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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, incest, lesbians.

    Taneesha Williams sat fidgeting in the passenger seat of her father's pick-up truck. She and he were speeding down a lonely road out in the country outside their city. At eighteen, Taneesha was a strikingly beautiful young woman. She was not overly tall at five foot seven inches. Her figure was svelte and shapely, her large breasts filling her shirt tightly. As she rode in the truck with her father the nipples of her impressive breasts were poking tautly through that stretched fabric. They were large, each the size of a fat, ripe, juicy Bing cherry. Her tongue flicked excitedly out to lick at the corners of her mouth often. Her eyes were glazed with a barely contained excitement. She was rhythmically clenching and unclenching her thighs unconsciously.

    "Are you excited to be finally getting your pet today, sweetie?" said her father, Hank, startling Taneesha out of her reverie. She let out a little gasp she hoped was inaudible.

    "I really am, daddy," she answered. "I've been waiting for him sooo long."

    "I know you have, sweetie. And I want you to know I'm really proud of you. Your mom and me both. We didn't make you save up half the money for him just to be mean, you know. We wanted him to really mean something to you."

    Taneesha smiled inwardly as she answered her dad, "Oh, he does, daddy. More than you could possibly realize."

    "I know he does, baby. I knew you'd want him to be close to you. That's why I had the stable built on our lot. Keeping an animal is a big responsibility, you know. Especially a horse. You gotta be keeping him fed and groomed..."

    "I know, daddy."

    "You'll do fine, though. I can tell."

    And they were pulling into the long driveway leading up to the farm where her new horse awaited. Taneesha felt a flash of heat rising on her breast and cheeks. And on her thighs as well.

    At long last Taneesha was alone in the stable, standing next to her horse, whom she had chosen to name, Arthur. She simply stood there for a moment, just looking at him, gazing at him. He really was a handsome animal, she thought. Strong and muscular. A deep brown coat of shiny hair with black on the forelegs. A long, luxurious mane of jet black strands and tail to match. He was definitely a gorgeous chunk of horse flesh. Her eyes wandered to the place where his hind legs and stomach came together. As she watched, stunned, mesmerized, the animal began to let down. His black horse cock came sliding out of it's sheath and into her amazed view. More and more of that shiny black phallus extruded itself into sight. Taneesha's mouth hung slightly open. Her breath came in small, shallow gasps. One hand had flown to her breast at her first sight of Arthur's immense penis. That hand now began to pinch and pull at her rapidly hardening, cherry-sized nipple. Her other hand wandered to her crotch to insinuate itself inside the loose waistband of her shorts. Her fingers began to rub insistently at the swollen wetness she found there. More and more of her horses shiny, black cock came sliding out. It hung now near to the straw on the floor of his stall. As she stood transfixed, Taneesha saw that it was pulsing, pulsing and growing both in thickness and in firmness. It began to rise up slowly like a hard iron rod until it was sticking near straight out, angling down slightly below Arthur's brad belly. Taneesha, unaware that she was moving, took two halting steps toward her horse. "Oh, Arthur," she said as she fell to her knees at his side. His massive horse cock was now sticking straight out to graze the underside of his belly. It bobbed slightly to the beat of his heart. Clear fluid began to drip in long, sticky strand to the floor of his stall. The young girl reached out a shaky, smooth-skinned hand and touched his slick, shiny cock. It did not feel wet or clammy as she had expected. It was dry and smooth and supple. It was soft and yielding to her touch like fine leather, yet underneath she felt a firm hardness like a stalk of wood as she encircled her fingers only a little more than halfway around his massive cock. There was a heat she felt coming out of that tumescent flesh, a heat she knew must be satisfied. A heat she herself felt deep within her oozing , young pussy, which now had three fingers from her other hand plunging into it. Her copious flow of cuntal juices ran out and down her arm to the forearm where it dripped off to join with the pool of pre-cum forming below the bobbing tip of her horses black, shiny cock.

