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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, hetero sex, voyeur.

    Laura was beside herself, trembling with excitement, as Martin pulled the car into the driveway. Nothing in her life could have even come close to preparing her for what she was about to experience.

    When Martin turned off the ignition, she reached over and gripped his hand. He looked into her eyes, as he felt her shaky grip.

    "Ready?" he asked.

    "Yes," she timidly replied.

    "Let's go," he said.

    As they got out of the car, she looked around at the other cars parked in front of the house. A flutter of excitement tingled in her tummy. She didn't know there would be this many.

    The previous month, Martin had approached her with a request. Would she perform for, then service several men at once? It was something they had both fantasized about. The thoughts of several gentlemen watching her be satisfied, then satisfying them, had fueled more than one orgasm.

    She had thought about the idea long and hard. Then, two weeks ago, agreed to do it.

    Now she was here.

    The door was answered by John, a tall, dark-haired man in his thirties.

    A twitter of excitement coursed through Laura. She had known John for a couple of years.

    At one time, they had worked together. Laura had no clue he would be interested in something like this.

    "I thought you'd be more comfortable with someone you knew here as well," said Martin, reading the look on her face.

    She smiled as they entered the house.

    As John turned from closing the door, Laura also turned. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his lips down to hers. Her tongue found his in a deep kiss.

    As they parted, she gently squeezed the growing bulge in his jeans.

    "Save some of that for me," she said with a twinkle in her eye.

    John led them through the house to a large family room. A large mattress filled the center of the floor. The sofa, love seat, and several chairs were arranged around the perimeter of the room. They were also occupied.

    "Seven of them," Laura thought to herself, her excitement growing even more.

    Martin spoke up, "This is Laura. She is here for our pleasure. We are here for hers. She will do as we ask. We will treat her with respect," he looked at each man.

    The rules had been explained to each participant before, individually. " Despite appearances, she is in charge here. If she says no, she means no. Does everyone understand?"

    Nods from everyone followed the little speech. Martin spoke again.

    "First, we need to make her feel comfortable, then she will do her best to please us."

    John took that as his cue. He stepped up behind her and removed her boot length coat.

    A slight gasp emitted from some of the men as she was revealed to them. She wore only a black lace push up bra, a black garter belt, and black stockings.

    She stood next to the mattress, hands on her smooth hips. Her pert nipples strained against the thin, lace fabric that held them. Her neatly trimmed pubic hair glistened with a hint of moisture, evidence of her growing excitement. First one gentleman, Bob, then another, Jim, got up from their chairs to join her.

    Bob wrapped his arms around her waist, and pulled her close to him.

    His lips found hers in a deep lingering kiss. His hands kneaded the firm cheeks of her well-rounded buttocks, pulling her tighter against his body. She felt his firm member pressing against her belly.

    Her breathing deepened as she suddenly felt Jim's breath on the back of her neck. He pressed his warm, firm body against her from behind. He began kissing and gently nibbling the back of her neck. Bob took her head in his hands, as he kissed her deeper.

    Laura felt Jim's growing erection press between the soft cheeks of her bottom.

    Several of the spectators had begun rubbing their growing bulges, as they watched the scene unfold before them.

    Martin stepped from the room, as Bob finally broke his kiss with Laura.

    Jim slowly turned her around, and began the same assault on her trembling lips with his own. She reached down and fondled his stiff erection through his pants, the thin fabric separating her from that which she wanted so badly.

    A moan from the spectators shattered her thoughts. She opened her eyes to see that Martin had re-entered the room. With him were a Black Labrador and a German Shepherd.

    "Friends of the family," he said with a smile to Matt, the spectator closest to him.

    A nervous laugh came from Matt and Tony, the man next to him. Neither had ever witnessed what they were about to see. Their growing interest was obvious.

    Bob and Jim slowly released, then backed away from Laura, as Martin and the Lab approached.

    "This is Buddy," Martin said. "He belongs to Kevin."

    Kevin smiled at Laura from the love seat. She returned his smile, as she reached down to pet Buddy. Buddy looked up at the person petting him, and wagged his long tail.

    Laura led Buddy to the center of the mattress. She continued to pet and caress him, as she quietly spoke to him. Buddy responded as most dogs do, with a wet lick across the cheek. A nervous giggle escaped from her lips, as Buddy sniffed around her, just getting acquainted.

    Laura's hands slowly made their way under Buddy, to his trim tummy. At the same time she slowly, gently, began guiding his head toward her rapidly dampening pussy. His nose brushed her stomach, and his tongue flicked out to gently graze her navel.

