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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, malebeast, horse sex.

    It was a crisp, bright January morning as Donna Wonttell steadily pedaled her bicycle up the two-lane road on her way to work. Most girls her age drove to where they wanted to go, but Donna enjoyed experiencing the scenery at a pace that was unhurried. She passed many family-owned farms and never missed looking for the horses that some of them kept in pasture. She would much rather be riding a horse to work! However, even though she lived in a small town, machinery had managed to push horses out of service in all but the most die-hard of farms. Also, Donna still couldn't afford to take care of a horse on the wages she was making waiting tables. She just had to get a better job!

    As she pedaled on she dreamed of having a farm of her own where she could raise horses. In the same thought, Donna couldn't help thinking that her dream may never come to pass. Her family couldn't afford to send her to college, and she just couldn't accept her mother's urging to marry this or that young man and settle down. Donna didn't want to settle down as she had seen so many of her high school friends do. Most of them settled for the first eligible bachelor to cross their path, and were busy having babies and not much else. Donna liked children. However, her idea of a happy marriage included a husband who loved horses as much as she did. "Someday," Donna told herself.

    As she got about two miles from her house, she regretted not using the bathroom before setting off for work. Looking around, she saw a large clump of bushes next to a small pasture that blocked the view of the road. Quickly pulling her bicycle out of sight, she crouched in the bushes and began to relieve herself. In the distance she saw a horse that she had missed before pulling in. The horse, however, had not missed her pulling into his domain. He made his way curiously over towards her and slowed down as he neared. Donna was a bit at a loss as to what to do when the horse finally made it to the fence. Donna hadn't finished urinating yet as the horse put its head curiously over the top rail of the fence. From her vantage point it was quite evident that the horse was a stallion.

    She had seen many stallions before. However, never when she was in quite so compromising a position. She couldn't believe she was taking a leak next to a stallion whose nose was just a few feet from her. The fact that she was urinating did not escape the stallion's notice either. It was early January, and the breeding season had not started yet. Steam rose from her pussy and the slowly growing pool of urine. Being a stallion, he inhaled deeply and recognized a somewhat familiar scent. As he raised his head and curled his upper lip up in the fleshmen response, Donna couldn't believe that this stallion was treating her as if she might be a mare. The stallion's penis had already dropped a good way out of his sheath and he took another look at her over the fence. A low nicker came from deep in his throat as he looked at her. To Donna it sounded sort of like "Huh, huh. Huh, huh, huh."

    Donna imagined that in horse language it probably meant something like "Hey, baby! How's about you an' me..." wink wink. By this time the stallion was fully drawn and began slapping his penis against his belly. With every slap, the glans of his penis would flare up larger and larger. "Amazing," thought Donna. "Imagine the lucky mare that gets to receive that on a regular basis! He was fully at least eighteen inches long and more than three inches in diameter." What was most impressive was the way his glans swelled up to over six inches across. At this vantage point, Donna could easily see his urethral process protruding about a half an inch from his glans, surrounded by a large channel, the Urethral diverticulum as she remembered it being called. The stallion's masturbation had begun to have an effect. Donna could see a bit of clear fluid glistening on the tip of his urethra. The stallion was getting into it pretty good now and every so often a small jet of fluid would squirt out of the tip of his cock, not quite reaching his front legs.

    Donna wished she could help him out with his masturbation and then realized where she was. "Oh, no!," Donna exclaimed. "I've got to get to work!" And with that, she quickly stood up and zipped up her pants. The stallion perked up his ears and gave her some more of his "Huh, huh" solicitations as she prepared to leave. She glanced over at him and his throbbing member and wished she didn't have to leave. Walking over to him, she bravely gave him a quick pat.

    As an afterthought, she reached her hand down her pants and gave her pussy a quick fingering. She held her hand out to the stallion and let him have a quick sniff. The stallion responded by giving her hand a quick lick followed by more anxious nickering. "What am I doing?" thought Donna. "I just stuck my hand under a perfectly strange stallion's nose! If I'm not more careful, I may be counting my fingers next time." As she walked towards her bicycle, Donna promised herself that she would have to stop by this pasture again if she felt the call of nature--or even if she didn't. The stallion looked back at her questioningly as she mounted her bicycle, his erection diminishing. Donna couldn't help thinking that she was getting close to her period and had just had a stallion tell her he knew it and wouldn't mind a roll in the hay with her!

