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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, bi sex, tiger sex.

    She soared, but the rush was not coming fast, just slowly building up. Human fucking was so nice, so slow, so strong. Her instinct to cum fast just made more cums every time, and she was filled with wonder at the pleasure of it. "Evan, Evan, fuck Tawny good, long ooooooh." He was grinning that happy smile of conquest, and she arched her body to deepen the penteration of her intestine. It felt so good inside her, the only pain in the outside rim, and that only added to the thrill building up.

    Then the rush exploded, making her wail with release and excitement. "Cum, cum, cum, ooooh good cum." Her hand in her cunt worked frantically, sopping wet with her juice. Tania rose and sunk once more on the turgid cock reaming her rear end, then slumped over, a wave of weakness surging through her as the powerful orgasm reverberated in her groin. She felt his arms around her waist, supporting her swooning body. His prick was still stiff, deep inside her. She leaned down further, resting on his chest, and the member popped out of her ass.

    Her rush eased, and she heard his heavy breathing. When she looked up into his eyes, they were still bright, and he had his hands on her butt cheeks, kneading and feeling their firm muscularity. He wanted more. She realized she wanted more. She rose off the bunk, and pulled the garment over her head, grinning with anticipation of another fuck. No tiger could do this, keep hard so long, again and again.

    She felt him seem to jump off the bunk, and throw her down on her back on the mattress, on his knees between her legs. It was a violent movement, full of lustful need, and his face was almost snarling. Her grin widened as she welcomed his assault, throwing her legs around his hips, and using them to pull him violently inside her sloppy, open twat, still wet from her climax. She felt his hands roughly pulling on her nipples, stinging but exciting, sending waves down into her suddenly filled pussy. "Fuck, Evan. Fuck, fuck, fuck."

    Evan was wild, out of control with the raw sexual energy this girl radiated. Her exotic face, gorgeous with the makeup, was leering in fierce welcome of his frantic rape. Her reactions were primitive and powerful, driving his desperate need for release. He leaned down to stare at her as he began pistoning into her cuntal hole, all the way out with each stroke, then sinking to his full depth with urgent force. She squealed at each penetration, her hips bucking up to increase the power of the thrusts.

    He felt like an animal, driving mindlessly into a euphoric red haze of pleasure, his cock ringing with the warm thrill of this jungle pussy, writhing with her own enjoyment of their frantic coupling. Her eyes got brighter and brighter, radiating an intensity that raised his own excitement. It was a fantastic turn on to have this erotic woman wanting his cock so badly.

    Her hands went around his neck as he continued to thrust frantically into her steaming, sopping swamp of a pussy. He could hear it sucking and churning as his thrills rose. Suddenly she pulled herself up with her hands to lock her wide red mouth to his, sucking and tonguing fiercely. Her hips kept churning to meet his pistoning tool, and he felt pressure start to build up in his balls, warning him that the end was near. But she wouldn't let him slow down, holding the kiss and keeping their keening fuck going as hard as ever.

    She was groaning and grunting, and he could feel her cunt snatching and nipping at his prick. Still her mouth ground into his, and he lost himself in the soaring pleasure that began a slow explosion in his groin. Wild, wild, he thought vaguely as his climax hit.

    Spunk seemed to pour out, even as he felt her cunt contracting around the tender base of his dong. It came in powerful spasms, one, two, then three more quickly. She was moaning into his mouth. Her tits felt like muscular balloons on his chest, the nipples sharp and hot. Her legs were wrapped around his hips, and were pulling their bodies together with amazing strength. He was gasping with the ferocious passion flushing his being. Gotta try this with Gina, he dimly resolved. She could handle it.

    They were almost upright, in a sitting position, and churned at each other trying to make the orgasm last and last. As he started to come down, his mind retained the image of Tawny in the nightie, sexy beyond belief, mewling and writhing in completion. No man alive could have resisted such an image. What a porno tape that would make.

    Chapter Five

    That night they talked about visiting the pride. "I want to see them, Evan. And I want another taste of a tiger fuck. It was absolutely incredible." Gina had said that about five times, and he was getting a little jealous. "You don't have to come if you don't want." But he had to see this. Both beauties getting it on with those animals. Shit.

    They turned in early, and Tawny made them both wear their pants and long sleeved shirts when they set off into the jungle the next morning, rather than use the bug spray. "Bug perfume stinks. Tigers hate stink. Like pussy, though." Gina had a strange, twisted look of desire on her face, and applied makeup heavily.She ended up looking whorish, slutty and sexy. Evan was confused about his feelings, but so turned on by her anticipation he could hardly stand not throwing her down and fucking right there.

