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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality.

    He looked so sad.

    He should be a proud dog, a 200 pound Saint Bernard. But he looked so miserable and lonely shivering in the cold rain, tied to a post. It broke my heart seeing him standing there. I walked over to him. He looked ecstatic to be given even a little attention and he eagerly wagged his tail in greeting as he walked over to me. He sniffed my hand and licked it as I patted his head and rubbed his thick wet fur. I kneeled down so he could lick my face with his warm tongue.

    "That's a good boy," I told him, "You are such a sweet fellow. But what is your name? I'll call you 'Buster'!" and I gave him a big hug.

    Day after day I would walk past Buster's house on my way home from work. He was always tied to a post and always looked very sad and lonely. So, I got into the habit of always keeping some dog treats in my pocket so I could give Buster a treat every time I got to say 'Hi' to him. He was always very friendly and seemed to love the attention.

    Sometimes I'd bring a toy along to play with Buster. We would play tug of war with a rope or fetch. He couldn't go very far on his chain but he did the best he could and he always enjoyed playing.

    One day I was visiting with Buster when a woman at his house stuck her head out of her door and yelled at me, "Hey you! Get away from my dog!"

    I replied, "You just relax! I'm just saying 'Hi' to my friend here. I'm not hurting anyone."

    The woman seemed to be in her late thirties, with dark hair having streaks of gray. She wasn't bad looking except she had a scowl on her face as she said, "I don't care. Get off my fucking property and stay away from my dog."

    I told her, "Listen you! This poor dog seems starved for affection. Dogs have feelings just as people do, ya know!" as I walked toward the woman.

    The woman just stood there silently for a while with an angry look on her face. Finally she said, "That dog is my property. I'll do with him as I like and it's none of your damned business."

    By now I was standing directly in front of her. I replied, very forcefully, "Well I'm making it my business. Listen, can we talk about this inside for a few minutes rather than shout back and forth out here?"

    The woman thought for a moment and looked me up and down before she said, "Sure, come on inside. Want some coffee?"

    I said, "Sure!"

    As I entered her house she introduced herself. "Name's Tina."

    "Hi, I'm Dan."

    Tina prepared a cup of coffee for me and I sat with her at her kitchen table.

    I said, "Ya know, we got off to a bad start. I don't want to be telling you what to do but it just breaks my heart seeing that poor dog tied up outside in all kinds of weather."

    She sneered, "Oh, it breaks yer heart does it? Well, as I told ya before that dog is my property. I'll do with my property as I see fit. If'n ya don't like it, well... blow it out yer ass!"

    I was enraged by the callous attitude of this white trash bitch who was sitting in front of me. I said, "What you are doing is downright cruel. That is such a sweet dog you have there and you treat him like shit. What the fuck is wrong with you? What kind of monster are you?"

    Tina jumped up and yelled, "Get out of my fucking house! Nobody talks to me that way!"

    She had such fire, such passion, that I forgot myself and I jumped up, grabbed her hair, pulled her head back, and planted a passionate kiss on her.

    She kissed me back.

    In a short while we were rolling around on her bed. We both took off our clothes and lay there naked as I held her close to me. She had full breasts with large, pink nipples. She seemed to love having me massage and suck them. Unfortunately, I was a bit put off by Tina's bad breath and seeming lack of attention to personal hygiene. In particular she had a pair of socks that stunk up her entire bedroom. I was wondering then how often she changed her socks.

    In preparation for intercourse, I started licking her between her legs. It was a mistake. She had some genital warts that caused me to pause and reflect on what I was doing. Furthermore, her pussy had a particularly rancid taste to it. In short order I had lost my erection, and was facing a dilemma -- how to gracefully back away from a sexual situation. She was moaning and had her legs spread wide, waiting for me to enter her. I just wanted to go back to playing tug of war with Buster.

    I showed her my rapidly wilting penis and said, "Um, look, this has never happened to me before."

    She gazed at my penis for a moment with a scowl on her face, and finally started laughing.

