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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, lesbians.

    Max is back...

    Yes, it's me. I just wanted to bring you up to speed on what's been happening lately.

    Kal has this new thing that he's been doing. Now he knows where I keep the 'Sex-Towel'. Ummmm, yeah. It has even become part of his training regimen. And being the smart and horny young lad that he is, whenever he gets the notion, he'll go find it wherever I've hidden it in the house, and bring it to me. Never underestimate the power of a dog's nose.

    Like this afternoon...

    Shortly after lunch, I had gone to the club to lift some weights (it was chest and arms day). I love working on my pecs. When they're all pumped up, it makes my 36C breasts push out just a little farther. Stand-up crossover cable flys are my specialty. Usually I'll do them after getting warmed up, and the thing that really turns me on is to work up a good sweat, and feel it trickle down my chin and drop into my cleavage as I lean forward into the final tighten up crossover.

    I love getting myself turned on at the club. Somehow it gives me just a little more adrenaline to push out the reps. Today was even better, 'cause I was wearing 'the bra'. Yep, Kal's nursing bra. It was an accident really, I just absent-mindedly grabbed it out of the dryer without looking too closely, and popped it in my workout bag. Didn't notice till I went to put it on in the women's locker room. "Oh shit" I thought, "I really don't want to go braless", 'cause I was planning to spend some time on the stairmaster, and didn't want to bob and weave that much. So I kind of furtively put it on, tugging my nipples through the 1/2" nursing holes, and quickly pulled on my snug gray racer back top. Headlights were definitely on now.. Then I stepped into my shorts and was ready. Almost. One last thing. I squatted down into a deep knee bend, and ran a finger around from the top of my ass cheeks, deep in my crack, all the way up front, into the cleft of my pussy lips. And then stood up. All right! My lips were framed perfectly. God, I looked so hot that I wanted to start fingering myself right then and there, but thought, "Later, I've got a big dog at home waiting for me".

    As it turned out, there wasn't too many people at the club that afternoon. But I noticed this one gal kind of looking at me. I must admit, I'm not really into women, sexually and all, but something about the way she was looking at me got me turned on even more. She was discrete, but close.

    I stopped over to chat, and found out that Vanessa was her name. She was about 20, and compact, 5'5" and an ex-gymnast. And lonely. New in town and no friends. She had long blond hair that was wound up in a bun, and Nordic features. I found her blue eyes to be piercing, almost like those of a Husky - if you've ever seem them. Her breasts were smaller, but pointy and firm, shaped like mine, just not as much. She had these tight little hips though, just like a boy, and awesome quads. I thought, man, this lady could really press some weight.

    I noticed that she couldn't quite keep her eyes off my nipples. They were protruding quite well, somewhat more than 1/2" out of the little bra holes, and they were soooo sensitized from rubbing the fabric. I could see the thoughts racing through her head, 'cause I know that the outline of my bra was clearly visible under the top.

    Anyhow, I gave her my address, and invited her over for dinner, around 6, if she wasn't doing anything this evening. "'Nessa" as she liked to be called, accepted gratefully, and assured me that she would love to "Come over", oddly stressing the words. With that she headed off to the showers, and I lingered over the rest of my workout, various thoughts running through my mind.

    I was trying to examine some of the messages she seemed to be sending me, but it was a little bit confusing. "Don't worry" I thought, "we'll have a good time tonight, and see what develops." I could hardly blame myself for the situation, because clearly, I was sending out some quite graphic messages too.

    I zipped home, and spent extra time in the shower, shaving my legs, and pussy lips too. Today I decided to trim my normal "Triangle" into a racing stripe, and so moved the edge lines in a bit so that I had a nice Auburn, 2" wide mohawk running straight up from my labia. I left that nice and bushy, even though it was narrow. What I thought was real cool, after giving birth to Darcy, was that something in my hormones had changed, and I had become slightly hairier. (Maybe it was all the dogsex lately, I said to myself chuckling slightly). This had shown itself by the development of a thin line of hair from the top of my usual "triangle", all the way up to my navel. Maybe it would gross out some women, and to tell you the truth, I think most of them might shave it, but I was kind of proud of it. Kind of like a badge of animalism. I spent extra time on my crotch with the scented soap. I wanted it to be nice and clean.

