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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, wife, orgy, swing.

    My husband Tim wanted me to have sex with him and another guy. I’m a cute 28 year old blond, 5’ 4" tall with a voluptuous body. I have nice perky tits that stand out high and proud, a cute round ass and a tight little pussy. My nipples are also somewhat larger than normal and I love to have them played with. Tim, my husband has a solid 8 inch long cock and he knows how to use it. His penis isn’t very thick but the head is large and he knows how to tickle my "G" spot with it.

    He frequently gets me so excited that I squirt. I enjoy sex a lot, but I never thought of having more than one guy at a time after I was married. When Tim initially brought up the idea of a threesome we were in bed making love and I thought he was just joking. I asked him if he would mind having another guy "make a mess down there." He told me it was ok with him as long as I let him have "sloppy seconds."

    I forgot about our discussion until a couple of weeks later when he informed me that his friend Ted was interested in spending the Friday night with us.

    "What do you mean "spending the night with us?" I asked.

    "He wants to come over and play with us, you know we talked about it a few weeks ago," Tim said.

    "You mean he wants to screw me while you watch?"

    "Well yea, you said it would be ok," Tim responded.

    I had had a lot of experience with plenty of different guys before I married Tim. Some of the guys I had been with in college were on the football team. They were really in shape and had a lot of stamina. They were also probably on something because frequently they had their hard-ons in my cunt all night. So, I knew I could take a lot of cock and I enjoyed it.

    I had a reputation in college as being a sweet ride. Once I had even done a group thing with 5 guys on a camping trip. Actually me and another girl were on the hike but she wasn’t into it. She refused to do anything and stayed in our tent so I ended up satisfying all 5 them. I was in a really horny mood. It must have been my hormones.

    The first night they couldn’t believe their good luck having an attractive little blond agree to fuck all of them. They took turns separately in one of the tents, doing me one after another. I just lay there naked with my legs spread and let them hump me and play with my tits. It felt so good!

    We were on a three night hiking trip and the second night I let them all watch while they each took their turn doing me. Jennifer, the other girl, told me I was disgusting. She stayed in our tent again but I’m sure she got an earful.

    They got into the group thing and were urging each other on. "Fuck her harder!" - "Fuck her deeper!" - "Give her all your cock!" - "Put your load way up there!" were some of the things I remember hearing.

    We were hiking in a remote area so after the second night with them I decided to hike topless all the next day just to get them in the mood for the last night. I only wore a thong bikini and my hiking boots, so they got to look at my firm tits and my sweet butt cheeks all day long. They were especially happy to help me apply my insect repellant and sunscreen. Even though I had very little on I didn’t get a single mosquito bite anywhere that day.

    A few times during the day when I had to pee one of them would go off in the bushes with me to "protect me." When I was done peeing I would let them have a quick feel between my legs. I was totally dripping wet down there in anticipation of being gangbanged that night. One guy pulled his cock out and made me give him a hand job right there.

    I rubbed his erection directly on the outer lips of my wet twat for a couple of minutes. I liked his firm cock in my hand and it felt good rubbing it on the lips of my sloppy twat. When he started to ejaculate I knelt down and took his load on my tits. I rubbed it in good but when we returned to the trail they all could see his spend on my boobs. Also the crotch of the thong began to show the dampness between my legs.

    By the third night it was an all out orgy with me fucking and sucking them by a fire on the beach. Sometimes two or three of them used me at the same time. Jennifer really thought I was a slut but I could care less.

    So I wasn’t concerned about the sex, I could handle it. But I thought it might be embarrassing for Tim to see me all hot and bothered with another guy. I mean it was his fantasy, but when it came right down to it I wasn’t sure he could handle watching another guy put his hand on my cunt and stick his finger in me while I wiggled. Or watch while I spread my legs so another guy could get between them and stick his dick up me. And would he get pissed off if another guy made me squirt…or if another guy came in my mouth? With him watching I wasn’t sure I could let go and have a good time.

    I was sort of pissed off that he had made these type of arrangements without asking me. I started to get mad, then I thought: 'Why not teach him a lesson.' I would let Ted fuck me silly and see what he thought about it then. "OK if you’re sure that’s what you want," I heard myself say. I couldn’t believe I had agreed to allow another guy to have me while my husband watched. But there was no going back, it was all set up and I was really excited.

