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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, dog sex, lesbians, bbw, oral, anal, orgy.

    Part 18

    An hour before six o'clock, the girls got out of the cum-stained bed to get ready for dinner. On every floor of the mansion was a spacious bathroom with a big old claw-foot tub, and the girls bathed together luxuriously. They washed each other with thick warm suds and then anointing each other's warmly glowing bodies with creams and perfume. The girls wanted to be as attractive as possible as they were likely to make some new friends. By the time the girls heard the gentle chime announcing dinner they looked and felt radiant with perfect hair and beautiful dresses. Debbi and Candi made their way downstairs, following the sound of the chime. Staircases and hallways seemed to go in every direction within the huge house, but soon they found themselves in the lobby. Rex followed along behind, his tail wagging happily.

    At the bottom of the stairs was a wide hallway with double doorways leading off to a formal sitting room and lounge. Dozens of beautiful elegantly dressed women were here, some chatting over drinks, some just arriving from other rooms or down the staircase with Debbi and Candi. Every woman was accompanied by a canine companion; some even had two or three. Every breed and size of dog imaginable was there: quite a few Shepherds like Rex, some Labs and Pinschers, a few big Danes and Wolfhounds, even a pair of Dalmatians and a big French poodle.

    And what fine animals they were, too. Their coats shone lustrously in the soft lighting of Cleo's home, and they moved with powerful confidence among themselves and the women. Candi and Debbi had never seen such splendid animals anywhere, and the collection of so many of them in a single place made the effect all the more striking and impressive. "Ah, there you are!" came a gushing voice at their side. The girls turned to find Cleo approaching them from the lounge. "Come this way now girls, dinner is about to begin.

    Part 19

    Cleo's dining room was just as impressive as the rest of her mansion. A very long table of polished wood stretched down the middle of the large room. The finely detailed walls were hung with pictures of dogs of all breeds, and all of this was bathed in soft light from the many candles and a crystal chandelier overhead. Rex, along with the other dogs, was taken away to be fed elsewhere and the girls gave him a hug and a loving kiss on the nose, knowing they wouldn't see him during his few days of stud-duty.

    After seeing Rex off, Candi and Debbi entered the sumptuous dining room. There were already about two dozen women seated at the table as Cleo guided Candi and Debbi to their seats. They took their places at the long table, smiling and nodding to Cleo's other guests. Both girls sipped their wine and looked around room. All of Cleo's guests were elegantly dressed and made up beautifully for the evening, with dark lips and dusky eye shadow. The low candlelight lent the room a mysterious, almost decadent air and to the girls it seemed as though each woman was more exotic or beautiful than the next.

    All the women, Candi noticed, were of a large build. If there were any model-thin customers of Cleo's kennels, they had not been invited this weekend.

    All around her Candi saw big beautiful women of every shape and color, with wide hips, plump thighs and heavy, full bosoms on proud display. Next to Candi was a Latin beauty with deep mysterious eyes whose long shapely legs were topped by thick, delicious-looking thighs. A few places to Debbi's left sat two ravishing brunettes who were clearly mother and daughter. Both shared the same dancing eyes and easy laugh, not to mention truly impressive hips and bust lines.

    Directly across from Candi was a big blonde of simply Amazonian proportions -- not only was she tall, but her well-proportioned curves were like nothing Candi had seen before -- she must have weighed 300 pounds, maybe a little more. Her low-cut dress revealed a long deep cleft of cleavage. Her giant udders were even bigger than Debbi's huge tits, pushing the limits of what was humanly possible.

    At the end of the table, seated to the right of the ever-elegant Cleo, was a beautiful black girl who seemed to act as Cleo's assistant. Her long dark ringlets cascaded down onto creamy mocha shoulders, framing a pair of enormous breasts that jutted far out over the table. To Candi it looked like the only thing keeping the girl from falling forward was her wide hips and big meaty ass.

    To Cleo's left was another girl who also seemed to have a special place at the table. She was a beautiful redhead whose long red hair cascaded down across freckled shoulders. Like the rest of the women, her dress revealed a huge set of melon-like breasts. But this redhead's most amazing feature was her wide hips and enormous bottom -- certainly the biggest of all Cleo's guests at the table, even the blonde across from Candi.

    Cleo took her place at the head of the table and got her guests attention by ringing a small bell.

    "Ladies, I'd like to welcome you all and thank you for coming to Ashbrook Kennels this weekend. I'm delighted you were all able to come and I know we'll have a wonderful week together."

    Cleo raised her glass and the ladies joined her in this toast.

    "I'd like to extend my special thanks to those ladies who wear a Golden Key. You are our special guests this weekend, and I know you'll enjoy your stay. Your contributions to my kennel are greatly appreciated by all... especially our boys!"

