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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, group, cheating.

    Pamela and her horse were galloping up to a large, modern ranch house.

    She rode through the wide gate and directly into the large barn, jumping off the horse and walking him into his stall. There were several other horses in the barn but this was her favorite. She stroked his wide flank, rubbing the sweat off onto her hand. Then, there was a noise behind her, and she turned to see a lean, dark man walking towards her.

    "Ah, there you are, Lesh, she said, as she closed the door of the stall. I want Buckaroo wiped down and brushed. And make sure that you take the bridle and harness off him as soon as possible."

    "Wipe the horse, take saddle," repeated the man slowly, as he walked towards the stall.

    "You can do that later, she said as she grabbed his arm. Right now, I have something else for you to do."

    He knew what she wanted, and in his dirty pants, his dick was already stirring, already growing to perform the task that this young woman would demand of it.

    They walked over to a big pile of hay that was in the barn, directly in front of the horse's stalls, and she lay down. He stood over her, and unbuckled his dirty overalls, and pulled them off. He was not wearing any underwear, and his erect penis stood up at stiff attention.

    It was a fat monster and could be seen running down the leg of his pants even when soft. The size of his tool was immense, a full nine inches long, but the most impressive part of it was the head. The man's dick-head was overly large and swollen, and sprouted like a mushroom at the end of his cock. There was far too much bulk there for a normal cock, and the fully erect head must have been four inches in diameter.

    Pamela was lying on the hay, watching the man strip off his clothes, and staring with interest at the huge dick. She was undoing her clothes as well, stripping off her thin silk blouse, and yanking off her boots. Then, she pulled her riding britches down, squirming and struggling to get them over her full hips.

    In moments, she was lying there in just a pair of silk panties, waiting for a man to get on top of her.

    He looked down at the pretty young woman, taking in her smooth tanned body as she spread her legs to him. He walked over to her, and stood by her head, his immense dick sticking out over her head. The end of his dick seemed almost artificial, it was so big and purple and the entire pole was bobbing up and down as he looked at her body.

    Pamela had shoulder length, dark-blonde hair, and a strikingly pretty face. It was like a mixture of angel and imp, with full lips that always seemed to be smil ing at the corners. Her body, to put it simply, was stunning. With full breasts, a thin waist, good hips and wonderful legs, she was a sight for the old man to behold. Her body was one that men dreamed of finding in their beds, and now she was lying provocatively in front of this older man.

    "You suck," he muttered to her, as he wagged his dick at her.

    "Oh, she purred, Lesh wants his big fat disgusting dick to be sucked a little, does he?" She sat up. Her shape ly legs curled under her as she reached up and took the gnarled prong in her delicate hand. The man's entire body shook when she touched him, and his mega-cock pulled from her hands. She grabbed hold of it again, this time holding it firmly between both hands and pulled it down level with her mouth.

    She parted her perfect lips and licked her pink tongue around them, all of the time watching the expression on the old man's face. His eyes were wide, and his face immobile, as he watched and waited.

    Her lips ovaled now, and they quivered slightly, all wet and glistening from her tongue. She moved her mouth toward the bulbous head, and the cock jerked around in her hands. She got to within a half an inch, and then her tongue lashed out like a snake's and touched the tip of his fat spear.

    She smiled at his expression, and then began to lick the fat deformed head. Her soft pink tongue slid over his heated cockhead, licking and slurping along the smooth surface. The man was literally trembling with pleasure as he stood there and let her lick his massive member.

    Finally, she pressed her lips against the head and fit as much of it as she could into her mouth. The entire head would not fit past her lips, and she simply sucked the tip of it, stabbing her tongue into his slit; tasting the flavor of pre-come as it leaked out of Lesh's tool. He watched her full lips wrapped around his deep purple dick head and sighed in contentment.

    The pretty blonde woman was looking up at him with her big blue eyes, almost looking as if she were about to cry, if she was forced to suck any more of the big bad man's cock. But her tongue's movement told a different story, as it kept lashing his swollen head, making it pulse more and more with each passing second.

    Finally, she pulled her mouth off him and lay back on the hay, her knees up in the air, and her legs apart. "Now you fuck," she commanded sternly.

