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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, hetero sex, threesome, orgy.

    Part I

    The phone by the bed rang suddenly, jolting me out of my momentary lapse of alertness. I quickly picked up the receiver. It was the front desk.

    "There are some visitors in the lobby, sir. Would you like me to connect them to you?"

    "Did they give their names?" I asked.

    "No, sir. I did not ask. The gentleman is standing right here. I will give him the phone."

    I heard the phone being transferred, and then a male voice spoke, "Hello. Is this Mr. David?"


    "I am Armand. I am here with my wife Greta."

    "Oh, yes. I was expecting you a bit later. Would you like to come up?

    "Well, if you are ready, we can go," Armand said.

    "Okay. Give me five minutes," I said, and put the phone down. I quickly got dressed, and went down to the lobby.

    I had never met Armand and Greta before, but we had exchanged considerable correspondence by e-mail in the last six months. I had come across their rousing letter to the editor in an adult magazine, in which they had described in explicit detail their first sexual encounter with their dog, and the discovery of their latent sexuality. They had asked at the end of the letter for a response from readers and a desire to enter into amorous trysts with other like-minded people. On a lark, I had replied, asking them to contact me if they were interested in meeting me during my next visit to Boston, and gave them my e-mail address.

    To my surprise, I got a reply from the man, asking me about myself, and about my interest in them. We exchanged a series of e-mail letters in the next several months in which both husband and wife expressed their delight and bewilderment at the discovery of their new-found sexual desires, and responded favorably to my sharing of my own sexual fantasies and suggestions for a tryst. I had been privy to some experiences with a dog, which was owned by a young woman who was a paying guest in our house. I had caught her once in an intimate union with her dog. It led to a short affair between me and her, involving her dog, as a price for my keeping my mouth shut about her relationship with the dog. So I was somewhat of an expert on how to deal with sexual encounters involving a woman and a dog. When I found out that I would be in Boston shortly, I sent an e-mail to Armand, and he agreed to meet me at my hotel.

    I stepped out of the elevator, and walked towards the lobby. A tall, muscular man got up from the sofa and came towards me. His wife also got up, and came forward to greet me. I hesitated in my stride when my gaze fell on her. She was quite beautiful and well-endowed, and did not look her age (which she had revealed in one of the e-mails as 44). She looked about 36 or 37 years old. She was almost as tall as her husband.

    They greeted me, and Greta blushed when she noticed my gaze. I cleared my throat, and said, "Thank you for meeting me. I did not expect you to agree to this meeting. But I am glad you did."

    We walked out of the hotel lobby to their car. They got in the front, and I slid in the back seat. Soon we were out on the busy city street. Greta turned around in her seat, and smiled at me. "I was very eager to meet you. Your advice about the dog was very helpful. I hope you are not shocked by what we have shared with you."

    "I wouldn't be here if I was. I appreciate your frankness, and your trust in meeting me like this. Most people are afraid to lose the anonymity of the Internet when they correspond with each other, especially on such matters."

    Armand laughed and said, "I know. But Greta and I felt secure about you, mainly because you did not try to impose yourself. You should see some of the other responses we got after our letter was published."

    "I can well imagine," I replied.

    "One of the people who wrote was so vulgar and disgusting," Greta said, "Do you remember Armand? The one who wanted to meet me by myself and bring his three dogs to have sex with me?"

    "Yes, I remember. He must be a local person. We did not reply, obviously, but realized that we should not have used our real names in writing the story. This person probably knows who we are, and that can be dangerous, Greta."

    "How long ago did he write?", I asked.

    "About three months ago."

    "And he did not write again?", I asked.

    "No, but we got more such offers from other people," Greta said, "They wanted me to meet them at their houses without my husband, and participate in an orgy with a bunch of their friends. I really thought we had made a big mistake in writing to this magazine."

    "But I have to say that your letters were very nice, David," Armand replied, "You were very kind and appreciative of our newfound experiences. Not many people were like that. Many of them condemned us for what they called our deviant behavior. All we wanted was to learn from other, more experienced people, about what we were discovering about ourselves. You were very considerate, that is why we decided to meet you today. If you could, Greta and I would like to ask you to stay with us for a couple of days, and teach us some new things about sex. We would like you to participate fully with us in everything. Is that okay?" He made a sharp left turn through a narrow gate leading to a small lane.

