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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, teens, voyeur, oral, horse sex.

    The four girls plopped down out in the hayloft. They all were naked. All were juicy between their legs. All had their faces smeared with each other's pussy cream.

    "God," Patsy gasped. She sat up and looked at the three older girls.

    "You girls... whewwww!" Ellen sat up, laughed.

    "We got a great new member to our club, right?"

    Tracy nodded, drooling as she stared hotly at Patsy's large, ripe tits, thinking about what would come next.

    "Yeah," Patsy said, Mary and Ellen agreeing with her. Patsy squirmed in the hay, propped herself up on her knees. All three sets of eyes were glued to the bouncing flesh of her tits. "Now I have some questions."

    "I was wondering when you'd get around to asking," Ellen said.

    "You didn't tell her about you-know-who?" Tracy giggled, looked at Patsy.

    "Who is you-know-who?" Patsy asked, her head spinning with questions. She looked at her new friends, the leaders of the Horse Club she now belonged to. All three girls broke into laughter and Patsy stared quizzically at them all.

    "Knowing who it is doesn't mean anything unless you ask the right questions," Ellen said between fits of laughter.

    "Christ," Patsy giggled. "You guys are confusing me." She took a deep breath. "Answer me without all that cryptic shit."

    "Sure," Ellen said. "I'll answer whatever you ask."

    "How come, if you have to be a virgin to join the Horse Club, you guys don't have cherries?" All three broke into another fit of laughter.

    Patsy stared at them. "Well ... how about an answer?"

    "Any more questions?" Ellen laughed.

    "Yeah," Patsy said, hoping for some answers. "What was that stuff you sprayed on me yesterday?" The three girls laughed even harder.

    Patsy was getting annoyed. "C'mon. Shit! How about some answers? I'm a member now. A good member, too. Right?"

    Ellen choked as she laughed. She rolled over in the hay. "A terrific new member," she finally managed to say.

    "The answer to all your questions is Cloud."

    Mary and Tracy joined their older friend and they all rolled in the hay, still laughing. Patsy's face screwed up in confusion. "Shit. What kind of an answer is that?"

    "The only answer," Ellen said, bringing her laughter under control. "Cloud is the answer to our cherries and the answer to the wonderful stuff we sprayed you with."

    "I don't understand," Patsy said, baffled.

    "A horse?" Tracy looked straight into Patsy's eyes.

    "Think about it."

    "I think our new member is too innocent to understand," Mary said.

    "Right. Let's show her." Ellen climbed down out of the hayloft, Tracy and Mary right behind her. She looked up. "You want answers? C'mon."

    Patsy shrugged. If this was part of the initiation, she'd go along with it. "I'm coming." She scrambled down the ladder and followed the three naked girls over to Cloud's stall.

    "This is our cherry-buster," Ellen said, stroking his thick-muscled neck. "Cloud, the wonder horse." She giggled as Cloud's wet rubbery lips found the flesh of her milky white tits.


    "See what we mean?" Mary said, swallowing hard as she stared at Cloud while he dined on Ellen's tits.

    Patsy gasped. "What are you doing?"

    "Enjoying myself," Ellen moaned. "Ooooh, am I enjoying myself!" For a moment she forgot about Patsy's questions. Cloud's tongue and rubbery wet lips were all she could think about.

    Patsy stared. A tremor swept through her body. She saw the lust on Ellen's face. "Won't he bite?" she whispered, her blue eyes popping out of their sockets. "Unnnnn, he nibbles," Ellen moaned, feeding her white Arabian stallion her tits. "He nibbles and licks... ummmm so nice." She stepped back, dazed, blinking herself out of her stupor.

    "You want to try, Patsy?"

    Patsy felt their eyes on her, waiting, challenging. She took a deep breath. "Why not? I've got plenty of tit for him." She giggled nervously. "Then will you tell me who broke your cherries and what that wonderful stuff was?"

