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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, anal, shaving, horsesex, lesbians.

    It was very early in the morning and I was so tired from driving all night that I'd fallen asleep at the wheel twice. Fortunately I was awaken both times, in time to swerve and stay on the highway because of divider bumps. In the warm morning air I knew wasn't going to be able to drive much farther before I would have to take a chance and pull over. I am more than capable of taking care of myself, and forcing myself to stay awake and not to pull over is a measure of that quality. Being a 28-year Asian American female who is 5'1" (with shoes on) and weighing around 100 pounds, stopping to nap on the roadside was definitely a risk I wanted to avoid. Finally I found a motel, but only because they had planted the sign almost on the road itself. Its vacancy light was on and I thanked the Sleep Gods.

    I pulled up to space in front of the manager's office, leaving my suitcase in the car, too tried to mess with it now. A very nice elderly woman, Patricia, met me at the desk. She immediately sensed how tried I was and rushed the check in, finding me a room close by. She then offered me some juice, which I accepted and walked me to my room.

    Someone knocking on my partially open door several hours later awakened me. Waking up I realized I'd fallen asleep with all my clothes on, well the cut-offs and halter I was wearing from the day before. Opening the door I was surprised to find a very rugged and handsome man who was stood about 6'2". He had sandy hair and nice broad shoulders. I introduced myself to him barking, "What do you want?" I could see that he too was surprised; as his eyes grew for the moment it took him to browse my figure.

    The hunk then introduced himself, "hello ma'am, my name is Matt and the owner of this place, Pat, asked me to check on you and see if everything is all right. I believe you met her early this morning. We were out in front of her office chatting and she noticed your door was open." I told him, "Oh, oh yes I met her, she's a sweetheart. And yes everything is fine, I guess I was too tired to notice that I hadn't closed the door all the way". We chatted for a few minutes. He mentioned how Pat was a friend of the family. He had stopped by to drop off some fresh vegetables. That made my eyes grow for a moment as I was a little hungry and I just love fresh veggies. I believe they and the fact that I jog are the reason I have, in my opinion, a very fit physique. Not athletic but feminine and firm, which I am very proud of.

    There was a pause in our small talk, probably because I was not fully awake and not much of a conversationalist. Matt looked towards the office as if he was preparing to go and asked, "well, is there anything I get you Anita?" I answered, "no, thanks for asking though". He started to walk away, then turned asking, "would you like some fresh vegetables too?" Not one to pass on fresh veggies I said, "I'd love some". Unfortunately Matt said he didn't have any more with him but he said I could stop by his house on the way out. It was only a few miles away, and he would set me up with a couple of boxes. I thought about the offer for a couple of moment's and decided to drop by. After all he was very personable, and from our conversation he was apparently a friend with everyone in the area.

    I slept another couple of hours then showered and shaved before thanking Pat for her help while checking out. I was following the directions Matt gave me to get to his place and began wondering what I was doing, going over to any man's house for any reason. I had broken up with Steve only three weeks ago after I found out he had cheated on me, and I still wasn't over that. Even the visit to Mom's that I was returning from hadn't done much to alleviate the angry emotions I was feeling.

    I made a right on Saddle Ridge Road, the final turn on his directions, and was amazed to find it was Matt's private road with orchards lining both sides. As I pulled into the large circular driveway of the single story estate I saw Matt loading a suitcase into his truck. As I got out of the car Matt came up to greet me, telling me how glad he was that I made it. I mentioned how beautiful his place was and he corrected me by saying it was his parent's home (although his mother had passed away 3 years earlier).

    Matt said he would get some vegetables together for me after I met his sister Lisa, who was making all of us lunch. He gave me a brief tour of their home, which ended in the dining room where Lisa was setting the table. When Lisa and I looked at each other a warm and comforting feeling, or a sense of natural or long friendship seemed to sweep over both of us, which our mutual smiles didn't hide. Lisa is gorgeous woman, about 5'7" and I'm guessing 130 lbs. She has platinum blonde hair that just touches her shoulders in a layered cut with soft curls. She has a very slim waist that really accentuates the smooth curves leading to her hips and chest. Her breasts are large but not out of proportion and seemed very firm, especially for being as large as they are and at her age of 30. Her well-defined butt is the perfect ending to a perfect hourglass shape. She was displaying her figure in white shorts below a pink and white flower patterned bikini top.