    So Friday Ted came over, and all three of us ended up in our king size bed. I had had a few drinks to relax and I was between the two of them in the bed. We were all nude. It was dark and soon both of them had their hands all over me. I in turn had large male erections in both of my hands. I stroked their cocks and made them feel good. They played with my titties, pinched my nipples, rubbed my pussy and fingered me deeply.

    I think at one point one of them had his finger up my ass while the other was fucking away at my twat. Ted commented on what a sweet pussy I had. I was buzzed, but not too drunk, so I knew what was going on, although I wasn’t always sure whose cock was in my mouth and whose was in my pussy.

    Ted spent the night and the two of them gave me a night to remember. I lost count of the times I spread my legs for them. I had lots of orgasms and was surprised by how much the whole thing turned me on. Having four hands on you at once and two cocks to milk was a lot of fun.

    I didn’t tell Tim, but after he fell asleep Ted asked me to go with him to another room. There was a four poster bed in this room and he tied me spread eagle on my back.

    "I’ve been waiting to get you all alone," He said. Then he began rubbing his hard-on directly on my clit until I begged him to stick his dong in me. He was probably a full inch longer than Tim and thicker.

    I knew it was going to be a good ride. He made me beg some more, then at last I got some relief as put his firm cock all the way in me and began to bump and grind away. I arched my hips upward to give him better access. I wanted to feel him deep inside of me. As he fucked me he began hitting my "G" spot and I started to orgasm wildly. I was begging him to do it harder and faster. He must have taken Viagra because he screwed me a long time. I came again.

    When we were finished he said, "Our little secret, OK."

    I nodded my head. I was exhausted. No one had ever given me cock like that before. I was going to enjoy this little arrangement. In the morning I was all sticky between my legs and I could still taste cock in my mouth. For the next several months Friday night was "threesome night." We all get better at it and I learned how to really satisfy two cocks at once and they learned how to use all of my holes to get their satisfaction. I still had no idea what they really had planned for me from the beginning. Then one Friday I found out.

    As usual they were both teasing and fondling me, touching me all over but this time when they got me really hot and wet instead of putting their cocks in me as usual, which I was begging for, they blindfolded me and made me get on my hands an knees. They attached a dog collar around my neck which was attached to a chain leash.

    Ted owned a dog kennel and he bred dogs. He had brought his large male Rottweiller with him and I heard the animal enter the room. I felt Tim’s hand on my exposed twat lips. He was spreading a thick jelly like substance on them. He rubbed it in good. They positioned the dog behind me. The dog spent quite awhile licking my inner and outer lips and clitoris. The sensation was awesome and opened my vagina wide for the penetration.

    Ted was lying in front of me giving me easy access to suck his dong. As I sucked him He said not to worry that my husband was very much in favor of the dog fucking me, and Tim would assist in the coupling. He told me that the dog’s body temperature was 3 degrees higher than the human body. He went on, "With the dog’s penis temperature 3 degrees higher than that of your vagina with a little action (thrusting) you should have some fantastic orgasms."

    "How big is he?" I asked.

    Ted answered nonchalantly, he has a penis that is about 10 inches long including his knot."

    "What the hell is a knot?" I gasped.

    Ted answered, "the dog's knot expands and ties the dog to the bitch until the male dog fully exhausts his sperm. Then his bulb shrinks back. When dogs fuck the sperm is directly injected into the uterus, rather than into the vagina, to make a lot of puppies. The dog tie is a result of the trapping of the male dog’s penis inside the females cervix when the cervix contracts. It becomes untied when the uterus and cervix are fully relaxed by sufficient prostaglandin E-1in the semen."

    "Whew!" I moaned as the dog continued lapping away at my pussy. I was getting more and more sloppy down there. "You know a lot of shit about dog sex, don’t you? Should I let the knot penetrate me?" I asked. I was wondering if the knot would harm me in any way.

    I was starting to get very horny when I thought of the dog fucking me. I was sure that my vagina could take the large penis and the bulb. I just wanted to know how long the dog and me would be 'hooked up?' "Don’t worry you're built totally differently," Ted reassured me. "You won’t get tied up."

    "Tim, you’re sure it’s ok with you?" I asked.

    "Sure honey, I’ve want to see your little pussy on fire, I would like watching you having one orgasm after another. Ted says the dog’s penis will get you off like a volcano."

    "Why don’t you suck the dog a few minutes before he fucks you?" Ted said.

    "Oh? I’m not sure about doing that. How clean is he?" I asked.

    "I washed the dog’s penis with a hygienic solution to insure its cleanliness, before I brought him over," Ted told me.

