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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, group, orgy, goat sex.

    We are posting these stories about happenings from our past 23 years of marriage. Most of them happened in the early 70's before sex was such a dangerous proposition. So, if you ever got fucked by a little redhead, you may have met Rhonda. While she is over 30 (she got pissed when I put in her real age last time), she still looks much, much younger as she is always working to stay in shape. She is 5"5", 105 lbs, and has delicious small, perky tits. Her pussy is still soft and tight (no kids) and has a great round firm ass that guys love to fuck.

    If you enjoy our experiences, send us a story back.

    The summer after we were married was a good one for Rhonda. She was doing good in her job and was feeling pleased with herself. I, however, was looking for a job and didn't share her feelings.

    One of the things that her family always did when she was a little girl was go to the local county fair. She thought that this would take my mind off my problems and took me to one in a town near where we lived in upstate New York. Rhonda put on a white halter top that was nothing more than a piece of material that barely covered her. From the side you could see the roundness of her tits, and if she moved right they would actually peek out. A pair of jean cut-offs and sneakers finished her outfit. She knew that I would like this and hoped it would raise my spirits as she flashed her tits at me or any guy who bothered to look.

    Even though she didn't know anybody in the area, she had a great time at the fair. She wanted to go see the animals, which didn't appeal to me. They did have a nice little sportsman area and since I like fishing I decided to check that out. We agreed to meet in a couple hours at the grandstand area.

    The fishing stuff was better than I thought it would be and I lost track of the time. As I rushed to meet Rhonda, I found her standing near a men's toilet at the side of the grandstand area. The toilet had a partition in front of the door so that you could not look into it. Rhonda was standing with her back against the partition and a young guy was facing her with his arm over her braced against the partition.

    From the look of it I could tell this guy was putting the moves on Rhonda. She was playing back to the guy swinging her purse and swaying side to side, showing peeks of her tits under her halter. Rhonda later told me that the boy was following her around while she was looking at the animals. He would stand real close to her and let his hands rub across her ass or legs. Rhonda encouraged him by stopping abruptly and letting him bump into her. In one crowd he stood close enough behind her so that she could feel his hard cock press against her ass. Rhonda swayed back and rubbed up and down on it to let him know she was enjoying it. She knew she had him hooked when he put his arm around her and whispered in her ear that he wanted to go talk with her alone.

    As I got to them, I walked past and ducked behind the screen after I was sure Rhonda saw me. From what I heard the guy was a local high school football stud and he was really building himself up. Rhonda was telling him that she was a college girl home for the summer. The guy told Rhonda that he heard that college girls were really hot. Rhonda told him that she didn't know about that, but she did like to fuck. She continued that she just had a fight with her boyfriend when she found out he had been with another girl. She figured she would have to get even with him by fucking another guy. Rhonda said the guy leaned forward and slipped his free hand up her halter and grabbed one of her nipples. "I'm the guy that can give you that fuck baby," he said as he kissed her.

    Rhonda said he rammed his tongue into her mouth and moved his hand from her tit down into her shorts. He found her clit and began rubbing it. At this point I could hear Rhonda moaning. In a short time she pulled her mouth off his and said, "Oh fuck, your making me come." As she finished cumming on the guy's hand another guy came around the corner. Rhonda yanked the boy's hand out of her shorts and asked him if he knew of a place they could go so she could fuck him. The boy told her he knew of a barn they could use.

    As they left I followed trying not to be noticed. The whole time the boy had his arm around Rhonda and was feeling her tits. He led her to a barn near the edge of the fairgrounds and took her inside. I panicked for fear of not being able to get inside. Luckily there was another door on the other side of the barn. Inside, there were bales of straw and hay piled all over. In one corner there was a small pen that had a couple of goats in it. After crawling around a bit I found the two of them behind some bales. They had pulled down straw and made a nest and were at each other.

