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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, bi sex, tiger sex.

    Chapter Three

    Tania was concentrating on the tracks she had found that veered away from her marks. They were from the tusked pigs, and this one was small. She had never hunted alone, but had often thought that with the knife she could. She tracked it for an hour, and finally got a glimpse of it digging for roots up ahead. She was downwind, and slid as close as she thought she could.

    Then she rose up and ran at full speed. The animal's head came up, it took about three steps, and she was on its back, sliding the blade through the thick neck. It carried her for three steps, then stumbled, blood gushing out of the gaping wound. It fell to the side, trapping her leg under its shoulder, but she could already hear the rattle of its lungs as life died. It was new, she had done it, and she felt...... yes, happy.

    She took an hour skinning the beast, sawing off the head, and gutting it. It was still heavy, but she threw it over her shoulder and started back to her place. Camp. This much meat would last several days. She could stay with Gina and Evan a lot longer. As she struggled through the jungle, enjoying the stress on her legs and shoulders, the good feeling from her beating heart, she realized that happy and good were almost the same.

    When she got back to the camp, they weren't there. As she washed the meat and spitted it, she looked out at the boat, but they weren't there either. She had started the pink animal flesh burning, when she heard one of them thrashing back the way they did in the brush. It was Evan, and he was making funny, harsh sounds as he saw her standing in front of the fire. Then he yelled "Gina, Gina. She's back."

    Tania didn't understand what he meant. Had they been looking for her? Why?. She saw a worried look on his face as he stared at her. He was looking at her legs, which were covered with the animal's blood. Maybe he thought it was from her. She checked to make sure the meat would stay on the spit, rotating it slightly, and ran down to the river, pulling off her garments. There was just the slightest hint of red in the leaves. She waded in to the water and began washing off the dirt and red stain.

    When she looked up, he was standing there watching her. And she finally smelled the odor he got when he looked at Gina. His cock was pushing out under the pants he wore. She found herself smiling the way they did. It felt natural to her.

    Evan had been shocked to see her so casually cooking the carcass. She was glistening with sweat, and covered in blood. She looked like a Playboy amazon. The skimpy hides, the big tits, the long blonde hair wild and frizzy around her head. She had no idea they might have been worried. When she ran down to the river, he followed, feeling the effect on his prick of the big beauty's primitive look. For the first time, he let himself admire her sexually.

    As she waded into the water, the play of muscle in her trim butt emphasized the incredibly narrow waist, and as she bent over he saw that puffy slit from behind, seeming to go on forever. It was like a tease, except totally unselfconscious. When she caught his eyes ogling her, she smiled. The look was hungry, pleased, and seemed to anticipate his excitement at her beauty. Well, Gina said let it flow. Here we go.

    Her lithe tan body was magnificent. She was rubbing herself all over, occasionally spreading her knees and trying to clean her twat, with its mass of light brown hair. When she leaned over, her tits would hang, looking huge, but otherwise they stuck out firm and proud, capped by pale, small nipples. He had seen his share of ripe bodies, but this one, with its muscle and firm flesh, defied gravity and reason. The water was just below her pussy, but she would dip down to wet herself, and as her hips rose, the wet pubic hair would hug the cleavage between her legs, showing the fat labia. He pulled off the long sleeved shirt he wore to avoid the bugs.

    But she was focused on his groin. Her attention made him tingle, and he shucked the pants down, along with the briefs. His hard tool popped out, and he saw her eyes widen with want. She started wading toward him, her hips swaying, the slit twisting with each step, breasts bouncing softly. Her gaze was glued to his cock. The rippling of her flesh as she walked through the water was so sexy he could hardly believe his eyes. Her wet hair hung straight down, and the water was beading on the lush skin, the tan lines from her garments so white she almost seemed still dressed.

    She walked directly to him, staring down at his turgid member. Her eyes were right at his level. He watched her face hungrily admiring his member, and he felt her hand wrap around it. Then she looked up. He hadn't noticed the dark blue of her irises, and as her face loomed in his sight, the look of desire was strong. Then he felt her lips press to his, and felt his knees start to wobble. Her other hand grabbed his head, and she seemed to try to devour his mouth. Her tongue went deep, probing and stimulating. His hips were starting to undulate as she held his member firmly, rubbing it in her damp, undulating bush.

    He began to caresss and knead her ass cheeks, marveling at how firm they were. Up close, her smell was very jungle, musky and there was the faint odor of her cunt. Her hand released his cock, and she imitated him, grabbing his butt and humping their groins together. The kiss went on and on. She seemed to like the pressure of their mouths, and he tried to ease off a little, and she felt it and went along. Sometimes you could tell she was learning as she did it.

    His cock was between her legs, and she was twisting her slit at it as it slithered between her wet thighs and the fuzzy flesh of her cuntlips. Then she pulled her head away and hugged harder to him, whispering "Tawny like Evan. Fuck. Cum." Her voice caused a jump in his cock, and she gurgled throatily when she felt it. Her smell was stronger now.

