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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, horsesex, masturbation, lesbians.

    Julia came home from her cousin's farm in the country a little earlier than she had planned that Sunday evening, and upon entering the apartment, heard some grunting noises coming from the lounge room. Silently stepping into the semi-darkness she saw that Joanna Lee her flatmate was watching a video. But this was no ordinary video - it featured a well-endowed woman, about thirty years of age, being served by a quarter-horse. Julia's heart started pounding as she edged her way forward, unseen by the naked Joanna, who, resting on her hands and knees, appeared to be very busy entertaining herself, while watching the action on the screen. Julia could see that Joanna - with one hand - was thrusting in and out of herself with the largest pink dildo she had ever seen. It was at least a foot long, and almost as thick as a beer can. Joanna was originally from China and her figure was unusually shapely. She also had an open and liberated attitude to her sexual activities.

    As the activity on the screen picked up, so did Joanna's masturbation. Her legs were spread wide with her knees were about two feet apart on the carpeted floor, and her hand was reaching under her body while shoving the dildo into her cunt, and as she watched the horse thrust into the moaning woman, it was obvious she was started to feel the oncoming orgasm. The horse on the screen now whinnied, his hips thrusting his oversized organ deep into the woman's cunt, as he started to jerk in small thrusts, as his seed shot deep into its wet receptacle.

    Joanna's cries also rose in volume, as she pushed the long, thick dildo into her own contracting cunt. Her eyes were fixed on the screen, as the woman's cunt started to overflow with the huge volume of warm cum being spurted into her. Julia felt her own wetness start to seep onto her panties and she watched the lascivious forbidden scene unfold in front of her eyes. Joanna was still on her hands and knees, panting and heaving, her full breasts swaying, as she came down slowly from her orgasms. The long thick dildo slowly emerged from her passage, glistening with her juices.

    Now Joanna and Julia had few secrets when it came to their love lives or their sexual activities. They respected each other's privacy, with both entertaining gentlemen occasionally at home. And being liberated women on more than one occasion they had found comfort and satisfaction in each other's embraces. So Julia knew that Joanna would not be self-conscious about "being caught" in this compromising situation.

    "That looked like fun, Joanna" Julia finally laughed, as she stepped forward into the room. "And THAT is the biggest toy I have ever seen" she said, staring at the wet dildo in Joanna's hand, which barely could hold it, it was so thick.

    Joanna fell back onto the carpet, then smiled weakly up at her flatmate, her nakedness now having an effect on Julia. "Well, I was lent this video, which you may have seen - and I just had to see if I could...well, take something of that magnitude". She held up the foot long glistening dildo, waving it like a flag.

    Julia swallowed and said, "Could you lend it to me for a while tonight?" Joanna laughed, and standing she took Julia by the hand. "Why don't we both use it tonight....? and without waiting for an answer, led Julia to her own bedroom.

    Later that night as they lay satiated and sweating in each other's arms, Julia turned to Joanna and said, "You realise that I can arrange the real thing - if you want, that is..." Both could still feel the after effects of the huge horse-sized dildo inside their bodies, their private parts still pulsing, throbbing and wet, as their passages and labia had earlier adjusted to the massive intruder. They were both surprised how easy it had been to take it all in, especially with a little help from each other. They didn't need much lubricant, such was their generous flow of juices, facilitating an un-painful entry of the dildo.

    Joanna quickly turned to Julia and said "Oh god, could you do that next weekend, my love? I hope you don't think I'm a weirdo but I must admit I have thought about being fucked by a horse on more than one occasion..." and her voice trailed off as she tried to imagine the scene.

    Julia said, "I've got a better idea. Tomorrow I have to return to the farm with some equipment, and we could both take the day off - if you're that keen."

    "Great idea - oh god, I can hardly wait..." squealed Joanna her heart now pounding, hugging Julia with excitement, and she started to stroke her friend's thighs before she slipped down under the covers and started to drive her flatmate crazy with her skilful tongue....

    * * * *

    As they drove up to the farm's entrance, they noticed that James' utility was not in the garage. James was the part-owner of the hobby-farm, and he spent part of his time at his city law practice, and as much time as he could at the farm.

    More quickly than they would have admitted, both girls got out of the car and headed for the barn. They were already feeling some stickiness in the crutch of their jeans, as they opened the barn door.

    There stood two quarterhorses, both only two years' old, but magnificent specimens.

    "Quick - help me with these bales of hay" said Julia, her voice sounding hoarse and rasping. She wanted it and she wanted it very soon. They quickly arranged the bales, resting them under a ledge which was about shoulder high. "I think I know how to arrange this" said Julia, her eyes wide with excitement. They then fetched two buckets of warm water and walked over to the horses. Julia reached under and started fondling her horse's cock - the shaft of which very soon slid from its sheath. It pointed down at an angle of about 45 degrees - it was by now quite hard, at least a foot long, with the long black shape swaying under the horse's stomach. She showed Joanna how to carefully wash the horse's equipment, and within minutes they were both shaking with apprehension.

