity that I did last night.

    I walk to the door and stand in the frame, still naked, looking out over the large back yard. There's a storm coming. The wind has started to blow and the leaves are shaking in the trees. I want to feel this wind against my skin, so I prop the door open so it won't shut during the storm. So far so good. I feel like I'm one of those leaves, shaking almost uncontrollably.

    Walking to my chair, I sit down. I lean my head back, close my eyes and open my legs slightly. Perfect. The feeling of the wind against my body and the thought of Goblin is exhilarating. Fear has left me. All I feel now is the need. The need for my dog, for Goblin.

    With a start, I realize I won't have to initiate anything. Goblin has taken it upon himself to help me through the uncomfortable moment of asking him to lick between my open legs. I feel his warm tongue move very softly over my moist lips. I feel his cold nose against my skin. My nipples have grown very hard, begging to be pinched and pulled. I easily satisfy that need by using my thumb and forefinger on my left breast.

    My right hand still holds the vibrator and I'm eager, so very eager to use it. I have to scold myself. Calm down or it will all be over too quickly. Not wanting that, I drop the vibrator to the floor and use both hands now to massage and pinch my nipples.

    Goblin is roughly licking at my juices, try desperately to insert his tongue inside me. Moving my rear to the edge of the chair, I lower my hands to my wet opening and spread my lips, helping Goblin to penetrate me with his impossibly quick tongue. Every time he presses his snout to my hole to insert his tongue as deeply as he can, his teeth brush against my clit, making me go mad with desire.

    I used to think my obsession with anal stimulation was a deviant behavior, now I feel as if that is very normal. And in feeling that way, I'm going to satisfy myself as best as I can right now. Feeling that it would be safe to get on my knees on the seat of the chair, I turn. My knees on the edge and my rear sticking out exposed to Goblin's probing tongue, I bite my lower lip as he begins licking the outer rim of my asshole.

    My god.......the pleasure, the excitement, the erotic strangeness of it all has got me so worked up, so utterly helpless to the power of the desire I'm feeling now. All I can think of is how I want this dog to take me. How I want to feel his cock deep inside me, humping me like I've seem him do to the bitch down the street.

    He's burying his nose between my legs trying to get at the source of the sexual juices flowing from within me. Oh god, licking my asshole again, he bites at my tight hole, wanting inside. Doing the only thing I can to help him, I reach behind myself and spread my cheeks wide, opening myself slightly. I can feel his tongue enter my ass, only making my hell worse.

    I want his cock in my ass. I want him to fuck me. I'm beyond reason, beyond politeness. Crudeness has overpowered me. Sex has crazed me. I want to be fucked by my dog, taken like his bitch. But I can't. I'm too scared.

    Time for Robert's help. I push Goblin away long enough so I can turn and grab the vibrating dildo. I turn it on, I insert it into my pussy, lubricating it. Then getting into the sitting position, I put the head of the dildo at the opening of my ass, wedging it between my ass and the seat of the chair. Slowly I sit down, letting myself adjust to the size.

    I open my legs wide and sit down as far as I can. With my hands on the arms of my chair, I hold myself up, preventing my body from lowering completely onto the dildo. Knowing I'm ready, Goblin resumes his onslaught. I move my hips in a circle, grinding against the dildo, feeling it vibrate deep in my ass. Goblin drinks my juices as if he's dying of thirst. He nips at my clit, taking me to the edge. I buck my hips against his mouth, feeling his teeth hit my clit.

    I let my arms relax and allow my body to lower. Slowly the dildo impales me until my cheeks are against the cushion of the chair. Goblin frantically laps at my pussy, drinking the juice that is flowing abundantly. My dog is bringing me to orgasm. My dog is licking my most sensitive spot while my vibrator is deep inside my ass. Those thoughts alone almost make me come.

    The fact that I've become so strange, so warped is very exciting. It is making me want it more, but I'm still not ready.....

    Lick me, Gobby, lick me hard. Yes, bite me, bite my clit. Stick your tongue deep in my pussy, drink my juices.....Oh god.....I'm coming.......

    I come so hard I grab Goblin's head while he licks at the come seeping from my pussy. My ass clenches the vibrator and my pussy twitches as his tongue runs over my swollen lips. The orgasm subsides and I push Goblin away, noticing his very large cock hanging low.

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    what about jerry does he own a dog

    Jul 1 2006 14:13
    Chapter 7 seems like it is wrtten by a different author. Great story.

    May 18 2007 16:17
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