    Laura's hands finally reached Buddy's sheath. She lingered there for a second, then went on to his dangling balls. She gently felt them, as if appraising them. Her hand soon returned to gently stroking his sheath. He began to stir at her touch.

    Buddy reacted to this new form of attention, again as most dogs do, by allowing the pink tip of his penis to slip out of its protective sheath. All the while, his muzzle crept closer to the dark tangled triangle, and its interesting smells.

    Laura gave a jolt, as if struck, as his flicking tongue finally made contact with her protruding labia. The thick, engorged lips opened readily, as Buddy's tongue again made contact with her. The tip found its way inside her for a fleeting second, only to withdraw, and drag it's way upward.

    The sound of a zipper could be heard over the sounds coming from between Laura's legs.

    She looked toward the source, to find Kevin slowly stroking his hardness.

    His eyes locked with hers. She then looked around the room. All of the spectators were rubbing themselves.

    Her head tilted back, and her hips thrust forward, as the tongue entered her once more.

    Buddy's licking was having the desired effect on her. Her creamy vagina became slicker with her lubricating fluids, with each touch of the giant tongue.

    Finally, Buddy could take no more of her fondling. He stopped his licking and stepped back, away from Laura. His hips began an involuntary humping.

    Martin took this as his cue. Motioning to Kevin to join him, he approached Laura in the center of the mattress. They both took gentle hold of Laura, and guided her to her hands and knees.

    Martin guided Buddy behind Laura. His tongue again found the right spot, slipping between the wide spread lips before him. With Martin and Kevin helping him, he then mounted her.

    Laura let out a deep groan as his member fleetingly made glancing contact with her aching pussy. She reached under herself to gently stroke her erect clit.

    Buddy thrust forward a few times, searching for the intended target. He suddenly lurched forward, and began thrusting rapidly.

    Laura's eyes flew open wide as he penetrated her. Buddy humped forward into her with such force, it drove the very breath from her lungs. Zippers opened, and erections appeared, as Buddy drove himself deep into her, frantically fucking as if it were his last moment alive.

    Unable to stand the pressure in his groin, Kevin moved around so that his raging erection was in front of Laura's gasping mouth. She quickly took it deep between her lips, nostrils flaring, as Buddy continued to pummel her. Kevin held her head in his hands, as he stroked his cock into her mouth. It only lasted a few seconds. His excitement was too great.

    With a wail, he thrust himself deep into her clutching mouth and exploded. Laura backed away slightly, and swallowed greedily at the seed filling her hungry mouth.

    This seemed to be Buddy's signal to cum as well, as he suddenly thrust forward with all his might, and buried his cock deep inside her tortured pussy.

    Buddy lay across Laura's back, panting deeply as he emptied himself into her. His penis throbbed within her, as he filled her with his essence. Her inner muscles contracted around him, as if to milk him of his load.

    Kevin slowly withdrew from between her lips, and fell back on the mattress. A heavy sigh came from him, as his body slowly relaxed. He then got up, zipped his fly, and returned to his seat.

    Buddy slowly withdrew his swollen penis from Laura's gaping vagina. His cum leaked out of her ravaged pussy. He slowly regained enough control of his senses to gently lick her inflamed lips again. Laura moaned softly as he gently cleaned her. He then slowly walked away and lay down.

    Matt's dog, King, needed no further urging. The sight if Laura on all fours was enough for him. The Shepherd boldly came forward and quickly mounted her, his erect penis blasting it's way inside her with a fury unknown to her. Laura wailed in ecstasy, as King's hard organ drove deep into her.

    He fucked her hard and fast, his hips a blur, as he repeatedly filled her pussy with his cock. Laura felt the knot at the base of King's penis slapping against her throbbing clitoris, as he pounded into her. Each thrust opened her pussy wider to him, until finally, with a groan from her, it too slipped inside. The knot immediately began swelling within her, trapping his erect cock inside her clutching pussy.

    "OHHHHHHH!" she screamed, as the tip of his thrusting erection touched her cervix.

    Suddenly, she felt him explode inside her. His orgasm came with a gush, filling her to the brim. His fully expanded knot trapped the liquid inside her, as he continued to thrust himself into her.

    Hands flew up and down erections, as the spectators watched King empty his load into Laura's soaked vagina. Their heavy breathing rivaling the panting of the now spent dog as the loudest noise in the room.

