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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, bi sex, tiger sex.

    But through the excitement she was aware of how different this was than the act with the tigers. It was like the difference between what Gina called "Langwidge" and the purrs and growls that had been her life up to now. Except for the straggling memories. The tigers did what they wanted, and had trained her to do the same. Humans talked about it, with their specific words, but there was an undercurrent of tension and uncertainty.

    Gina hadn't been sure she wanted Evan to do her. Evan hadn't been sure she would let him. They had been talking about her, but something happened to make them fuck. None of this fit Tania's outlook. And the act itself had taken so long. Tania's desire to have Evan do her increased, yet she realized suddenly that she wasn't sure he would. He had a special feeling for Gina. What was that feeling? She could tell he was uncertain about her. Did that mean he wouldn't fuck her? As they stared at her, still locked together in that intertwined position, Tania smiled, lay down, and closed her eyes, but still felt the questions lingering in her mind.

    But in the morning, her mind was clear. She went down and bathed, swimming out to the boat and looking around. So much was impossible to understand. There were strange feeling surfaces, pictures of many kinds with colors, the cold place with tubes, and she opened one the way Evan had. The stuff inside tasted sweet, and she felt her nerves jangling after three gulps. She put it back in the cold place. She opened the places where Gina had gotten the garments yesterday morning. She examined each one. There were several "pants", "blouses", and "panties". More "brahs".

    There was a big piece of thin cloth that was the color of sand. When Tania held it against herself, the touch of the material was so smooth it was like a caress. She spent five minutes standing there with her eyes closed, moving it gently over her nude skin. It was like feeling dry water. It was her favorite thing from "Civlizashun" so far.

    Not wanting to have them wake up without her, she replaced everything and dived back toward the camp. The new way of swimming was really fast, and it got her heart pumping. Sitting in the shallow water, she examined her slit. She had almost stopped bleeding, and had even felt wetness in her hole last night when she had her rush. She would tell them that, and get Evan to do her. She dressed and went up to find them both yawning as they woke.

    "Gina. Blood stop." Tania pointed to her slit. She had still stuffed some leaves into the crotch, but was sure it was okay. "Good. Gina happy." They had developed a little code. When Tania didn't understand, she raised her arms, palms up, and repeated the word she didn't understand. "Happy?" "Feel good. Cum." Gina giggled. "Good cum make me happy." Evan made the deeper sound that was his giggle, and said "Glad to hear it, babe." He leaned over and kissed Gina.

    Tania thought she understood that. Feeling good was happy. Evan was glad he made Gina happy. She rushed over and kissed Evan, pushing hard. He acted funny, but didn't pull away. Tania kissed a while, feeling around with her tongue, then pulled away and said "Make Tawny happy." He suddenly gave off a new odor, a little like fear, but different. He and Gina were staring at each other. "Gina, tell her.." Tell her yourself, stud." Gina was grinning, which was the same as giggling. Evan said "Oh shit." and ran down towards the river.

    Tania's confusion from last night returned, as she watched him go around the bend. Then she heard and smelled that he was urinating. None of it made sense to her, and she looked at Gina. "Evan not like Tawny?" Gina was serious now. "Man want to be alone. He peeing. And for fucking." Tania got that, seeing he would want to find her when Gina wasn't there. Tania had learned to shrug, and she did as she began cleaning up the place, and then slipped into the jungle for her morning security check.

    Gina had been thinking about maybe a little morning delight when they first woke up, and when the whole thing with Tawny kissing Evan happened, had some qualms of regret. Back to the language wars, she sadly thought. But Tawny wasn't up for it, just did her morning ritual of clean up, and then drifted into the jungle. Gina wasn't sure what she got from her simple explanation about Evan's shock and consternation.

    When he came back, having waited for Tawny to leave, he asked about what she had said, and when she told him, he thought hard. Then he muttered "Look babe, everything's spinning out of control. Last night was special, I thought. I felt guilty standing there with her coming on to me in front of you. How do you feel?" "It was special to me too, Evan. But you have to go through with fucking her." Gina flushed a little with the thought. "Let's put you and I on hold. It'll still be there later. Does that make sense?"