    "I told you," Ellen said. "Cloud is the culprit. He's our official cherry buster."

    Patsy ignored the other girls for a moment. If they wanted to tease, to hell with them. She had to watch Cloud. Trembling, she hefted her ripe melon-shaped tits in her hands and offered them to the white horse.

    "Lick, Cloud. Don't bite." Her voice cracked with emotion. "Biggest meal he ever had," Mary giggled.

    "Ooooh," Patsy sighed. Cloud's lips were warm, velvety soft, and wet. "Unnnnnn, it feels great." She was astonished.

    Cloud slurped his wet drool all over Patsy's large, overripe tits. He soaked the creamy jiggling flesh, turned it to a glowing pink. He nibbled, snorted, nibbled again on Patsy's swollen nipples. "Oh shit," Patsy sighed, her legs weak. "He's fantastic! Mmmmm, he's biting my nipples." She pressed her tits into his muzzle and swooned.

    "You should see how great he is when he's chewing your pussy," Ellen said. "You game?"

    Patsy was hot. Cloud's mouth had turned her stomach to jelly. She felt all squishy inside. She nodded, her blue eyes glazed with lust.

    "Lie on the floor, Patsy, and I'll bring him out of his stall." Ellen was anxious to break in Patsy, and so were Tracy and Mary.

    Patsy forced herself away from his fabulous mouth. She staggered back to the center of the barn and melted to her knees. She sprawled herself out, legs spread, pussy exposed - wet and ready. From her back, she stared up at her three naked friends. Tracy and Mary were staring at Cloud as Ellen brought him out of his stall.

    He looked so big! "God, don't let him trample me."

    Ellen brought the giant beast over to Patsy. She looked down at the trembling blonde. "You remember all that nice warm stuff we sprayed on you?"

    Patsy nodded. She was dizzy. A mixture of fear and passion gripped her. "Yes," she managed to say.

    "Look between Cloud's legs," Ellen said. She smiled, watching Patsy turn her attention to Cloud. "You see his cock?"

    Patsy was getting light-headed. "Yes," she rasped, her voice barely audible.

    "His cock was where we got all that delicious-tasting stuff you loved so much."

    Patsy was confused. "I-I... don't... understand..."

    Ellen giggled. "While you were blindfolded, I jerked him off. He creamed you, Patsy, creamed you real good with his cum!"

    "Oh god!" The room started to spin. Yesterday came rushing back, filling her head. She slipped into a fuzzy faint where everything was gray. "Oh I don't... believe it," she said.

    "It's true," Tracy said. "Ellen jerked him off and we all watched him cum on you, then we all watched you lick it off."

    Patsy's head was reeling. She stared between Cloud's legs and saw his cock poking out from its sheath. She began to tremble. She looked up at their smiling faces and knew they were telling the truth. They weren't teasing.

    She gulped. "Your cherries?" she panted.

    "Cloud did that too?"

    "Yes," Ellen said. "Like I said. Cloud is the answer to all of our dreams. He sucks and fucks and never says a word. He's mine, but all the officers of the Horse Club can use him."

    Patsy believed. Knowing what she had done yesterday revolted her, and at the same time she wanted to do it again. Ellen read her thoughts. "After he sucks you off, if you want, you can jerk him off and see for yourself."

    "I do," Patsy said.

    "You can have him break your cherry too," Mary added. "You'll be taking Tracy's place as vice-president of our Horse Club." This was too much for the young virgin to handle. She swooned, the barn seeming to spin.

    "Let him eat me, Ellen." She writhed on the ground, her tits flopping, her hips jerking.

    Ellen petted Cloud's neck. "Got some new meat for you to taste, big boy," she said. "Nice juicy virgin pussy meat." Cloud tossed his head in the air. He swished his tail over his rump. His nostrils flared. The excitement in the barn was arousing him. Snorting, he allowed Ellen to lead him between Patsy's outstretched legs. He whinnied, pawed the earth and picked up the pungent scent of Patsy's overheated pussy.