    "Hmmmm," I thought, heading off to the closet, "What should I wear this evening?" With that, I picked out an well broken in flannel shirt (Red) and a pair of cutoff jeans. They weren't too short, but they were tight. A while ago I had taken a scissors, and slit the sides so that I could move a little easier in them.

    I left one extra button undone on the blouse, just to tease. With that, the doorbell rang, and I could hear Kal barking in the back yard, announcing my guest.

    "Damn, I don't have much in the cubbard, I hope she likes pizza".

    I walked to the front door, checking the clock. It was 5:30, and she was early.. opened the door and took one look. 'Nessa smiled back at me, and then broke into giggles.

    "I like your choice in clothes" she said, between the laughter. We had broken the awkward ice right away, and I immediately felt comfortable with her.

    Even though she was wearing an old flannel shirt and cutoff jeans..

    "Come on in" I said, walking through the living room, into the kitchen, "I hope you like pizza".

    "Oh, anything is fine, I'm always so hungry after a workout". Kal however, was being a nuisance, and wouldn't stop barking out in the yard.

    "You have what sounds like a very large dog" 'Nessa said. Ummm, yeah, that's Kal, he's a big boy, I'm going to let him in so that he will at least shut-up for a while.

    With that I opened that back door, and he burst right in. 100 pounds of horny yellow lab.

    "Kal, this is 'Nessa, 'Nessa, Kal. "

    Kal walked right up to her and sat down in front.

    "Ohh, I just love big dogs" 'Nessa said, squatting down in front of him to hug. "Especially males, they're just so, so, powerful, I don't know, strong or something."

    'Nessa looked down at Kal's chest, and then lower, I heard her take in a breath sharply.

    I looked down then too. He was showing.. Pink. Yeah. It got me juiced.

    "He's quite, ahh, well...."

    "Endowed?" I said, finishing the sentence for her.

    I saw her swallow, and kind of close her eyes for a second, almost as if remembering something. "Yeah" She looked kind of wistful, so I reached down my hand and touched her on the shoulder. An image bloomed through my mind. Fleeting, and was gone.

    "Hey, look, it's OK, he really likes you."

    "I know, I know, " she said, "it just that".....

    "Later", I said, interrupting, suddenly getting a notion. "Want a drink? I've got beer, wine coolers, and even some hard stuff, if you like whiskey or gin". " I can even mix a mean Martini" I added, "My husband used to like them dry".

    "You're married?"

    "Ahh, no," I said quietly. "Widowed".

    "I'm sorry" she said.

    "It's OK, I've dealt with it pretty good, but sometimes it just comes back, and you have to deal with it.

    "OK, how about a Martini?" 'Nessa said.

    Cool. I mixed one up, and hardly gave it to her, when she slurped it gone.., setting the still frosty glass down on the kitchen table, and sitting down kind of shakily.

    "Careful, there, that's rocket fuel, you haven't eaten anything and you're going to get clobbered", I warned.

    "I know", 'Nessa said. "Honestly, I want to drop some inhibitions, and I know that gin always works".

    "Besides," she said, plucking the olive out of the glass and licking the Gin off of it, "I really got hot checking out your tits at the club." "What?" I said spinning around while closing the oven door on the pizza. "You were wearing a bra though, but your nipple's, they were just waaay out there". 'Nessa finished, licking her lips in anticipation. "I want to see them".

    This gave me a little twinge of anticipation. Things were going a little fast for me, but I figured, what the hell, lets make her day. "OK", I replied saucily, "Breasts or nipples?"

    "Ummmm, both" she shot back.

    With that I smiled to myself. Thinking, I have a subtle surprise for you.. I then turned my back to her, and unbuttoning my top, slowly walked over to the counter and got down a squeeze bottle of honey. Quickly shrugging out of the shirt, I put a little dollop of honey on my fingers and smeared it all over both nipples, tugging them sharply. I was rewarded with a quick stiffening, as they jutted out, all shiny/sticky and erect, almost 3/4 of an inch. Even though I had been tapering back, I hadn't nursed Kal yet today, and still had some milk. I tugged once more on the nipples, and felt a sudden fullness in my breasts. I'm ready for you now..

    I turned around quickly to look at her. Kind of jiggling to a stop. "Wow" 'Nessa said, "Oh man, wow." She licked her lips quickly. I walked over to where she was sitting at the table and cupped my breasts up, right in her face. They were full 36C cups, but long, full, and pointy, topped with magnificent brown nipples.