    He dropped to his knees on the hay, between her legs and looked down at her. He shivered in anticipation as he looked at her cunt lips; slightly spread. He could see the wetness that was already there and pressed a finger into her slit. Pamela thrashed about in the hay, wild with pleasure as the older man played with her pussy.

    Then he grabbed her legs in his strong hands and lifted them into the air, spreading her shapely legs wide and pressed his huge dick into her cunt.

    The monster head just stuck there for a second; it seemed impossible that the pretty young woman's narrow slit would take Lesh's wide head, but Lesh just kept pushing, and the head of his dick squeezed in farther to spread Pamela's cunt wider and with a few quick stabs the head was inside her.

    This was when Pamela really began to go wild; she bucked and squirmed and kicked and screamed as the tip of Lesh's dick forced its way farther into her pressing all the way inside her hot moist cunt.

    "Oh, God, oh god, oh gad!!," she screamed, "Oooh!, you're killing me, Lesh!. Fuck!, drive it in, stretch my cunt with that fucking huge pecker of yours! Drive it home you bastard!"

    And then, it was finally in her and the old mad began thrusting in to the young woman with a glee the defied his age. Lesh gripped her legs in his hands just above her knees and held her ass-up in the air, allowing his dick a better angle, and also preventing Pamela from wriggling away from him, not that she was trying to.

    He pounded his meat into her now, slipping the fat monster in and out of her steaming cunt. Pamela was literally oozing cunt juice all over the place. She hadn't come yet, but she was as wet as if she had.

    It was a good thing she was, for the bulbous head would not have fit any other way. As it was, he knew what Pamela liked. She loved to feel her cunt walls stretch ed to their limits, and his cock always did that. And she also delighted in its length, for with every stroke, it banged against her cervix making her body quake with pleasure.

    She was writhing about on the hay like an animal in heat and all about her the stallions snorted and stamped as they smelled the odor of female in heat. The young blonde woman was convulsing in wild abandon underneath the humping man, as he fucked her harder and faster with his monster cock. His thick meat pole was jamming in and out of her cunt with increased ferocity, and this in turn, was increasing Pamela's pleasure.

    Pamela loved to get nailed in the barn. It was her favorite place to fuck. She felt as if they had an audience that was judging her performance, and as she lay there she began to smell stallion's musky odor just as they were smelling hers. She wondered how many horse phallus were moving out of their sheaths as they watched and smelled her getting fucked old Lesh.

    And as she pondered this, and was rammed again and again by Lesh's thick cock, she came... Her body went rigid and the walls of her pussy spasmed round his mercilessly fucking rod. She gripped his shoulders and groaned tensely for some time before her body finally went limp and her wonderfully intense climax ended. But Lesh kept fucking her limp form.

    "Lesh come soon, he grinned. Missus get spunk!"

    He was really slamming his prick into her now, making his stomach slap loudly against hers and she felt his balls slapping against her ass. If there had been a human observer that person would have had the impres sion of a rag doll being molested by a raging bull. The small young woman was now being ravaged by the large older man. It almost looked like he was raping her. Almost... a close observer would have noticed the lust in the young woman's face.

    Then he came, and shot sticky wads of come into her cunt. She screamed as she felt the searingly hot spunk gush again and again, burning her tender inner passage like molten lava. The old man's scum was flying into her in heavy wet loads, filling her to overflowing and leaking out of their union and running down her inner thighs and into the hay beneath them. It was only after the last glob of jism had gushed deeply inside Pamela's cunt that Lesh released her legs and pulled his dick from her sore cunt. He shook the few globs of scum off into the hay and then began pulling his clothes on.

    Pamela just lay there for a short while, her cunt spasming as the old man's scum dripped out of it. Then as if forcing herself she roused herself and picked up her panties from the floor, and wiped up most of his excess semen, making sure her cunt was dry before pulling on her pants. just as Pamela was pulling on her shirt, she heard a car pulling up outside. Her father had just returned from the town twenty miles away.


    As she lay bed that night, she was thinking about Lesh and his enormous dick, and how much fun it was to fuck him. Lesh never disappointed her and he kept his mouth shut which was also a good thing. In the distance, she could hear the sound of Buckaroo snorting. She could tell it was him and she also knew what he wanted. Finally, after what seemed like hours she could stand it no longer and she ran out into the warm night to the barn.