    Over Lisa's home made chicken soup we chatted about the pluses and minuses of living in the country and the city. Although eligible men were in demand in a rural area, crowded cities present many more hassles. I put up an uninspired case for city living, mainly saying there wasn't anything to do out here. Lisa and Matt argued that point with many examples of activities and entertainment. Lisa also did some part time paralegal work for an attorney in the nearby county seat. We were just about finished with lunch when I caved in and agreed with Lisa and Matt that country living was much easier overall on the soul.

    Matt looked at the time and interrupted to say that he was running late and had to leave to meet his dad and younger brother at their grandmother's. He was very boyish when he said he was afraid he was going to miss grandmother's dinner and desert. He asked Lisa if she would pick the veggies for me. "No problem" she said. She was really concerned that Matt drive safely so she helped him finish packing and load the car. Lisa and I then said our good-byes to Matt, almost pushing him into the truck so he would not have to rush. He really wished he had more time to chat and hoped we would run into each other again. With such a beautiful place and nice people I told him, "that's a real possibility Matt. Now get going". I was a little disappointed as he drove off, what a nice guy, and cute too!

    Their garden was huge and they were growing everything, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis, and artichokes, everything I liked. Lisa and I filled two big produce boxes with the full variety. It was much more than I could eat myself, but as usual my eyes did the talking and Lisa is too generous, so we just kept picking. It was a typical hot day and this activity really worked us into a sweat. After we finished Lisa asked if I would like a beer, which sounded great. I told her I couldn't drink a whole beer by myself because I still had over 6 hours of driving to do before I reached home.

    I ended up drinking the entire beer anyway, sitting underneath a big oak tree near their pool. It was approaching the mid-afternoon and unfortunately I had to get started. I thanked Lisa for everything and told her I really had to get going. She noticed that the beer had taken some energy from me and said, "Your tried, you don't look like you're up to driving Anita. Why don't you stick around and spend the night? We can go swimming, maybe horseback riding later and have a nice dinner with some Chardonnay wine while we watch the sunset."

    Another offer from this family that I had to consider for a few moments... I didn't have to be back at work for another 5 days, there was nothing to do when I got back but sit around and get mad at myself for being used by Steve. What the hell, why not? I was having so much fun hanging around with Lisa. She is just so easy to be with and she makes me laugh a lot, not to mention she is very beautiful to look at.

    With that resolved we both finished another beer then Lisa said we should really cool-off and take a dip in the pool. I told her I didn't have a swimsuit with me. "No problem Anita, I've got a half dozen suits you can pick from" Lisa offered. "I'm going to the house to get us another beer and I'll grab a few suits," she continued.

    I laid in the lounge looking up thinking about how wonderful everything around me was. The deep blue sky, the foothills in the distance, the surrounding orchards, the freshly painted stables, the beautiful house draped by oak trees, the naturally flowing design of the pool with its adjoining picnic area. Even the hot air felt great, wow! I was smiling from ear to ear.

    When Lisa came back she had changed into a revealing light tan bikini. From a distance the color of the suit matched her skin so closely that, for a moment, I thought she was nude. Her body is just gorgeous, very smooth and delicate looking skin, beautifully curved waist, super long and sender legs and her babyish, innocent face with big blue eyes. I like being petite but I wouldn't mind having a figure like Lisa's one bit.

    She had stuffed three suits into a shopping bag, which she spilled out on the lawn. As we starting drinking the beer I looked them over and I spit out a mouth full with laughter when it dawned on me that all the suit tops were for much larger breasts than my little champagne glass sized bosoms. "I can't wear these Lisa, they'll droop down and I'll look like I've got granny tits underneath" I joked. "Nobody will see you except me and I'll keep the wise-cracks to a minimum" Lisa said with an undisguised devious smile.

    Off to the pool house I went to change. I had picked out the powder blue suit that I thought would go well with my light complexion and black hair. I peeked into the full-length mirror after slipping it on. It was a good thing no one else was there to see me, even though the suit might look tiny on Lisa, what fabric there was looked baggy on my little frame. When I came out old wise-ass Lisa said "If I'd known you were so tiny I would have borrowed my niece Jan's suit. Hum, she's 9 so it may be a little big too!

