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    But she was blithely untouched by it all. She still did what she wanted, and when he occasionally would plead with her to avoid working her unaffected wiles on married men, she just smiled and murmured "Tawny fuck Evan, good cum." He could never stay angry at her. He protected her as best he could, with blood tests for every man she met, and she stayed on the pill. Her contracts had to eliminate the standard morals clauses. He had become an expert on the constitutionality of that, but with her exploding popularity, it hadn't been a problem for some time. He thought the bastards were publicizing it.

    He watched the elegant redhead as he spun out the story. She was a regally beautiful woman, and would either stomp out or embrace the implications of Tawny's lack of inhibition. The fact that he and Gina shared her morality was less well known. Dot's face was starting to get the excited gape he recognized. Did it again, you sweet talker, he thought. "You mean she isn't acting with all those men?"

    "The truth is she really doesn't act, Dot. She learns her lines, and does what comes naturally. It's the ultimate type casting." The deep blue eyes were starting to acquire the look of hunger that often affected women who met Tawny. She had had some really hot lesbian scenes in her early pictures.

    When Dot left his office, Gina had plumped herself down on his lap and opened her blouse. "Evan, you are a great con man." Those tits he loved were huge, full of milk, and she liked to have him suckle from her. She said it was so she would keep producing for the little guy the whole year, but he thought it was another way she showed her power over him. And maybe some affection too.

    Eventually, they had made this date to spend a long weekend with Tawny at her Mexican jungle home. Gina and Evan would stay another week. Jon and Dot were already there, since the movie had wrapped. Evan thought it was her best yet, and her override could lead to some really big bucks. He wondered if Dot had fucked Bigger.

    Gina was excited about this weekend. The atmosphere at the large estate an hour inland from the Mexicn resort city was just like Tawny's jungle, but fenced so Bigger wouldn't roam off. It had all the comforts you could ask, and fewer bugs. With a couple like Jon and Dot, their free sexuality could have full rein. Tawny had that effect every time.

    Their marriage had seemed like an afterthought. She had quit the pill once she and Evan had realized how much closer their return to civilization made them. She was three months pregnant the day they married. But their honeymoon had included Tawny. She often wondered if the jungle girl would ever break away from their unique three way relationship. So far, she kept calling them after every dalliance with some new man or woman, often her co-stars.

    It would be tough for a man to fit into her life. Even the liberated europeans had had trouble with their life style. The tiger was often the last straw, but it didn't bother Tawny. Gina had tried to get her to understand the dollars and cents of her career, but she didn't care at all. She liked reading, mostly biology and psychology, but still surprised them sometimes with her actions.

    As they arrived at the sprawling, red tile roofed adobe ranch, entering through large, carved wood doors, no one was around. Evan carried their single small bag to the guest bedroom they always used adjacent to Tawny's. The Mexican nanny who doubled as a cook and housekeeper took the baby as Gina inspected the nursery. He was looking out the window as she joined him, already shucking her blouse and bra.

    "See 'em, babe?" He turned around and smiled as she pushed her skirt and panties off, her heavy, full tits dangling jauntily, one slightly larger now since she had fed Evan junior. Even after three years, he still loved watching her opulent nudity. She had regained her figure after childbirth, and if anything was slightly more muscular and slim from the hard exercise. "You are still such a sexy cunt, Gina. God almighty."

    She grinned at him, feeling the familiar little jump in her stomach his compliments always caused. "Hey stud, I'm a little uneven. How 'bout balancing me out." He pulled his shirt quickly over his head as he sat down on the bed, and she cupped those fabulous globes to him, squatting on his thighs. He first kissed the smaller, less swelled flesh, and licked lightly, causing the nipple to stiffen. Then he looked up at her as his mouth surrounded the other. Her eyes were bright with excitement as he began to suck the thin liquid out of her tit. He knew she loved him doing it, and felt his cock hardening.

    Just then they heard Tawny calling down the hall. "Gina, Evan. Time for drinks." He pulled his mouth away, watching a little drop of milk leak down and wet the bottom of Gina's large red aureola. He licked it up with a sigh of disappointment. "Shit, duty calls." She chuckled at his dissembling. "You've been wondering what that skinny redhead would be like ever since you met her, stud. Don't try to con me." They both pulled on the leather thongs Tawny had wanted made for their normal costume in this warm climate. Gina didn't bother with the bra.