    The boy was sitting on his legs and Rhonda was on his lap. They both had their tops off and he was holding Rhonda back sucking on her tits. In this position, Rhonda's small tits all but disappear leaving only hard little nipples. They were red and very hard. I could hear him slurping away while Rhonda groaned and stroked his hair pulling his face closer to her nipples. As Rhonda slipped off of his lap, he removed her shorts leaving her panties on. He stood up and took off his pants letting his huge hard cock stick out at Rhonda. Rhonda was on her back and I could see that her panties were very wet. She was working both of her nipples that were still erect from the sucking the boy gave them.

    The guy kneeled down and straddled her legs putting his face to her pussy. Rhonda begged, "Eat me, NOW!" With one flick the boy tore her panties off, ripping them in the process. He grabbed her thighs and spread her legs as wide as they could go. In this position, her cunt opened up like a flower in bloom. He stuck two fingers in her wet pussy and stroked her insides. Rhonda closed her eyes and waited for his tongue on her cunt. He pulled his pussy juice covered fingers out of her. The boy raised himself up, stroked Rhonda's cunt juice on his cock and drove it into Rhonda's wet, slippery cunt. Rhonda opened her eyes at this assault and began pushing at the boy. "Please, stop. You can fuck me but you have to put on a rubber," she screamed. The boy put his full weight onto her and started slamming his cock in and out of Rhonda despite her attempts to push him off. "I don't fuck any cunt with a rubber. You're going to take my cum and like it bitch," he snarled at her.

    I was just about to jump up but realized I was frozen to the spot. I also noticed that Rhonda had stopped protesting and was beginning to move her hands from his chest down to his sides pulling him into her. Rhonda was visibly loosening up to his thrusts. The boy looked down at her and said, "You want my cum, don't you you little fucking whore?" Rhonda closed her eyes and said, "Yes. Yes, fuck me, harder harder. Fill me up with your cum."

    The boy put his full body onto her and started to pump deep into her. Rhonda wrapped her legs around the boy's back. I was frozen watching my wife take this boy on and loose herself in her passion. "You'll be able to tell that dumb fuck boyfriend that I really fucked your slippery pussy. What a great tight fucking cunt," he said between grunts. From my spot I could see the boy's cock sliding in and out of Rhonda. His cock and her legs began to glisten from the pussy juice she was releasing.

    Eventually the boy knelt up and put Rhonda's legs over his shoulders. With one rapid thrust he again buried his stiff cock deep into my wife. Rhonda lay there moaning, "Yes, oh yes, god yes." The boy suddenly stopped his pounding and pulled his cock out of Rhonda's sloppy cunt. He held the tip of it just inside the opening of her pussy. "Now," he shouted as he rammed it the full length into her. Rhonda let out a yelp at the thrust but didn't back away from it. The boy began pumping hot globs of white cum into Rhonda's thirsty cunt. "I'm filling your cunt up, bitch. Fuck you feel good," he grunted as he spurt deep into her. After the last of his sperm drained into my wife's cunt, he laid at Rhonda's side. As she spread her legs open and fingered her clit I could see her pussy red and puffy. Her thighs were wet and slick. The boy stood up and threw Rhonda her shorts and told her to get dressed before someone came. While still on her back, Rhonda lifted up her ass as she slipped her shorts on. A dribble of white cum leaked out of her cunt. The boy pulled Rhonda to her knees and shoved his still stiff cock into her face. "Clean it off baby," he commanded.

    Rhonda sucked his cock into her mouth and began working up and down the shaft. As she did this, she reached into her shorts and stroked her clit. I noticed her have a deep orgasm as she let out a groan stifled by the boy's cock. The boy grabbed her head and started to shoot another load. "Oh god, drink my cum you little whore," he groaned. Rhonda let his cum run out her mouth and onto her tits. After Rhonda sucked the last of his sperm into her mouth the boy pulled from her and grabbed her panties telling Rhonda he was keeping them for a souvenir. Rhonda's tits were covered with drops of saliva and the boy's cum.