    "It will be my pleasure, but I can only stay for a day. Let me understand what you are asking, " I said, "Are you saying that you want me to participate in sexual activity with your wife?"

    "Yes. We want you to show us how to do some of the things you have written to us about. We also want you to fulfill your fantasy of watching Greta with Goldie, and then making love to her afterwards."

    "Wow. You are really serious about this, aren't you?"

    Greta looked at me, and said, "I hope you will participate. It is also my fantasy to have sex with another man while my husband watches. He also wants to do it. I hope we have not shocked you."

    "No, no. That's not the reason I am surprised. I just did not expect you to be so open-minded about this."

    "Armand and I love each other, David, and we trust our love. Our children have grown up, and left the house, and now we are free to experiment with things we could not do before. But we need some guidance, and you were the only one of the many people who responded to our story, who showed a real mature and understanding attitude. That is why I was so delighted when you sent the message that you were coming to Boston. I never thought it would happen. I am really looking forward to this evening and night." Greta replied, and reached back to pat my knee as a gesture of trust and acceptance.

    Part II

    Armand stopped the car at a small bungalow, surrounded by a brick wall. He got out and opened the gate, and then drove the car in. Greta opened the front door, and invited me in. Armand did not follow us in, and I assumed he was busy parking the car properly. As soon as we stepped into the living room, their golden retriever Goldie came running, and lifting his front paws, greeted his mistress by hugging her by the waist. He stretched his neck out, and took a swipe at her face with his long tongue, all the time wagging his tail. I immediately noticed the red tip of his penis just beyond the sheath, as he tried to raise himself further, trying to make contact with Greta's leg. She quickly pushed him off, and told him to go back to his resting place in the corner, and turned to look at me.

    I could see that she was embarrassed by the dog's overt advance, even though she knew I was already aware of her relationship with the dog. She smiled nervously, and said, "Goldie gets too friendly sometimes. We have to chain him whenever we have guests, because most of them don't know about it. But you already know. I hope you were not embarrassed."

    "Are you kidding?", I replied, "I think it is pretty exciting. But you seem embarrassed. There is no need. I expected to see this. That is what we have been discussing in our correspondence all this time."

    Greta smiled with relief, and said, "Make yourself comfortable. Would you like something to drink?"

    "No, I am fine. May I call you Greta?"

    "Of course. There is no need to be formal. I mean we have discussed so many intimate things about each other through the e-mail."

    "Where is your husband?"

    "Oh, he had to finish one errand before the end of the day. He will be back in a few minutes. The kitchen is that way, if you need anything. I am going to change into something more comfortable."

    She disappeared into the bedroom. I wandered about the living room, looking at their collection of books and music. I heard footsteps behind me as I bent down to look at the collection of videos. I turned around, and found myself face to face with Greta. She had changed into a frock that barely reached her knees. The deep neck line of the dress did little to hide her beautiful cleavage. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra under the dress, as her nipples clearly showed through the light coloured fabric.

    She followed my gaze to her bosom, and said, "Why don't you also change into something more comfortable? I will get you one of Armand's shorts, if you like."

    I noticed that she was looking boldly at me, and her gaze moved from my face to my tight-fitting shirt and jeans. I could feel my organ responding to her gaze.

    "Come with me," she took my hand in hers, and led me to their bedroom. She took out one of her husband's beach shorts, and handed it to me. "Change into this. You will be much more comfortable."

    I waited for her to leave the bedroom, but she stayed put, waiting for me to start undressing. "Are you feeling nervous about undressing in front of me? Then how will you participate in the rest of the activities? Come, let me help you."

    Without waiting for my reply, she stepped forward and unbuckled my belt. She loosened it, and quickly unzipped my trousers. She let them slide to the floor and started unbuttoning my shirt. She pulled it off my shoulders, getting very close to me in the process. I could feel her breath on my neck and was terribly tempted to take her in my arms and kiss her. I could feel my penis harden at the thought, but I stood before her in my underwear, wordlessly watching her next move.

    She looked me over, and said, "You have a nice body, David," running her fingers over my chest and stomach. As her hand drifted downward, I could feel my penis harden even more, and formed an unmistakable tent in my underwear. Greta looked down at the tent, and smiled at me.