    Being a summer's day it was quite warm and both girls quickly undressed, before placing a rug over the bales. Both Julia and Joanna were quite tall - Julia having long black hair, large pendulous breasts - she measured a 40-inch DD cup, very unusual for an Asian - while Joanna was blond, but having similarly sized breasts.

    "Watch how I do this" whispered Julia, as she led the horse towards her straw bales. She had placed some apples up on the ledge and the horse reared upwards, resting his forelegs on the ledge, before biting at the apples. Squatting on her back on the bales under him, Julia could now reach out and hold the horse's cock - which she did. Easing herself forward and spreading her legs she carefully rubbed the knob of the cock against her wet cunt lips. Her horse needed no extra guidance and he started to thrust rhythmically forward, enjoying the sensation of his "mare" beneath him. Joanna watched wide-eyed as the horse's cock started to thrust deeper into Julia with each stroke. Julia's eyes were fixed on the cock entering her, her legs splayed outwards, as she took the weight on her elbows and started to thrust up her own hips to meet the thrusting cock.

    Joanna almost orgasmed there and then and she hastily repeated Julia's actions. She too placed some apples on the ledge above her, before she lay on the bales. As though he was trained to do this, her horse reared up, and Joanna was able to tentatively hold the thick, hard black cock in her hand. She could barely fit her hand around it but such was her state of sexual excitement she quickly pushed the first few inches of her horse's cock into her wet waiting passage. She gasped as the horse suddenly thrust forwards, sinking almost all of his foot-long cock into her. But she was ready for this, having "trained" for the event for some weeks.

    "Oh god, that feels just so-o-o good" she almost shouted to Julia, as she started to get into the rhythm of things. Joanna then decided to turn over and get on her hands and knees, moving backwards so she could maximise the penetration, and she barely interrupted the horse's thrusting before he was plunging his cock in and out of her sopping wet passage, twelve inches at a time. The long hard cock would emerge wet and shiny, only to quickly sink in deeply and disappear inside Joanna's eager cunt.

    She glanced over and saw Julia was just about freaking out, as the horse plunged and thrust repeatedly, obviously enjoying the sensation as much as Julia. Julia was now crouching up, almost in a sitting position, reaching behind the horse, pulling the muscular body into her. A loud slurping noise came from their union, her pubic hair wet with her own and the horse's coital juices. Her whole body was shaking and shuddering - and a low groan started to emanate from deep in her throat as she rapidly approached orgasm. "Aaahhh..... aahhhh....ooohh...oohh...of fuck, oh fuck.." she started to cry out as the horse seemed to sense what was happening.

    Joanna was also now shaking, her breasts swaying and lolling under her. Also her eyes were closed and she was moaning so loudly that Julia looked over and saw her friend totally transported in her lust. But Julia also felt her horse suddenly thrust extra deeply, and a hot jet of fluid shot into her, Then time and again she felt the horse jerk his strong body, thrust and ejaculate his hot seed deep inside her, until from the sheer volume it started to seep from her cunt lips. She screamed in her own lust as she orgasmed, her legs still wildly flaying in the air, as she felt the burning sensation of hot cum flood her insides. "Yes!" she screamed loudly, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" And reaching behind him she pulled the horse's long hard cock deeply into her crutch, filling her insides completely.

    Joanna was stimulated by the cries of her friend and she too started to gasp and hiss through her clenched teeth, as she felt her horse plunge and plunge again. He stopped for a split second before she felt the first hot burst of jism flood her own passage. She was still on her knees, her buttocks pointing invitingly to the rear, as the horse maximised the penetration from this advantageous position. She heard the horse whinny as he shot his oversized load into the willing body underneath him. Her cunt lips grasped the cock firmly, and when he withdrew her lips seemed to wrap around it like a hand, before they folded inwards as he sank again inside her.

    As both horses slowed their actions, they moved backwards and with two loud 'plops" their cocks withdrew from their overflowing receptacles. A generous flow of white fluid immediately streamed in large thick gobs from the swollen red cunt lips of the two girls, who were heaving and shaking, their bodies racked with sweat.

    Joanna, on her hands and knees, said to Julia eventually, "my god, I never thought it would be that good .... I hope we can keep this secret to ourselves, my love". Her whole body was suffused in a sensual glow, as her crutch throbbed and flexed with the after-shocks of the shafting she had enjoyed.

    Julia smiled weakly, as she rested on her elbows, her legs now hanging over the bales. The blanket between her legs was awash with white fluid, her thighs smeared and sticky. "Well, I don't know about you but ... I think I might try your "partner" next - with your permission, of course - and I might try taking it from the rear like you did."

    Joanna laughed and said, "only if I can try it your way, sweetheart..." She looked beneath her body at the large pool of semen, sweet and warm on the blanket. More was flowing down her red thighs and over her stomach, as she gently rolled over and rested, taking her weight on one elbow. "Now that is what I call a fuck", she laughed "and I could do with more of that v-e-r-y soon..."

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    OH! Ohhhh, Yes, Yes, Yes!YeeessS!

    Jun 11 2009 21:01
    Oh god that was such a good read. I came twice. I wish I could be that lucky and with another girl too!! I agree with Sin, YeeeeessS!! Giggles

    Oct 30 2009 09:00
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