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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, bi sex, tiger sex.

    She was enjoying this chase, trailing the leader as she leaped through the matted forest of greens and blacks. Her job had evolved to flanking their prey when they hunted, so She was running on the right, gradually separating from the pride. During the day, she could see as well as they could, and her height let her maneuver to drive the beast efficiently. Even though her smell was slightly different than the tigers, it still scared the young animal, and it turned left, into the two youngest, so it was over very quickly.

    Her heart surged with happiness as She heard the growls that meant there would be plenty to eat for the next couple of days. She would have to wait until they had all fed, but then could use the knife which was one of the few things that remained of her "Other life" to slice away a couple of slabs of meat and burn it. That way her teeth could chew the stringy flesh. As She stood gasping, watching her family eat, her mind drifted as it always did when she was feeling good after a long chase, and the vague memories fuzzily returned.

    Trapped in a long tube of funny colors, with soft seats. Sitting beside her mother. Screaming, and a sinking feeling in her stomach. A terrible crash. The smell of burning things, some odors terrible. Crawling away from the heat. An explosion of noise and a hot wind. Tears of fear, and confusion. A nuzzling of a big, striped pussycat. Hugging to the animal, seeking warmth and reassurance. Wanting to forget what had happened.

    They were fuzzy, disjointed thoughts now, even though She constantly returned to them. When She would occasionally see the glint of metal in the sky, knowing that must be what she had been riding in, or when they would spy on a bunch of the humans struggling through the jungle, she would remember. Knowing she wasn't a tiger, but more like those clumsy, struggling dark skinned things that walked upright like she did. Hearing them make noises that made no sense with their mouths.

    Years ago, the whole thing had been confusing, but the mother adopted her, and She remembered mostly the affection from so long ago. She remembered insect bites and pain, never feeling she had eaten enough, but always the licking of the tawny black and yellow cat. The first time she had tried the burned meat, and how good it tasted. Realizing she might want different things to eat than the pride. By the time she first saw the ones like her, she felt the mother was her safest haven, even though they all stayed away, wondering if she might go to the humans.

    The mother was old now, and couldn't hunt. But she was a fixture in the pride, and the female who had once been her sister was now the leader. But they had learned to use her height and intelligence in their hunting. They were always well fed, and she felt she helped a lot.

    When her chest had begun to puff out, and blood had started leaking out around every full moon, they had driven her away. She usually was on her own for three or four days, and then came back. That was when she started making a loincloth out of skin for herself, and then when her chest had gotten so floppy, a binding that wrapped around her neck and back. With time, she had learned to make the costume fit better, and smaller so it just covered her bottom and the bouncy flesh of her chest. She could use a thorn to bind thin strips to wider pieces.

    Instinctively, she had used dark brown skins. They looked better against her deeply tanned skin, and they matched the hair between her legs. Her sunbleached blonde hair was curly, and she had found it necessary to cut it off sometimes with the knife. She knew when the blood would flow now, and went off by herself automatically.

    The males liked sticking their cocks inside her. She didn't snap at them and try to claw them when they did, like the females. She liked it too, because she had found out the little hard spot between her legs felt good when she rubbed it. She taught the males to lick her furry bottom, and made them do that so she had the good feelings that came in a rush every time. The females tolerated the males doing it, because they weren't after them so often. When a new roamer joined them, it always took a while before they did it to her, but they eventually got the idea.

    She had been there so long, she was the only one who remembered that she had not always been welcome. But they all aged and died faster than she did. She always felt grief, but was getting used to it. She often stared at her reflection in the water, wondering why her skin wasn't as dark as most of the humans she occasionally saw. But she accepted her life. It was all she knew.

    Occasionally when she was off alone, she had to defend herself against snakes, or the little dogs. The knife worked well for that, letting her hurt them badly if they got too close. But they mostly left her alone now, and she had a spot near the river where she could swim and wash alone when she was bleeding.

    As she watched the division of the carcass of the beast, she knew her time was coming. She would cut a little extra, so there would be plenty while she was away. She had built a little hearth at her "place", and it worked better than the fires she made in the jungle. She had gotten to where she enjoyed the solitude of her sojourns, because for the five years she had been bleeding, a sense of unease lingered in the back of her mind. The time alone seemed to give her respite from that discomfort. As the mother grew older, she felt less and less attached to the pride.