    To hell with her period. He pulled her down on the towel that still lay there from this morning, and started to kiss down her body. The firmness of her boobs was amazing, and he spent a long time sucking the nipples, rubbing his face in the big globes. His tongue would lave over the stiff tips, and she was moaning with excitement. He had a feeling his worship of the magnificent tits was completely new to her. He could tell by the stiffness she was getting into it.

    Tania was feeling wonderful thrills as Evan sucked her chest. "Tits". He licked and sucked at the tips, making tingles radiate outward, and it felt better than when she rubbed them, or the tigers licked them. She put a hand behind his head and pulled it down to increase the pressure. She had her eyes closed, intent on the effect his mouth was having. Dimly, she heard herself groaning. "Fuck. Cum."

    Then he started kissing down her front, into the little belly knot, and between her legs. She opened her eyes to watch him. As she felt the first contact with her slit, he was kneeling at her feet. She felt a funny pressure, and realized he was sucking on the whole big opening, the fleshy outer folds, the inner folds, and then she felt his tongue, and caught fire.

    The small tongue got into her hole, then went up to the hard spot, and it sent out waves she had never known before. The tigers' big tongues touched everything hard, but he was pushing only on the sensitive spot, and the tingling inside flesh. She had the feeling that came before her rush, but it was far sweeter than usual. Her legs bent and she started writhing as he kept going, making little noises that she thought were cute.

    Her peak came rolling, making her flush, and she felt wet down there. Then the rush came, powerful and sharp, familiar and yet better. The top of her slit seemed to explode, and she humped her hips frantically. She was growling, and looked down to see him watching her without taking his mouth from her creaming bush. He was still pushing at the hard spot, and she stayed high longer than she thought it had ever lasted.

    But he didn't stop until she began to slow the movements of her hips, and he raised to his knees, holding the big cock to her slit. He was staring at her, and his smell was just like he had gotten with Gina. Even as she still tingled from her rush, she felt the prick begin to enter her. It didn't push quickly in like the tigers. He watched her face as he lowered his body very slowly onto her, sinking the cock into her hole, not in the quick, sharp way she was used to. It fit better than the tigers, she realized, and put pressure on the nerves at the top of her hole as well as the hard spot. When he got fully embedded, she felt filled as never before, and in a whole new way.

    It wasn't wider at the base, but still poked at the hard spot when his pubic bone met hers. The stimulation of her whole bottom was totally different, and fantastic. She was growling without thinking, and her rush didn't even die, but stayed warm and glowing. Then he started moving in and out, slowly and firmly, and the fire in her tummy got hotter. It was like just before the rush, but now stayed hot and thrilling, the slow pace of his fucking almost gentle.

    He was watching her face, and she met his hungry gaze, smiling with the pleasure she felt. He was sweating, but she liked the added odor, reminding her of when she had watched him with Gina. He was holding himself up, sinking rhythmically into her on each stroke, seeming to touch every inch of her hole. She wanted to feel his weight, and pulled him down on top of her, wrapping her legs around his hips, and writhing to him. She felt him start to move faster. "Fuck. Cum. Fuck. Cum."

    She had thought he would shoot when he started going faster, but he didn't seem to get frenzied. She was vibrating around his cock, feeling another rush approach. She felt some confusion, but let herself go, humping up to him. The rush came, seeming like just a little way up from her heated euphoria, and she groaned with pleasure. She squeezed him harder to her, loving the feel of skin and his softness on her chest and stomach, the pummeling force of his hips. And the tingling touch of his member in her cunthole.

    This cum was soft and glowing, not so sharp, but lasted even longer as he slowed his pulsating thrusts. "Aaaagh, Aaaaaaagh. Mmmmph. Fuck. Cum." Her mind was emptying of anything but release, yet still responding to his undulation. Both her arms and legs eased their squeezing, and she heard him sigh. After the edge of completion eased, she opened her eyes and watched him gazing at her, with a tense, excited look. She liked it. It told her he was happy. But still he kept thrusting.

    Suddenly, he pulled his prick out and rolled her over to her hands and knees. She let out a long sigh when he left, but he plunged right back in from behind, and she squealed with delight as she felt his chest on her back, his groin pressed to her ass cheeks, and his hand twitching her hard spot. He knew just where it was. "Uuuugh, Evan like Tawny. Fuck. Cum."

    She began to feel faint, like when she went to sleep, but with waves of feeling all over. The big hard tool was deeper than from in front, and her flashing nerves felt like little explosions. He was mumbling in her ear as he fucked into her foaming hole. "God, sexy goddamn cunt, fucking amazon, jesus christ, aaaaaaah." She didn't care that she didn't know what it meant, he was making happy noises. Was he going to go forever, never stop? She hoped so.

    Another rush was coming. "Fuck. Cum." Her voice sounded very loud, but the pleasure was overpowering her. "Evan fuck Tawny. Cum. Cum. Cummmmmmm." There it came, washing over her like the cold streams away from the river, shocking and stimulating. Suddenly, his cock stopped, buried deep inside her, and she felt hot liquid gushing into her rear. He was grunting, and pulled all the way out, then he jabbed ferociously again, and she felt more juice. Her head sunk to the towel, and she pushed back at him with her ass. Even her poop hole was pulsating with the climax.

