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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, bi sex, tiger sex.

    Chapter Four

    Gina and Evan awoke next morning alone again. Tawny was always up early, and they didn't see her. "She said her name was Tania last night Evan. Did you hear that? Didn't it seem like we weren't confusing her? See what I mean about my urges? I loved everything. And you were great." They were nude, pressed gently together. He answered in a soft whisper "Babe, I'm amazed at how natural all this feels to me. Nothing you did seemed anything but sexy as hell." He paused and looked deeply into her eyes. "I love those tits, that ass, and particularly your pussy. Shit it's gorgeous. I hope you don't fuck me over, Gina. I've never felt like this before."

    She smiled at him. "It's new to me too, darling. It's so neat." She kissed him firmly, driving her tongue between his lips. Before he could respond, she pulled away and whispered "I won't be anything but true to my feelings, Evan. No games, no self protection. Once I got myself tuned to that, it felt terrific." She reached for his cock as she felt his hand between her legs. "And you are a great lay."

    They made long, lingering love in the cool morning air. It took an hour, and she came three times, gasping more urgently with each new climax. When it was finished, they bathed each other languidly in the river. Her kidding now seemed funny and affectionate to him, the edge of agressive antagonism gone. She was frankly admiring of him, her eyes constantly roaming his body happily, just as he loved ogling her. They basked in being nude together, rubbing and caressing freely. Her body seemed to linger in a heightened state of buzzing sensuality.

    Evan was starting to think about practical matters. He felt sure he could keep the boat until Sunday, three days away, but should let John know so he wouldn't be worried. Food would be okay because of Tawny's cache. He thought it would be a good idea to run the engine to charge the batteries. He wanted to wash some clothes for the longer stay. "Hey babe, I'm gonna go out and charge the boat, and do some wash. Will you be okay here?"

    "How long can we stay, Evan? Another week? Please?" "Uh, sorry Gina, I know John needs the boat by Sunday. No shit. Maybe we could try to find another one. But look, when's the right time. We can't stay forever. Will she want to come with us?" She knew he was right, and didn't know what Tawny would want to do. As Evan took the dinghy into the river and she walked up to camp, her mind was speculating about it, and she almost walked right into the tiger.

    It was standing by the Boar carcass, eyes fixed on her, but it's head was down. That was the position Tawny had assumed the first day they met, and Gina hoped it was nonthreatening, even as she froze with fear jangling in her stomach. It was only five feet from her, and as she froze with her legs spread slightly, a flush of sweat bloomed all over her.

    The animal was magnificent. She had seen them in zoos, but this one didn't have the matted fur, or the washed out look in his eyes those imprisoned beasts did. The black and gold colors of its coat shone with good health, and its face seemed keen and intelligent. The tail was low, and moved slowly back and forth. Even as thoughts of being mangled and eaten reverberated in her mind, she felt tension and dampness in her groin.

    Suddenly, she saw its head move slightly, and it began snuffling sounds. They were staring at each other, so eventually the first pang of dread began to wear off. Gina started to wonder if this might not be one of the ones from Tawny's pride, familiar with female humans. Maybe it's horny, she thought. As if to confirm her idea, the huge cat took a step toward her, its head still low.

    Her hands were shaking. The tension was changing from terror to something else, and damned if she didn't feel cream begin in her pussy. She remembered the throaty growl Tawny often gave when she was getting exctied, and tried imitating that, though it seemed to come out almost a squeak to her. But the tiger's ears went back, and it took another step toward her. It seemed to be focused on her cunt. She heard what sounded like a low, powerful purr.

    A huge pink tongue suddenly came out and licked at the area around the mouth of the beast, but then stayed hanging there, and it took another step, now almost near enough to touch her. Gina's knees were trembling, the juice was really starting to flow in her twat, and she sensed in the quicker movements of the tongue a response from the tiger. Slowly, and very carefully, she spread her legs further apart, reaching behind to support herself on a boulder that was waist high. The tension was building up fast, and her breathing was speeding up. It wants to fuck me, she fantasized, my god, my god.

