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    They humped with enthusiasm, simultaneously opening their labial lips and wetting their thighs with the vaginal cream starting to flow. Gina was enjoying showing off to Evan, and watching as Tawny showed lusty pleasure in their dance. She had always known she would enjoy wild sexual experimentation, but the whole atmosphere that was growing in this jungle made it easy and free of inhibition. Tawny embraced everything, and Evan seemed to like her sharp wit mixing with her wanton heat. And he was proving to be fully capable of getting it up often, and going along with her own licentious impulses. Even now, just watching them, she could see his cock, hard and proud, jumping in the firelight.

    The jungle girl's eyes were starting to close, and her hips were pulsing harder. Not too quick, Gina thought. The girl gets off so damn hard and fast. She broke away and threw herself down beside Evan, and Tawny squeaked with disappointment, but then did the same on the other side, and suddenly he was sandwiched between them. Gina was tonguing his ear, and Tawny was murmuring "Tawny fuck Gina, Tawny fuck Evan, cum, cum."

    Evan moved both his arms out of the way, and the two vixens pressed their wet pussys' against his hips, while they kissed his face, and fondled his big tool. It was all slow and languid, and he relaxed with the stimulation. Then he heard Gina whispering in his ear "We talked about all three holes, darling. Both of us. Think you can handle it?" His stomach churned with her exciting suggestion, and his cock jumped.

    Gina rose to her knees and wiggled her bottom over his face. "My turn first, lover. Get me nice and wet, okay." She pulled her ass cheeks apart, and lowered her slit to his mouth. He gripped her full hips, kneading with delight, and his tongue leaped out to trace the cleft from her clit past her vagina to her puckered ass hole. She had put perfume on, and smelled of a combination of it and the river. As he licked the small rim, tasting her, he could hear groaning, and out of the corner of his eye saw Tawny watching Gina writhe on his face. Her eyes had the bright look of excitement she got. She was jacking at his cock, and humping his hip with her wet cunt.

    He felt a mouth surround his member, and knew it was Tawny by the inexperienced way she sucked enthusiastically on his hard tool. He licked Gina's ass hard, and kept sliding her up and down, touching her clit as well. His hands snuck up to cover her full breasts, feeling the nipples already stiff with excitement. He loved her titflesh, soft and yet firm. So voluptuous. He kneaded with pleasure, and she responded by covering his hands and pressing them harder to her chest.

    He started trying to penetrate Gina's little rectum, poking insistently until he had a good two inches of his tongue inside, and her hips surged in response. "Evan, Evan you sexy stud. God that feels good." He moved gently in and out, wetting her with saliva. Tawny's mouth was sucking like crazy, sending thrills into his groin. He felt he was floating in a sea of sensual enjoyment, without urgency. Damn if he didn't think he really could fuck the both of them in both holes.

    Gina left her position and straddled his hips, grabbing his cock. "Hold still, lover. I'll get it in there." He felt the tight fit as she settled her ass hole onto his cock. Tawny was kneeling, watching the brunette stuff herself in her back end. Gina let her weight push him up into her slowly, groaning with a mixture of pain and pleasure. She was tight as hell, but he held himself steady, and she kept going until the whole thing was inside her bowel. His heart surged with a stinging desire for her as the erotic expression of perverse but excited enjoyment on her face showed her heated embrace of sexual freedom, and his cock.

    Tawny wiggled her bottom over his head, but facing Gina. As she sunk her puffy cunt down to his lips, he massaged her muscular boobs for a moment, struck again by their taut fullness, then grabbed her hips to locate her slit over his mouth. No perfume, just that musky jungle smell she always had, mixed with twat juice. He felt Gina humping her butt up and down on his prick. Shit. He couldn't see the two bitches in this position, even though their writhing at his face and prick were carrying him into a maelstrom of euphoria. But his imagination pictured them facing each other, kissing, fondling, and he could hear them groaning. His mouth slavered at the hairy, surging pussyflesh at his mouth, and he tried to pay particular attention to the wrinkled asshole winking above the twitiching cunt at his mouth. The musky smell, the squeezing pressure on his dong, and the little groans of pleasure from Gina filled his mind with lust.