    Taneesha, without even thinking about what she was doing, was leaning forward. Rocking forward on her knees, she sought to bring her yearning lips into contact with the satiny-smooth, jet black skin of her horses cock. Heat bathed her face as she reveled in the sensation of the veiny texture of that horse cock flesh. The smell sent her to new heights of arousal. It was a rich, clean, horsy kind of smell that inflamed her desire and caused her nostrils to flare. Her mouth dropped open and she ran her tongue along the side of Arthur's mammoth cock. She absolutely loved the bumpy feel of the veins passing over her tongue. All along one side of Arthur's horse cock she ran her tongue. All the way up to the flared end, from which now ran a steady stream of thick, viscous pre-cum. The frenzied young girl stuck out her delicate tongue to gather up some of the hot slime pouring from the animal's engorged penis. She slaked her forbidden thirst on that clear jism, truly loving the flavor of it. It was like an all-powerful aphrodisiac. She became ravenous in her need for more of that fluid. She opened her mouth wide and took the massive head of her horses cock deeply inside, sucking hard to draw out that delicious juice. Thrusting her upper body forward, she tried to stick herself on that mighty rod, striving to drive it down into her very guts. Wildly her mind spun with what she was doing. She was down on her knees under a huge and powerful animal, an animal that she loved. And she was sucking the mammoth, two-foot-long cock of that animal. And she was loving it, loving every minute of it, every raw second. Reeling with the wild passion of what she was doing, she knew that she would not stop, simply could not, until she had sucked her lovely stallion to completion. Not until she had sucked to her very hearts content on that mighty, black staff, until she had sucked him to the climax she knew he so needed to achieve, and she as well. Only after he had pumped his copious flood of horsy seed into her mouth and down her greedy, gulping throat would she be able to make herself stop.

    And then, I'll fuck him, she thought to herself.

    Taneesha's mother, Andrea, was a trim, shapely woman at thirty-nine years of age. She was soft and round in all the right places, firm and hard in the areas where that was called for. Mother and daughter side by side were often thought to be sisters. The likeness in both shape as well as demeanor was striking. Andrea was proud of her figure. She worked hard to keep it. She and her husband still enjoyed a very interesting sex life. Hank was a rather well endowed man, and Andrea had come to enjoy the feeling of a really large cock inside of her. She enjoyed that feeling in either of her holes, and in her mouth as well. She genuinely adored to suck on her husbands overly large cock, for hours it sometimes seemed. She never seemed to tire of seeing just how much of that thing she could cram down her throat. She had become, over the years, quite good at it. She was secretly proud of the fact that she could, with rather little effort, take at least ten of his twelve inches into her mouth and throat. And she was near, she believed, to the point where she would be able to rub her nose on his belly and lick his ball-sack while her throat contained his erection.

    It was funny she hadn't thought of the horses cock before, she thought now as she stood in the shadows of the stable room and watched her daughter blow the mighty stallion that her husband had brought home this very day. Horses do have very large and long cocks, she thought. Why didn't I think of it before?

    Andrea had come down to the stable out of a mild curiosity to see how her daughter and her new pet were getting to know each other. Nothing could have prepared her for the sight that greeted her eyes as she was about to walk through the open gate to Arthur's stall. She stopped silently where she was, backed quickly and quietly into the shadow of the far wall. Only then did she allow her mind to register what she was seeing: her daughter, on her knees underneath the animal, greedily sucking up the prodigious emission his massive black cock was now producing. Andrea found herself unable to deny to herself one fact: the fact that, rather than being revolted by what she saw, she was incredibly aroused by the scene before her. She felt dizzy, as id f she might fall down. She leaned against the stable wall for support. As she watched her daughter struggling to take more and more of that gigantic horse cock down her ravenous throat, Andrea felt wetness flood her spasming pussy. Her hands flew to that moist spot and, finding her jeans too constricting to provide the proper stimulation, she frantically opened them and thrust a hand inside her panties where she began to rub and pinch ecstatically at her cunt lips and clitoris. She slid down the stable wall to sit on the floor. She toed one shoe off and pulled one leg out of her jeans and panties. She no longer cared about being discovered by Taneesha. Her mind contained only that which she saw before her. In and out and up and down and all around that smooth, slippery wetness between her legs did she move her fingers as she watched her daughter, who was now using both hands to jack off the mighty stallion. Now and again Taneesha would pull back until her mouth was completely off that massive, shiny cock. And then she would use both hands to stroke the animal the full length of his huge cock while she licked all over the massive flare at its tip. Andrea watched, rapt, as Taneesha stabbed her tongue several times in and out of the inch-wide hole from which now ran a steady stream of clear, thick fluid. That fluid looked now like the sweetest honey to Andrea. She longed to run up to where her daughter kneeled and to join her in the worshipful act of sucking up as much of that fluid as she could get into her greedy mouth. She wanted to clamp her own mouth over that draining hole as suck hard on it to gain her share of the heavenly jism. But she held herself back. Not just yet, she thought. I'll soon enough suck the semen out of that horses rod. Better to let the girl have her way first, she thought.

