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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, malebeast, dog wrestling.

    These are letters written to a friend about my experiences within the last two years.

    I. The Barn and reunion (Rasslin' Riki)

    Meanwhile, about the dog I picked up. It's been really interesting. I wanted to give you the next installment, I thought it'd would be more fun to get in pieces, but there was one other incident that I need to tell you about that was very exciting and just came out of the blue.

    Over the weekend, I was with a friend and we were at a farm to visit his girlfriend. The farm is about 20 miles east of here. His girl friend keeps her horses there. She's a flight attendant for Lufthansa I think. Anyway she has this rather oversized collie which is always jumping all over everyone. She let's it run when she's out there. Now the history is that several years ago she was leaving this animal with my friend when she left town. My friend had to suddenly leave town and I was left to take care of plants, other pets, and Riki. At the time Riki was under two years old or so I'd guess. He was not bulked out like he is now. But, on the last day my restraint was overcome and I stripped down and tried to roughhouse with him. He played a little, but I was simply too strong and I guess intimidating because it ended up with me just putting head scissors after head scissors on him and easily rolling him to the ground. He whimpered and just laid still each time, so I lost my hard on and it was very disappointing. Since that time I'd seen him a few times and he'd been very submissive. But probably a year and a half have passed when we met again this time. He has filled out nicely and is a nice strong, much broader (even for a collie - he's broad by any canine standard). He looked much sturdier and able to take punishment. And he had either forgotten me and the beating I had administered or he'd lost his fear and was ready to challenge his old adversary, but from the start he was jumping on me as well as everyone else like old times. The difference now is that when he hits you, you get pushed backwards, he's probably up to 150 now. I know you're think 150 lbs. collie, but I'm telling you, it's no joke. Well, everyone else was off down one of the isles of stalls talking while I stayed behind. I had picked up one of the barn kittens to look at when old Riki came down the isle I was still in. He must have wanted to see the cat and believe it or not charged right between my legs to look up at the cat! He had to actually shove my thighs a little apart to get in and when he raised his head up to sniff the cat, he was rubbing directly against my cock. Needless to say I got hard at that feel of a dog between my legs. And with the added pleasure of the pressure on my cock I did the best I could to make sure that we stayed in this position for a while.

    Eventually though he got bored of the cat and moved away. By then I was HOT for a rematch and wondering if Riki was ready to rassle! I could hear everyone over on the other side and knew two things, one they weren't ready to walk back yet and two, Riki and I couldn't start anything now in terms of a real match. But it was just too much to resist and I had to see if we had the potential to get it on again!

    So I decided to try an experiment to test his interest in mixing it up with me. I walked up to him (he was standing in the middle of the dirt isle) in what I figured would be a really intimidating manner. I figured if he still remembered how I whipped him the last time he'd be scared and he'd back up or slink away. So I headed on a course that would put my cock and jeans zipper directly at his face and snout and walked directly up to him, not stopping until the tip of his nose was against my zipper. He didn't budge at my approach and didn't seem the least concerned that I was basically rubbing my jeans against his nose. Here have a good sniff I was thinking, I'd like you back between my legs where you belong fighting for a breath. I was getting hot!

    In fact after about 10 seconds with my crotch in his face he kind of calmly proceeded to sniff. And much to my satisfaction he did a slow and thorough job, checking my out pretty well. It was a very nice light massage and he got a good note of my scent. He checked out pretty my crotch, between my legs, and pushed firmly up between my balls and leg (again all through my jeans) which was quite enjoyable. So far I though this was looking very good and I have to admit I was really surprised. When he and I tried fighting before, he was a wimp but now he didn't seem very concerned about the contact at all.