    After they finished dressing they left the barn. I went to the spot where my wife was just fucked and could smell the fragrance of her perfume, her cunt and his cum. When I found her she was alone. As I approached, I could see a very noticeable wet spot in the crotch of her cut-offs as well as sticky spots where his sperm on her tits was drying through her halter. She asked me if I saw what happened. I said yes and that I almost stopped it when he put it into her without a rubber. "I'm glad you didn't," she replied. She told me that at first she was concerned and really wanted him to put on a rubber, but when he told her she was going to take his cum and like it she got really turned on. She told me that as they left they met some friends of his and he told her to wait while they got some beer. He wanted all of them to fuck her when they got back. I asked her what she wanted to do, if she wanted to go or stay. She pulled my hand to her wet crotch and rubbed it in. "Since I already have a cummy pussy, and I think I still have room for more, I think I want to stay."

    About this time the guys were coming back and I ducked away. As they handed Rhonda a beer I heard them compliment her. The guy she fuck said, "Yeah, wait till you put your cock into her sweet snatch. She's a great piece of ass." The three of them took Rhonda back to the barn.

    When I got in, Rhonda was naked and riding on one of the new guys. She had her head thrown back and was pumping down on him as hard as she could. His cock disappeared into her moist cunt with no effort. The other new guy was positioning himself in front of her so she could suck on his cock. Rhonda leaned forward and pulled his hard shaft into her mouth. She adjusted her rhythm so that as one cock was going out of her she was taking the other one in. The guy she fucked first stood to the side watching as he rubbed his cock. "That's it. Fuck that cunt. Give her your stiff cock. She wants it bad," he was saying.

    The guy under Rhonda was grabbing at her tits and pulling her nipples. Rhonda pulled the one guy's cock out of her mouth and barked commands at the guy in her cunt. "Grab my waist and pull me down harder. Make your cock ram into me," she told him. This was all he needed and he began thrusting up into her as he pulled her down on his shaft. With one final thrust he grunted and shot his sperm up Rhonda's cunt. Rhonda rolled off of him holding her cunt's precious load of cum in it with one hand. The guy who was fucking her mouth laid down next to her. He began rubbing his hands all over Rhonda's body paying particular attention to her tits. As this is Rhonda's hottest spot, she was really getting into it. I saw her tongue disappear into his mouth as she moaned for him to pinch her nipples harder. I thought that he was going to pull them off her tits the way he worked on them. Eventually, the boy told the other two guys to spread her legs while he laid on her. As his cock pumped in and out of my wife's pussy I could see it get covered with streaks of white cum. In just a few thrusts he too relinquished his load to Rhonda's pussy.

    The guy who first fucked Rhonda pulled his friend off of her and made her get on her hands and knees. He got down behind her and pulled her back onto his cock, ready to fuck her for his third time. After he got his cock slippery with the mix of cum in her cunt, he pulled out and said, "I want your other hole bitch." As he pushed his cock into Rhonda's ass I heard her plead, "More. I want more fucking cock." Rhonda let out with a huge orgasm. "I'm cumming. I'm cumming. I'm cumming," she kept repeating. The other two guys stood in front of Rhonda and let her pull and suck on their cocks, now hard from her attention. Between her slurps I heard her beg the boy in her ass to fuck her harder. She slurped the other two guys telling them how good they tasted. The two guys eventually laid down in front of her and she buried her face into their crotches. She would alternate her sucking between their cocks and their balls. Her tongue painted up and down their shafts as they laid there groaning. All the while Rhonda was bouncing from the pounding the boy in her ass was giving her. Rhonda ordered them to pump their cocks into her mouth or slam into her ass.