    Gina was soaring. The small stings in her behind increased the euphoric thrills coursing through her. His whole tool was buried, stretching her and touching all the nerves back there. Tawny was kissing her as her pussy undulated on Evan's head. It was fantastic, just what she had wanted, and she could feel a great cum approaching, but with a nice slow warning. She rose to pull his cock out of her ass, and sank it into her dripping cunt, stroking several times, feeling it speed up her oncoming orgasm.

    Tawny's mouth on hers was sucking hard, tonguing with rapid movements that helped push Gina toward the edge. She raised her hips and again sunk her asshole onto Evan's stiff dong, dropping firmly onto it, feeling it deep in her abdomen. She felt Tawny's fingers pulsing her clit, and the ardor of her two lovers overpowered her, kicking her into an abyss of completion. Cream was almost gushing from her cunt, and she could smell her own as well as Tawny's fragrant lubrication.

    The climax soared through her writhing body, blanking out everything. The fingers on her clit speeded up, and that made it more intense, hitting a fantastic peak. She groaned into the jungle girl's mouth, but Tawny kept kissing, sucking and tonguing, driving her cum on and on. Her hips were spasming, and Evan was humping up into her when she settled on him with each stroke. The raging thrills filled her mind, giving her that weak feeling she was getting used to with these wonderful fuck sessions in this remote and primitive paradise.

    She slumped against Tawny, as her body's strength was sapped by the soaring climax. She felt herself being supported by the blonde's strong hands on her chest, fingers still playing with her titties. It was the most fabulous feeling, and she was moaning mindlessly as she felt overwhelming affection for both her lovers. Tawny was breathing in her ear "Gina cum. Good cum.", still helping her orgasm with a hand in the swampy mess of her pussy.

    Her mind slowly regained control, and she pulled up from Evan's still stiff member. "Time for you, Tawny. Fuck ass. Good cum." As both girls rose, Evan protested "Another position, babe. I can't see anything down there. I can't miss watching you two sexpots." Gina pushed Tawny down on her back, and Evan scrambled up between her legs. Tawny's eyes were bright with excitement, and Gina grabbed his jumping tool and positioned it at the jungle girl's rectum while he pushed the muscular legs almost to her fantastic boobs. As he pushed in the wet, tight hole, Gina whispered "Virgin amazon ass, stud. Enjoy."

    He got about two inches in when the blonde squealed with a funny sound, and he stopped, watching her eyes. They were wide with surprise, and a little hurt, he thought. But Gina urged him on, mumbling "That's half the fun, the pain. Keep pushing, darling, but slowly. She'll adjust. She's a tough bitch." Then the brunette leaned down and kissed Tawny's open mouth gasping with this new penetration, and he humped another two inches. When Gina's head came away, she was whispering to the wide eyed jungle girl "Pain good, funny fuck, good cum."

    Tawny's expression was very mixed now, the open mouth sucking air, but a convulsive smile and lidded eyes showed the unique feeling of getting buttfucked starting to please her. She began babbling "Funny fuck, funny cum, gooooood, Evan fuck Tawny, Gina, Gina. Ooooooh." Her hips began meeting his thrusts, and he sunk to his full depth, feeling the tight pressure on his cock, intense friction on the nerve filled head.

    Gina was watching with a hungry, pleased look, as her two lovers joined in this lascivious act. Tawny's legs spread wider in an amazing display of flexibility, and still her stomach rippled as she humped up to Evan's slow thrusts. Gina swung her legs over the blonde head, and kissed at the rippling abodomen, then worked down toward the gaping cunt exposed above Evan's pistoning prick. She heard him gasp "Oh you sexy cunt, babe. Oh wow."

    He reached under Tawny's hips and pulled upwards, exposing the steaming pussy to Gina's hungry, slavering mouth as it closed on the pink vaginal tunnel and stiff clit. The elevation pushed another inch of stiff manmeat inside the blonde's asshole, and Tawny was almost crying with her soaring, intense stimulation. As the twin feelings at both holes registered, the jungle girl's hips started going wild. Tawny could only lick at the black cunt at her mouth a little, as the overpowering feelings of approaching completion shot through her belly.