    He looked at her with a twisted expression. She was reclining with just the thong on, those terrific tits hanging there inviting him. But her expression was serious, and her idea made sense. He shook his head, showing a wry grin. "Christ, if anyone ever saw me confused about this, they'd think I lost it. I'll be thinking of you, babe." Gina laughed and jumped into his arms, their mouths joining, but keeping her eyes open with a little grin. "From no pussy at all to too much, huh stud. Serves you right." She loved playing with his head.

    Evan stayed at the camp while she went out to the boat. When she realized Tawny had been there, she tried to figure out what had interested her. The half drunk can of coke, the drawers with her clothes, and it looked like she stopped at the negligee. She could smell Tawny's unique odor on it. She had planned to stay out there, trying to give them time alone. But a realization about the way they were thinking about Tawny came over her.

    As she steered the dinghy back toward the camp, her mind reviewed all the conversation with Tawny, looking at it in a new light. Yes, no doubt about it. She and Evan thought they were teachers. But Tawny didn't want to learn how they thought, she wanted specifics, the feel of smooth cloth, a big cock, different food. When they taught her language, she tried to get it, but not with any pleasure.

    She got back to find Evan in the water, laying there with his eyes half open, the swimming trunks off. He was munching on a piece of fruit. As she pulled off her bikini and lay down beside him, she saw his eyes on her tits, and her pussy. She noticed that neat prick jump a little. "We're thinking wrong, Evan. You helped me see it. She doesn't want us to talk to her. That's incidental. She wants to experience new things. She was out on the boat before we woke up, looking at my clothes, rubbing some against her skin. It's all curiosity, and every time I saw her confused, you and I were doing our thing, teasing and being clever. I think she senses indecision, confusion, conflicts between words and thoughts. Do you see what I mean?"

    He looked at her with a now familiar depth, silent for a couple of minutes. "Yeah, babe. That makes everything fit together." He paused. "But so what?" Gina looked him in the eye, and her hand drifted to his half hard tool. "It's us that confuse her. We have to give up our inhibitions, our secrets. Our teasing. I'm at least as bad as you, maybe worse. We have to listen to our guts. I loved that fuck last night. But I guard myself from being hurt by men like you, though I keep wanting to believe you aren't just playing with me. You have that macho baggage that wants to get in every pair of panties that comes along. But I've seen something real in you."

    She leaned down and kissed him firmly, tongue dueling, and after a moment of surprise, he returned it with passion. She felt his cock grow. "She doesn't forget anything, Evan. I keep thinking about the mixed signals we've sent, to each other and to her. Remember, you said we probably can't understand her thinking. You and I better get with her program." She started jacking on his cock, responding to her impulse. She felt his hand on her breast, tweaking the nipple.

    They kissed again, as Gina waited for a clear sense of what to say next. Finally, she rose and waded to the shore. He had brought a towel down, and she spread it over the ground, then lay down wet, her head supported by her arm on its elbow, in what she hoped was a fetching pose. She pushed her hair back, and closed her eyes.

    "She knows there's something more between us than just a cum. She knows I want to fuck a tiger. She knows I like sex with her. All my life I've been a sexy, horny woman, Evan. It's always scared me a little. Maybe it'll scare you. But giving up all the baggage is the only way we can get on her wavelength. I'll try if you will."

    Evan was staring at the voluptuous, intelligent, nude woman causing his heart to beat a mile a minute as she posed sensually on the towel. His cock was hard as a rock. His mind was whirling, excitement, confusion, admiration, amazement at the candor and openness dueling and spinning. What did he feel at this moment? "Gina, I can't even think straight. You have me nuts."

    He splashed out and buried his head in her cunt, his tongue feverishly searching for her clit, surging desire overpowering anything but his need for her. Her pussy was wet already. He heard her through the roaring in his ears. "A quick one, stud. Jump me like we finished last night. Fuck my brains out. Let's just get off." He started up toward her mouth, feeling his cock drawn toward her pussy like a magnet. She flipped him over on his back, holding his eyes, fever showing. As she straddled his hips, she whispered "Jane fuck White Hunter."