    'Nessa leaned forward and wrapped her lips around my left nipple, biting down gently, sucking and licking the areola.

    Suddenly I could feel a jet of milk course out of my nipple. She jerked her head back in surprise, milk and honey on her lips and tongue, an amazed expression on her face.

    "Fuck!." 'Nessa said, licking her lips, "I've never tasted that before. "Try the other one" I suggested, proffering the right side companion, which by now was feeling neglected.

    'Nessa was rewarded with a fresh spurt of hot milk from that one too.

    By this time, Kal, who had been watching quietly gave a small yipping bark. Kind of like "Remember me?"

    I said "Hey, want to see something arousing?

    "MMmmmmph" was the reply, as she pulled her lips off of my engorged nipple with a small smacking noise.

    "Kal, fetch my workout bag" I commanded in a firm voice. He looked at me quizzically, and dashed off to the living room, returning with the bag in tow.

    "This is what I use the bra for", I said reaching into the bag and pulling out the old Victoria Secret brassiere. I put it on and lined up my nipples with the holes, tugging them through gently. "This is Kal's nursing bra", I said, sitting down on the floor and beckoning him over. Kal was right there immediately, starting to lick my right nipple as soon as he could reach. I grabbed my breast with both hands and squeezed a bit. More milk squirted out, and Kal was licking away hungrily.

    "Far Out!, no wonder he looks so healthy" 'Nessa said. "How did you get started?"

    "Well," I sighed, and proceeded to tell her just a summation of the past year and all. Leading up to, but stopping at last week, and the shower scene. Then I took a chance, and blurted out the whole story. Scrubbing the shower, afterwards, etc.

    At the end, I had noticed that she was starting to squirm around a little, wriggling her bottom on the kitchen chair.

    "Damn, I am so wet, I'm gonna slide off this chair!" 'Nessa exclaimed. "I want you", she continued, "Bad. Kal too. Can we play?"

    "Sure" I said, interrupted by the buzzer on the oven. "Let's eat first, pizza's done, let me get it out, and we can go munch in the living room."

    I grabbed a beer out of the 'fridge.

    The pizza disappeared fast. We were eating on the couch, me with just the nursing bra and shorts on.

    "I feel a little overdressed," 'Nessa said, and proceeded to peel off her shorts and shirt.

    "Wow" I said ogling her curves, and muscles. She had tiny, cone-like nipples, a delicious pink, topping her firm 34b titties. But no pussy hair. Just light blond stubble. Her outer pussy lips glistened, dewy almost. "You're smooth, and hard, I can see."

    "Yeah," she answered, "you like my pussy?"

    It looks delicious I thought, and curious, too. With her legs slightly apart, there were no visible inner lips. Just a seam. Kind of like after running one of those special Tupperware orange peelers around the fruit before you peel off the skin. I leaned down and probed with my hand, fingering her outer lips.

    'Nessa leaned back with a sigh, legs spreading gradually, and her pussy unfolded like a flower. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. It was like her inner lips had been coiled or rolled up inside or something, just waiting to be released.

    I was holding my breath in amazement, relishing the soft squishy feeling, like warm grape jelly, of her labia minora unwrapping around my hand. They must have been 2 or 3 inches long, and were hanging down lewdly.

    "Do you like them?" 'Nessa inquired. "Do you like my lips?" she asked, smiling sweetly.

    "What's not to like?" I replied, huskily finally breathing again. "There's so much there, were you born that way, or did you stretch them out?"

    "I stretched them, but that's not all, probe deeper", she urged, adjusting her hips to tilt them up slightly.

    I got one, then two, then three fingers in. Her pussy seemed to grasp my fingers like a glove.

    "Go on, push in more, more" 'Nessa demanded softly, "Please."

    I wriggled my fingers, spreading them a little, then, cupping a thumb into the palm of my hand, moved a bit, my knuckles popping smoothly past her lips.

    'Nessa let out a groan, and sucked in a breath through her teeth, whistling almost.

    "My God 'Nessa, I'm in you! All I can see is my wrist!"

    'Nessa's vagina gripped down on the back of my hand like a creamy velvet glove. The sensation was incredible. I could see that she was enjoying it also. She reached down and tugged her now swollen inner lips and stretched them up and down, toying with her clit. "I'm going to, to,.....Fuck.. oh, man....come.."