    But this wasn't a definitive answer, as you know, having a dog sniff your crotch is one thing, but lots of dogs that will active aggressive, melt away when you get them into a ring to really fight and they get a man wrapped around them on the ground. As you know I've had a lot of experience rassling, dominating, and sex fighting male dogs. The number of animals that fight back and aren't intimidated with heavy body contact is very small even among those that are very secure and well treated. It goes against most of their training. Police dogs are taught to attack, but they resist wrestling, they got for bite and run. It's hard to find a big dog that will just tangle up and wrestle with you. So I decided to try something else. Still hearing everyone on the far isle sound like they were not heading back yet I decided to try another experiment that I've found is usually pretty good at finding the dogs that are good fighting candidates. I stepped around him and moved up directly behind and then over him. This put him between my legs, with me straddling him, my jeans zipper hard against the back of his shoulders, and his head coming to about my belt line, thighs against his front shoulders, and legs touching all the way down. He was ok with this first move so slowly shifted my weight to close my legs against him.

    This is normally when most dogs will get concerned and want to move and you end up having to hold them back. The real candidates will stay. Riki looked up as if to wonder what I wanted to do next and appeared more than willing to let me mount him as if he were a miniature horse (remind me to tell you THAT experience, the miniature stallion encounter, that was different). Wow, I thought, he's REALLY changed. I had to scratch his ears I figured to keep him there, and he was quite willing to sit between my legs and get his head rubbed. I didn't know how much time was left, so I squatted down and kind of leaned against him, with him still tight between my legs, now however my chest was against his back and his haunches were between my upper thighs and against my crotch. He stayed although as I leaned heavy against him, he had to adjust his position to handle the weight, but he was able to take it, and seemed unconcerned. With that I reached down around him and decided to let him know that if he'd take this there were great rewards waiting and started lightly rubbing his abdomen and kind of probing lightly for his sheath. I was able to get a hold on it and pull up and down pretty vigorously. (I've found dog's like their sheaths pulled pretty hard and quickly to get hard fast but most don't like you playing with their balls. That I didn't know but a woman I've met who does a lot of dog's explained it and I've found she's right. She's was nipped a number of times for playing with the dog's balls, so she just sticks to the sheath and cock and pulls quickly).

    I felt his cock pop out a little among the hair. I could tell by feel alone because the texture went from kind of heavy and dry to a wet and very soft feel at the head of the sheath. Figuring we didn't have much time I tickled the head of his cock and he liked that and wanted to get up and move around to face me. I held him slightly in restraint as I played with him a while longer, putting more of my weight on him and really getting wrapped around him just to get him used to me and having me all over him, and it seemed to work. Then I stood up and he returned wagging his tail and sniffing me. I could still hear everyone sounding like they were not coming back yet, so I squatted down again and he of course wanted more dick rubbing. He pushed back against me and kind of stood perpendicular to me as I squatted still in the middle of the isle. I reached easily up between his legs and felt the head again and tickled a bit and pulled on the sheath a bit. Then I stood up, holding his collar and swung a leg over him, leaned over his back, reached back with my other hand and started pulling on his sheath and very lightly stroking his dick as it emerged.

    I tried to lower my chest against his back and bend my legs to let him take more of my weight so I kind of took a riding position on his back. But I was still holding most of my weight on my legs, but putting a fair amount on him - I wanted to reinforce that getting this reward was predicated on some heavy contact and he was fine with it all. We continued this little encounter for maybe three to five more minutes. By the end of our session we'd accomplished several things, first he was having a great time and squirting prodigious amounts of precum. My hand was getting really soaked with the stuff. But most important from my perspective was that I had probably 50% of my weight on his back. While he was having trouble keeping me in the air for that long it was an excellent sign that he had the strength and power to be ridden. This is a prerequisite for a good wrestling opponent to be able to mount and ride them and not worry about them getting hurt. I look for dogs that aren't fragile and when we get together I can pretty much attack unrestrained and not worry about hurting them. So I needed to establish whether Riki could absorb the punishment I had in mind. It looked that for short periods he could support me, but if I wanted him down, riding him was a sure way to get him on the mat. In fact there are few dogs that can take a man riding them for any period of time. I've only encountered a couple of mastiffs and a wolfhound that was really big enough to handle me and not finally give in when I rode them. The most common sex fighting dog for most of the men and women I know is the St. Bernard, and I've always been able to collapse them with a good ride.