    By leaning back, her hips were arched out toward the animal, and her pussylips were separated slightly. His head was so close she could see his eyes focused firmly on her cunt, vibrating there not a foot from that enormous pink tongue. There was a roaring in her ears. It seemed to her she could feel her clit protruding and stiffening. The tongue flicked a couple of times, as though salivating at the coming feast in her foaming, musky slit. She hoped it wasn't her imagination working overtime.

    The moment stretched out, as the tiger sniffed and stared. Just when Gina thought she would collapse, it took the last step and its tongue lapped over the point of her pubic bone, drawing intensely up over her love button, and she groaned with the welcome, sexy stimulation. As her eyes began to close, it took one more step and the tongue went all the way back to the underside of her bottom, and dragged wetly up her whole pussy, the lick seeming to last forever. She could hear it snuffling, and sensation ripped through her body.

    Gina's head snapped back as she gave herself to the wonderful bestial tongue. Her nipples were hard, seeming to sting with passion. Another long movement of the pink, muscular tongue made her knees sag apart, and she felt the flesh of her vaginal membranes rubbed by the coarse member. She was opening herself to this rape, and the thrill of this animal act soared through her groin and upwards, ringing sounds in her ears. The smooth rock made contact with her shoulders as she leaned further back.

    One of her hands, still shaking, gently reached out to caress the head, and then behind the ear, and a growl of what seemed like enjoyment vibrated from the beast's mouth into her pussy as the tongue kept shlurping in the excited wet mess down there. "Ummmmm, ummmmm, ummmmm." She was lost in the rampaging lust overtaking all her senses, and suddenly felt her body begin to drive toward release. The tongue was dipping inside her a little with each pass, and the tiger would seem to retract it each time it licked, as if tasting her essence. Her hips started moving to him, increasing the stimulation of her foaming cunt as waves of pleasure careened in her stomach.

    Her other hand grabbed its head, and pulled his jaws into her. She was arching up to the sensation, her back resting on the rock, writhing into the red haze filling her mind, groaning mindlessly. "Aaaaaagh, ooooooh, yeah." She dimly tried to growl, but the animal didn't seem to care about anything but licking harder, as though sensing her rising need. The peak approached as her head started twisting side to side, signalling a climax with this wild animal, a fulfillment of her darkest fantasy, a complete surrender to the primitive sexual impulses of her body.

    "Fuuuuuuuck. Oooooooooh." The orgasm hit with incredible power. She was shaking the furry head, pulling its jaws into her twat, humping to the incredible tongue, and soaring into a fit of euphoric pleasure as wave after wave of completion responded to the rapacious licking of the tiger's tongue. "Cummmmmmmmm." Stinging pleasure overtook her as the climax rolled on, her cream flowing, and the animal growling excitedly. She felt its teeth in her bush and on the lower parts of her ass cheeks. The tongue was opening her labia, frictioning the tender flesh of her insides, seeking more and more of her juice, and she could smell a musky odor a lot like Tawny's, but mixed with her own smell.

    Just as her cum started to wane, the jaws left her groin. The tongue was on her tummy, roughly tasting her sweat, and the paws were supporting the animal on the rock she rested on as it straddled her, and then it was licking at her tits. That sent tremors outwards as the nipples were scraped by the wet, firm rubbing. The growling purr was louder, and something was poking at her thigh. Her breath was coming in gasps. I'm gonna get fucked by this magnificent beast, she realized. Hurry, hurry, hurry.

    The tongue was all over her face now, and the animal's breath reminded her of the taste of Tawny, and of the boar meat. But it wasn't sour or fetid, just strong. It added to her sense of being overpowered by this wild experience, and she never really came down from her orgasm, as she felt the tip of his cock probing against her ass. It felt sharp, but before she had a chance to think much, it penetrated her cunt.

    The first entrance was shallow, but the tiger wriggled a little, then sunk into her deeply. Its prick felt like it was curved upwards, and the sharp tip scraped the top of her cuntal tunnel, until she felt her twat's mouth opened by the wide base of the animal tool. Her clit sent out a shattering spasm in response. Her own tongue licked out to the beast, tasting the raw jungle and sending her mind into another euphoria of primitive abandonment to the rampaging excitement of this wild fuck.