    The big blonde across the table caught Debbi's eye and tipped her a salacious wink. Like Debbi, she wore a golden key lodged in the valley between her giant jugs.

    "Hi Honey," she said, addressing herself to Debbi. "I'm Jane. Have you worn the key before?" Jane spoke with a gentle southern twang that softened her bold appearance.

    "Uh... no. This is my first time." Debbi replied.

    Jane smiled warmly and leaned forward. "Well don't you worry, Honey -- you'll love it. This is my ninth time!"

    Looking down the length of the table, Debbi and Candi could see about half of the women were wearing golden keys. Cleo, who had overheard this exchange, smiled knowingly.

    "Some of you have been to my guests before and for some of you it's your first time. Either way, if you have a golden key between your boobs please obey my two assistants May and Mona when it comes to be your time."

    As Cleo's guests laughed at her little joke, the beautiful hostess indicated toward the black girl and the redhead who sat on either side of her.

    "And now, let's eat!"

    Cleo clapped her hands and a dozen girls dressed in saucy French maid outfits appeared to serve dinner.

    Dinner was rich and delicious, with delicious soups and salads and appetizers and entrees of all kinds served over more than two hours. Wine flowed and cheeks became rosy and all around Candi and Debbi were musical voices of the many women as they talked and giggled. The candles burned lower and dinner plates were cleared and favor of dessert plates.

    Now the table seemed to overflow with all kinds of little cakes and delicate pastries, and every woman had a glass of liqueur or wine. The evening grew later and talk became bolder. Although nothing was said openly, it was apparent through subtle innuendo and a dirty joke or two that all Cleo's guests had canine lovers. Both Candi and Debbi felt excited that they were not alone in having discovered the delicious depravity of bestial love.

    At last Cleo's beautiful guests began to tire. Some excused themselves eagerly, blushing as they hurried back to their guestrooms while the other women giggled and teased. Some lingered, their voices becoming hushed.

    Debbi and Candi were full and content and just a little bit drunk. Draining the last of her cognac, Debbi turned and kissed Candi's cheek.

    You look so beautiful tonight, Candi. "I'm so excited to be here with you."

    Candi's eyes were heavy with wine. She smiled crookedly and leaned into Debbi's ear. Her tongue flicked the big blonde's ear quickly and she whispered.

    "You better watch it or I'm going to have to take you back to my room."

    Debbi turned to gaze into Candi's eyes, her pussy beginning to heat up.


    Part 20

    The girls giggled as they walked down the hallway and arrived at their suites. Candi reached into her purse for the key and Debbi leaned in to kiss her. Their tongues wound around each other in a slow dance, firing their excitement further.

    They entered the room and, still kissing, stumbled to the bed where they collapsed. They giggled happily and rolled upon one another, squealing like excited girls at a sleepover.

    Then Candi sat up, playfully pinning Debbi beneath her.

    "Well, since there's no Rexy to play with tonight," she said "we'll have to make our own fun."

    Debbi sighed happily, squirming beneath her sexy roommate.

    "Oh? And what do you have in mind," the big blonde whispered.

    Candi's eyes glittered with excitement. "Oh, I know just what I want to do. If I play a nice game with you, do you promise to obey my every word?"

    Debbi kissed Candi long and deep before replying.

    "I hope it's a dirty game," the big blonde hissed. "How do we start?"

    Candi sighed happily, he breathing becoming quicker as her excitement grew. Over the months that she had been Debbi's roommate, Candi had discovered a submissive side to the big blonde. It excited Debbi when Rex was a little rough or demanding, and she was always willing to follow Candi's lead. After their initial night of passion with Rex, Candi had instructed Debbi further, turning her on to all kinds of exciting and kinky thrills with Rex. Candi had slowly become more dominant in their relationship and it had come to excite the plump stripper to have a sexy blonde roommate at her disposal.

    Now Candi bit her lip in delicious contemplation.

    "For starters you can get out of that dress -- and into your violet corset and stockings," she said.

    Debbi moaned throatily and then quickly rolled off the bed. She disappeared into her side of the suite through the shared doorway and returned a few minutes later. Candi had just finished turning the lights down low and straightening out the bed when Debbi came back into the room.

    Debbi was in a beautiful violet corset, ornately detailed with panels of black lace and crimson embroidery. Her huge breasts threatened to spill out the top of the cups, and wide violet garters held up violet fishnet stockings. The big blonde oozed sex as she slowly crossed the room, a delicious twitch in the swing of her hips.

    Candi caught the blonde's face in her hands and kissed her roommate passionately before gently slipping the black blindfold around her eyes and tying it tight at the back of her head.