    From the look of the spasms in Arthur's haunches, Andrea realized, the girl was going to soon get her share of the horses cum, and then some. He was now thrusting his powerful flanks forward in an unmistakable rhythm. The animal was seeking his release. Taneesha stabbed her tongue deeply into the drooling pisshole at the end of the stallions massively turgid cock, drawing it back out slimy and coated with thick white jism. Her young hands flew up and down the lengthy girth of the horses mammoth penis. Arthur was making whimpering, whinnying noises now, his haunches thrusting his huge prick forward into Taneesha's open mouth. Andrea watched, stunned yet impressed as fully eight inches of that gigantic organ were thrust down her daughter's throat, and was then pulled back until only the flared head remained in Taneesha's stretched-wide mouth. In three might lunges the stallion fucked his stalk into the young girls hungry gullet as Andrea watched, herself on the very brink of orgasm. On the third inward lunge Andrea saw her daughter's throat and cheeks swell up and her eyes appear to bulge outward a moment before an unimaginable amount of thick, white spunk burst out from around the teens tightly stretched lips, momentarily coating her face before it began to drip and run off in heavy dollops that fell to Taneesha's ripe, young tits. The ravenous girl then pulled her head back until the massively flared end of the horses cock was just outside of her open mouth and she continued to jack the animal off with her smooth, young hands. Andrea found her own release as she watched her daughter stroke the animal through half a dozen more might jets of semen. The horses stream of spunk was an inch wide where it exited his huge penis, and each jet filled Taneesha's mouth to overflowing before she was able to swallow it all down. The third jet in particular tipped Andrea all the way over. In slow motion she watched as it rocketed out of the horses huge cock and filled the young girls mouth and poured down her neck in a river. By the time the horse's emissions had subsided somewhat, Taneesha was coated from the tits up with a thick slime of horse come. The girl again thrust her mouth onto the horses mighty rod and greedily drank down what dribbles remained. Andrea closed her eyes as the most intense orgasm of her life overtook her. Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure overwhelmed her as she imagined herself sucking that monster horse penis, and imagined just how glorious that wonderful deluge of jism must taste. She was so overcome by her orgasm that she did not hear or see as her daughter finished up with the animal, letting his still erect staff slip from her now sated lips and bringing her ripe tits up to her mouth where she could lick up all the leftover spunk from Arthur's furious emission. Andrea did not notice as Taneesha her the soft sounds her mother was making behind her and she turned to look at those sounds. Andrea did not see Taneesha as her face went first to shocked embarrassment and then softened as the young girl realized the affect her nasty show had had on her mother. Taneesha stood naked on her knees next to her horse as she watched her own mother bring herself to a raging climax. She waited for her mother to open her eyes, and when she did, Taneesha saw a flashed mix of emotions very like the one she had felt herself moments before, then Andrea's features softened and both women, one younger, one older, began to smile, and the smiles turned quickly to giggles.

    Mother and daughter were on a wonderful adventure.

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    Oct 10 2008 00:42
    Loved this. There is something so sexually perverted to draw the cum from a beast such as this. Wondering when there will be more.

    Mar 30 2009 18:26
    Very very hot! Loved it and hope you continue it.

    Apr 11 2009 03:06
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