    "Oh god!" Patsy wailed. She looked up at her naked friends and into their hot, smiling faces. "Am I crazy!?"

    "Yeah," Tracy said. "Just like we are."

    Patsy writhed on the floor of the barn. She humped up, enticing the white stallion to the delectable delights of her virgin snatch. "Lick me," she gasped, not believing her own ears. "Lick me."

    With his thick white mane hanging over his face, Cloud brought his greedy wet lips to Patsy's pussy. He snorted, then began to gently chomp. The scent of her cunt and the sweet taste had his cock growing rapidly from its protective sheath. He shook his head between her thighs, and the pussy cream flowed over his lips and into his mouth.

    "Ohhhh, Ellen! Tracy!" She lifted her head and saw what the horse was doing. "Mary! Christ. A horse is eating my cunt!" It boggled the girl's mind. Her blue eyes rolled into her skull and an orgasm ripped through her pussy. The horse's chomping lips and thick tongue against her overheated pussy had been too much for her. She creamed. There was no way of stopping it.

    "Oh god!" she gasped. "Lick me! Chew me up!"

    With the three naked girls watching in awed silence, Cloud chomped his thick wet lips over the delightful meal of virgin pussy. Gooey sauce coated his nose. Sudsy cream oozed from her pink cunt-lips. Cloud's thick tongue snatched it up hungrily with sweeping strokes and gentle chews that had the child squealing with joy. Patsy humped her ass up and down, driving her cunt into the horse's nose. Her big creamy tits jiggled and bounced all over her chest. She twisted her hips, whimpered as his rubbery lips squeezed between the folds of her virgin pussy. She sobbed hysterically, her blue eyes glassy with lust.

    "OH YES!" she cried blissfully as she creamed again. "OH GOD!"

    "Holy shit," Tracy moaned. She squeezed her thighs together. Juice flowed, soaking her sizzling skin. "She's really creaming!"

    "Damn," Ellen muttered. "Cloud hasn't even started to really eat her."

    Mary swooned. "She'll lose her mind." She brought her hand to her own pussy. "God, just watching them like that is making me cream."

    "Me too," Ellen said as Tracy nodded in agreement.

    Patsy gasped. Her blue eyes darted to the horse, then to her naked friends. Their words penetrated her lust-sopped brain. "Ooh, it's heaven! It's heaven!" she screamed. "God, eat me, Cloud, eat me!"

    The giant horse chomped eagerly on Patsy's pussy. His tongue, thick and rubbery, invaded the entrance and met the barrier of her cherry. He snorted, his nose banging into Patsy's clit as he brought his head up and whinnied.

    "Aghhhhh!" Lights flashed behind her eyes. She jerked. Her clit was throbbing, swollen with blood. "I'm creaming," she wailed. She lifted her head and saw Cloud snap his head in the air. "Eat me, Cloud. I'll cream you again." Her head thudded back to the floor and thrashed from side to side.

    Cloud brought his huge head between Patsy's quivering legs and banged his nose into her cunt. Cream greeted him, flowing into his nose and mouth. He jerked his head, agitated and horny from the teenager's twisting action and overflowing cunt. Patsy drummed her ass on the floor. She squirmed, her lithe body contorting passionately. She pounded the floor with her fists and screamed.

    "He's chewing me alive! I feel his tongue. Lick! Lick!" She was out of her mind. His snorting made her cream more. Aroused, his cock fully extended, Cloud devoured Patsy's virgin pussy. Cream flowed from her cunt like a river. He lapped up the frothy mixture as fast as it gushed from her. Whipping slaps of his tongue over pink virgin cunt and her exposed clit had Patsy insane.

    Mary dropped to the ground and crossed her legs. "God, look at Cloud's cock!" she said, her voice filled with awe. "It looks so big!" Mary squirmed, her pussy oozing, her nipples ready to burst. "He's hot as hell!"