    "I heard you," she said to her favorite horse, "and I know what you want, but I'm to sore, Lesh really wore me out today. He out did himself today."

    Pamela walked up close to the horse, her naked leg brushing up against his wither. She pressed her firm breasts against his shoulder and felt her nipples growing hard as they made contact when his hide.

    She grabbed the skimpy nightgown and stripped it off, standing naked in the dim light.

    In nothing but a moment she was lying on the hay, smelling the strong odor of the horses while fingering her cunt. Moments more passed and she felt herself getting wet; she knew it was the time to spread her lips. She parted the outer folds of her pussy and sent a finger-tip sliding against the slick warm slit. Each and every touch brought an electric shock to the young woman's cunt. She was twisting and moaning on the hay now, as her fingers slipped deeper and deeper into her red-hot box.

    After a few minutes of this a soft whinny came from the stall area, she jumped up from the hay and scrambled underneath the beast. The animal froze, for it had been through this ritual many times before, and had been well-trained by the lustful young blonde. Pamela's unnatural craving for animal sex partners had caused her to train many of her pets in special ways, and this stallion was her prize.

    She crouched under the heavy belly of the horse, sitting on a bale of hay that was there for her special use and looked up to its groin. Partially hidden by a tuft of hair was a long sheath and a pair of immense balls. Pamela first touched the horse's balls to see how much cum was waiting inside them. They were some what swollen, meaning that there was a nice load of stringy cum waiting inside, but not a really heavy one, like Buckaroos sometimes had. She was not surprised, as she had been fucked by the horse less than two days ago.

    The testicles were large, about the size of two tennis balls and very hairy. As she grabbed and fondled Buckaroo's balls, a wet, pink tip peeked out at the end of the dark sheath. The animal was getting aroused by the her ball teasing. Its long rod shoved further out of the sheath, now showing several inches.

    "That's a good boy," cooed Pamela, her cunt twitching in excitement as she watched more and more of the slimy pink shaft appear. "Get that big horse dick of yours out. Get that pretty dick real hard and long and get ready to use it Pamela's poor little cunt."

    The horse's cock was already incredibly long and con tinued to slip from the sheath. It was almost thirteen inches long, and much fatter than a man's cock.

    Finally, the entire thing was slippery wet and ready to shove itself into Pamela's willing twat.

    "Oh god," moaned Pamela wildly, as she saw the fully erect tool swing into view. Her hands left her play mate's balls and took hold of his fat rod. She touched it delicately, as if the monster pecker might break. The horse stamped about in anticipation.

    "Calm down, calm down," muttered Pamela, as one hand reached up and touched the quivering flank of the animal. Her other hand never left its dick, and sliding her hand over the base of it she felt the slimy pole slip inside her fist. She squeezed it and was excited as always, at how hard and fat it was. It felt as if there were a bone running along the side of it.

    Now, both hands were on her beast's tool. The horse tried to remain still as the woman stroked his massive cock. One hand was sliding along the entire length of his shaft, ever so slowly. The other hand was up on the tip of his horse-dong, moving all over it spreading the animals pre-come all over the head. She had the knob in the palm of her hand, and she was twisting and pulling at it as if she were trying to get the top of a bottle off. The cock was jumping about in her hand. Pamela was fascinated buy her horse's tender cock, so huge yet so smooth and soft. Pamela drew her face closer to it, her eyes wide and locked on the sticky phallus, her tongue running over her dry lips.

    Pamela's lips opened wide, then closed around the stallion's horse-dick. She felt her lips slipping over the wet horse-meat, smearing some of its dick slime onto her lips. Soon her entire mouth tasted like horse cock, and she was free to try and eat the entire thing. She clamped onto the dong and was sucking up and down the entire length of his horse-sized tool. She couldn't take it into her mouth, but she could suck on the head and lick the shaft is a slow sensual way.

    The horse loved it and let its lovely human mistress lick and suck its cock as long as she wanted to. Pamela worked over every inch of that stallion's pecker with her tongue and lips, until the horse was shivering with delight. Then she moved down to the tip his cock and held the tip firmly in her two hands, so that he could not pull away and inspected it closely. She shivered at the depravity of the act she was about to do. Somehow it made her feel wonderful to take advantage of buck aroo sexually. She knew that he liked it, and she was crazy for his big cock.