    But to further test Riki's tolerance for battle I put some inward leg pressure on, like a scissors. This was just to make sure he understood what was up and a bit of what he was in for if we could get a private spot to get at each other. He handled the scissors pressure well so given the amount of time we'd been at this I figured we needed to break. The next step we needed to go to would require Riki and I to be able to focus on each other and be assured of privacy. So I stepped off him and wiped my hand on some near by hay. He followed me around pretty closely for a while. I went to the wash rack and washed my hands off. I tried to restrain my impulse to start feeling him up again and tried to slowly us wind down. We stayed close for the next half-hour or so before we drifted away. It was clear wanted to carry on too and it was clear he wanted to get with me when we could so now it was up to chance.

    My chance to engineer that encounter came much sooner than I imagined. Later that afternoon my buddy and his girl decided we needed beer. We were all going to go but they couldn't find Riki. I volunteered to look for him while they went (what I great guy I am!) and much to my pleasure they decided that would work and I thought wow already! They left and I went on a frenzied search with a hard on growing in what was an exciting race against time. It took me 15 minutes however to find him, and when I did, he was in a field about 200 yards from the main buildings. There was a shed there filled with pine shaving that are used to bed the stalls, so actually it was a pretty good location for our next encounter except that it's mid afternoon, and the building only has three sides. The upside to that was that the open side faced into woods, so I had to take my chances if I wanted to have some action. I managed to get his attention and when he saw me he came bounding up. We immediately got to it as I felt pressed for time, and I was very pleased that Riki was more than willing to immediately got to heavy petting without wasting time on foreplay.

    Since I figured we didn't have much time I'd just see if he had the makings of a good sex fight partner and so I opened our encounter as he trotted up by grabbing his collar and immediately swinging my leg over his back. As soon as I had him straddled I bent my knees to bring me into contact with his back; leaned over and let my hands go straight between his legs. He got the idea quickly too. I pulled at him and in seconds he had several inches showing. I stepped off and considered my options. The way the building was situated I couldn't see the approaches, but I could hear fairly well, and would have some warning. And I really needed more direct contact. I decided that I could at least lose the pants and I'd leave the briefs on so I could have fewer clothes to put on in the event of being discovered. With that I unsnapped my jeans and unzipped them, but then had a hell of a time getting them over my Nikes. Finally I took off the Nikes and got the jeans off.

    Riki watched all this with reasonable interest, and when possible sniffed at the bulge that was my hard on under my briefs. He seemed genuinely excited that we were going to really get at each other finally. Pants off, I grasped his collar and swung a leg over and went to work between his legs. Once he was standing for the dick massage, I put more weight on his back, and as I stroked him harder I basically pulled my legs off the ground and pinned my legs tight against his sides. He worked hard but eventually couldn't hold my weight and we fell sideways. He squealed some, as I suppose something hurt, but basically we hit the ground and he was scrambling to get up and I to get him between my legs. I won that little struggle and got him on his back and I got on top of him straddling him. We stayed in this position of about 20 seconds then I reached back and rewarded his "bravery" with more pulls and quickly he was hard as a board. I let him up; he rolled over, bounced up, and then started bouncing around in front of me, barking and snapping, tail wagging. HE WANTED TO WRESTLE MORE! Yes I thought, but the noise. I grabbed at his collar and got it and pulled him tight into a headlock dropping on one knee next to him. Now man and dog struggled in a good old fashion wrestling match. He was literally dragging me backwards. I managed to trip him however and got him on his side still in a headlock, with my elbow on the ground and side over him pinning between my side and the ground. Once I had him pinned and we stayed motionless for about 20 seconds again, I "rewarded" him with more dick pulls. He started shooting pre-cum all over the place, but mostly on my hand).

