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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, lesbians, sharks.

    Another noon was approaching in SFO bay area. It rained almost constantly when global warming made its effects clear, the humidity making the streets seem like a jungle of their own. Jeanna made her way on foot through the streets and business centers, heading toward a familiar spot again. Her confidence had grown greatly since the last month, her shadows of doubt now out of the way, and it showed. The way she walked, how she went about on her daily business, everything. And then the nights. She didn't have those dreams anymore, she now slept deeply and peacefully. She had gotten herself a waterbed, having saved slightly more with an extra job than she would need for the Mirrorsphere club's special offers.

    Rinaldo had made a deal with her, cutting down on the usual price. They were friends, and didn't have trouble coming to an agreement. It was also easier on him, knowing that it would be a steady supply of income and he wouldn't have to deal with newcomers. He didn't like that; every new face that would seem enthusiastic and eager at first could be a snoop dressed in plain-jane. He could see through most charades based on his excellent eye on behavior, and that was of great help to him. The PD could manage their job more than well enough, and when trying to figure a potential client's background one would have to spend a lot of time. This would either drive the snoop suspicious or piss off a true client. He stood behind the counter, polishing glasses and pondering the events that had taken place, wondering whether he should move the dream-rig from the private club to a safer place, whether he could trust that cop that had barged in during Jeanna's ride.

    It was a quiet day back at the club, and surprisingly there was no one inside except for a couple of guys she knew were handling a pimping business further up north. She hadn't have to rely on their kind of employment as she had connections in the right places. She did some translation and escort service for small-time russian businessmen, though her body was never a part of the deal. She was talented enough to stand out from the crowd and had connections - that's how she kept herself in a position where she could decide how she lived, though she wasn't really keen on living in a big house and driving fancy cars. She preferred the liberty and that certain camouflage one has when living in an apartment building just like anyone else. Leaving the three to their table and not giving another look at them, she headed for the bar. Mike wasn't behind the counter, and she assumed he was at the privy club. Probably doing accounting or checking the inventory, he was usually pretty accurate about things like that.

    She took her own liberty to enter the backroom of the club. Looking around and seeing no one, she decided to go down into the private club by herself. She had been around there earlier, so why not? The spiral staircase made no sound under her feet, covered in plush of very high quality that still made her think about cheap - come to think of it, without the usual lighting the place would've looked like a students' party apartment. The lights were dim, however, and she could feel faint noises coming from a lounge.

    The videodisc player was running, and she soon noticed that not only had Mike been doing recordings of all the kinds of requests his clients had, but on top of it this was his assistant watching them! She decided to keep a low profile for a while, noticing that Tina was now going through her own recording from the last time. Peering carefully further into the lounge, it became apparent that she was rather occupied at the moment, feeling herself through and under her clothing, the tell-tale buzz of a pleasuretoy also notable whenever she pushed her hand down the front of her unbuttoned trousers. She was having an intense thrill with her recordings, and Jeanna couldn't help but to feel it herself as well, watching those recordings of the last time, now from a third person's view, as if she was a pornstar herself.

    Occasionally the camera's view was blocked by crashing waves, sometimes it dove underneath the surface to witness every frantic thrust of a tail, the swimming motions of the shark rocking its penetration from side to side... She decided to let her have that fun, even if she was slightly offended and angry at Mike for keeping those records. But Mike didn't exactly have tastes for women... They were probably necessary for the studies and for maintaining the experience between separate visits, as he had to craft each REMshaping dive apart from the others. No similar dreams could be fashioned, unless the sleeper could bring them out herself. In that way it was a sort of lucid dream, giving the dreamer complete control over the situation but only in the personal sphere of one's thoughts. She decided to leave Tina by herself after a while, thinking how embarrassed she would be if she knew someone had caught up to her. She met Mike in the stairs, as surprised to see him as he was to see her.

    - "Oh!"

    - "Ah, good day, ms. Nolan. Don't worry, we don't have locked doors for people we know around here."

    - "I'm sorry. And it's just Jeanna, please."

    - "Of course it is." He smiled. "Fancy something to drink, per chance?"

    - "Make mine a fresh orange juice. If you have oranges, that is."

    - "Certainly. I make sure to always have some around."

    - "I kind of expected you to."