    As she rode away, a man noticed someone riding away from where his stallion was standing. Paul McGregor had been self-employed and was now retired at the ripe young age of 31. He had lucked out in one of his business ventures. After many failures to invent something that would make him rich, he was beginning to wonder whether his dream of financial security was ever attainable. Then he hit upon something that seemed so obvious that no one had ever thought to market. "What the hell," thought Paul. If it fails, that narrows down the list of things that have promise. The immediate success of his invention skyrocketed his bank account and gave Paul financial security and the means to realize his dream. After signing an licensing agreement to have a company manufacture his product, Paul began looking for his dream farm.

    This cold crispness in the air was beginning to burn off as Paul stepped out of the house. He had just finished his breakfast and wandered over to the stallion barn. He always fed his horses before breakfast so that they would have a good bit of food if he wanted to go for a morning ride. On the rare occasions when he pulled one of his horses from a meal, he had to deal with a very grumpy horse indeed. The old saying The way to a man's heart is through his stomach goes double for horses. His stallion's registered name was "He's a Kings Commander" but Paul just called him King. After all, being the only stallion on his farm, King was quite fitting. As Paul neared King's paddock, he noticed a girl riding a bicycle furiously away from King. The look King was giving her did not escape Paul's notice--neither did the fact that King had his wanker swinging in the breeze as he watched her leave. When the girl was out of sight, Paul gave a shrill whistle to the stallion. King came trotting up to him and then looked back towards the direction the girl had ridden off.

    "Whatcha up to big guy?" Paul asked. "I saw you waving hello to that girl by the fence. It's getting pretty close to breeding season isn't it? I'll bet you gave that girl something to think about today, didn't you?" King nuzzled Paul's neck and gave him a low "Huh, huh" in response. "OK, boy. I'll get you up on the phantom after our ride. Sasha just came into heat. Next month, you won't have to settle for the plastic pony!"

    Paul led King out of his paddock and clipped him to the hitching rail. He began his methodical currying and brushing to prepare King for a nice ride. King especially liked it when Paul brushed between his front legs and under his belly. He showed his appreciation by craning his neck way out and bunching his upper lip and making side-to-side grooming motions with it. Sometimes Paul let King groom him back. King's upper lip making sweeping motions all over his back while Paul groomed him. Paul didn't groom too hard when King was doing this. King sometimes tended to forget that he was dealing with tender human flesh and would sometimes give Paul a light nip. Of course, to Paul this felt like he had just had a chunk of flesh ripped from his back. So, Paul had learned King's mannerisms and they both enjoyed a symbiotic grooming when others weren't around. Paul picked out King's hooves and gave his legs a thorough going-over.

    King rarely turned up lame. Of course, when you can afford the finest veterinary and farrier services in the county, problems were usually circumvented before they had a chance to get out of control.

    "OK boy, let's get you saddled up," Paul said as he spread the saddle pad and then the saddle over King's back. King's withers were nice and tall so Paul had to bunch up lot of saddle pad over them to prevent chafing. Those tall withers came in handy, especially on steep hills, preventing the saddle from riding up on King's neck. After putting on King's bridle, Paul mounted up and began riding towards the road where he had seen the girl and King. As they approached the spot where the girl had been, King's ears pricked up and he became a little more interested in the bushes next to the fence. When they reached the spot where the girl had been King looked over at the bushes and tried to stop. "What's the matter, buddy? Paul asked. King responded by lifting his head and giving the fleshmen response. Something smell funny big guy? OK, let's have a look." Paul dismounted and walked over to a secluded spot in one of the bushes that King seemed to want to get to. King stuck his nose into a large wet spot in the grass and continued to give the flehmen response, making loud sucking noises.

    Paul reached down and touched the moist area that King was so interested in. He already had some suspicions as he raised his fingers to his nose. "Well, well," Paul chuckled. "You were watching that girl piss as you beat off, weren't you?" King answered by sticking his nose back into the spot and acting like he was preparing to classify a fine bottle of wine. King raised his head again and had clear fluid dripping from both nostrils. "Analysis, Mr. Spock," Paul jokingly asked King. "Is she in heat?" If King's hard-on was any indication, she most certainly was. Paul began to feel a bit conspicuous standing in the bushes with a stallion who was getting hornier by the minute as he wacked his pecker against his belly.