    King seemed to collapse on Laura's back, as he continued to pump her pussy full of his seed. His tongue lolled out of the side of his mouth, as he panted in exhaustion. He remained this way for several seconds, before attempting to withdraw.

    His knot kept him firmly planted inside her. The still erect organ continued to throb within her. He managed to hop down off of her, but only succeeded in turning himself around.

    They were tied deeply, back to back.

    Martin motioned to Matt and Tony to join her. They quietly approached, so as not to panic King.

    Gently they began to stroke Laura's back and buttocks. Matt ran an exploratory hand down to where King and Laura were joined. He felt her incredible heat and wetness, along with his throbbing rigidity.

    "Is he still cumming?" he asked.

    "Oh yes," said Laura. "He'll keep cumming until he's drained."

    Tony reached beneath Laura to cup a dangling breast. He gently kneaded the flesh, as he continued to stroke his stiff cock. She turned her head toward him, and watched as he masturbated before her. His hand was wrapped firmly around his proud erection, and he slid a finger back and forth across the purple head.

    Laura slowly slid her tongue out from between her lips, and gently licked at the tip of his hard cock. He groaned as he felt her hot tongue swirl around the inflamed head of his shaft.

    Tony increased the tempo of his stroking, his head hung low, eyes closed.

    His hips began to tremble.

    Pre cum flowed freely from the tip of his hardness. Laura savored every drop of the fluid, her tongue swirling rapidly around the crown. Suddenly, the first jet of semen flew out of him.

    Laura dove forward, taking his cock deep into her throat, filling her belly with its second load of the evening.

    Tony's hips locked forward, and his body shook, as she greedily sucked his seed from him. Unintelligible noises came from his throat as his body was wracked with spasms. He shuddered and throbbed between her lips as if his very soul were escaping him along with his heavy load. Suddenly he withdrew and collapsed, shaking and gasping for breath.

    Matt, meanwhile, had continued to play with Laura's gaping pussy as he watched. His fingers strummed her clitoris, as Tony convulsed before her. Soon enough, King was finally able to withdraw his huge cock from her, with a gush. But Matt had just started.

    As King slowly made his way over to a quiet corner, Matt took King's position behind Laura. He lowered his Jeans, raised his T-shirt, and slowly eased his cock into her waiting pussy.

    Matt's slow penetration came as a relief to Laura. The contrast between Matt's gentle insertion, and King's massive thrust, calmed the inflamed inner muscles of her abused vagina.

    Once completely inside her, Matt started a gentle rocking motion with his hips. Never really pulling out of her, just alternately pushing deeper, then relaxing.

    He continued his slow patient fucking, as Tony finally was able to return to his seat.

    Matt's tempo increased, as John took Tony's place in front of Laura.

    Matt somehow managed to get more of his thick cock into her with each forward stroke. His pendulous balls maintained constant contact with her inflamed clitoris, sending little jolts of pleasure up her spine.

    John sat in front of Laura, just out of reach. He slowly stroked the length of his erection.

    Her eyes followed his fingertips, as they slowly slid up and down his hard shaft.

    Matt began to grind himself firmly into Laura, the tip of his thick tool firmly in contact with her cervix. He was not thrusting in and out, he was simply sliding and rotating deep inside her. The deep massaging action sent pre orgasmic waves of pleasure through her whole body.

    His hands grasped her hips firmly, as he continued to pull her back onto his shaft. She felt, rather than heard his ragged breathing. She felt the tension in his loins, as he worked to relieve the pressure built in his balls.

    John continued his torment. She wanted to taste him. He remained out of reach, watching her face register the passion she was feeling inside. Laura realized he was not working toward orgasm. He was preparing for his turn to fill her pussy with his hard cock.

    Her excitement again rose at the thought of finally having him inside her.

    Matt's firm handling of Laura's hips were taking their toll on him. He began delving deeper and faster within her clasping vaginal lips. The tip of his erection never broke contact with her cervix, as his hips rocked more insistently. From nowhere the first spasm hit him.

    The tip of his penis seemed to explode within her. The first jet of his semen broke through the tightly clasped entrance to her womb, sending messages to her brain she'd never received before. The sweet ecstasy of his throbbing ejaculation deep within her brought her close to the edge of orgasm herself.

    Her eyes closed momentarily. She raised her head and stared deeply into John's eyes as Matt continued to fill her pussy with his cream. The knowing looks they shared brought them both to the brink. Her eyes were glazed over with lust, as she felt the spasming member empty itself deep inside her, deeper than anything had penetrated her before. They held each other's eyes captive with their own as Matt's orgasm slowly subsided.