    "So is our new member," Ellen said, getting comfortable on the floor. "Look at her cream."

    "Yeah," Tracy said, squiggling close to Patsy's face and mauling her over-sized tits. "God, feel them jiggle."

    Patsy went wild. With Tracy playing with her tits and Cloud devouring her pussy, it was more than she could stand. She lunged her hips recklessly into Cloud's muzzle. Sudsy cream flowed out, mixed with Cloud's warm spit, and dribbled down her crack, forming a puddle on the floor of the barn.

    "Oh! Oh! Oh!" She bucked and twisted like a wildcat. "More," she shouted. "More!" Her face twisted into a lewd drunken expression. "More, horsey. More!"

    Cloud's cock throbbed violently. His nuts ached, swollen with a load of thick cum. He used his tongue, lugging gobs of juicy pussy-cum from her steamy cunt. It coated his muzzle, white-washed his thick broad tongue and filled his flared nostrils. "He's so wonderful," she moaned. "His tongue... ooooh!" She stretched her legs wider, slapping them up and down. She wriggled her ass, hay sticking to the sweaty jiggling cheeks. She stared up at Ellen. "I love it! I love him!"

    "We all do," Ellen moaned, petting one of Cloud's powerful legs. "He's our own private stud."

    Patsy's eyes floated back into her head. Her face froze in a mask of shocked ecstasy. "Oh, no!" Suddenly, her body began to convulse. "I'm c-creaming again. OH MY GOD!!" she screeched.

    Cloud had found her clit. Her young virgin body jerked and twisted. Cloud had her clit and was destroying it. Orgasms more intense than anything in the past bombarded her. They ripped through her body one after the other, like bolts of lightning.

    Patsy looked wide-eyed up at her friends, a sudden wave of panic swept through her. "Help me! Help me! I can't stop cumming!"

    "Cloud's giving you all the help you need," Ellen said. "Chew her, boy. Chew her up!"

    With her clit held firmly by Cloud's powerful lips, Patsy bucked and slammed her cunt into him. She couldn't stop her body. "Oh god, I'm gonna die!"

    "Not today," Mary giggled.

    Patsy's body jerked as her climaxes grew more intense. The insides of her cunt pulsed, forcing hot buttery cum to gush from her. Her juice-stained ass crashed over and over again into the floor. He jabbed at her ass crack.

    "Aghhhhh!" It felt as if her clit were going to be ripped from her body. She soaked Cloud in an ocean of hot milky cum. She humped, her clit at last free as Cloud plunged his tongue into her pussy.

    "Oh, no! Nooooo!" She felt the pressure against her cherry. Her mind swirled. She jammed hard, hating her cherry, wanting it destroyed.

    Cloud snorted, pulled his tongue out and began to punish her clit with his rubbery lips. He licked the screaming virgin. His nuts ached, his prick, a swollen piece of blood-gorged steel. Slobbering, he chomped hungrily on the whimpering girl.

    Patty's back arched and her legs stiffened. "Aghhhhh!" One violent jolt ripped through her pussy and she collapsed into a heap of quivering flesh. "Get him away. Get him away, NOW!" She was delirious. Cloud was still eating her cunt. She couldn't stand it.

    "Lick her good," Ellen said, allowing Cloud to get the last drops of Patsy's cum. "Clean her up."

    Dazed, everything spinning, Patsy managed to scramble away from Cloud's voracious mouth. She crawled on her hands and knees to a bale of hay. "God, I thought I was going to die!" She collapsed against the hay, spotted Cloud's long cock, and swooned. "Oh my god. Look at his cock!"

    The room started to spin. Everything turned fuzzy. "Aaaaaah!" she cried, falling into a light faint as the other girls positioned Cloud's huge throbbing cock up against Patty's exposed cunt-slit...

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    Jun 21 2008 20:33
    Kan't wait till he shoves that nice hard cock into her.

    Jan 8 2009 23:30
    noooo i want more

    Jun 26 2009 16:20
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