    He took a clear glass from above the counter. Real glass, not polymer - a display of class that was often forgotten at these times when life became more and more abstract and people forgot their personal pursuits. That's what they talked about for a good while, Jeanna sifting at her drink now and then while Mike polished glasses. Both were happy to see Tina appearing from the backroom door. Mike gave her a list of things to pick up if she had some time to visit a local supply. Jeanna gave her a smirk which made her blush at first, then straighten up her demeanor and head swiftly out to street without a word. The bartender gave her a questioning look, to which she replied with just a shrug and a little giggle. She finished the remaining juice in one pour.

    She had been wondering why the club was so empty, and decided to ask now when they had some time to spare. He told her that the club was reserved for tonight, wondering whether she hadn't seen the sign at the door? She shook her head, trying to apologize before he cut her speech and let her know that it was all right. The cellar club wouldn't be a public region anyway. Some suits had apparently made a reservation, with guests coming over from the east side. It was quite customary to small-time companies to reserve popular clubs for entertaining their investors, "seeing the nightlife of the city" while keeping it comfortably behind locked doors. She laughed quietly at the idea while he just smiled, polishing the glasses.

    Later, before the guests arrived, they tried to time their plays so that she wouldn't have to leave in the middle of the private party, nor having to wait while he would be more or less busy. The REMshaping could be run at its own pace now when the subject was familiar with the experience and no abnormal reactions were detected. She spent some time with Mike by the counter as he instructed the stand-by staff. It looked like they wanted their own staff to run the place as well, and while Mike didn't exactly like handing something that was his both personal project and life's work away for some goons to handle, he didn't really object either as it would give him a nice free evening to socialize with the patrons, who he knew to be at least somewhat influential in the corporate circles.

    Tina was in the cellar clubroom while Mike and Jeanna appeared, about to prepare her for another REMshaping experience. Tina was about to leave when Jeanna smiled to her and asked whether she'd like to stay. She also admitted frankly that she had seen her going through the recordings, including hers, which made her blush. Mike took to the situation and grinned, asking whether she had been at it each time she couldn't hear him ask for something from upstairs. Tina was turning red from the embarrassment when Mike suddenly asked whether they would enjoy a ride together? It would be possible so that both would share the same dream. Jeanna smiled. Why not, indeed?

    After a moment's preparation they dived together into the calm, crystal clear waters of the pacific. Jeanna had no swimming garments on, arriving as she had left the last time, and smiled to Tina who was still growing accustomed to the briny environment just as she had on her first dive. They soon swam and dived around, playing together in the water for the sheer joy of it. Tina soon became scared at the thought of what Jeanna was about to do, not wanting to remain in the water, soon swimming back toward the shore while the shark-loving girl stood still, waiting.

    She didn't have to wait for long, the familiar visage of her own great white soon steering its course toward her, swimming in slow and steady strokes as she treaded water, waiting for him to pass her and then take hold of his dorsal fin, bringing herself along for the swim. The shark swam up along the surface of the still waters surrounding the island, Tina following and trembling with excitement as the other girl rode that dangerous animal, even going as far as to masturbate herself against the majestic male's back, straddling his fin between her thighs.

    Jeanna rode on that shark which was so familiar to her that she could have known the male for years, but yet so alien and distant from the human world in which she had lived all her life. She didn't let that matter now, though, and indulged in the pleasures of feeling his rasping skin against her thighs, squeezing the muscular back of the shark between them and kneading her pubic mound against it. The splashing water and the jostling feel of his tail flicking from side to side were soon enough for her, making her moan out in pleasure, holding tightly onto that beast's fin as it sliced water, pinching at her nipple and jumping her waist to have the backside of his fin fit between her puffed lips. She whimpered as she rode the shark, riding the wave of ecstacy of her orgasm, while another girl on the beach witnessed all of the unreal scene before her eyes, soon touching herself as she did before when she viewed the videotapes of it...

    Tina couldn't help but start caressing herself, taking in the sight before her eyes. She waded into the warm water, bringing her fingers to her pubes as she parted them and started massaging her slit slowly, running a finger along them. She watched as Jeanna and that beast swam together in the water, alert when she suddenly dropped off his back. The shark swam faster as it took distance to her and turned around - she let out a surprised scream as the shark headed straight for Jeanna and bumped into her. Both vanished under the waves, only to emerge mere seconds later, and Tina's alertness turned rapidly into a thrill. She started fingering herself rapidly, unable to do more than just caress herself in the wonderfully massaging waves, looking in trance as Jeanna had been speared by the shark's maleness, making her scream out in joy, the male's freely flowing preseed running along her thighs.

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    very good guess more toe on this story thanks

    Nov 4 2006 15:21
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