    The cock began driving crazily in and out, novel feelings of the totally different shape of the member surprising Gina lustily. Her hips were meeting his thrusts, and the soft fur of his underbelly pressed on her body. It was happening so fast, the fucking was so intense, so violent, she seemed tossed in a storm of crackling intensity. She couldn't think, or speak. The animal was growling louder though, and she found she couldn't keep up with the strokes of his cock as it pistoned frantically. She responded to every thrust she could, but the amazing strength of the insertions was out of control.

    Each of the penetrations zinged her clitty, and she felt another cum charging toward her, though it seemed to be almost an extension of her first climax. Her pussy was reflexively squeezing the tool as it buried itself, and it felt so energetic she imaginerd she would eventually be torn apart. Instead of fear, she drove toward that sense of destruction, as though it was her reward. It was brutal, but her flowing cream kept lubricating her hole. Then suddenly, the beast froze, and growled loudly, pushing her against the rock.

    "Uuuugh." The impact of her back against the boulder combined with the hot liquid fiilling her pussy compressed and bloated her, and another climax exploded without any warning. Just as the first wave rolled out from her cunt, the animal surged into her again. More juice filled her cuntal hole, leaking out and down her ass crack. Another wave of orgasm fired her. She was being buffeted against the rock, but wanted only more of his fierce pounding. More waves shot out, and his cock thrust once more. The tongue was licking from her mouth up to her eyes.

    She felt her legs go limp, and was supported only by the beast's body pressing her down. The prick still inside her was shrinking, and she almost lost consciousness. Her mind luxuriated in the pressure of the fur against her damp skin. Even the shrinking of the animal prick sent tingles thourgh her groin.

    Then, the tiger began pulling away. She slid down to a sitting position, her legs spread, and the huge tongue licked her slit to collect their juices from her draining twat. Climax was still careening through her. From what seemed like a long way off, she heard a throaty growl, and saw Tawny at the far end of the clearing. The tiger turned and rubbed against the jungle girl's leg, then stalked off into the jungle.

    Tawny was beside her, looking into Gina's lolling eyes. A hand scooped another sample of the juices leaking from the brunette's pussy, and Tawny sniffed and tasted the essence. "Gina fuck Bigger. Good cum?" Gina could only smile. She felt a kiss, and the taste of jungle lingered in her mouth as she tried to recover from the mindblowing intensity of her release. Gradually, her heart slowed, and reality returned. They went back down to the river.

    As Gina's mind cleared, she asked Tawny "Tiger's name Bigger?" The girl nodded, smiling. "He good tiger, good cum. But Evan fuck better. Longer. Cock fit better." Tawny was stripping herself as she spoke, throwing her skins on the shore, as she supported Gina's body with one arm. "Tawny want to fuck more humans. Want to see civilization. Live with Gina and Evan. Fuck, cum." Gina looked at the girl with a little disappointment. "Gina wants to fuck tiger again. Gina like tiger."

    Tania was gazing at the dark haired girl still flushed with the after cum haze of her bestial pleasure. She could tell the woman was excited by what was for her a commonplace experience. "We go to pride tomorrow, fuck Biggest, maybe Licker. Tawny fuck Evan. When we go to civilization?" Gina sighed. "Two days."

    Tania left Gina lolling in the shallow water, and swam quickly out to the boat. Evan was talking into a black thing, and the motor was throbbing. As he saw Tania rise naked from the water like some sort of sprite, his eyes brightened. She was so fucking sexy, like a wet dream. Her direct stare held his eyes as he finished his conversation. "So, we'll get there late Sunday, John. We'll have it gassed and cleaned up, ready to go Monday morning for you. Thanks again."

    As he hung up, the girl stood in front of him, legs spread, her body wet with beaded water, the sharp tan lines emphasizing her tits and pussy. "Tawny fuck Evan. Tawny like funny fuck. Gina tired." Evan's cock was stiff as a board. He had covered himself with insect repellant, and wore just the swimming trunks. The girl turned and dropped to her hands and knees in front of him. "Funny fuck."