    I couldn't think of a response to that wisecrack so I gave her the finger with a smile assuring her it was only in fun and jumped in the pool. She immediately followed. Then she asked, "What size is your waist Anita? It's so small I can't take my eyes off it." I answered bashfully "well, you know I'm only 100 lbs. so everything is small, but the last time I measured it was 17 inches". She continued, "That is incredibly tiny Anita, and it looks great. Must take a lot of work to maintain?" I said, "Not really, only when I get lazy, like these last few weeks." It made me feel a little special getting compliment about my figure from someone as gorgeous as her, and it also made me pause and appreciate our growing friendship.

    The water felt wonderful and clean. It had very little sobering effect on us however. We were laughing at everything now. The fact my breasts were exposed when I swam because the top would wave like a flag really helped bring out the giggles. Finally I told myself the hell with it and took the top off. Lisa saw me standing at the shallow end and remarked, "Your breasts may not be big Anita, but the way they are shaped to make your nipples point up looks absolutely exotic. You're lucky to have small beautiful tits that don't get in the way." I told her "I would rather have tits like yours, not too big and firm. It would sure make buying clothes that fit a lot easier. Hey, why don't you take your top off? It feels really good to swim topless." In a second Lisa and I were both swimming topless and laughing.

    Then within a minute I see Lisa's suit bottom flying over my head from the shallow end. When I turned she was standing up from the steps where she'd taken them off and I couldn't help but stare. I had already studied and envied her perfect curves and just moments ago her beautiful breasts with large erect pink nipples. Now I was staring at her pussy, which is was covered with her magnificent blonde hair.

    "What are you doing? Aren't you afraid someone will see you?" I laughed. "Nah, there's no one around for 3 miles. What the hell, I'm feeling so good, why not skinny dip!" she laughed back. Oh well I thought and off went my bikini bottoms (finally rid of those baggy things!). When I stood up from the step to my surprise Lisa stared at me. "Wow, you shave you pussy. It looks wonderful. How do you like it?" she asked. "It took a little while to get used to, my son-of-bitch old boyfriend asked me to do it and now I like feeling," I answered.

    Lisa was smiling as she continued to stare at my pussy. "I think I'd like to try that myself Anita, it looks so feminine. Lets have beer so maybe I can persuade you into helping me shave mine, huh?" she asked with a voice of curiosity. "Hey Lisa, I would be more than happy to help. I've done it long enough that I know some techniques that make it easy" I offered.

    She ran in the house to get her razor blade and stuff while I retrieved two more beers. I was already a little tipsy, but that just increased the erotic feelings I was getting from Lisa.

    We both met under the oak tree, still naked, with me on the grass between her legs as she sat the lounge chair. I said, "This is weird Lisa, I've never touched another women like this and I'm not sure how to start." She said, "It is a very weird, but not bad Anita, it's exciting to me just thinking about being shaved by another women and your pussy looks so cool. Don't worry, just have fun, and be careful please!" I spread her legs further apart and went to work. I couldn't believe how sensual it was feeling her velvety soft skin, gently moving her pussy lips from side to side. I covered her clitoris with my thumb (which made her jump and almost scream) as I shaved her pussy clean. She looked sensational with her mild tan that completely covered her body except the small milky white area that had previously been protected by her blonde vagina hair.

    When I finished we went into the pool house so she could see how it looked. "I love it! It looks great Anita. Though you're right, it does feel different," she said. I laughed out "wait until your wearing panties and jeans, then you'll know something has changed between your legs".

    I was right beside Lisa when she turned to thank me and her breasts brushed against my shoulder. We looked at each other for a moment, thinking about what we had just felt and our lips slowly moved to meet one another. Pressing against her soft lips I thought I would cum right then as I felt her large rock hard nipples pressing into my shoulders. Her moist tongue moved ever so gently into my mouth and I greeted it with my own. Our tongues gently swirled all over the other's as we tasted and mixed our juices.

    Lisa ran her hands down my back and whispered "your looks are so incredibly exotic, we don't see many Asians in the valley so when I first saw you, wow. I imagined you naked but your much more erotic than I guessed. Your breasts are perfect, not too small and their shape is really sexy and your hard nipples feel so good against my skin Anita." I broke in saying softly, "thanks Lisa but my breast are smaller than I would like." We were breathing in each other's mouth as I continued, "Yours boobs are what I had dreamed of when I was just beginning to mature physically. Perfectly round, firm but wonderfully soft and fleshy when I squeeze them." I was now massaging her breasts, gently squeezing them and pinching her nipples.