    As Rhonda directed the action, the guys getting sucked let their loads go and Rhonda aimed their sperm all over her face and tits. This spurred the boy in Rhonda's ass on and he continued to ram his cock into her harder than I thought she could ever take. At the final moment he pushed all the way into her and gave her his load which by now must have been pretty small. Rhonda nearly fell forward from his thrust. Collapsing in the straw, the four of them lay together and I heard them talk quietly but couldn't make out what they were saying. Whatever they were talking about, Rhonda was agreeing to with a huge smile on her lips. Rhonda stroked their cocks and balls squeezing every last drop out of them. She rubbed the last bit of her prize from them over her tits.

    One of the guys got up and went to the pen with the goats. He brought a large billy up to where Rhonda and the others were. I heard him tell how he always got turned on by watching his billy mount the nannies he had while in F-H. Now he wanted to watch Rhonda get fucked by the goat. "You look like you need some more fucking. Don't you?" he asked. "Yes," was Rhonda's reply. Rhonda had always read the stories in Hustler about women who fucked dogs and such and was somewhat impressed. She said that they certainly did not have a species bias and would say after all, "sperm is sperm and females are made to take sperm from males". I knew my wife was moments away from fucking her first animal and realized that was what her previous smile was all about. At the boy's command, Rhonda got back on her hands and knees. The look on her face was incredible. It was proud, confident, defiant and very passionate. She closed her eyes and said, "OK. Let him fuck me. He'll show you how to really fuck me." She wiggled her ass and I noticed a stream of white cum ooze from her cunt. One of the boys knelt down and began fingering her pussy. Rhonda started cooing as his fingers slid in and out of her. The guy who fucked her first told Rhonda to squeeze out more cum. Rhonda bore down and pushed a huge glob of sperm from her red, swollen snatch. The boy with his fingers in her started to massage it all around her ass.

    The guy holding the goat told Rhonda to back up to the goat. Rhonda backed up to the billy and at first it didn't appear that the billy knew what to do. He gave Rhonda's ass a few quick licks but didn't seem interested in the pussy that was being offered up to him. The boy explained that the billy needed to be coaxed so he had Rhonda reach around and stroke the billy's cock. In no time it poked out of its sheath and grew in length and stiffness. "He's ready now," the boy said. Rhonda got back on her hands and knees. She backed her ass right up to the billy and told the boy holding him, "Stick that cock into me." The guy lifted the billy unto Rhonda's back. He and Rhonda joined their hands together forming a funnel for the goat's cock. As its cock entered my wife's pussy Rhonda looked at the boy helping her and kissed him. I could see the two of them thrusting their tongues in and out of each others' mouth.

    Rhonda began to breathe heavily and hump her ass back toward the goat. Any thoughts about the billy knowing what to do vanished. It began bucking and pumping into my little wife's cunt with a fury. Rhonda pulled her mouth from the boy she was kissing and started screaming, "OH FUCK DOES IT FEEL GOOD. I LOVE GOAT FUCKING! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" The guys were cheering her on calling her a, "goat fucking cunt, slut fucking bitch." "I am, I am. Make him give me more," Rhonda pleaded. The goat obviously enjoyed fucking a woman because it began to bleat and nip at Rhonda's neck. With each bite Rhonda yelled and pumped back harder. Rhonda's little tits were swaying back and forth with each thrust. The 4-H boy said the goat was almost ready to pump Rhonda full of cum. Rhonda lowered her head and put all of her concentration into making it happen. With a final bleat and bite at Rhonda it let loose and shot its load into her. A little trickle of blood ran down her neck from the last nip of the goat. Rhonda later told me that she could feel the goat spurt and coat the inside of her cunt with its cum, more than any guy who filled her with his sperm. She said that it had a musky odor that was pleasing to her. She almost could taste it.

    The three guys stood in silence as Rhonda collapsed into the straw. As she massaged her thoroughly cum filled pussy, she began putting her fingers into her cunt and after she took them out she licked and sucked the cum greedily off of her fingers enjoying the taste of the mingled cum. She later told me the goat cum gave it a flavor she never tasted before but really enjoyed. "Grab her clothes," the guy who fucked her first told his friends. "Let the little slut leave here naked." Each guy knelt by her and gave her body a once over as they kissed her. Rhonda thanked them as they took their turn.