    Her breathing had slowed, so she walked closer, and saw an opening down by the hind leg. She pushed between two males, and began sawing a big cut of the hip. It was her favorite. When she got enough, she sat back and let the blood drain out. One of the males licked at it. As she rose and started back toward home, he followed her, rubbing against her thigh. When she bent over to pick a couple of leafs to wrap around the meat, it snuffled at her behind. For some reason, they all wanted her when her time was near.

    The one snuffling at her was Bigger, because he was not the largest male. But he was one of her favorites. He was willing to lick her bottom longer than most of the others, and had learned to get his tongue into her hole. Sometimes she felt the rush twice before he bumped her around so he could run his big cock in, and he was more careful with his claws. She always kept the top on her chest when they did her, to protect against their claws when they started filling her with juice.

    As time had gone on, she enjoyed it more and more. Sometimes she even rubbed her favorites in the stomach with her hand so they would come to her. The long pink members would start peeking out, and if she could get the pointed members in her mouth, they always got the idea. But mostly she just waited for one of them to decide they were ready, and they would go off alone and spend fifteen minutes. Even when the rush came more than once, she had a vague feeling that longer would have been nicer, and the tigers always just stalked off when they finished.

    Bigger was pushing his nose at the crack in her behind. He was trying to move the skins away, so he could lick there. She put the meat up in a tree branch where only she could reach it easily, and backed away, pulling off the loincloth. Grabbing on the branch, she spread her legs to his maw, hanging there. He immediately started licking.

    ` This was new, getting them to lick her while she was still erect. It made their tongues touch the whole sensitive space between the folds of her bottom. The good feeling in her mind from the chase was still lingering, and she was glad he had approached her. As his tongue drew through her long slit flesh, she shuddered with pleasure. She lifted her legs off the ground and bent them, and his next long lick started all the way back at her poop hole. She made the low guttural sounds that always came with them doing her.

    Bigger just kept licking as she closed her eyes and enjoyed his affection. Her feet were resting on his shoulders. She knew some felt more for her than just the intense need for release. That usually made them try to get her to make more noise, get wetter in her hole. Lately, she had been trying new ideas with those males, because her unease included a sense of there being more to this act than she was getting. Bigger was particularly good at using his tongue to wet the soft flesh between the puffy lips of her bottom, and tingle the hard spot to draw moisture inside her hole. Her hips were starting to hump now as the familiar purr resonated in her flesh, and the nice excitement began building. His rough tongue was so welcome between that thick flesh that ovaled around her hole and tried to protect the hard spot. By raising her legs and spreading them, the thick pink muscle scraped wonderfully acorss the little tender tube.

    He was growling now, and she felt the tingling she had learned meant a rush was coming. She released her hold on the tree branch and collapsed to the soft jungle floor, keeping her legs up and knees bent. He hardly missed a stroke, his tongue opening her hole, then rasping wetly across her hard spot, and the rush started. "Ugggh, aaaaah, mmmmmm." He was growling, as her juice flowed, and the soaring completion went through her. Her hands reached down behind his furry ears and pulled him into her, and she felt the big teeth surrounding her bottom, pricking the sensitive skin. But the tongue kept working, licking up her juice, and making the rush sweet and intense.

    He started licking her skin instead of just the slit. It was something only he did, and she enjoyed it when she was writhing with the rush. His rough tongue wet the thin hairs on her thighs, and up the little line of fine hair from her furry snatch to her belly hole. Then he kept coming up to her face, to her mouth. She felt his cock poking at her tummy. His growl was louder. His front paws were on the ground, and she let her hands ride on his head, with her knees out to the side.

    She felt him poking more insistently around her hole. She had never had one do her this way, facing each other. They all turned her over so they could do it the same way they did a female tiger. But Bigger seemed to be wanting to try this, to experiment. She felt the pointed end of his thing enter her a little way, and the familiar pressure as she began to stretch, but then something else happened. His cock was curved upwards, and in this postion it hit some nerves at the top of her hole that blossomed like fire.

    She let out a high pitched shriek, and he jumped back, thinking he had hurt her. She purred at him, still holding his head, and pulled his head toward her. He poked into her again, and she felt the same thrill, but was careful not to scream. He pushed further into her, and began to stroke. Bigger was one of the ones who went slow rather than too fast, and she liked that best. In this position, his front paws were still on the ground, and she realized she could take off her top. The red tips always burned when they did her, and she often wished she could touch them when she was excited.