    We were getting hot for one another but both of us sensed that we should go slower and continue to enjoy the experience of becoming close friends. Both of us had ever been involved with another woman and even though the pure passion of the moment was all of the experience we needed to make love to one another, some more alcohol couldn't help but make us more daring.

    In a soft voice Lisa offered, "how about taking the horses out to the creek. We can take a bottle of Chardonnay and kick back and watch the sun go down". I hadn't been horseback riding since I met Steve. That bastard never did anything I wanted to do, all he ever did was fuck me and drink with the boys. "That sounds great Lisa, I'll put some clothes on and meet you at the stables," I replied. Before I could start walking Lisa quickly asked "Have you ever ridden a horse bareback, in the nude? I've done it a few times when the family is away. It's deliciously erotic, feeling your ass and pussy rocking on the horse. I want to try it now with my new shaved pussy, I'll bet it will feel even wilder. But I won't do it unless you do. Give it a try Anita, please? You won't regret it, I promise."

    I had real doubts about this. Being only 5 feet tall, horseback ridding was always a little scary at first, sitting up so high. With no saddle to provide stability and a sense of security, I was nervous. Lisa could see this and said "just mount-up and circle the stable, if your still scared we'll get dressed and use saddles, OK?" She was so beautiful to look in the nude. I didn't want her to cover up her body. But even so I surprised myself when I said, "OK, I'll give it a try, but if I'm scared at all... you promised".

    Lisa had uncorked a bottle of wine and capped it for the ride. She showed me how to lift myself up onto "Sunset" by stepping up on a stool then jumping up and swinging a leg over the top, just as if I had one foot in a stirrup. The feeling of my pussy landing on Sunset's back immediately caused a sensation that sent chills through me. I could feel my pussy begin to swell and I was hooked on bareback riding. Lisa saw the effect on me and didn't wait for me to take a practice circle before climbing up on "Danny," her beautiful black stallion. Danny was younger and a little taller than Sunset, which was fine by me. Sunset was a prefect match for me, an older and very kind stallion, easy to control and handsome with his reddish-black coloring.

    As we trotted off the feeling coming up between my legs was incredible. Sunset's massive muscles were flexing against and massaging my ass, pressing all around my pussy. His fur coat would rub inside my pussy crack, against my lips. "Ohhh boy" I thought. I looked over to Lisa and her wicked smile told the story. She looked so sexy with Danny's muscles sending ripples up through her ass to her breast, gosh she is just gorgeous. It was a very sensual feeling riding horses in nude with Lisa. The warmth that it gave me ridding with her was heightened by a very real tingling sensation in my pussy. Just looking down and seeing my bald pussy mashing into Sunset's coat was almost enough to make me lose control.

    We rode for 15 or 20 minutes and arrived at their picnic area by a creek. It was a beautiful place, they had a large gazebo surrounded by grass and shade trees. Lisa showed me how to dismount by sitting sidesaddle (with out the saddle of course) and sliding down the horse's side onto the grass. I was nervous but it turned out to be easy as the grass was very soft. I turned and hugged Sunset around the neck to thank him for being so gentle. We sat on lounge chairs in the gazebo and passed the wine. Everything was funny again and we giggled for no reason, or because we were both nude, or because we both have shaved pussies, or because we both just got-off ridding horses bareback in the nude.

    The conversation drifted to boyfriends, previous boyfriends that is. Neither of us was involved with men now. I told Lisa about how I caught Steve by surprise when I came home three days early from a business trip. He was fucking what looked like a 14-year-old girl that he said worked as a temp at his job. Of course he begged for forgiveness and of course I told him to go to hell. I told Lisa that I did miss his cock though. Just thinking about it was getting me worked up. I described to her how it was just the right size for me, about 6 or 7 inches long and pretty thick. When I was on top of him and sat all the way down, so that his balls were pressed into my ass, his cock would push against the back of my pussy, against and around my cervix. I was completely full and loved the feeling his cock so deep inside me, of his warm cum filling up my insides. I couldn't take a cock any bigger, his was the prefect fit.

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    Nice fantasy

    Nov 26 2007 22:24
    Good Story. Thank U

    Dec 10 2008 05:45
    Makes me all CREAMY inside.

    Feb 12 2009 22:00
    That was so hot, I would love to watch as this was happening, I had the biggest erection of my life while reading this story!!!

    Apr 10 2012 10:57
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