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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, couple.

    Here's one for the Nan archives. Don, my little nerdy pal, wrote it about me a few days ago and just gave it to me yesterday. He said he'd written it to a close buddy back in Detroit but hadn't sent it yet. I told him to go ahead and do so. It made me cry. (Don is an English major, by the way.) I told him I wanted to share it with you, which I realize is self-serving but the heck with it, and he said o.k. I've edited for minor errors. Here it is:

    I want to describe my impressions of a truly intoxicating and wonderful woman I've met here. I will call her Pam although that is not her real name. Pam is a woman older than I, about 30 or so. She has long dark hair, an attractive face, a friendly beaming smile, and about the most gorgeous figure I have ever seen. I used to see her a lot between my classes, she works in one of the university offices, and when she would walk by me I would smell this delicious odor, not like perfume but maybe real good soap or lotion, I'm not sure. (It's Lifebuoy, kid!) I sort of adored her from afar. But one day she just sat down beside me in the coffee shop and started talking, asking me about myself. She was real easy to talk with, I soon got over my awkwardness, and soon we were gabbing away like old friends. We ate lunch together a couple times, then she asked me to come over to her place the next day (a Saturday) to meet her dog. I went, and she invited me to stay for dinner, which she prepared, a nice meat loaf. Her dog Mike was a big golden retriever type, quite friendly.

    I had more or less resigned myself, in the meantime, to sort of playing the role of younger brother, because it seemed to me she was just being a friendly person, not really "coming on" to me, if you know what I mean. It was easy to talk with her about stuff like my goals and about sex and intimate things about my past because I didn't really expect that anything could ever happen between us. And that was o.k., I just enjoyed being with her. We talked a lot and drank some wine and then started touching a little and pretty soon we were kissing on the couch. We got pretty steamy and she said let's get undressed and take a shower together. I could hardly believe it, this gorgeous babe and me together naked in the shower, I mean wow. Women have this hip profile that just drives me wild sometimes. From the side, a guy's body goes straight down from his belly to his knees, but a woman's profile sort of angles inward at the crotch, making her ass stick out, you know what I mean? I could see that in Pam when she undressed, very slowly and provocatively. She had tits and an ass I could not believe, and a cute puffy little pussy.

    I soaped her all over and she soaped me and I had such a boner I wanted to fuck her right then. She played with my hard dong and I played with her tits, which are just beautiful. She squirmed her slippery curves all over me and I came in her hand and all over her belly and tits, I couldn't held it. She just laughed and she rubbed her fingers in my come and then licked them off like she really loved the stuff and spread it on her face and lips. She says to me, I love the warm, wet, sticky feeling it leaves me with. I love the smell, the starchy, kind of acrid odor it has (although that varies from guy to guy). I love the feeling of it. I just love the thought of semen, and the fact that it's my attractiveness that makes a guy come. I love watching guys ejaculate. Most of my early sexual experiences were masturbating a guy or watching him do it himself, and the sight of his penis pulsing and then the little eye opening up and the semen spurting out just turns me on no end. That's what she said. Oh wow!

    Unfortunately I was all done, so we toweled each other off and then she said, want to see Mike make love to me? I said o.k., what happens now? If you tell anybody about what you will see, she said, I will simply never speak to you again. But she said it was o.k. to tell you about it if I hid her name. She was still naked and she took these old socks and tied them on her dog's front legs. That's to keep him from scratching me, she said. The dog must have known what was about to happen because he started getting a real big raw red boner, as big or bigger than mine. We went into her bedroom and she unrolled this big thick rubber mat on the floor. Then she got down on all fours in front of a chair and Mike the dog started sniffing and licking her beautiful rear end. She sort of moaned and stuck her lovely ass high in the air, sort of swaying her hips back and forth as if inviting him aboard. Then Mike jumped on her back, wrapping his legs right around her waist, and he started pumping his backside like crazy just like a male dog with a bitch. I could not believe my eyes -- a dog was really fucking Pam. He was fucking her so hard I could see his dick going in and out of her and I could hear wet smacking sounds. Pam was bracing herself against the chair. This dog really meant business with her, and her face was flushed, I could tell she was really excited. She smiled up at me, I guess I must have been bug-eyed, and I started getting hard all over again.

    The damn dog shifted his position, his back feet braced on the calves of her extended legs -- God, she has lovely thighs -- and he just humped her like that. She was saying, yes, yes, sort of crooning to him, and he would lick her back and nuzzled against her neck. She was turning her head from side to side, real hot and flushed, and kneeling there she spread out her legs even more. Every time she moved he would grab onto her even tighter and hump her harder.

    Then suddenly he just stopped and held himself against her real tight, and Pam said "OH!" and started making these sighing gasping sounds. Later she told me that was when the dog had inserted his big knot and was beginning to ejaculate real hard into her, which she could actually feel because dog come is hotter than a guy's. The dog just stayed glued to her and she sort of swayed and shook under him, sticking out her tits, panting and oohing and aahing and he was drooling all over her and licking her and I could tell she was just ecstatic. Once she looked at me and sort of whispered Oh Don, and then she sobbed out loud, and I knew she was having an orgasm. She grabbed the chair and thrashed her head, her whole body shivered, and she kicked her legs up and down, and the dog just stayed glued tight to her, switching his big tail once in awhile. I came again in my hand and smeared my come on her face and lips and I handled her swinging tits and big hard nipples. She was so hot and sweet as I kissed her on the lips, kneeling there at her side. She climaxed again, her body jerking almost in a spasm, and she screamed his name "Mike oh MIKE OH MIKE!!!" with my come wet on her cheeks and dribbling down her chin. I held her upper body tight in my arms, sort of replacing the chair, and she braced against me and sobbed and panted and shook.

    Gradually her excitement subsided, her tears diminished. Mike seemed to get a little restless on her, and he finally got off. The instant he did, she peed a stream about two feet long straight out, but it wasn't her pee, it was dog come right out of his balls. To my amazement he started licking it all up, then he licked and cleaned her backside all up too while we just laid there and sort of dozed and meditated. This had been the most incredibly sexy thing I had ever witnessed in my life, and I still couldn't quite believe I'd seen it. It must have lasted a good half-hour, maybe more. I now know what a woman is like when she has multiple orgasms.

    We showered again and she put a sanitary napkin in her panties when she dressed, saying that his come keeps dripping out for awhile. Then we went for a walk and got burgers -- we were starved. I could still smell dog come, or thought I could, and on her it smelled pretty good I have to say.

    I am just in utter awe of her. I'm sure I love her but not in any possessive way at all. She is just who she is and delightful. I will never ever forget that afternoon, though I still pinch myself and think maybe it was all a dream. But then I see her in the hallway and school, she gives me this big beaming smile, and I know that we have shared a peculiar intimacy.

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