    As they turned the corner into the huge living room, open to the jungle and the breeze, Jon and Dot both rose and hurried to them with big smiles. They both wore the same leather thongs, though Dot had a small top. Jon's bulging groin, a trademark, was obvious, and Evan was surprised to notice the size of Dot's breasts, which were larger than he had imagined. They all kissed, lingering with their bodies touching sensually.

    Tawny had her bra on too, supporting her still fabulous tits. She was just the same, muscled and firm, but the years had added sensuality to her face and posture. "Hey, guys. Trip okay?" Then she kissed both firmly on the lips, tongue licking both. "We couldn't find Bigger today. So we're looking forward to a nice long evening." Evan responded with his usual satiric pretense of jealousy about the tiger. "They don't have much comeback power, Tawny. Not like us human studs." He glanced at Jon, and saw the little grin of support for his jibe. But Dot was blushing, though when she saw his glance, there was also a flush of excitement. Yup, Paradise had won again. Tawny giggled, and whispered "Tawny fuck Evan."

    They all sipped on a fabulous Chardonnay, as they talked about the movie that had just started into editing. "The rushes are fabulous, Jon. You ought to take Dot in to see them as soon as you get back, though. She might object to what they want to leave in the steamroom scene." Jon and Tawny's nude scene had included obvious shots of his big dong thrusting into Tawny from behind, that probably wouldn't pass the censors anyway. Dot giggled, glancing over at Tawny. "It would be a little two faced for me to put my two cents in now, Evan. Tawny and I have been talking about what fun it might be to do a picture ourselves."

    Evan stored that comment away for future reference. A sequel with all three of them could be dynamite. Gina changed the subject. "Isn't this a fabulous spot, Jon? We tried to make it like the jungle where we first met her, but without the bugs and so much heat. We had to build the lake, but I think it worked out well." The handsome actor was ogling Gina's tits, which were pillowed on the brunette's chest as she sat with her arms spread over the back of the sectional sofa they were all sitting on. "It's amazing, Gina. I feel like a teenager again. Truthfully, Dot was pissed for a while, but this last week, we've had a chance to be sexy and uninhibited in a way we never were before. We were both in the public eye when we got married, and we found out a lot about each other on this trip, huh Dot."

    The slim redhead smiled widely, and reached behind her back to unhook her bra. As it slipped away, revealing pert, firm boobs with tiny nipples, she breathed "Oh boy, have we ever. Jon's fabulous in bed, but this atmosphere has made me cum harder than in my whole life." Her eyes locked to Evan. "And Tawny says you're pretty good, Evan." Gina chuckled. "Better than that, Dot." As always in this remote, private replica of the jungle where they first met Tawny, sensuality hung in the air, making civilization seem far away.

    They ate a Mexican dinner that was so hot that they finished two more bottles of wine, lolling around the small swimming pool just outside the living room. Dot sat beside Evan, flirting blatantly, watching her husband as he worked on Tawny and Gina. She was adjusting well to the atmosphere. But she surprised him as she pulled him into the jungle after their dessert. "Maybe I'll eventually get completely comfortable with watching him with other women, Evan, but I want you alone right now."

    They walked hand in hand down to the lake. The moon was shining brightly, and her mass of red hair hanging down her back, combined with watching her slim ass cheeks undulating as she preened for him had Evan breathing hard, and stiff. Beside the softly gurgling water, she stripped off her thong. Her pussy was shaved into a dark red, small reverse triangle, but she had large, puffy cuntlips, and a clit pouting out saucily. She grinned lasciviously as she twisted her hips in the pale moonlight.

    "I have a secret fantasy, Evan. I don't think I even realized it 'till I got here. A golden shower. Isn't that funny? But I remember my daddy peeing, and dreamed about it last night." Her words were a little slurred from the wine. She sidled over to him and pulled the thong off, releasing his half hard cock. "Jesus. It’s as big as Jon’s. C’mon stud, piss all over me. All over. My mouth, my hair, my tits, my pussy. Go ahead, go ahead."

    His bladder was full from the drinking, and as she lay down in the shallow water, he willed his prick to soften so he could comply with her strange yet sexy need. She was cuppping her tits toward him when the first jet of his stream flew out onto her, and she squealed with excitement as the hot liquid splashed on her lush globes. Then she wriggled down with her mouth open, letting his pee fill her. Her trim hips were undulating spasmodically, and she kept making low, groaning sounds that were deepening.