    "Now stay right here like a good girl," intoned Candi with mock severity.

    Debbi heard the bedside drawer open and close, then Candi going into the other room. A minute later her soft footsteps returned and stopped in front of Debbi.

    "Now kneel down," Candi's voice said.

    Debbi sank to her knees, her boobs and bottom wobbling.

    "And now open your mouth," said Candi as she leaned forward to remove the blindfold from her blonde roommate.

    Candi stood before her wearing a black bra and panties, and something else. The long pink jelly dildo jutted out from her crotch, the stiff shaft just inches from Debbi's parted lips.

    "Oh Candi," Debbi moaned. She licked her lips and reached out for the busty brunette who leaned over her.

    Debbi took Candi by the hip and brought her near her, caressing her luscious body, cupping her big tits and plump ass. She kissed her lips, down to her neck, then she kissed and licked her cleavage and went down to her soft belly, kissing and licking. She went down to her thighs and her calves and started making her way back up until her tool hit her right cheek. Debbi opened her plump lips and swallowed the cockhead, her tongue racing over the slick rubber tip. Then she slowly deep-throated Candi's cock, holding her lips firmly around the shaft she bobbed her head slowly and passionately.

    " Yeah, mmmmmh... that feels good, suck it baby " Candi said, playing along with Debbi. Candi arched her back and wiggled her hips, working her strap-on cock around in Debbi's mouth before pulling out and looking down at Debbi who was looking up at her wickedly.

    "You like sucking Candi's cock, don't you baby?" Candi cooed. "You're sucking it like it's a big hard doggy cock, aren't you?"

    Candi nudged the dildo forward, the head parting Debbi's lips and the shaft sinking in again.

    Debbi moaned high-pitched, girly moans as she sucked on the big cock, pumping the dildo's shaft with one hand. Then Debbi reached up, running her hands over Candi's boobs, caressing them as she arched her back, as if she was actually taking physical pleasure from all this, playing her role perfectly.

    "Oooo yeah! You're such a good cocksucker, Debbi." Candi teased. "All the dogs in the kennel are going to want to get their hot boners between your lips!"

    Candi was really horny now. It felt like the dildo really was her own cock, long and stiff and swollen with cum. Watching Debbi's big pouty lips stretch and pucker around the pink rubber shaft was making her pussy boil. The horny brunette started bucking her hips to get more rubber dick past Debbi's eager lips, holding her head in place as she jammed her dick in. Drool started dripping out the sides of Debbi's mouth as she teased the rubber cock with her lips and tongue. Candi loved the wet slippery sounds Debbi's sucking made as her blonde hair bobbed up and down.

    Candi closed her eyes and fantasized she was Rex. Rex with his hard cock in Debbi's mouth. Rex with his swollen balls about to blow.

    Candi started fingering herself underneath her strap-on, her fingers swirling through her pussy lips and around her buzzing clit. Candi rubbed anxiously, blinded by lust. She felt the Debbi sucking harder and harder, taking the jelly dildo deep into her mouth, letting it bulge in her cheeks.

    Candi rubbed herself furiously, her climax beginning to peak. Her face flushed as she whispered dirty talk to Debbi:

    "Ooooo yeah, suck it like that. Suck my hard doggy-cock!"

    As Candi's orgasm built, she reached down to squeeze the dildo's big balls. She wanted to cum all over her pretty roommate.

    "I'm.... unnnnnghhhhh.... cumming!" Candi moaned.

    "Cum on my tits, on my tits... cum all over me!" Debbi pleaded.

    As her orgasm crshed through her, Candi gave her balls a hard squeeze. The dildo made a popping sound and what seemed like gallons of vanilla semen spurted out, splattering all over Debbi's face and chest, all over her nipples up to her chin. Debbi moaned as she rubbed it all in, swallowing the few drops that went past her lips onto her tongue. A month ago, she could never have imagined that she'd ever be swallowing cum from a girl, let alone her sexy dog-fucking room mate.

    "Wow!" Candi moaned, "you really are a cum slut -- you swallowed all that hot doggy jizz."

    Debbi licked her lips and looked up at her roommate.

    "Oh, I'm just getting started."

    Part 21

    The next morning arrived bright and clear, and Candi awoke when a beam of sunlight fell across her eyes. She rolled over to face her sleeping blonde roommate and was about to give her a playfully poke when she suddenly stopped.

    Debbi's tits were enormous!

    They had always been huge but now, half hidden under a rumpled sheet, they looked positively gigantic. Candi slowly pulled back they sheet to get a better look. Debbi was asleep on her side and her breasts bulged out before her, one fleshy globe stacked atop the other like fleshy beachballs. Her nipples seemed to have grown too, and the big blonde's pink areolas were now thick and puffy and wider than Candi's palm.