    Tawny’s english was getting better and better. She kept getting ahead of them in the thicker brush inland from the river, moving with such sinuous ease while they stumbled clumsily. It took almost three hours, and was hot as hell by the time Tawny's pace slowed, and she signalled for quiet. When they came on a clearing with a matted floor of dirt and leaves, she whispered "Gina and Evan stay here. Tawny get tigers." Even as she slipped away, Gina was stripping down to the black bikini she had worn underneath her jungle clothes. She smiled her sexy, boy am I horny look, and he felt a surge of desire as she fidgeted in the middle of the glen, her hand rubbing over her pussy. He tried to make himself inconspicuous at the edge of the almost cathedral like area.

    No more than five minutes later, they heard crashing in the bush from the direction Tawny had gone, and the girl came running up with a huge animal seeming to chase her. It was nuzzling at her ass, snuffling and snorting. It stopped at the edge of the clearing, looking at Gina and then back to Tawny. He watched as Gina's eyes grew bright, staring at the animal. She pulled off the thong bottom, and rubbed at her petulant bush, growling in imitation of Tawny's sounds when she was excited. The big animal noticed immediately, and stalked deliberately toward the dark haired stranger.

    Gina had felt increasing tension and anticipation all morning. She could tell Evan was pissed at the enthusiasm she had felt for her mating with these animals, but was lost in the fantasy and wonder of it. She wanted to be a tiger’s slut. Her cunt started creaming the minute she saw this larger version of Bigger, and her stomach churned with delight as it seemed to transfer its interest to her almost as soon as he saw her. It was snuffling and focused on her wet slit, and Gina flopped down on her back, spreading her legs while pulling her pussylips open.

    She growled at the animal, but it poked at her hip with its nose instead of going for her slit. Momentarily confused, she finally realized it wanted her to roll over. As she did, wriggling her ass at its jaws, she felt the tongue lick firmly at her bottom. Its upper jaw's teeth were nipping at her butt cheeks, and the little sparks that flew out of that sting added to the incredible stimulation the thick tongue gave her clitty, puffy labia, and ass hole. She pushed back into the pleasure of its devouring maw.

    The tongue dragged through her slit again. Jolts of sensation radiated into her lower body, and she felt her flesh opened to the onslaught. This animal was not as smooth as Bigger, and kept licking at her cream, tasting each time, bumping its nose into her ass, roughly tossing her about. She felt like she had to battle it to keep its licking in the right place, but that added to her sense of the wildness of this moment. Her face would get pushed into the dirt, but all of it made the whole thing sexier to the steaming vixen's fevered mind.

    As Evan watched Gina buffeted by the animal, another one appeared at the edge of the grove. It was smaller, and its tongue was already out, licking its chops. Tawny ignored it, even as the animal snuffled at her ass. She was coming toward him, pushing off her thong. He heard Gina gasping and growling, the fantasy of it stiffening his cock.

    Then he felt the hand cupping his crotch, and Tawny was whispering "Licker good tiger, Evan good fuck. Keep shirt on, big boy. Two cocks." She couldn't mean what he thought. But he was suddenly stiff as a board. She was working his pants down.

    Then she was kneeling in front of him, sucking his tool vigorously as the tiger licked her ass crack. He caught Gina's eye, seeing the passion she was feeling as the the other big striped beast bumped her around while it licked at her butt, a smile of excitement at his participation all making her look to him like some sort of primitive sex goddess. But the tension in his groin was getting intense.

    His pants were all the way off, and neither animal was paying any attention to him, both eating furiously at the foaming cunts they seemed to want to devour. Tawny was deep throating him nicely, making him feel lost in her warm wet mouth. He could feel her tongue laving the head of his member, stimulating it even as she growled and wiggled her rear at the animal tongue.

    The clearing reverberated with the growling and purring of excited animals. Tawny was backing into the open, sucking his dong so hard she pulled him with her. Finally she tugged his hips down and had him prone on the matted jungle floor, and was still stimulating him, but there was a frantic character to her breathing now, and her hips were humping at the tiger with abandon. Gina was starting to groan as her barely covered tits jiggled under her chest, the huge animal behind her still tossing her ass around roughly. She was in her own world.

    Suddenly both women were crying with relief, cumming at the same time, wailing a throaty sound that was itself a turn on. Sexy fucking women, wild tigers, holy shit, he thought. He guessed both animals must have recognized the release, because they kept licking the two cunts as they spasmed, and the cries of orgasm kept going for minutes. Tawny was hardly sucking as she gasped, but kept his jumping member inside her hungry mouth.

    Almost as soon as the echoing groans eased, the big beast behind Gina started to mount her. Evan watched with leering amazement as the furry body worked up on the brunette's back, with its hind paws right behind her thighs. Then she moaned in a shaky, excited way as he saw the striped ass buck forward. Her elbows supported her, and the tiger's front paws were on the ground. "Aaaagh, oh fuuuuuuuck." Now that he saw how much Gina was enjoying this strange experience, his sense of jealousy was replaced by pleasure at her happiness.