    Matt knelt stone still behind Laura, his eyes clasped firmly shut, blocking out the outside world. Nothing but what his body was feeling was of any importance. His grip on Laura's hips gradually diminished. He concentrated on the feeling of his now shrinking cock. Still buried deep within her sugar walls, it slowly slid across her inner muscles as it receded. Only when his now limp penis finally returned to it's normally flaccid state, did he slowly withdraw, and return to his seat.

    Laura slumped forward, breaking her intense eye contact with John at last. As she stretched out on her belly, his hands explored her. Slowly, he rubbed the tension from her shoulders, then continued down her spine. He stopped to remove his T-shirt, casually throwing it aside. His hands soon were back where they had left off. He gently stroked away any tension his learned hands found, until she was completely relaxed.

    John again stopped his ministrations, this time to remove his jeans and briefs. He then slid down on top of her, his warm body pressed fully against hers. He kissed and nibbled the back of her neck. She felt his proud erection nestled between the soft cheeks of her firm buttocks. Occasionally it throbbed, sending shivers of excitement throughout her body.

    His kisses became hotter. She felt his hot sweet breath in her ear. His hands stroked her sides, his legs holding hers together. His cock throbbed between her cheeks, as her hips began to involuntarily undulate beneath him.

    "Roll over to me," he whispered hotly in her ear. He lifted his body from atop her so she could comply.

    Their eyes again locked, as he lowered himself down onto her once more.

    The tip of his erection nestled between the lips of her soaked vagina. They embraced, as he brought his lips to hers. They kissed deeply as his erection found its way inside her.

    The spectators watched in silence, as the lovers slowly explored each other. There were no doubts that there was something special between these two. They weren't fucking, this was making love.

    Laura's mind reeled. Thoughts about their proximity at work ran through her mind as he entered her. All the months of fantasizing. All the knowing glances across a room. All the sexy jokes. All the sexual tension that could find no release. She had dreamed of this moment for so long, and it was finally here.

    He buried himself inside her to the hilt, filling her wanting pussy with his hardness. His tongue chased hers as his hips rocked forward, driving deeper into her. He slowly withdrew, only to firmly push himself deep inside her again. Their breathing increased in tempo. Their bodies held close to each other, lest one of them escape. Her hands found his thrusting buttocks. She held him, as if to help him. He began plunging into her faster. Firmer. Her head thrashed from side to side, breaking the kiss. He plunged his cock deeper into her repeatedly. A low wail gradually built in her throat. Louder and louder, it built with the waves of her rapidly approaching orgasm. He seemed to drive deeper into her quivering body. He seemed to get harder, firmer. Suddenly the whole world seemed to explode around her.

    Her orgasm built to a crescendo. Her mind filled with explosions as the spasms wracked her body. Her hips thrust madly back at John as he continued to pound himself into her. She felt only his cock deep inside her. Her face was a mask of absolute concentration on the sensations his organ was giving her.

    In a last nerve shattering plunge, he exploded deep inside her. His body shook, causing his cock to vibrate. Passion filled moans filled the room, as the lovers convulsed on the mattress before the excited onlookers. His penis throbbed within her, as he gave her his seed. She felt every pulsating ridge on his organ. Her pussy felt as if it were on fire.

    Eventually, her orgasm subsided. She drifted in and out of consciousness. Voices around her spoke in unintelligible tongues. Quiet movements around the room came to her attention, then rapidly vanished as her satisfied body drifted off.

    She awoke to Martin's gentle voice.

    "Come on baby, we're home."

    "Home? How did we get here?" she asked.

    "Well, we carried you to the car, and we drove," he laughed. "You never even budged."

    She looked around her. They were back in their driveway. A thought suddenly occurred to her.

    "You never got a turn with me. You didn't come."

    "Don't worry, I will," he replied.

    "I know how excited you get watching me with dogs and with other men. I fell asleep before you could do anything about it," she said.

    "I'll see it again," he said, reaching down between the door and his seat. He pulled a black box out to show her. "I got the whole thing on tape," he said smiling.

    She laughed out loud, opened her door, and bounced her way through the gate.

    To Be Continued ...

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    "On Display" is the first story I ever tried to write. I wrote this soon after the events in the story "The Beginning" took place, but before the events in the story "Woody" took place. Looking back at this story now, I sure can see a lot of mistakes. Excuse my immature writing style in this story and try to enjoy it for what it is.

    Apr 2 2007 17:10
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