    He was growling with his own excitement, but not too close to shooting. His pointed tool was moving firmly in and out, taking her back upwards toward her pleasure. She let go his head and pulled the top off roughly, exposing her chest. Her hands cupped the big soft mounds, and her fingers pinched the red tips roughly. They radiated a nice sensation down to join with the waves coming from her slit. "Aaaaagh, mmmmmmmpf." He saw her do it, and started licking the wobbly edges and her hands. She released her own grip, and his tongue reached out and started licking over the tips. Her hands grabbed his head again, her fingers raking through the fur behind his ears, showing him she liked what he was doing.

    She wanted to squeal again. This combination of his hard prick twinging at the top of her

    hole and his rough tongue scraping her chest was better than ever before. Her hips were moving in a rhythm with his, helping his cock get deep inside her, and she kept trying to make it hit that sweet spot just in front. She kept grabbing his head and rubbing him behind the ears, and shaking his head, and he growled even harder. She was getting spasmodic, hardly thinking. His tongue was lashing at her mounds, then at her face, and when it did she poked her own little tongue out to taste his.

    Her heated mind was marveling at how wonderful this new position was, and she was doing her own little growl to match his. His stiff flesh surged deep inside her, though not really as far as from behind, but she loved being able to see him, to taste his tongue as it occasionally licked up from her pillows, to hold his head as her hips wiggled wildly. She felt as though she could have let this go on and on, when suddenly she felt the throbbing in her hole speed up, and his growl started getting higher pitched. He was going to shoot, so she knew there wasn't much time. Her hips arched instinctively, and she made herself twist to press against his furry belly, and brought the rush on.

    It was a more powerful pleasure than usual. As his juice sprayed inside her, she felt flushed all over, and couldn't think clearly. Her chest tips were tingling, and waves of excitement were ringing through her groin. She kept pulling his head down to her mouth, licking at the big tongue. He was growling with his own release. She could tell he was pleased with her, and wondered whether he would do it that way the next time. Bigger was usually good about that, doing things that made her feel good. She hoped so, because as her mind relaxed to normal, she thought that this had been a great improvement in her rushing fulfillment.

    She felt him soften and pull away, give her slit one last lick, then stalk back toward the prey. She continued to lie on the ground, still twisting with pleasure. Stuff was leaking out of her hole, and she liked to wait for a while after a nice one like that, just enjoying the glow. That extra sensation in the top of her slit was a surprise. She hadn't realized it was there. She groaned, feeling unsettled again. What else didn't she know about her body?

    She pulled on her garments and finished wrapping the meat. She left it high in the tree. When she got back to camp, She went immediately to the mother, and saw that even since this morning, she had gotten worse. Her eyes were clouded, and she had a bad smell. Her breath was foul, but She licked with affection anyway. None of the others came near the mother when she was like this, but She did.

    The mother's life was ending. Soon she would sneak away to find a place to die away from the pride, like they all did. She sensed that she had been waiting for her to return, and laid down on the matted fur, hugging the mother, feeling the rattling in her lungs. Her stomach was churning with sadness. She growled her affection, and the mother growled back. The last connection to long ago was fading fast.

    Shit. This had seemed like such a great idea. Get this gorgeous, sexy thing out in the primitive jungle, all to himself for a week. Fuck her brains out, night and day. Get shitfaced when he felt like it. But he hadn't counted on the goddamn bugs, and the snakes in the water, and the heat of the day. It was okay in the morning, cool and not so much insect eaten. The nights were okay too, but he was usually in a foul mood by then, and she was giving him a hard time.

    When she wanted to go ashore the first day, he had gone along, thinking he would show her his forestry skills. But none of that stuff from mountains worked at all. He kept stumbling around, and shouldn't have worn shorts. He was so torn up and itchy he couldn't have gotten it up that night even if she'd been willing. By the time he had figured out that he had to keep covered except during the night and early morning, she was pissed at him, and went exploring on her own. When she got back, she'd swim near the boat, bareass, getting him all excited, but wouldn't let him touch her. They would play gin to pass the time, and she was two hundred ahead of him.

    She even bitched when he got drunk, and locked him up on deck. He only did that once. All in all, it had been a disaster. He had started trying to play nice with her, hoping she would let him in her pants. The sight of those gorgeous tits, and that black little bush of a pussy was starting to drive him nuts. He hadn't known her well enough to realize she was a naturalist, had minored in it in College, and went on this trip to see the Indonesian jungle rather than play with him. Even the insects didn't bother her as much, because she used a lotion, and he had resorted to borrowing it.

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