    Suddenly, she twisted around and pushed her rear end up, exposing her bare slit to the stream of hot liquid, coming firmly now. "Right in my cunt, stud, oh yes, right in my cunt." Her head was half submerged in water, but her hands went behind and pulled her ass cheeks apart, opening her bottom to display pink flesh, and he aimed at the soft cleft. "Aaaaaaagh, oh yeah, cummmmmmm." He realized she was getting off as he squirted onto her, amazed at the perverse need that she implied the free sexuality of Paradise had revealed out of her subconscious.

    He was emptied as she collapsed into the water. He picked her up, smelling the urine as her head lolled in her after cum euphoria, and carried her into deeper water. She was whispering "Jesus Christ, I wouldn't have believed it. That was fabulous." As her eyes started to focus, she looked shyly at him. "Are you shocked, darling? Turned off?" He smiled at her. "I keep learning the same lesson, Dot. Like the ad says, just do it. You'll see, life just keeps getting better and better when you don't buy into the inhibition shit."

    They rubbed each other in the warm, waist high water, and she submerged her head, the red hair looking even sexier as it clung to her head. She was really beautiful in a classic way, and the combination of her haughty face with the weird act she had just enjoyed had his cock jumping. She felt it and laughed delightedly. Her arms wrapped around his neck, and she hopped up to lock her long legs around his waist. "Stick it in there sexy. Fuck me right here, fuck me hard, oh yeah, that's it, get it all the way in, mmmmmm. I just want to cum and cum, what a place."

    Gina was watching Jon's cock cycle through her tits. The wine had made them swell, and as he pressured their fullness, she could see a little leakage from the rigid red nipples. She pressed the flesh together harder, and he was gasping at the tight passage frictioning his large cock, wet with Tawny's saliva. The jungle girl was eating her pussy slavishly, making the brunette soar. She licked out to catch the little drop of pre cum on the huge prick fucking her boobs. All men seemed turned on by her milk filled mammary glands.

    But Jon was gasping hard and pulled away. "Gotta fuck your pussy, Gina. What a fabulous body on you." He pushed Tawny aside, and his hands slid under her, gripping her butt cheeks, lifting her hips. As his hard tube filled her, she sighed with delight. She felt herself lazily tingling, the euphoria of this world famous man's attention keeping her in a delightful haze of pleasure. He began a slow, rhythmic pistoning, pressuring her clitty with each stroke.

    Tawny wriggled around and straddled her head. The jungle girl's pubic hair was thicker now, and Gina loved its texture, and the way it parted to let her tongue and lips find the soft flesh between the lips. Her taste was the same, raw and savage. It was a little wrinkled, but the clit pulsed out as she licked at it. Gina hummed into the yawning cavity, and felt the undulation of Tawny's hips as her eating mouth stimulated the sensual woman. Cream flowed over her hungry tongue, and she began humping harder to the actor's fucking.

    Suddenly, the pressure on her face increased, and she felt her tongue being squeezed by the spasming pussy. She could hear Tawny groaning with her climax, and pushed as hard as she could into the twisting cunt. The excitement got her to her quivering edge, and she held her hips high as Jon's cock speeded its thrusts. Her own orgasm rolled powerfully out of her clit, and the flowering release flushed her midsection. The plastic mat cushioned the fierce, finishing strokes of the big prick pummeling her pussy.

    Jon Freeze's jism spurted into her. Every woman in America's dream. Hers to enjoy in the warm Mexican night. Oh fabulous, fabulous. Gina groaned into the swampy slit still pressed to her mouth. The hot serum filled her box, and she could feel his lubricated fucking still going. Some stars were lousy lovers, but this one had staying power. She found herself hoping Tawny wouldn't tire of him too quickly.

    They all collapsed into the pool, still pressing together, as though trying to keep their experience lasting longer. But Gina could tell it was time for little Evan to eat, and soon climbed out, wrapping herself in a robe and heading for the nursery. She loved feeding the baby during these retreats from the up tight world out there. It became an erotic experience, and she idly wondered if the child noticed.

    He was sleeping through the night now, so she told the nanny to go to bed, and when she was alone with him, stripped off the robe and lay down on the couch naked, the small body stretched out on her chest, sucking vigorously at her full tit. Her eyes were lidded with the experience, half asleep, when she heard Evan come through the door, closing it behind him. He leered at his gorgeous wife, her sensational body displayed wantonly on the large couch, their child sucking hard at the undulating titties. She smiled at her husband, as he sat down beside them, and leaned over to kiss her gently.

    "We keep having these moments I want to last forever, babe." They stayed together, silently, long after the baby fell asleep.

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