    Then her tongue flicked out, as always, and touched the pee slit. She could feel each surge of blood moving through his dick as she pressed against it. She opened her mouth wide, and opened her lips as far as they would go and forced the horse's cock into her pretty mouth. It was a difficult feat, which she had practiced many times on Lesh. The man's dick head was a little larger than a horse's dick, but not as long. Her lips were just barely able to stretch around the width of the giant animal's tool but she just shoved her head forward some more, and a suction was created, almost air tight. Now she was ready to blow her horse.

    She began sucking it, trying to pull more of the stallion's cock into her mouth, though she knew it wouldn't fit. Her lips kept pulling at it, and sucking, and she tried to imagine herself pulling the scum up from his huge balls and making his deposited his big load inside her mouth.

    She sucked the horse as best as she could, thrilling to the thought that a horse, in its natural state would never have its cock sucked, and that thought only brought on more lustful feelings bringing the young woman to a more intense sexual arousal. After a while, the horse was dripping slime out of its dick non-stop, and she knew that he was ready.

    "All right big boy," she muttered quietly. "Fuck me. Stuff that big horse dick of yours inside me. Split me apart baby."

    The horse looked around at her for a moment, tramping around by her and snorting. Pamela lay very still on the hay bale, her round breasts sticking up in soft mounds, her nipples erect, her eyes shut and mouth open, as stallion slim dripped from the side of her mouth. Her legs were wide open waiting to receive the stallion's jumbo-sized phallus. The horse responded and jumped up and rode the prone blonde. His front hooves thundered on the bale near her head, and his dick was just even with her cunt. She was holding her breath, waiting for the divine moment when the horse's prick would first enter her cunt.

    Buckaroo was jerking his hips violently forward now lightening fast, its fat wet cock slamming against Pamela's inner thighs and ass. Stroke after stroke missed, but the horse kept thrusting as mother nature intended, and finally, it home.

    "Arghhh!" screamed Pamela, as she felt her body split ting; everything turned red for one painful moment. Then the cock was inside her, and slamming away without hesitation, undisturbed by her loud screams or her frail human body's wild battering beneath it.

    "Ahhh! God! You're killing me!," howled Pamela, as she squirmed and tossed on the hay. The force of the stal lion's sex blows drove her forward on the hay, and the sharp twigs scratched her back, but she didn't care at all. This was what she lived for, to have her sweet little tight cunt stuffed full of ramming horse meat, stabbing and crashing into her until she felt faint.

    "Yes, yes, fuck me good, ram me with that beautiful horse dick," she moaned in pain and pleasure.

    The animal was trying to force all of its cock up in side the woman, though that was impossible. That was one of the problems. The other was that his prick was so thick that it was dragging and pulling at her cunt walls, drawing them out with each stroke, and then forcing them back in.

    Pamela was being slammed around mercilessly. She was not even a living thing to the horse. She was merely a warm wet hole to ram its dick into, over and over again, until its balls grew too tight to hold its horse-come any longer and it sent its load into Pamela like a fire hose.

    Pamela realized what was happening when the first gush of horse-come let loose], and she loved it. She loved the feeling of being a thing that was to be used and used over and over again by an alien being a non human. And the final erotic sensation she craved was that huge load of spunk that the horse would deposit in her.

    The sound of pressurized horse-come spurting out around Buckaroo's dick as he continued to thrust was audible. Pamela could her horse come splating heavily onto the concrete floor. She could feel hot horse-come oozing out down her thighs making hot wet pools between her and the hay.

    Now, she could think of nothing except the driving meat of Buckaroo, as it brought her closer and closer to her own orgasm. She could tell it was coming and she knew that it would be even better than the other ones she had had with her horse-lover before.

    Then she came, her body went rigid and she thrust her pussy up against the panting horse's crotch, holding on fiercely, trying to extract every last second of ecstasy that she could from her lover's horse dick. Her cunt juices flooded over the immense pole on the animal, as it tore at her willing hole, making it sticky and hot with its fucking. There was no escape from the thrusting phallus, except for one, and that was in the form of a cum bath for her vagina.

    She continued to lay there rigidly, riding out her own climax, feeling her cunt spasming and convulsing to the ramming cock, never getting a moments respite as she was fucked by the sweating horse.

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