    "Why don't you take it off, David? Be comfortable. Let me do it."

    She swiftly pulled my underwear down, freeing my stiff penis. It sprang sharply up, and made a slapping sound against my belly. Greta gasped, and said, "Oh my. It is nice. You are already so stiff. It is just as I had imagined it from your description."

    She took the throbbing penis in her hands and rubbed it between her palms. I groaned with pleasure, as her soft fingers caressed the shaft and the balls in deliberate strokes. She watched my face intently, and said, "You are really enjoying this, aren't you?"

    I just nodded. She gently squeezed the shaft, and let go. She smiled and said, "Come, let's have some tea."

    I pulled on the shorts and followed her in the kitchen, watching her undulating hips and the silhouette of her voluptuous body outlined by the light falling from the front. She had been quite bold with me, and I realized that her relationship with her husband must be quite secure for her to flirt so blatantly with a new acquaintance like me. I was quite aroused by her foreplay, and wanted to give expression to the desperate urge to crush her in my arms and kiss her, to feel her body against mine, and to run my hands all over her tempting curves.

    Greta stood before the range, and set the pot of water to boil. Her back was turned to me, and I could see the shapely curves of her slim waist and hips. My penis was still hard, and I could feel its gentle throbbing in the loose confines of the shorts. I could feel it rising at the sight of Greta's voluptuous body.

    With a boldness that surprised me, I put my arms around her and pulled her back into me. She moved back willingly, clutching my arms firmly against her body. Encouraged, I turned her around, and pulled her into my arms. I kissed her, pushing my tongue firmly between her open lips, and found her responding to me with equal passion. I squeezed the flesh of her buttocks, pressing my erect penis against her pelvis through our clothes. Greta put her hands on my buttocks and pressed herself against my erection, moaning loudly as our passion rose in the lustful embrace.

    Her hands sought out my erection, and she pulled it out of the shorts. Lifting her dress, she pressed the tip against her panty-covered mound, and rotated the shaft, causing it to rub against her wetness. "Oh God. It feels so wonderful, David. Press it harder," she moaned and kissed me, pushing her probing tongue deep inside my mouth.

    I was so aroused by her passion that I knew I would explode very soon. I grabbed my penis, and pushing her panty aside, pressed the tip against her opening. Greta pushed me against the dinner table, and spreading her legs, guided my stiff organ into the opening of her pussy. She was soaking wet with desire. She grabbed my waist and jerked her hips against me. I groaned loudly as my erect penis slipped past her opening and entered her tight and warm passage. Greta let out a deep sigh, and gasped, "Oh God. You are so hard and thick, David. I feel so completely filled."

    We were soon engulfed in the vortex of passion as I turned her around and laid her on the dinner table. Her feet dangled off the edge as I positioned myself between her open thighs, and started plunging my shaft in full strokes. Greta kept moaning loudly, moving her head from side to side as her passion mounted. Her moans attracted her dog, and he came running into the kitchen, wagging its tail. He jumped up on the table and stuck his nose between our bodies. His tongue darted out and licked my balls. I gasped at this sudden stimulation and felt my penis stiffen even more. Our love juices were dripping out of our union, and the dog wasted no time in licking our genitals as I continued to plunge into Greta. She screamed and lifted her hips off the table as her body convulsed in orgasm. I could feel her pussy lips contract around my shaft. I could not control the imminent explosion of my balls, and plunged with all my energy as the shaft jerked deep inside her passage. We could both feel the powerful eruption of my shaft and the splashing of the fluid into Greta's warm and slippery passage. We both groaned loudly, shuddering in ecstasy as our orgasms crashed like waves against each other. The dog kept lapping at our genitals, trying to lick as much of our love juices as he could.

    Part III

    "I see that you have already managed to get well-acquainted with each other," Armand said, standing in the doorway.

    I quickly pulled out of Greta, and stepped back. Her dog immediately started licking her pussy, pushing his tongue deep in her passage to lick my fluid which had filled her passage. Greta rotated her hips against the dog's snout, holding on to his head. I pulled my shorts up, and started to apologize to Armand, but he quickly raised his hand.

    "No need to explain or apologize, David. I wanted Greta to have a few moments with you before we start our evening of intimate experiences. She wanted to make you feel comfortable around us. I hope you are comfortable."

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