    They left Rhonda laying in the straw with the goat calmly munching beside her. When I approached, Rhonda was stroking her pussy with one hand and petting the goat with her other. I took my rock hard cock out of my pants and climbed on top of my wife. With one fast thrust I stuck my cock up her cunt. She let out a little groan as it slid in and she wrapped her legs around my back to lock me in. Her pussy was as soft as silk. It was incredibly warm and loose. She had to squeeze down to allow me to feel her. As she squeezed, a glob of cum leaked out of her pussy and smeared over our legs. Rhonda moaned, "Mix your cum with theirs," as she bit on my ear and neck. "Fuck your sperm into me. Pump their cum deeper into my pussy," she demanded. With one last pump, I rammed deep into her and let my load go. Her pussy drank it up like it was empty. After my spasms subsided and my cock went limp in her, she asked me to get the car so she could make a dash for it. I asked her if she wanted me to get something for her to wear. "No. I want to go home naked," she said smiling up at me. I grabbed her purse and left her to get the car.

    When I got to the barn with the car, I honked the horn as she asked but she failed to come out. Just as I was getting ready to go get her, the door opened and an older man looked out and motioned. Rhonda calmly walked to the open door totally naked and stood on her tip-toes and kissed him and made a dash for the car. As she ducked in the car a group of people saw her and clapped and yelled. Rhonda told me that the guy had been in the barn and saw her fuck the guys, the goat and me. After I left she drifted off a bit and was startled by the guy standing over her rubbing his hard cock. His pants were down around his ankles and he had his shirt unbuttoned. Rhonda was pleased to see that his cock was as large as it was. Rhonda looked up at him and said, "Well, what are you waiting for. Fuck me."

    As the guy knelt between her legs he reached out to touch her pussy. He stroked her and found her hole waiting for his fingers. With his other hand he began rubbing her clit. As he rubbed my wife she said she started to groan with passion. He withdrew his cum covered fingers and rubbed them off on her nipples. As he tweaked and pulled on her nipples Rhonda blew up in a huge orgasm.

    The guy then laid on top of Rhonda and clumsily tried to penetrate her slippery pussy with his cock. Rhonda said she could tell that he hadn't had any for awhile as he seemed very out of practice. She talked to him and got him to slow down. Rhonda reached down between them and guided his stiff cock into her slippery, hungry cunt. Its size filled her stretched pussy and Rhonda wiggled to get it comfortably in her. Rhonda wrapped her legs and arms around him and got him to adjust his rhythm so that she got the most satisfaction. Just as she was starting to have another orgasm, the guy let out a grunt and unloaded his sperm into Rhonda's pussy. She gave up her orgasm and let him flood his cum into her all the while whispering into his ear, "I love taking your cum. Keep pumping more in me. I love you so much." As she lay with him on top of her, she said she got the warmest feeling smelling his sweaty body and the faint odor of horses. It turned out that the guy was showing horses at the fair and had stumbled onto Rhonda's orgy.

    As he lay on top of her with his cock softening inside her, he told her that when he was in the service during WWII he saw a film where a woman had gotten fucked by a Shetland pony. Seeing Rhonda do the goat brought back those memories. He told her that he had ponies and would love to see Rhonda do one of them. Before he got the door ready for her, he gave her his name and number and asked her to please call him if she was interested. As she told me the story she rubbed herself off in the front seat of the car and had a small orgasm. The seat was developing a huge wet spot from the cum leaking out of Rhonda's body and down between her shiny, slippery thighs. Her tits were swollen and covered with dried cum and a bit of blood from the nip the goat gave her. She wrapped the blanket we keep in the car around herself and started to fall asleep. Before she drifted off she looked at me and said, "I did it didn't I. I'm a great fucking piece of ass." I looked at her. "You sure are," was all I could say. She still has a scar from the goat love-bite.

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