    Leading a reluctant King from the bushes, Paul mounted up again and continued on with their ride. As they rode on, Paul couldn't get the thought of the girl out of his mind. "Who was she?," he thought. "Does she ride by here often? I wonder if she likes horses."

    "Of course, she may have been scared off by that monster dick of yours," he told King. "I hope she likes stallions."

    Paul road off into the mountains and just plain enjoyed life. As they began to make their way back to the barn they passed by the now well-known bushes, King turned his head towards them and gave a low nicker. "Huh, huh. Huh, huh, huh."

    Donna waited her tables in a fog. She had made it to work with just minutes to spare. She had just gotten this job recently and didn't want to lose it. She kept thinking about the sight of the stallion beating off as she had the closest look of a flaring stallion's cock than she had ever hoped for. The sight of it had made her nipples crinkle in pleasure. The fact that she was endowed with more than an ample bosom, (42-D to be exact), made the effect all the more impressive. She thought about the size of the stallion's balls as she absentmindedly refilled a rough-looking customer's coffee cup. Those stud's balls were big enough to completely fill both her palms held together. They were as large as a grapefruit!

    "Hey, Honey! Are you cold or just happy to see me?" the man asked as she was filling his cup. Donna came out of her daydream and realized that she must have been thinking about that stallion a little too hard. Her nipples were in an obvious state arousal. She self-consciously moved away from the crude jerk and accidentally spilled some hot coffee on his groin.

    "Shit!" the man yelped.

    "I'm so sorry sir," Donna apologized insincerely. She hoped the guy's nuts were roasted for a few days. Still, she didn't want to get fired. Jobs in this little town were few and far between. If someone got canned, everybody I knew about it and I the supposed events that caused it. She wished that she could work with horses -- that she could breed horses. She found herself thinking back to the stallion and looked at her watch. It was only two hours before her shift was over. She planned on seeing if the stallion was still near the fence on her ride home. As Donna approached the bushes where she had stopped that morning, she began getting anxious. The stallion was nowhere in sight. Just as she was about to ride on, she decided that she would relieve herself in the bushes. Perhaps if she freshened the scent, the stallion would decide that these bushes were a nice place to hang out. She quickly pulled into the bushes and relieved herself.

    King was just getting into enjoying his dinner when he heard a bicycle in the distance. He thought of going out to investigate but changed his mind as he polished off the last bits of his hot bran mash. He really enjoyed the way Paul treated him. He always seemed to find the best spots to scratch, he fed him well, and he got to get his rocks off on a regular basis. Yes, King had a wonderful life. As he began to start on his alfalfa, he heard the bicycle again. This time he decided to have a look outside. He ambled outside just in time to see The Girl riding away from the bushes that he had been at this morning. He pricked his ears forward and was about to trumpet a call to her when she rode out of sight. King let out a deep sigh and slowly walked back to finish his dinner.

    Donna got home and helped her mother with dinner. Her mother asked her The Question during dinner again. She hated it when her mother brought the subject up. "You don't want to grow up to be an old maid, do you?" Her mother chided her once again. "How about that nice young man that took you to the prom last year? He seemed like such a nice young man. He even picked you up in a limousine."

    "Mother! His father's a mortician!" Donna protested. "That 'limo' he picked me up in is what they use to carry dead people in!"

    "Well, you could do worse," her mother countered. "After all, he does pull a steady income." Donna didn't to point out to her mother that his steady income came from the fact that people were dying to the tune of an exorbitantly large profit.

    After dinner, Donna mindlessly washed the dishes as she looked out the kitchen window. The sun had almost set and created a spectacular sunset across the horizon. Donna's thoughts went back to the stallion. She imagined herself riding him bareback in the moonlight as their naked flesh pressed together, joined in a sweaty, erotic fusion that they experienced as one. They stopped in a warm, secluded meadow next to a crystal-clear babbling brook.

    As she dismounted she glanced down at his maleness which hung prominently between his hind legs, nicely accented by his more than ample testicles. She slowly inhaled his scent as he nuzzled her between her breasts, and gave her an affectionate lick as he made his way down towards her navel and beyond. He began his low nickering as he prepared to lick her nether regions. Her nipples crinkled in sensual anticipation...

    "Donna! What are you looking at?" her mother asked.

    "Oh, nothing mother, just enjoying the sunset."

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