    "Um... Debbi?" Candi cried, "wake up Debbi!"

    Debbi's eyes opened a fraction into dark slits, her eyes smudgy with last night's make up.

    "Wha?..." Debbi mumbled. Then her eyes flew open.

    "Candi!... your boobs!" the big blonde cried, sitting up.

    Candi suddenly realized her own chest felt much heavier.

    As Debbi gaped, Candi looked down at her own breasts. The plump brunette let out a little squeal of surprise. Like Debbi, her breasts seemed to have magically swollen overnight. Her pale tits were twice the size they'd been before, swollen and taut. Her nipples looked like brown gumdrops and her aureoles, which had always been wide, now looked like two big brown cup saucers.

    The girls stared at each other, their mouths open in disbelief. They got out of bed and sat down together in front of the mirror, staring at the reflections of the strange women in front of them. They let their eyes wander all over their scantily covered bodies taking in every luscious curve.

    Candi's sheer camisole top bulged obscenely with her transformed breasts. The huge mounds were wrapped tightly in the smooth material and her hard nipples poked through the thin fabric like steel points. She pulled off the camisole top that barely contained the huge breasts beneath it and gazed at her enormous tits with awe and bewilderment.

    Next to her Debbi took in her swollen jugs. They hung like two enormous melons, sagging slightly into fat teardrop-shaped udders capped by big pink nipples. The big blonde shook her chest from side to side, and her mammoth melons swung heavily. Her hands instinctively rose up until her slender fingers gently cupped the soft flesh and lifted them up gently, gauging their weight and mass carefully, almost as if she was still unsure that they were hers.

    Both pair of breasts felt full and firm, and it was quickly obvious to the girls that their bosoms were swollen with milk! Candi moaned involuntarily as she realized that this incredible change to her body was real and not some twisted dream.

    Just then there was a knock at the door and a feminine voice called out.

    "Good morning, ladies. I have room service with breakfast!"

    It was Cleo.

    "Umm.... Just a minute," called Candi, as she and Debbi scrambled to find something to cover themselves with. Debbi barely squeezed into her oversized t-shirt while Candi wrapped herself in a nearby robe.

    A moment later the door opened and Cleo strolled in. Behind her, pushing two covered carts were May, the beautiful black girl and Mona the big-bottomed redhead.

    "Good morning ladies, I trust you slept well?" Cleo grinned knowingly at her two guests. Before the two confused girls could answer, Cleo raised a hand:

    "I can't stay, but May and Mona will give you your assignments. Candi, you'll be with Mona. Debbi, you'll be working with May. I know you both have a lot of questions and my girls will be happy to answer them. Goodbye for now."

    Cleo smiled warmly and then left just as quickly as she'd arrived.

    May turned to the girls and smiled. She gestured to the bed, indicating that Candi and Debbi should sit. Too stunned to question, the girls sat.

    Mona began.

    "Okay, first of all I know you're both a little freaked out right now. The changes your breasts have undergone are not permanent -- the herbal elixir you drank only lasts a week or so and before you know it you'll be back to your normal selves."

    Then May spoke.

    "The elixir triggers an unusually strong lactation and also causes the release of a few very specific hormones. This is how Cleo's dogs become so bonded to their female companions. In stead of their mother's milk, the puppies here are raised on human milk."

    Candi felt her fear and confusion slip away, to be replaced by a growing erotic flame in her tummy.

    "You mean the puppies will..." Debbi began.

    Mona stepped forward, hugging the big blonde warmly.

    "Suck hot milk out of your titties," the plump redhead giggled gently.

    "All those other girls who have a golden key will be nursing puppies too," she continued. "We've all done it, and a lot of girls come back and do it again and again just for the pleasure of it."

    "It's a little difficult to explain it all, I'll just show you," May said with a smile. She handed both girls a thin cotton robe, cut extra wide across the chest.

    "These are nursing robes. They'll keep you warm and covered as you come and go from the nursery. Cleo likes the nurses to be naked in the nursery – it helps the puppies bond."

    Mona clapped her hands girlishly, her pretty round face shining with excitement.

    "Okay, enough talk. We'll be back in one hour to take you on the tour. In the meantime you ladies enjoy breakfast."

    May and Mona left the room, leaving a stunned and excited Candi and Debbi alone to eat breakfast.

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    great story

    Aug 28 2010 09:12
    Interesting, exciting,moreish.....

    Sep 2 2011 19:29
    Hi a great story & it sound like it should carry on & there should be more ok .

    Oct 16 2011 07:59
    Great story can't wait to read the rest of it there is so much more that needs to be explored and shown in detail. Keep iting no pun intended !!!

    Nov 29 2013 11:05
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