    He pumped again. That made her squeak, and push to him. His weight was fully on her, and she felt herself starting to collapse. As they both fell face down, his cock came out, and she sighed. The waves were still breaking in her groin, even as stuff leaked out her hole. "Aaaah, good cum." She blanked out, not thinking, and he stayed, not leaving, not stalking away like the tigers, but moaning with a nice satisfied sound. She smelled his sweet enjoyment. Gina was lucky.

    Tania slowly began to hear again. The sounds of the river and the forest. A little crackling from up at the fire. Evan rolled off, but stayed pressed to her back, his soft cock wedged in her big crack. She saw Gina up at the camp, watching them, her eyes bright. "Evan fuck Tawny good. Good cum." Gina smiled, but there was a funny look.

    Gina had stumbled out of the jungle in time to see the end of it. Her feelings were definitely mixed, but the rapturous look on Tawny's face was ecstatic, and that pleased her. And the sexy sight of the two bodies had been a turn on. She was relieved the girl was okay, and that this first experience had gone well. It wasn't jealousy, she realized. It was feeling left out.

    It was late afternoon, and they all swam for a while. Gina started to kid Evan about doing Tawny from behind, then stopped herself. She thought those games confused the girl. Her language seemed to get better all the time, and she never had to ask a meaning more than once. She would swim a while, faster than either of them, then come back and kiss them both. She was obviously happy with her first human fuck. Evan had a smug look, and Gina would have liked to razz him. Then when Tawny was out in the middle of the water, he hugged to her, and said "Go ahead, babe. Give me some shit. I kinda like it."

    She looked at him, grinned, and said "Never got me from the back, stud. Or lasted that long. What am I, chopped liver." He laughed. "Babe, you're too sexy. Can't hold back." She slapped him playfully. They started splashing each other, laughing and ducking like kids. Her breasts would jiggle around, and every once in a while his cock would surface, flopping. Then Tawny came back and joined in, splashing and laughing in the same way. When they finally collapsed into the water, they were all feeling relaxed, happy, and sexy.

    "Tawny is happy. Good cum. Gina is lucky to have Evan. Good cock." Then she splashed out of the water, running naked up to the fire, where she rotated the roasting boar. Evan and Gina watched her bounce, taken aback by not only the number of words, but what she said. Evan mumbled "Sure. Sex and affection don't go together. Who's teaching who here?" Then he looked deep into Gina's eyes. "How did you feel, babe." Gina smiled, and dipped her head under water, sucking in his soft dong. She licked it until her breath ran out, feeling it harden slightly. When she surfaced, gasping and giggling, she murmured "Left out, stud. But the night is young."

    They ate the fresh, rare Boar that night, sitting by the fire nude. He was sent down to wash a vegetable Tawny had found, and when he came back, they were whispering, Gina looking naughty, Tawny looking excited. Gina had an arm draped around the blonde's waist, and Tawny's hand was resting on the brunette's shoulders. They finished the meal, and Gina started the radio, finding some music. The two girls rose and began eating a small apricot like fruit, while they began to dance slowly to a heavy beat in the flickering light.

    Tawny didn't know how, but she watched Gina like a hawk, and got the idea quickly. Soon they were doing a teasing, erotic dance for their own and his benefit. Gina was particularly uninhibited, rubbing her pussy, cupping her tits, and turning around to show him her full backside with its cleavages's hairless puffiness. Tawny seemed more interested in her than in the effect the show was having on Evan's cock, which was considerable. Their gorgeous, sexy bodies shone in the flickering light of the fire, and as they writhed the savage setting was like distilled sensuality.

    Finally the big blonde boogied around to press herself into the back of the smaller, more voluptuous brunette, their bodies humping in time. Gina reached back and pulled the slim hips into her ass, while Tawny's hands covered both the lush boobs, letting the nipples stick out through her fingers. Their eyes were lidded in a sultry, lurid way, and his cock jumped at the sexy sight. The aura in the evening air around them seemed primitive, focused on sex, and there had been no sign of the confusion in Tawny's look, even though Gina and Evan had been kidding happily. It all seemed natural, with an overlay of heated excitement at what would come next.

    He walked quickly over and pulled the skin Tawny slept on handy to the fire, then reclined on it, watching the dancing vixens. They were getting caught in the sensuality of the moment, as Tawny would caress Gina's puffy cunt, while they kissed languidly, still front to back, as the beat surged in the evening air. Evan's prick was hard now, but he knew that having already gotten off twice, he could last a long time tonight. He wondered idly what Gina had in mind.

    Gina stepped away and turned around, her hips grinding at the jungle girl's, and sinuously wiggled one leg between the thighs jumping with desire in front of her. She kept inching forward until her pussy was pressing against the tan flesh, and Tawny imitated the exotic, hip forward motion until they were both watching as their cunts rubbed near the other, still moving to the radio's slow rhythm. They gripped each other's hips, and leaned harder, and the dance became an erotic, vertical fuck, both women leaning back, tits jiggling slightly, their eyes locked heatedly.

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