    She had her legs under her, and as she sunk onto his jumping prick, started rising and falling immediately, her tits bouncing, her abdomen flexing. Her cunt was already grabbing and nipping at his member, and his soaring excitement at her licentious movements was a whole new experience. She was staring at him avidly, no teasing, no caution, a little frown of concentration making her look like an erotic siren. He felt the wonderful wet pressure of her flesh around his tool, sending waves of sensation into his groin.

    He stopped his hips from meeting her thrusts, and she felt it. As she inched forward onto her knees, and leaned down to dangle those delicious boobs in his face, she muttered "No, no, go ahead, punch me, fuck me. Feel my cream, smell it? I want it hard and fast." As he started sucking on one nipple, feeling her titflesh pillow against his mouth he lunged up at her. The same wildness they had experienced the night before seized them.

    She was groaning and humping, as fast as she could go, he thought, and he spasmed up at each thrust of her delectable bottom. He was soaring, as though he was a teenager getting his first piece of ass. His hands were kneading at her tits as his mouth worked at both nipples, sucking and tonguing as hard as he could. She was wiggling them into him, and she started to squeal, in rhythm with her humping slit. He could smell her, along with the river.

    As they joined in a strong, sexy rhythm, she started babbling. "Oh Evan, you have a neat cock, you know that? It fills me just right, fucks me so nice, gore me, ream me. Mmmmmm, baby baby lover. Oh yeah, there, feel it hit my clit, ohhhhhhh fuck me, fuck me." His ears were ringing with the pounding passion, and he felt the building temptation to shoot. But he held back, waiting for her. His lips feasted at her big tits, his tongue savoring the soft flesh and hard tips.

    Suddenly, she arched backwards, and her hips slowed. One hand reached down to twitch her clit as she threw her head back. "Cummmmm, oh cumming, lover, oh lover fuck meeeeee." It was almost a scream, and he lost himself in a climax that took over control of his body. He arched up into her twitching cunt, feeling his spunk shooting like a hose. Her labia were squeezing the base of his throbbing tool, and he gave himself to the pleasure of it.

    She rose and then sank back again, still groaning. He humped up, raising her and pummeling her as she kept diddling her clit. Another spurt of jism fired up. It was like a fire of release, radiating in his belly. "Gina, Gina." She was almost squealing with excitement. "I feel your spunk, nice and hot you horny bastard. Yes, Yes. Mmmmmmmmm." It was an orgasm more powerful than any he could remember, a wonderful explosion. Then he felt vibration in her pussy, and she almost fell to the side. He grabbed her, and she fell on top of him, moaning and still writhing around his cock. He felt more spunk, but it wasn't strong enough, just dribbled out. But it sent more thrills out into his groin.

    She lay on top of him, moving gently, groaning "God, god, oh so good, so wonderful." Their lips met, not very hard, but lazily tasting and sucking. He felt her hands moving over his sides, touching his skin. Her movements were easy and slow, their sweating chests pressed together. His mind began to clear. He felt her stretching her legs back to rest on his.

    It was as though that mindless fuck made her case. He had less experience than she did with Tawny, but the notion that pure animal impulses were the jungle girl's experience rang true. And he saw the risks Gina was taking by confessing her own socialized feelings. He wondered if he could be as free. "Babe, I don't know how I'll be if I try to be basic. It scares me a little. Maybe you won't like the real Evan."

    She was still breathing hard, but answered quickly "See, we're both scared. And she isn't. But I just know we can't get anywhere trying to make her like us." She lifted up, her sweet breath on his lips, her hair drying in a lovely, wild way around her gorgeous face. "That was nice, huh. Wild and free. Animal. Impulsive. Who says our way is better." She cuddled back on top of him. "I'll forgive your shit, Evan. I have some too. We'll come out of this knowing each other better than we've ever known anyone else, I think. Whatever happens, it won't be from not understanding each other."

    "Christ, babe. It's so risky. That girl is such a turn on. You're gonna fuck a tiger? Holy shit." But he felt a little heat from the images leaping into his mind, the blonde, Gina, him, animals. He felt his cock twitch. She giggled from his chest. "See. Besides, I think I'm worth it."

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