    He felt as though they were both casting away yokes of inhibition. Instead of owning each other, he and Gina were trying to find ways both could enjoy the passionate instincts both felt. It was a deep, unforced abandonment of convention that just then seemed like a gift of happiness. Even as he felt Tawny enfold his prick in her pussy, his heart soared with the pleasure they all were sharing.

    The jungle girl was laying on his chest, and suddenly he saw the tigers face over her shoulder, wild eyes staring at him. This close, he could hear its powerful purr, and felt Tawny's hips being humped into his groin. "Licker give Tawny funny fuck. Mmmmm. Good cum."

    Tania was amazed she had managed so easily. Licker had always been cooperative, one of the first to get her off with his tongue, and had gotten in her poop hole once he found her cunt full of Evan without hesitation. He wasn't as fast either, and his thrusts were smooth and exciting. The pressure of both cocks in her belly was intense, particularly as the animal buried himself fully. The big base stretched her ass rim but not too much, and after the first jolts of pain created a combination of thrills she liked.

    She would push back as he thrust in, then push harder to work Evan's member deep inside her. At the instant of full penetration of both, ringing stimulation went out from her bottom in waves of ecstasy. It was very physical, like a run, and the soaring in her mind made her abandon herself to this new idea. There was so much to learn.

    But Licker was starting to speed up. She whispered to Evan "Hurry, hurry stud." She started concentrating on getting his tool to pressure her hard spot, and knew she could get the rush to happen again fast. As Licker froze inside her ass, she climaxed with her hips almost matching his violent thrusts. She could feel his stuff shooting into her bowel, and it immediately started leaking out.

    Evan let himself go, firing spunk into the wild jungle cunt spasming from the tiger in her ass above him. They'll never believe this, he thought, with a small, silent giggle. Gina was staring at them, alone and face down, a funny look of wonder on her gorgeous face. He hadn't even noticed her finish. Even as he bathed in the after glow of orgasm, it seemed to him the whole thing was more in the two women's minds than a really good fuck session. Christ, they traveled for a total of six hours for fifteen minutes of fun.

    Gina admitted that as they bathed their somewhat beaten bodies in the river that night. "You are a better fuck, babe. Goddamn tigers are wham, bam, thank you maam." Both had some bites, and Gina had been clawed on the arm, though it wasn't deep. They were worn out from the long hike, though Tawny was out in the jungle. Nothing seemed to tire her.

    They had decided to head back the next day. Tawny had found out the mother, as she called her, had left the pride, and was probably dead. She had been mournful all day, and emphasized her desire to explore civilization. Gina and Evan both thought they might as well start sooner than later. They had learned more from the jungle girl than she had from them.

    He was caressing her voluptuous tits, loving their fullness, and the little jumps she made when he kneaded the nipples particularly. She was just trying to cool off from the heat they had endured during the trip. "Our little fantasy has to end sometime, I guess." she breathed. His heart sank. "All of it, babe? I mean, the freedom, the sensuality. You and me?"

    She rotated to stare at him. No hiding, she thought. "Evan, I never felt like this with a man before. I think it's love, though what that means seems vague out here, in the jungle. But I want to be with you." She laughed throatily. "No one else could handle me now, stud."


    As they bumped down the dirt road, Gina nursing the baby at her full breast in the passenger seat of the four wheeled ATV, he day dreamed about the latest crisis Tawny had created. When Jon Freeze's wife had called, demanding a meeting with them, both had been prepared for a real problem.

    "The cunt is trying to steal my man, and I can't seem to get him to even explain it to me. What kind of shit is your client trying to pull? I know they have some nude scenes, but he's done that before. He just told me to talk to you." Evan sighed. Gina was sitting there grinning, and he knew he was expected to sweet talk his way through this, as he had done before.

    "Dorothy, can I call you Dot? Good. Let me start at the beginning. I don't know what sort of rumors and bull you've heard, but here's the truth." As he went through his description about how Tawny had lived her early life, their first meeting, their discovery that her real name was Tania Nordham, heir to a fairly sizable fortune, and her early show business successes, the buzz of their office hummed outside the closed door. He and Gina were the agents for the jungle woman who had become a major entertainment industry all by herself.

    Her sensuality radiated through every lens that had ever focused on her. Starting with R rated movies, a hugely successful Playboy spread, a big deal with a cosmetic line, and now in her second really major film role, their jungle girl had sparked the imagination of the world. She was only twenty one now, and still couldn't act worth a damn. But she did her own stunts, was naturally unselfconscious in front of a camera, and set fashion trends with her unplucked eyebrows, and unshaved pussy. She had spawned a bunch of Tania North wannabe's.

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