    With a slight gurgle, I felt more pussy cream suck between my fingers as I gently stroked my hand in and out of her pussy. "Make a fist" she begged. "Push your hand in and make a fist, and leave it there".

    I could feel my own pussy really lubing up, incredibly so at the sight and feel of my hand buried in her snatch. "OK" I said, clenching my fingers into a ball.

    'Nessa bucked her hips then, jerking uncontrollably, like a salmon on a hook. I felt a series of contractions on my fist, and just like a champagne cork, my hand was forcefully expelled with a sucking pop. Her lips were draped beautifully, all coated with pussy juice, and twitching gently as her post-orgasm contractions gradually subsided.

    "Oh damn, that was incredible!" I whispered gently, thinking that Kal would really like a taste of her sopping cuntlips.

    "Kal, come here." I summoned. He came bounding up from where he was laying by the fireplace. I reached out with the hand that had been in 'Nessa's pussy, and held it in front of his nose. Right away he started licking, and I just led him with it down to 'Nessa's crotch. Kal started snuffling and snorting around her engorged lips, licking deeply into the creases. I could see that she was really digging up on it.

    I pulled off my shorts and bra, and tossed them on the floor, then getting on all fours and crawling up to Kal, hugging him to feel all that nice blond fur tickle my breasts and belly.

    Kal seemed pretty interested in continuing on to lick 'Nessa, and I could tell from her moaning that she was building up to something good. I on the other hand, wanted to please myself. I needed to feel that nice hard doggy dick up my cunt, and shortly figured out a way.

    Reaching under Kal, I felt the tip of his penis easing out of his sheath. He was getting aroused too, and I had to work fast if I wanted to get his knot out of the sheath before it swelled too much. Gently, I tugged back on his furry cock skin, and slid it back over his growing bulb. His hardon was pink, flushing to red as it started to become more engorged. With my right hand I grabbed firmly in back of his knot, encircling it with my thumb and forefinger, and was rewarded with a pulsing jet of pre-come from the tip of his cock. Judging by 'Nessa's ever deepening moans, I could tell that Kal was really lapping at her hot button.

    Kal's cock was now bobbing under his belly, fully aroused, and ready for action. I jiggled it a little, and he sprayed another jet of watery jiz into my cupped left hand.

    Carefully, I rubbed his juice all over his shaft, sliding my hand up and down a few times. I felt a little gush in my crotch as I slid over on all fours, butt-to-butt with him and pivoted his male-meat back between his legs.

    Kal didn't seem to mind what I was doing, so I thought, let's go for it...

    With my right hand in back of me still holding on, I eased the tip of his cock closer to my pussy, I felt a surge in his knot as a fresh spurt of juice shot into the crack of my ass. I could feel his fluid dribbling into my slit, mixing with my own. God, I was ready for this... Easing back, I felt the tip of Kal's cock just at the entrance to my pussy. Rubbing it up and down a few times, I couldn't wait any longer and backed up to him, running the length of his hot cock right up into me. His knot was just too big to fit in, so I just left it outside my lips, bumping back and forth on it for a bit, with my hand still wrapped around his bulb.

    Letting go, I reached under me and snagged my clitty, tweaking it between my fingers until I felt the building of an orgasm. The pressure in my cunt became overwhelming as waves of pleasure burst over me. I felt my nipples tingle as the feelings spread in and through my torso, ebbing back to a pleasant, sated fullness.

    'Nessa finally came with a low muffled moan, and looked over to me saying "You look happy, can I have some?"

    "Absolutely, Kal hasn't come yet, and still has lots of spunk left in him".

    "Do you think...Umm, "

    "What?" I said smiling.

    'Nessa gazed back with an impish, yet sultry grin of lust on her face.

    "I want him to do me in the ass...."

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    I so want to do you and Kal. I have dane, we can have some fun. msg me.

    Sep 27 2009 01:30
    your stories are getting me so hot i am going to read your next one & then i am going to explode everywhere plse email me.

    Nov 14 2010 20:36
    Very good story but you left out the ending which you keep your dog lovers with a hard on.Thank you but finish the story with more Juicy statements about the Knot in your Cunt or your Asshole that will make it my day.

    Jun 8 2013 06:04
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