    Evan pulled off his suit, but lifted Tawny up by her waist. He had been fantasizing about how she would look madeup and dressed erotically. He led her to the stateroom, and toweled her off, making the blonde amazon giggle with delight at the rubbing of terrycloth. She kept trying to grab his rod. He pulled the beige nightgown Gina had said she liked out of the drawer, and helped Tawny pull it over her head. Tawny groaned with delight at the smooth material's caress of her skin. It was very tight, being made for the smaller brunette, and her tits were sharply outlined under the silky material. Then he combed her hair out, even as tiny curls started to reappear as it dried.

    He got lipstick and eye makeup from the bathroom, and did a careful job on the blonde's face. The effect was instantaneous, taking her from wild naturalness to exotic, sensual beauty. He showed her her image in the mirror. "Tawny beautiful, many men want to fuck. Evan want to fuck. Tawny like?" Tawny smiled, and the big, dark red mouth radiated sensuality, desire, and erotic enthusiasm. She looked so good he began to wonder if she couldn't become some sort of model or movie star.

    He opened a closet door that had a full length mirror inside. He posed the girl in front of it, standing behind her and cupping the sides of her incredible breasts, grinning at her delighted image. Her hand was wrapped around his cock, moving absently as she concentrated on the new look she saw. He slowly lifted the hem of the nightie, revealing her big bush with its puffy lips and clit sticking down. His cock slipped between her butt cheeks, and her eyes lidded slightly, the smile returning. She fed it deeper into the firm crack, until it contacted her asshole.

    She twisted her head around and pulled his head down to kiss him excitedly, her mouth open, tongue exploring. He kissed back with long insertions of his tongue, making her grunt with pleasure. She was trying to stuff his cock inside her butthole, but it was dry and standing up didn't work. He heard her growl in frustration.

    Evan knelt behind the ravishing creature and began laving the puffy slit, tasting the jungle and the river, his tongue entering her ass hole. He could hear her groaning. He got three fingers into her cunthole, and started pushing rhythmically. The hips started to move as he pulsed at her, and the groaning got louder.She was bending slightly, the firm butt cheeks pressing against his face. His tongue was able to penetrate into her bowel now, laving and sucking, wetting the puckered opening. "Evan, Evan, Evan."

    He backed away from her and reclined on the bunk. His cock was straight up, the head red with blood. He waited for her to mount him, his heart beating as he reveled in the lusty pleasure her face showed. As she straddled his thighs on her knees, wrapping her hand around his stiff prick, her words started tumbling out. "Tawny want funny fuck. Cum good. Evan good fuck. Tiger too fast. Gina like Tiger. Tawny like Evan."

    The gorgeous blonde leaned down to take his tool in her mouth. The arch in her face and throat made it go down all the way, and her amazing fitness allowed her to move it in and out for two minutes before she eased off to get a breath. As she released it, she lifted her groin over the glistening member and plunged it all the way inside her rectal tunnel violently, squealing as she did it. "Uuuugh, hurt, good, funny, oooooh." Her head was thrown back, those fabulous tits pushed out against the cloth of the nightie, the small nipples stiff, and he felt the pressure on his cockhead as it buried deep inside her.

    She started bouncing up and down, faster than any buttfuck he had ever had. She kept making little squealing noises, and her hand slipped inside her pussy, working at the vibrating flesh there. He watched avidly, the vision of her frantically driving herself toward climax the sexiest thing he had ever seen. Even Gina was more restrained, less wild and fierce.

    Tania loved the frantic stuffing of her bottom she felt as she pummeled herself on his stiff tool. She wondered vaguely what a tiger's thing would feel like in there. The stinging pain that happened when it first entered her so violently began easing into a wonderful stimulation of all the nerves in her behind, and she was able to add to the feelings with her hand in her box. Evan was gasping with each thrust she made, his eyes wide as he watched her body undulate in the silky smooth nightie. The rustling movements of the garment on her skin added to her pleasure.

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