    They brought the dog around and I touched him then carefully began to put him in my mouth. His erection responded by growing larger and he began to thrust deeper into my mouth. I got a good taste his salty cock as he plunged it deeper into my mouth.

    After a couple of minutes of oral sex with the dog I was more than ready for him to fuck me in my pussy with his large pink dong. My husband assisted in the coupling and was very turned on by how the dog fucked me. Ted used the leash to keep me from moving away from the dog as it penetrated me. The dog thrust his penis all the way into my throbbing cunt. Ted had put soft mittens on the dog’s front paws to keep it from scratching me.

    The dog fucked me for about thirty minutes until he was absolutely exhausted. The dog’s semen ran out of me constantly while he was fucking me and for about three minutes after he withdrew his penis. I had multiple orgasms that I felt at my clitoris and deep in my epicenter.

    Tim lay down beneath me and pinched and sucked my nipples most of the time keeping them fully erect and driving me to the edge of ecstasy. My clit is also larger than normal (about 2-1/2 inches long and very thick) and it’s easy to find. It also was standing at full attention the entire time. Now and then Ted would reach between my legs and diddle it between his thumb and index finger. I got off again and again.

    I started squirting a lot and the floor was soaked with my female ejaculation and the dog’s cum. The smell of my excited pussy permeated the room. I think the musky odor of my cunt stimulated the guys and the dog. Afterwards my husband measured the length of the dogs penis from the tip, in all I was able to take his entire ten inches. That was from the tip to two inches behind the bulb. I was so turned on and it felt terrific.


    The next morning I was ready for more dog cock. The second penetration was while I was on my back. I was elevated on a short table covered with a foam pad. As I said my husband was great in helping the dog to find my vaginal opening. It was such a turn on to see that huge penis before it entered me. It was 4 inches in circumference. It took a little while for me to take it all but I was so horny that just seeing it going in me got me excited enough to take it all. It was a great coupling and my multiple orgasms were beyond great.

    Ted had his penis in my mouth the whole time. It must have really turned him on. He began ejaculating and I didn’t think he was going to stop. He’d come in my mouth a couple of times before but not like this. All I could do was keep swallowing his spunk as it kept shooting down my throat.

    Then they switched places and Tim had is go at my mouth. He straddled my face and fucked my mouth like it was a cunt. I let him use me that way. Finally after a while he began to squirt gobs of thick jizz, but after the first shot he pulled out and made the rest of his deposit on my tits. He used his remaining erection to smear his cum all over my boobs.


    The next Friday because of my positive experience with the dog fucking me vaginally the previous weekend, I wanted to let him fuck my asshole. I got on my hands and knees and my husband had to keep the penis from entering me too fast. Once the sphincter muscle relaxed, I told my husband to let the dog stroke me at his normal speed.

    We allowed the penis to penetrate up to the knot and slowly I was able to accept the bulbous thing. The knot penetrated beyond the sphincter, which took a little time to allow penetration of the last two inches of the huge penis (I was able to receive the entire 10 inches, the eight inches from the tip and bulb and the two inches behind the knot).

    The sphincter muscle opened wide enough to allow the knot into me but closed down on the last two inches behind the bulb. As a result, the dog’s penis became tied up inside of me for about thirty minutes and the penis continued to spasm inside of me. It was very satisfying feeling the ejaculating of the hot semen into my asshole. It felt so good that I had a couple of orgasms from it.

    Both my husband and Ted were so turned on that they took turns getting underneath me and penetrating my vagina. Boy did it feel full with both my asshole and vagina being fucked simultaneously. Having the dog insert his large penis into my rectum during intercourse deflected the thrusting penises of Ted and Tim inside my vagina and stimulated my G-spot like no tomorrow.

    The dog was ejaculating into my asshole and Ted and my husband ejaculated in my vagina. During this phase I exploded in a several intense orgasms. Needless to say there was a lot of discharge flowing out of both my holes after they were through fucking me. My asshole was open for about a half hour afterwards.

    Both Ted and my husband did my butt later and it was no problem for me to take them after having had the big dog’s cock in my pooch.

    Now every Friday is "foursome" night unless some of Ted’s friends want to watch. Usually after watching the dog poke me they want a turn as well so my pussy gets a real sloppy and I have so many orgasms that I lose count. "What a lucky little slut I am!"

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    I loved your story Anne. I would love to be involved too.

    Apr 1 2007 16:57
    very good story hope you continue writing more exploits

    Dec 19 2013 08:59
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