    As she laughed she said, "You impotent imposter! I thought you was a man, but you ain't no man at all, you're a fuckin' eunuch! A eunuch, ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!!"

    That made me angry.

    I cliched my fist and hit her square on the jaw with a sharp upper-cut. Knocked her out cold. While she was unconscious I scouted around her place for some rope. In a couple of minutes I had bound her naked body spreadeagled to her bed, each hand and foot tied securely to one of the bedposts.

    I wadded up my underpants for use as a gag, positioning a brown skidmark at the bottom to delight her palate while the gag was in her mouth. I gagged her with it.

    Then I got some ammonia and put it under her nose while I slapped her face to wake her up.

    "Wake up, sleepy head!" I softly spoke to her as she slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes fluttered momentarily and then her blue eyes grew wide with panic as she suddenly realized she was helpless, at my mercy, unable to cry out for help.

    "Do you mind if I bring Buster in here to play?" I asked her. "Um, Buster is the name I gave to that Saint Bernard of yours."

    "Mmmmpphhh!!!" was her reply which I took to mean: "Not at all!"

    I went out to her yard to get Buster. He was very happy to see me. I led him into the house and released the chain from his collar as I let him inside. He was very excited, jumping around and running from room to room. After he settled down a bit, I led him into the bedroom to join Tina and me for some games.

    When Buster found Tina he licked her on various parts of her body, making her squeal. I had a jar of peanut butter on her bedside table I had retrieved from her cupboard earlier. I smeared some peanut butter all over Tina's cunt, also putting some deep in her moist vaginal hole.

    Buster started licking up the peanut butter. Tina reacted to his long hot tongue by writhing around on the bed, as much as her bonds allowed. She was letting out moans through her gag.

    While Buster was licking Tina, I started gently stroking the sheath of his penis. His red penis started to emerge. Inch by inch it grew until it was 7 inches, 8 inches, 9 inches, then 10 inches long and over 2 inches thick. Not a bad piece of meat. Tina's cunt was a bit too low for him, so I shoved a bunch of pillows under her butt to elevate her cunt to an accessible height for Buster. I guided his giant penis into her cunt. Feeling it enter her cunt, he instinctively started thrusting. After a few quick thrusts his red pole had gone all the way inside of Tina. From the look of terror on her face, I got the impression she was having some trouble accommodating all of it. Too bad.

    Buster held tightly onto Tina's sides with his forepaws as he thrust rapidly, at a machinegun pace. Tina cried out "Mmmmpphhh!!!" through her gag as she was being fucked senseless by this beast. I interpreted her remark to mean, "Baby, baby, give it to me!" I think her remark might have had to do with the fact that Buster's giant knot was now locked inside of her cunt and was swelling to some very large proportions.

    Buster thrust his giant rod into Tina very rapidly, three or four times a second. Meanwhile, I rubbed her big breasts and fondled my hard dick while I whispered pillow talk in Tina's ear. I told her, "You're his bitch now, bitch. You belong to Buster. How does it feel, huh? Are you getting excited? Are you gonna cum?"

    Her reply was "Mmmmpphhh!!!" as her eyes rolled back in her head. After a few minutes I couldn't take any more and shot my cum on Tina's face.

    Buster was still rapidly fucking her, but Tina had a far-away look in her eyes. Her body suddenly shuddered and her eyes closed. Tina had passed out but Buster wasn't quite finished with her.

    His forepaws had already scratched the hell out of Tina's sides. Her white skin had some long red scratches from his paws. Buster continued to hump Tina desperately. Finally he slowed down as he pumped his cum into her. He licked her face, which woke her up again.

    I chided her, "You're not a good hostess -- you're not supposed to keep falling asleep in front of your guests."

    I added, "I'm going to remove your gag now. Don't scream or do anything to spook old Buster here. If he takes off with that knot inside you, you'll be in a world of hurt."

    I removed her gag.

    Tina sputtered for a minute and then said, "Is that all there is? I only cummed one time before I passed out!"


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    That is a bitch

    Jun 8 2013 06:14
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