    I let him up, and in standing up, he jumped up on me front legs around my waist, and haunches wrapped around my right leg and started pumping away against my thigh. I turned this into a standing headlock, and while he pumped I snapped his head back and forth, and bent us over and basically worked on getting him used to the feel of being in a headlock and being slung around. He seemed to feel that absorbing some punishment was worth hammering away at my leg, so on we struggled. Finally, we fell and I ended up on my back. Riki jumped me and as we struggled, Riki standing over me, nipping at my arms and I trying to grasp his neck, I wrapped my legs over his haunches and tightened down. I pulled myself up against him, and within seconds the feel of the struggling dog against my crotch was too much, and I felt the rush of cum shooting out and the warm feel of the cream against my skin. We struggled for a few seconds more, and I dropped away. Riki was ready for more but I had shot my load. My briefs were soaked between my cum and the pre-cum he'd shot all over them. My one leg was covered, and I had dog hair all over me. I'd have to say that it was Riki 1 and me 0, so a rematch was in order! But I needed to start cleaning up. I was out in the open with out my pants or shoes on, with cum and pre-cum draining all over my one leg, briefs dirty and wet, back covered with shavings, chest covered with dog hair, breathing heavy, and dick residing. What a picture if I get caught now. And I've got a dog with a six inch hard on with me. I figured this was not the way to be found. I wiped off my leg as best I could, pulled of the wet briefs, wadded them up and managed to toss them into a trash can and got my pants on when I hear everyone calling. I got my shoes tied; hair straightened up and then strolled up to see everyone. As best I can tell no one has any idea. Since then, Riki and I have met more two times, but there's just been too many people around and no real opportunities to get down to business. But on both occasions we were both able to establish that we want to get at each other some place where there won't be any interruptions and we can get at each other big time.

    II. Cheryl's House

    It was nice to find out that some others thought the encounters were worth it. I hit a dry spell the last few weeks, Riki's either not been at the barn or I haven't had time to go, or haven't been invited. But two more opportunities have come up now, so we're back on track. The first occurred late July. I was invited to Cheryl's house (not her real name actually but I DON'T want to be found out!), she owns Riki. She was having a barbecue and Joe (my friend and her boyfriend) and I was invited along with 4 other people. Riki of course was there. With the people and all the festivities it didn't seem like Riki and I could get together but I wanted to see the big dog anyway. When I arrived, he of course did his jump up thing as now I assume he figures he's got carte blanche to have goes at me. But actually he was no more or less aggressive with me that he was to Cheryl. He didn't jump up on any of the other guests and Cheryl's comment was that he seemed to "really like me." Little did she know how well we knew each other.

    The party was in Cheryl's back yard, on her deck, and off and on I'd encounter Riki. Each time I'd give him a pet. In fact on one occasion while talking to others he came and stood watching out into the yard while I scratched behind his ears and over his back. Of course it was right in front of a lot of people so I kept my hands on his neck, back, and I scratched his butt hard a few times, but all very "on the up and up." My legs were on the ground and he was never in between them. I did notice during the course of the evening, as it got dark and the party rolled on that sometimes as people went in and out, Riki would follow them in. I went to the rest room twice but both times without us running into each other. Then, about 10:30 or so, I went in again. The house is small, with a living room, dining room kind of in one large room where the front door is. So if you walk in the front door you're in the living room/dining room. Immediately on the left is a hallway. It leads to the kitchen on the right, a bedroom on the left, and the bathroom, across from which is the utility room with the washing machine and dryer. And there's room for a freezer and storage on the other, then further back down the hall is the master bedroom.

    I went to the restroom, and when I came out, Riki was standing in the hallway. We sort of looked at each other, and I suddenly had this tingling in my crotch, like I needed him between my legs. I needed the feel of an animal struggling to get free of my thighs. The feel of being able to dominate and control it with my body. Wow, what a snap and rush.

    And here was my wrestling partner just standing there waiting for a queue from me that we could "get it on." So despite our "distant" relationship during the evening, he was clearly ready to resume our secret if I'd invite him. Clearly we weren't going to get a chance to really fight we didn't have any time or space and all the people made this worst than the barn. But my sudden desire made for a desperate need for at least a taste for combat against him, just a brief struggle to keep the interest level way up for both of us.

    So I had to come up with something fast. I first thought of the bathroom, but it just wasn't adequate for a man and large dog to roughhouse in. So I settled for the utility room across the hall. It had another advantage besides more room, it also had a door to the outside. If we heard someone coming in, we could beat it out the side door and appear at the party with some excuse of exploring where the door led.

    Having decided I became almost faint with the rush of excitement of even this brief encounter. I stepped across the hall and into the utility room. I waited and Riki followed. That I thought was an interesting sign because I had not enticed him, he came on his own.

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