    Gina sucked hard on the lips of the fragrant cunt in her mouth, her tongue searching for the clitty, which was hard to locate because of the spasmodic humping of the muscular hips. Her lips would occasionally get squeezed by a surprise movement of the furry groin, but Gina loved the little game of trying to catch the right spot of this young harlot's bottom. Evan was grunting above her, and his movements into the welcoming ass were now long, hard, humping strokes. Tawny was almost screaming into the night.

    Then the blonde's cries changed to relieved wails of release. "Aaaaaaagh, aaaaaaaaaah." Gina tasted cream seeming to gush into her mouth, and the hips froze in an arched position, exposing both holes to easier adoration by her lovers. Evan held his fully embedded position, waiting for the initial peak to resolve itself in the blonde's raging orgasm. Gina kept sucking, and butterflyed at the twitching clit with her excited tongue. Tawny's hips sunk down, then arched back up, freezing again. She was not making as much noise now, just moaning throatily.

    She humped again, and a fourth time, then the tension went out of her stomach, and she collapsed, her muscles losing their tenseness. Gina swung off her face and cuddled to her. "Tawny like? Good cum?" The girl groaned and whispered "Gooooood cum, Gina. Tania like fucking." Gina kissed the smiling mouth, then looked up at Evan.

    He was still buried in Tawny's butt. She could see he was still hard. He was watching her, a look of need, urgency, and excitement on his face. Gina rose to her knees and leaned up to lock her mouth to his, her tongue probing deep. Both their mouths had Tawny’s pussy taste, increasing the exquisite sensuality of their kiss, the edgy tension in their bodies. When she broke their kiss, he breathed "Babe, I love your tits. Can I finish between 'em?" Gina grinned at him, marveling at his ability to surprise her.

    His eyes still locked to hers, Evan pulled out of Tawny's ass and sunk in her blonde, gaping pussy still wet with cream. Gina laid down with her hands on the outside of her boobs, licking at their tips. He crawled up to straddle her chest, while Tawny gaped at them. As his stiff cock squeezed between the fleshy mounds held by the brunette's hands, lubricated by the moisture from Tawny's fragrant cunt, he sighed with the wonderful softness and smooth texture of them.

    Their eyes were locked together as he pushed all the way through the welcoming pillows, and Gina was able to suck the flaming head. He paused, letting his own climax approach, and reached back to sink three fingers in the black snatch behind him, never taking his eyes from the lips surrounding his dickhead. He began fucking through the wet tunnel of titflesh, spurred as much by how much he loved those sexy globes as by the friction. Each time he got his balls pressed to their bottom, she would suck in his head, working her tongue across the tiny slit.

    Evan was mumbling "Sexy bitch, fantastic, oh goddamn fantastic." He felt the spunk start out of his nuts, the accumulated edge of tension from all the orfices he had filled in this sweet jungle night taking over his mind. "Ready babe, ready?" Gina bobbed her head excitedly, opening her mouth wide, and he made one last thrust, and the pressure exploded. His hand was still diddling her cunt, and he felt contractions around it. Jesus christ, she's cumming again, he marveled. What a woman.

    Tawny watched as his cock spurted white stuff into Gina's mouth, over her tongue, and dribbled a little down her chin. It was the first time she had actually seen a male tool cum, and her eyes were bright with the picture. Evan pulled back and humped again, and another torrent flew into the welcoming lips, smeared with juices from everyone now. He was still watching, but his expression of relief and happiness was profound. He cycled once more, but the stuff just leaked out onto Gina's neck.

    Tawny saw Gina swallow, and leaned down to kiss the brunette's mouth, her tongue searching for a taste of the jism. Gina had a glob on her tongue, and pushed it into the blonde's mouth. It had a musky, slightly sour taste, but it was warm and smooth. Evan's cock was pulsing as he watched them exchange his essence, but he felt faint, and collapsed beside them. Gina was in the middle now, and they were both caressing her opulent body.

    Slowly, the night sounds replaced the gasping of their orgy as they all relaxed. Words seemed unnecessary. Both Evan and Gina had tried threeways like this before, but the mindless freedom of this one had been not only thrilling but surprisingly natural. This strange relationship growing among them was incredible. They were all kissing and rubbing, languidly enjoying the after glow. It was an embrace of sexual pleasure that went far beyond civilized convention, but revealed a new world of mutual affection.

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